Creator: Bozeman Trail Heritage Conference (1999 : Bozeman, Mont.)


Provenance Note: Taped proceedings of the Bozeman Trail Heritage Conference were purchased from Inter-Mountain Media, Kalispell, Montana on August 3, 1999.


Historical Note: The Montana Historical Society sponsored a special conference during the summer of 1999 to examine all aspects of the history of the Bozeman Trail. These sessions took place in the Holiday Inn at Bozeman, Montana during the final days of July, and many scholars of the subject presented papers which were taped by the independent firm Inter-Mountain Media.


Content Description Note: Audio taped proceedings of the conference consisting of: "The Bozeman Trail Before John Bozeman," Robert M. Utley; "The Home and the Road: Trailing American History," by James P. Rhonda; "Ecology and Bison in the Decade of the Bozeman Trail," by Dan Flores; "Northern Plains Culture and the Warrior Complex," by Raymond J. DeMallie; "Plains Indian Ledger Art: A Different View of the Bozeman Trail," by Joyce Szabo; "Getting Out of a Rut: A New Look at Overland Trails," by Elliott West; "Women and the Overland Trails: A Gendered Experience in Westward Migration," by Glenda Riley; "A Dense Tangled Web: The Bozeman Trail Era, 1863-1868," by Susan Badger Doyle; "Catalyst to Change: The Bozeman Trail and Intertribal Relations on the Northern Plains," by Frank Rzeczkowski; "Images of the Bozeman Trail in Popular Culture," by Phillip J. Deloria; "After the Trail Dust Settled: Reimaging Montana's Indians in the Early Twentieth Century," by Sherry L. Smith; "Warbonnets and Longknives: Military Use of the Bozeman Trail during the 1860s," by Jerome A. Greene; "Beyond Red Cloud's War: The Bozeman Trail in the 1870s," by Paul L. Hedren; "What Never Really Happened: Fact and Fiction at Fort Phil Kearny," by John D. McDermott; "The Bloody Bozeman of Literature and History," by Charles E. Rankin; "Destination Virginia City: Gold Rushes of the 1860s and After," by Michael P. Malone; "Fanny on the Bozeman Trail," by Joyce Badgley Hunsaker; "Virginia City Today and Tomorrow: State Ownership of a Montana Gold Rush Town," by Jeff Tiberi; "Preserving the Gold Rush: Views of Virginia City, Past and Present," by Ellen Baumler; "The Bozeman Trail and its Connections to the Twentieth Century West," by Richard White. The topics of the sessions include the general history of the Bozeman Trail, the general historiography of overland trail narratives, the history of the Indians of the Northern Plains, environmental history, and gender studies. The tapes have been arranged in the order in which the sessions were given.

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