Creator: Mentzer, Raymond A.

Provenance Note: Research materials and notes, microfilm and photo slides on research of Montana Military Installations were donated to Special Collections on June 8, 2001 by Ray Mentzer. The research was conducted in the early 1970s for the Bicentennial History Project while Mentzer was a member of the 50th Military History Detachment of the U.S. Army Reserve.

Historical Note: Raymond A. Mentzer, Jr. was born in Pittsburgh PA on September 20, 1945. He was married in 1968 and has two children. He received his AB in European History from Fordham University in 1967; he earned his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1970 and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1973. He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1973-78. He became an Associate Professor in History at Montana State University in 1978. He was an American Council of Learned Society fellow from 1975-76 and a fellow of the National Endowment of Humanities 1981-82. Memberships include the AHA; Renaissance Society of America; and the Society of French History Studies. His research concentrated on French Protestantism and French legal history. He is the author of Heresy Proceedings in Languerdoc, 1500-1560 (1983) and Blood & Belief: Family Survival and Confessional Identity among the Provincial Huguenot Nobility (1994). He also authored numerous papers in assorted professional journals. He is now retired from Montana State University.

Content Description Note: The papers consist of photocopied journal articles, transcripts of interviews, copies of published and unpublished papers, and newspaper articles on the history and physical descriptions of 19th century forts in Montana. Photocopies of the 1880 census and official government documents of the Department of the Army pertaining to Montana forts including: legal proceedings, medical records and letters sent to and from various forts to their departments, photocopied maps, plans and drawings of physical structures of forts of Montana. Posts described are Fort Assiniboine, Camp Baker (Fort Baker)/Fort Logan, Fort C.F. Smith, Fort Custer, Fort Ellis, Fort Keogh, Fort Maginnis, Fort Missoula and Fort Shaw. Copy photographs of the original forts and soldiers, hand-drawn maps, diagrams and plans are complimented by both original slides by Raymond A. Mentzer and Lawrence C. Heberle and copy slides of Camp Baker, Fort Logan, Fort Ida Thoroughman, Fort Howie and Fort Maginnis portraying surveys of the physical locations and remaining structures of these forts in the 1970s. The primary concentration of this research is the location, layouts and structural content of the original forts and their conditions at the time of the research; however there is also substantial information on the .social and military experiences of the soldiers assigned to Montana forts during the active period of the 1860s -1890s including the era of the Indian Wars. Some original 1970 pamphlets and newspaper clippings are included, but most of the material is photocopied or transcribed. Correspondence about the disposition of the buildings at Fort Maginnis; photocopied bibliographies and inventories, and handwritten research notes by Raymond Mentzer are included.


Series 1 Fort Assinniboine research
Series 2 Camp Baker/Fort Logan research
Series 3 Fort C.F. Smith research
Series 4 Fort Custer research
Series 5 Fort Ellis research
Series 6 Fort Keogh research
Series 7 Fort Lewis research
Series 8 Fort Maginnis research
Series 9 Fort Missoula research
Series 10 Fort Shaw research
Series 11 Miscellaneous research notes and materials
Series 12 Fort research photographs
Series 13 Microfilm records

Series 1: Fort Assinniboine research

Photocopies of maps, official documents, unpublished papers, newspaper articles, and excerpts of articles pertaining to Ft. Assinniboine.

Box 1
1. Census 1880
2. History - newspaper supplement ( includes maps)
3. History -3 term papers
4. Hardiman, Nicholas P. "Brick Stronghold on the Border: Ft. Assiniboine, 1879-1911." (Article in MWH)
5. MHS Inventory
6. Newspaper articles (photocopies)
7. WPA Writer Project Transcripts: Senator Cowan, L.K.Devlin, Gustavus C. Doane letter

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Series 2: Camp Baker/Fort Logan research

Photocopies of maps, official government letters, reports, and documents, locations, newspaper articles, unpublished papers, pertaining to Camp Baker/Ft. Logan. Oversize materials retained in separate file have been indicated with an asterisk (*).

