Creator: Leggat, Alexander, 1876-1966

Provenance Note: Brochures, pamphlets, broadsides, and other printed materials were purchased from Mrs. Alexander Leggat, Butte, Montana, in 1966 following a lengthy fund raising effort on the part of Montana State University. These materials were initially intended to be given item level cataloging within the Special Collections print shelves, but they remained with collection 781 until they were separated during that collection's processing in the 1990s.

Historical Note: Alexander Leggat was a Butte, Montana mining engineer, hotel owner, and collector of western Americana. He was born in Owasso, Michigan, on December 22, 1876, to John A. Leggat and his wife, Claribel Ament Leggat. He came to Butte, Montana with his mother in 1880 and attended public schools in Butte, graduating from the Butte High School in 1894. He next attended the college of Montana at Deer Lodge, and also the Michigan School of Mines in Houghton. He worked as a mining engineer in Montana and served in many Butte civic organizations. Leggat purchased a hotel in Butte in the early twentieth century and became active in the Montana Hotel Association in 1923. He began collecting books and manuscripts pertaining to Montana and the West in the 1920s and eventually compiled an impressive private library. Following his death in 1961, his widow began negotiations with Montana State College for the sale of the collection.

Content Description Note: The Leggat collection consists primarily of what is frequently referred to as "gray literature," ephemeral publications that, for the most part, do not warrant item level description within a library catalog. After the purchase of the Leggat collection by Montana State University in 1966, library personnel cataloged most of the serial runs and individual monographs which, at that time, were considered significant. The remaining boxes of pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, U. S. Congressional Serial Set tear sheets and magazine articles were placed into folders within several filing cabinets. This material was reviewed again in 2012 for any pieces considered significant enough for item level cataloging and, after their removal, sorted into the four series represented here. The material concerns a wide variety of Montana historical topics, especially the history and development of Butte and Helena, state political issues, military topics, the Montana Vigilantes of 1863-64, mining and railroads.


Series 1 Pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, 1863-1961
Series 2 U.S. Congressional Serial Set tear sheets, 1821-1922
Series 3 Magazine and serial articles
Series 4 Reference catalog cards, 1966

Series 1: Pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, 1863-1961

Pamphlets, brochures and broadsides dealing with a wide variety of topics in Montana history. Topics particularly well represented are Butte and Helena, Montana, the Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Great Northern Railways, and Montana politics and government. Originally part of the books and serials accessioned with the Leggat donation, many of these ephemeral pieces were removed for item level cataloging and placement in the library's catalog. These remaining materials are either duplicates with some marginalia or items considered too marginal to justify the creation of an original catalog record. The materials have been placed in alphabetical order by author, with a shortened title statement and date of publication following.

