Creator: Kelly Investment Company

Provenance Note: The Kelly Investment Company Records were donated by President Mary Boyd Hybner of Rudyard, Montana on February 3rd, 2005.

Historical Note: The Kelly Investment Company was incorporated by handwritten articles of incorporation on February 13, 1915 in Conrad, Montana and certified by the State of Montana on February 22, 1915. The original stockholders were A.B. Kelly, A.M. Kelly (later Alice K. Conrad), Arthur J. Kelly and Patrick Kelly. The purposes of the corporation were to deal in Real Properties; water rights and privileges; agricultural products; and act as an agent for the real property of estates, persons or corporations and manage such properties as appropriate including leasing, improving, insuring and mortgaging the various investments. The capital stock was $100,000 with 100 shares of stock offered at $100 a share. Other stockholders included Robert J. Kelly, Mary McGurk, Mary C. Boyd, W. G. Conrad and other Kelly family members over the years.

Content Description Note: These records include the corporation book, minutes of regular and special meetings, assorted correspondence, a book of stock certificates, 4 ledgers and/or financial records books.


Box 1
1. Corporation Record Book with articles of incorporation, stockholder and board of director's minutes to 1934, stock certificate registry and stockholder's ledgers included.
2. Minutes of Board of Directors and stockholders for 1935-2004
3. Special meetings of Board of Directors minutes for 1924-1925
4. Stock Certificate Book 1915-1927
5. Correspondence between Arthur J. Kelly and Robert J. Kelly, 1940-1963
6. Correspondence between Dennis W. Kelly and Robert J. Kelly and enclosures, 1952-1955
7. Miscellaneous papers - R. J. Kelly obituary, stock certificate, agreements & correspondence
8. Ledger 1915-1917
Box 2
1. Ledger 1917-1978
2. Journal of Robert J. Kelly for Kelly Investment Company from 1917-1978
3. Farm and Ranch Bookkeeping & Tax Record, 1988-1999

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