Box 1 (cont.)
8. Census 1880
9. History - 2 papers by Lawrence S. Heberle
10. Intro; Location and pictures; Morning Reports; Present site
11. Letters from GSA; Report from Acting Surgeon General 1976; Report from W. Walton 1958; The Gaddis Ranch; Misc. newspaper articles; Reports from: Old Forts of the Northwest 1963; Hart forts of the west 1965; Frazer
12. Letters; Bibliographies; Map lists; Official letters; Old Army press information
13. Map of hospital (photocopy) *
14. Maps of Carpenter, Tinsmith and Saddlery Shops (photocopies) *

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Series 3: Fort C.F. Smith research

Photocopies of unpublished papers and newspaper articles pertaining to Ft. C.F. Smith.

Box 1 (cont.)
15. History - 2 term papers
16. Newspaper articles on history of fort.

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Series 4: Fort Custer research

Photocopies of unpublished papers, newspaper articles and physical plans pertaining to Ft. Custer.

Box 1 (cont.)
17. History of Ft. Custer - term papers
18. Newspaper articles on history of fort
19. Plans with descriptions

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Series 5: Fort Ellis research

Photocopies of maps; official government correspondence, documents and reports; unpublished papers; newspaper articles; and reminiscences pertaining to Ft. Ellis. Oversize material retained in separate file (*).

Box 1 (cont.)
20. Army letter from officer's wife - hailstorm
21. Census 1880
22. Description of post with drawing; US Surgeon General Medical Reports
23. History - term papers
24. Letters sent / rec'd
25. Letters sent 1876-1886-inventory
26. Map of compound *
27. Misc. Fort file RG-77 - inventory of fort plans
28. Newspaper articles-history of fort
29. Post Returns - US Adjutant General's Office
30. Reports of the Secretary of War 1869-1877

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Series 6: Fort Keogh research

Photocopies of official government reports, maps and newspaper articles pertaining to Ft. Keogh.

Box 2
1. Census 1880
2. Newspaper articles on history of fort and photocopied maps
3. Photocopy of reports of General of the Army, 1884 and Secretary of War 1890-1894

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Series 7: Fort Lewis research

Photocopies of unpublished papers and map pertaining to Ft. Lewis.

Box 2 (cont.)
4. Dissly, Robert: 1865-1976: The military and mid-Montana
5. Koury, Michael, Cpt.: Guarding the Carrol Trail, Camp Lewis 1874-75
6. Map-Carrol Trail

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Series 8: Fort Maginnis research

Photocopies of maps, descriptions of buildings, architectural styles, equipment, plans, official documents, newspaper article, articles, unpublished papers and oral history pertaining to Ft. Maginnis. Correspondence on disposition of buildings. Monument proposal pamphlet. Oversize material retained in separate file (*).

Box 2 (cont.)
7. Building measurements and hand-drawn sketches
8. Burke, Frank: Letters from the wild west 1881-1884
9. Disposition of buildings
10. Equipment descriptions-photocopies of utensils, etc.
11. Historic building descriptions-architectural designs
12. Letters regarding disposition of buildings
13. Map list and prices RG-153;393;77
14. Map-1889 w/ insert maps of area *
15. Maps-photocopies
16. MHS Archives RS 29-descriptions of disposition of buildings
17. Misc. request forms for research
18. Misc. notes, photograph photocopies and correspondence about research
19. Mueller, Oscar: Central Montana Raids of 1884
20. Notes from Fergus County Argus-1897 on sale of fort buildings
21. Plans w/ Geological survey photos
22. Poetter, Frank: Interview, Sept.11, 1975
23. Post Returns Aug 1880-Jul 1890
24. State monument proposal
25. Upton, Dell: Traditional Timber Framing

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Series 9: Fort Missoula research

Photocopies of unpublished paper, bibliography and article on Fort Missoula. Hand-drawn map and pamphlet.