Box 1
1. Albright, R. E.- The American Civil War as a Factor in Montana Territorial Politics, 1937
2. Allen, E. Douglas- Brochure: Mannados Book Shop, n.d.
3. Allen, W.R.- Your Dollars; Where Are They ? What Can We Do About Them? 1942
4. Alice Gold and Siver Mining Company- Reports, 1884-1886
5. American Legion- Silver Bow County in the Great War, 1919
6. American Legion- Program, 1949
7. American Mining Congress- Program Annual Banquet, 1939 (Autographed)
8. Anaconda Copper Mining Company- [9 photogravure prints], n.d.
9. Anaconda Copper Mining Company- Its Properties and Operations in Montana 1927, 1930, 1957
10. Anaconda Copper Mining Company- Anaconda is Building, 1952
11. Anaconda Copper Mining Company- This is Anaconda, 1960
12. Anaconda Copper Mining Company- This is Anaconda, 1964
13. Anaconda Standard- The Anaconda Standard Fortieth Anniversary, September 4, 1929
14. Anderson, Orville L.- Every Dog Has His Day, 1917
15. Andes Copper Mining Company- Fact Book 1963
16. Armstrong, N.- Notice [ore milling fee list], 1884
17. Arnold, Lt. Col.- Orders #25, Fort Custer, MT March 5,1891
18. Association of American Railroads- Pamphlet Land Grants, 1944
19. Aylesworth and McFarlan- [hotel advertising cards, Butte and Deer Lodge], n.d.
20. Bagdad Dadgab- Newsletter September 24, 1949
21. Bagdad Temple- Program Silver Jubilee 1936
22. Barrett, Dorothy Pye- Booklet: Montana Glimpses, 1948
23. Beaverhead County- County Clerk's Annual Report 1926-27
24. Beaverhead Woolgrowers- Beaverhead, n.d.
25. Biographies-[Tear sheets from unidentified publications: W.H. Baldwin, Jr., Captain John J. Roe, A.P. Heinze, F.A. Heinze, G.B. Hulme, L. Lewisohn, C.F. Roe, F.V. Greene, Cornelius Hedges, G.A. Custer, Charles Francis Meagher]
26. Blinn, Helen- Booklet Restoration
27. Borah, W.E.- Closing Argument of the Haywood Trial, n.d.
28. Boyd, Robert K.- Two Indian Battles, 1928
29. Brackett, William S.- Indian Remains on the Upper Yellowstone, 1892
30. Broadwater Natatorium- [four postcards, c.1920]
31. Burke, W. A.- Butte, n.d.
32. Butte Building and Construction Trade Council- Labor Review, 1948, 1946
33. Butte Celebrations Committee- Bullion, Bandits, and Builders Butte, 1939
34. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte: Western Montna Land of Enchantment, 1930
35. Butte Chamber of Commerce Butte. Center of Montana Wonderland, 1939
36. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte. Center of Montana Wonderland, c.1939-40
37. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte. Center of Montana Wonderland, 1946
38. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte. Center of Montana Wonderland, 1950
39. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte. Convention City, 1960s

Box 2
1. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte. In The Heart of Montana's Magicland, 1948; 1952
2. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte. In The Heart of Montana's Magicland, 1961
3. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte, Metropolis of Montana, 1915
4. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte, Montana, On Top and Underground, 1928
5. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Butte Surveys It's Post-War Prospects, 1944
6. Butte Chamber of Commerce- Resources of Butte, 1895
7. Butte City-County Planning Board- It's Time for Decision, 1958
8. Butte Country Club- Program 30 Year Anniversary 1945
9. Butte Exchange Club- World Museum of Mining
10. Butte Press Club- Program. Address by Wendell Willkie. 1940
11. [Butte Postcards]
12. Butte Junior League- Follies, 1950, 1962
13. Butte Land and Investment Co.- Irrepressible Butte, 1912
14. Butte Traffic Commission- Street and Traffic Regulation
15. Calkins, B. E.- Butte Illustrated, 1897
16. Campbell, J. C. Montana: The People of Eastern Idaho, 1864
17. Caswell, Lucien B. Remarks, 1878
18. Cavanaugh, Miles J. The Montana Pioneers
19. Centennial Brewery- [Line Drawing]
20. Chandler, William E. Remarks, 1901
21. [Chinese]- 2 cartoons showing persecution of the Chinese
22. Christian Advocate and Journal- [Clipping] Flat-Head Indians, 1833
23. Citizen's Alliance of Helena, Address, 1903
24. Clark, W.A.- Let Us Talk It Over
25. Cobb, Ervin S. Piano Jim, 1947
26. Cobb, Lula A.- A Range Rider of the Yellowstone
27. Collier's Weekly- Gibson Number, 1904
28. Corley, Patricia- Story of St. Mary's Mission
29. Clayton, Prof. J.E.- Moulton Mine Report
30. [Crow Alphabet]- mimeograph
31. Crump, R.P.- Snively Expedition
32. Curley, Edward P.- Origin and Progress of the Catholic Church in Montana, 1927
33. Dabney, Owen P.- Your Sweetheart and Mine
34. Dalton, William J.- Address, 1914
35. Daly, Hugh- Biography of Marcus Daly, 1934
36. Davies, John F.- The great dynamite explosions, 1895
37. Deer Lodge County- Souvenir Program: Annual Deer Lodge County Fair. 1909
38. Dellembaugh, Frederick S.- Travelers and Explorers, 1921
39. Dimsdale, Thomas J.- Vigilantes of Montana [advertising broadside for second edition]
40. Diomedi, A.- Sketches of modern Indian life

