Creator: Delta Kappa Gamma. Mu Chapter.

Provenance Note: Charter, meeting minutes, and miscellaneous documents pertaining to the Mu Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma were donated to Montana State University by a resolution of the membership passed on April 26, 2003 and transferred to the library by chapter president Sue Hamilton.

Historical Note: The Delta Kappa Gamma Society was founded by Dr. Annie Webb Blanton on May 11, 1929, at the Faculty Women's Club at the University of Texas at Austin. On October 29, 1948 in the Montana State College Student Union Building the Mu Chapter was established. This organization is a professional honor society of women's educators consisting of classroom teachers, professors, administrators, and librarians with three or more years of experience. Selma Apman was elected the Mu Chapter's first President and they held five meetings per year.

Content Description Note: The Delta Kappa Gamma Society records consist of materials produced by its members such as minutes, attendance roles, photos, clippings and a charter.


Box 1
1. Meeting minutes: October 1948-April 1950
2. Meeting minutes: September 1950-October 1952
3. Meeting minutes: November 1952-October 1954
4. Meeting minutes: November 1954-October 1956
5. Meeting minutes: November 1956-October 1958
6. Meeting minutes: November 1958-October 1960
7. Meeting minutes: November 1960-October 1962
8. Meeting minutes: November 1962-September 1964
9. Meeting minutes: October 1964-April 1966
10. Meeting minutes: August 1966-August 1968
11. Meeting minutes: November 1968-April 1970
12. Meeting minutes: March 1971-August 1973
13. Meeting minutes: October 1973-January 1976
14. Meeting minutes: February 1976-November 1977
15. Meeting minutes: January 1978-April 1980
16. Meeting minutes: October 1980-November 1982
17. Meeting minutes: October 1982-September 1988
18. Meeting minutes: October 1988-April 1992
19. Miscellaneous documents
20. Oversized folder: Mu chapter Charter

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