Box 2 (cont.)
26. History of Fort Missoula: Col. P.H. Mullay
27. Historical Museum pamphlet
28. Map, hand-drawn
29. MHRC Bibliography
30. Thomas E. Blades and John W. Wike: Fort Missoula

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Series 10: Fort Shaw research

Photocopies of unpublished papers, newspaper articles and bibliography of Fort Shaw.

Box 2 (cont.)
31. History term papers
32. MHRC bibliography
33. Newspaper articles on history of fort.

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Series 11: Miscellaneous research notes and materials

Assorted research materials including: photocopies of unpublished papers; journal articles; maps, newspaper clippings; bibliographies; official documents pertaining to soldier's lifestyles and disciplinary actions; physical descriptions of various forts in Montana in the 19th century. Oversize materials retained in separate file (*).

Box 3
1. Articles on soldiers' lives in Montana
2. Burlingame, Merrill: Health and Hospitals in the Gallatin 100 years ago (1/10/71)
3. Discipline - miscellaneous articles on conditions and legal actions against soldiers at Montana forts
4. Discipline - General Court Martial records; lists of soldiers
5. Discipline - Research notes on soldiers' military records and life styles
6. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper - Indian Campaign in Montana 1881and Ft. Assiniboine 1887 *
7. Harper's Weekly - Sketches of General Miles Winter Campaign 1877 and the Sioux Campaign: July 22, 1876 *
8. History of the 10th Calvary
9. MHRC bibliography: Ft. Ellis/Logan with margin notes
10. MHRC bibliography: Ft. Ellis/Logan photocopy
11. Military history letters; fort descriptions; articles on military in the west; misc. fort information, maps
12. Miscellaneous notes; articles; pamphlets; maps, newspaper clippings about forts
13. Miscellaneous research materials about Montana forts
14. Miscellaneous pages from essays
15. Report on the forts of Montana in 1880 by Peter D. Quay
16. SHPO Inventory
17. Fort Yellowstone - photocopies of 12 maps of compound and individual buildings *

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Series 12: Fort research photographs

Copy photographs from the US Army Military History Institute, National Archives, Bureau of Land Management and slide copies from the Montana Historical Society of selected forts in Montana in the 19th century including buildings, interiors and soldiers. Copies of aerial photos of fort site. Original slides taken by Raymond Mentzer and Lawrence Heberle showing surveys of fort sites and existing buildings in the mid 1970s.

Box 4
1. Fort Assiniboine - Photographs: 19th century. Photographs #1-3
2. Fort Custer - Photographs: 19th century. Photographs #4-10
3. Fort Keogh - Photographs: Cutting ice on the Yellowstone. Photograph #11
4. Fort Keogh - Photographs: photocopies. Photographs #12-29
5. Fort Maginnis - Aerial photographs. Photographs #30-37
6. Fort Maginnis - Photographs of buildings - 1970s. Photographs #38-108
7. Fort Maginnis - Photographs: 19th century - buildings, soldiers. Photographs #109-119
8. Fort Missoula - Photographs: 19th century. Photographs #120-127
9. Slides: sleeves #1-11: Camp Baker/Ft. Logan; Ft. Maginnis; Asst. unidentified locations
10. Negatives of photographs #47-108; 117-119

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Series 13: Microfilm records from the National Archives and original holdings of the Newberry Library, Chicago Illinois

Microfilm copies pertaining to correspondence, medical histories, courts martial, circulars and rosters for various Montana Forts in the 19th century.

Box 5 Selected letters received 1867-1886, Ft. Ellis, MT. RG-98 NARA

Box 6 Record of medical history of posts-Camp Cooke, Fort Ellis. RG-94 NARA

Box 7 Records of medical history of posts-Camp Baker, Fort Benton, Fort Fetterman. RG-98 NARA

Box 8 Records of medical history of posts-Fort Maginnis. RG-98 NARA

Box 9 US Army, Dept. of Dakota 1868-1872: G. O. ; Circulars; Rosters, records of General Courts Martial. From Newberry Library

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