Box 3
1. Edwards, Elsa Spear- Trailing the Campfires , 1935
2. Edwards, Frank J.- Uncolored history, 1945
3. Eggleston, Charles H.- When Bryan Came to Butte, 1912
4. Elliott, T.C.- Fur Trade in the Columbia River Basin Prior to 1811, 1915
5. Elliott, T.C.- In the land of the Kootenai, 1926
6. Elliott, T.C.- Peter Skene Ogden, 1909
7. Elrod, Morton J.- The College Past and Present, 1899
8. Ewers, John C.- The Story of the Blackfeet, 1899
9. Finlen Hotel- Christmas card, 1953
10. Finley, John H.- The Columbia River Historical Expedition, 1926
11. Flandreau, Grace- Koo-Koo-Sint
12. Flandreau, Grace- The Lewis and Clark Expedition
13. Flandreau, Grace- The Story of Marias Pass
14. Flandreau, Grace- The Verendrye Overland Quest of the Pacific
15. Fletcher, Robert H. (Bob)- American Adventure
16. Fletcher, Robert H. (Bob)- The Land of the Shining Mountains
17. Foor, Forrest Leroy- Program of the final examination for degree of Doctor of Philosophy
18. Fort Benton [photographic postcards]
19. Fryxell, Fritiof- Thomas Moran's Journey to the Tetons in 1879
20. Garraghan, Gilbert J.- Nicoles Point, Jesuit Missionary
21. Garver, Frank Hannon- Marking historical sites in Montana
22. [George "Bulletproof" Wade- satiric campaign brochure]
23. Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.- map Panoramic perspective of the Missouri River
24. Godfrey, E. S.- The Duster Semi-Centennial commemoration, 1926
25. Gollings, E. W.- Western Life Studies
26. Granite County- Magicland, 1950
27. Great Northern Railway- 1964 Progress Report to Shippers
28. Great Northern Railway- The Call of the Mountains 1925
29. Great Northern Railway- The Call of the Mountains 1926
30. Great Northern Railway- Editorial Comment Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, 1925
31. Great Northern Railway- Glacier National Park, 1920
32. Great Northern Railway- Glacier National Park Hotels and Tours, 1916
33. Great Northern Railway- Glacier National Park hotels and tours, n.d.
34. Great Northern Railway- An Important Visit - Zebulon M. Pike 1805
35. Great Northern Railway- In Glacier National Park, 1912
36. Great Northern Railway- Library List: Upper Missouri Historical Expedition
37. Great Northern Railway- Montana [c.1921]

Box 4
1. Great Northern Railway- Over Mountain Trails
2. Great Northern Railway- Scenic Northwest [c. 1930]
3. Great Northern Railway- See America First [c. 1910]
4. Great Northern Railway- With the Mountaineers in Glacier National Park
5. Greenfield Advertising Agency- Montana in Rotogravure
6. Greenfield, Chas. D. - The New Helena Daily Record, 1908
7. Greenfield, Maguerite- The Old Fire Bell on Tower Hill
8. Grinnell, George Bird- Lodges of the Blackfeet
9. Hand, Wayland D.- Songs of the Butte miners, 1950
10. Harper, Frank B. - Fort Union and Its Neighbors on the Upper Missouri
11. Heartman, Charles F.- George D. Smith, Bookseller
12. Helena [Capital contest Handbills: 1 written in German], 1894
13. Helena Board of Trade- Helena, Illustrated, 1890
14. Helena Board of Trade- Queen City of the Mountains, 1888
15. Helena Chamber of Commerce- Secretary's annual report, 1942
16. Helena Commercial Club- Let 'er sluice [play money]
17. Helena Souvenir Centenary Bulletin: Cathedral of Saint Helena. 1841-1941
18. Helena's Welcome to Coeur DAlene. September 18-20, 1891
19. Historical Society of Montana- Brochure c.1874
20. Hogan, Stephen P.- The Leprechaun
21. Holter, Norman J- Capitalism For the Millions 1950
22. Howard, Joseph Kinsey- What Happened in Butte, 1948
23. Idaho Governor- Thanksgiving Proclamation 1869
24. International Convention of Mine, Mill, & Smelter Workers- Goldern Jubilee Butte, 1943
25. Jackson, W. Turrentine- Washburn-Doane Expedition into the Upper Yellowstone, 1870
26. The Land Grant of the Northern Pacific Railroad, as described in debate in the Senate..., 1870
27. Lawrence, H. E.- Prospectus of the Rising Sun, 1885
28. Leggat, John A.- Communication and Protest, 1888
29. Lewis, William S.- David Thompson-Land Geographer of the Northwest, 1930
30. Lewis, William S.- Reminiscences of Joseph H. Boyd, 1924
31. Lewis & Clark Life Insurance- Governors of Montana, 1925
32. Madison County- Poll book [blank form], 1880
33. Madison County Fair- Premium List of 25th Annual Fair at Twin Bridges, MT., 1928
34. Map of the Helena Mining Region, n.d.
35. Masterson, Jim- [Christmas Card]
36. Masterson, Jim- It Happened In Montana [12 photogravure prints]
37. Maudlin, Clark M.- Louisiana Purchase: Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1950
38. McCormick, Washington Jay- Verse In Montana
39. McMurtrie, Douglas C.- [Christmas Greeting Cards]
40. Methodist Episcopal Church- Convocation, 1882, 1883, 1886
41. Miles, Nelson A.- Northern Pacific Railroad, 1880
42. Miners Voice, 1952
43. Mining Association of Montana- Program 4th Annual Convention Dillon, 1938
44. Missoula Publishing Company- Flathead facts, 1890
45. Montana. Dept. of Agriculture, Labor & Industry- Carrying on for 50 Years
46. Montana. Dept. of Agriculture, Labor & Industry- Directory, 1927

Box 5
1. Montana. Dept. of Agriculture, Labor & Industry- Farm review, 1929
2. Montana. Dept. of Agriculture, Labor & Industry- Salient facts about Montana, 1929
3. Montana. Dept. of Agriculture, Labor & Industry- Tourist trail, 1930
4. Montana. Governor- To the fifth annual agricultural convention, 1885
5. Montana. State Highway Dept.- Map of Montana, land of shining mountains, 1937
6. Montana. State Highway Dept.- The New Trail, 1936 annual report
7. Montana Boosters- [membership stickers, vacationland stamps, map]
8. Montana Boosters- Open Road
9. Montana Centennial- Boys Central Montana Centennial Exhibit List, May 1964
10. Montana Chamber of Commerce- Montana Affairs, 1960
11. Montana Chamber of Commerce- Montana, America's Wonderland
12. Montana Club- Constitution, rules, officers and members, 1890
13. Montana Federation of Women's Clubs- 25th Convention, 1934
14. Montana Mining Association- The Mineral Resources of Montana
15. Montana Mining Association- [souvenir postcard]
16. Montana School of Mines- De Re Metallica, 1944
17. Montana Society of Engineers- Annual convention, 1941
18. Montana Society of Engineers- Montana Conserves It's Water
19. Montana State Federation of Labor- Golden Jubilee, 1944
20. Montana State Firemen- Program 57th Annual Convention Butte, 1949
21. Montana State Historical & Miscellaneous Library-Brochure & parliamentary table
22. Montana State Library Association- Directory of Montana Libraries, 1941
23. Montana State Press Association- Program 43rd Annual Convention, 1928
24. Montana Taxpayers Association- Property tax laws of Montana, 1947
25. Montana World's Fair Commission- Montana, its Resources and Attractions
26. Mountain Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.- Report, 1880
27. Mountain Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.- Report, 1881
28. Murray, James E.- Murry Calls Roosevelt a Liar, 1934
29. National Mining Congress- Annual convention, Helena, 1892
30. North Butte Mining Co.- Annual report, 1930, 1948
31. Northern Pacific Railroad- Butte [c.1930's]
32. Northern Pacific Railroad- Communications, 1866
33. Northern Pacific Railroad- Charter and Amendments, 1870
34. Northern Pacific Railroad- Decision of the Sec. of the Interior, 1889
35. Northern Pacific Railroad- The Great Northern Pacific Crosses the Best Zone, 1882
36. Northern Pacific Railroad- Land grant and future business of the road, 1870
37. Northern Pacific Railroad- Official statement to the New York Stock Exchange, 1879
38. Northern Pacific Railroad- Opinion of Hon. Jeremiah S. Black, 1880
39. Northern Pacific Railroad- Report, May 30, 1871
40. Northern Pacific Railroad- Report, July 10, 1871
41. Northern Pacific Railroad- Rules and Regulations ... excursion of Mr. H. Villard, 1883
42. Northwest Scientific Association- Annual meeting, 1947
43. Old Garden Court Theatre- [brochure], 1961
44. The Old Town Promoter- Great Falls, 1947
45. The Overland Minstrels- Souvenir program, 1901
46. Pacific Northwest Conference of Savings and Loan Assn.- Annual convention, 1949

Box 6
1. Reedside, John B.- Statigraphic Nomenclature in the U.S., 1932
2. Rhinehart, Mary Roberts- An Appreciation of Glacier National Park
3. Russell, Charles M.- [12 line drawing prints]
4. Russell, Charles M.- [photograph of Christmas card]
5. Salmon [Idaho] Chamber of Commerce- [untitled brochure, n.d.]
6. Sanders, Wilbur F.- Speech, 1891
7. Sheridan, Philp H.- Report on his expedition [booklet format], 1882
8. Sheridan, Philp H.- Report on his expedition [printed letter format], 1882
9. Shields, Edward- Shep, the Story of Man's Best Friend, ca. 1950
10. Silloway, P.M.- Silloway's History of Central Montana, n.d.
11. Silver Bow Club- Constitution, house rules, list of members, 1917
12. Simms, S. C.- Traditions of the Crows, 1903
13. Simpson & McIntyre- Programme: The Critic [printed on silk], n.d.
14. Sloan, William M.- World Aspects of the Louisiana Purchase, n.d.
15. Smith, Hoval A.- An analysis of the American copper industry, 1934
16. Society of Montana Pioneers- Constitution adopted at 27th annual meeting, 1910
17. Society of Montana Pioneers-In memoriam, Walter Washington Delacy, 1897
18. Spring Round Up- [printed itinerary, Miles City area], 1892
19. St. Lawrence Mine- [woodblock print]
20. Stanley, Edwin J.- Patriotism and religion, 1888
21. Stevens Gold & Silver Mining Co.- [stock certificate, 100 shares], 1885
22. Stone, Livingston- Explorations on the Columbia River, 1885
23. Talkington, H.L.- Highlights in Lewiston History [Lewiston, Idaho], c1940s
24. Tax Equality Association of Montana- [newsletters], 1950
25. Tax Foundation Inc.- Toward Better Government, n.d.
26. Teggart, Frederick J.- Notes Supplementary To Any Edition of Lewis & Clark, 1908
27. Thompson, Francis A.- A Preliminary Inventory of Montana Mineral Resources, n.d.
28. Towne, Charles W.- Butte, a few statistics pleasantly told, 1924
29. Towne, Charles W.- Western Montana, a land that enchants the traveler, 1929
30. Turner, Frederick Jackson- The west as a field for historical study
31. Union League of America- Form of a council. Officers and their stations, 1863
32. Union Pacific Railway- Resources of Montana Second Edition, 1890
33. Union Pacific Railway- Resources of Montana Fourth Edition, 1892
34. Union Pacific Railway- Resources of Montana Fifth Edition, 1893
35. [Unions and labor related handbills, bulletins, pamphlets]

Box 7
1. University Club Salt Lake City, Utah- List of officers & board of Trustees, 1917
2. Upper Missouri Historical Expedition- [pamphlet], n.d.
3. U.S. Dept. of the Interior- Statistics of Indian tribes, agencies and schools, 1899
4. [Unidentified Indian language catechisms], n.d.
5. Utley, Robert M.- Custer's Last Stand, 1949
6. Van Burg, Lillian- The Bozeman Trail, 1923, 1927
7. Van Tassel, C.- The Passing of the West, 1916
8. Vigilance Club- Historic Virginia City, Montana, 1946
9. Virginia City- Fireman's certificate, 1865
10. Virginia City Mining Company- Nuggets, 1932
11. Virginia City Players- The Mighty Dollar [handbill]
12. Virginia City Players- [Programs], 1951, 1952,1956
13. Wells Fargo and Co.- [passenger tickets]
14. Western Montana Treasure and Pleasure, n.d.
15. Wheeler, Olin D.- Nathaniel Pitt Langford, 1915
16. Where All the Guidons Fell, n.d.
17. Willman, George- George "Skyline" Bill Willman, n.d.
18. Woolgrowers- State & National Woolgrower's Convention, 1927
19. [World War I Cartoon promotion for Third Liberty Loan], 1918
20. Wyoming. Governor- Message of Governor Thayer, 1875
21. Wyoming. Governor- Message of William Hale, 1884
22. Wyoming. Governor- Report of the Governor of Wyoming Territory, 1878
23. Wyoming. Governor- Report of the Governor of Wyoming Territory, 1885; 1887
24. Wyoming. Historical Landmark Commission- Report, 1927-28
25. Young Democratic Clubs of Montana- 8th Annual Convention, 1940

Oversize storage
1. Brown, Grafton Tyler- Yellowstone National Park scenery, c1886
2. Currier, Nathaniel- Thomas Francis Meagher, 1852
3. Dimsdale, Thomas J.- Vigilantes of Montana [advertising broadsides], 1865, 1866
4. Harper & Brothers, New York- Chart n.14 Chromatic Scale, 1862
5. Helena- [broadside and newspaper format souvenir of state capital election], 1894
6. Helena Herald- Carrier's address, 1868
7. Mason, Ed- Racketeers or Ed Mason? [campaign broadside] c1940s
8. Montana Loan and Realty Company- Peerless Butte [printed on canvas], 1892
9. Montana Territory. Governor- Proclamation, 1867
10. Northern Pacific Railroad- 7-30 Gold Loan, c1870s
11. Northern Pacific Railroad- [Yellowstone prints], c1870s
12. Union Pacific Railway- Through Rail Route to Montana, c1870s
13. U.S. Geological Survey- Economic geology map of Butte, 1898
14. Victory Labor-Management Production Committee- Come one, come all, 1943
15. Wells, Q. K.- Bird's Eye View of Helena, 1875
16. Yale University. Coe Collection- [Lewis and Clark facsimile maps], 1950

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Series 2: U.S. Congressional Serial Set tear sheets, 1821-1922

Unbound tear sheets and separately printed reports, documents, and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives from the sequentially numbered U.S. Congress Serial Set. Most of these materials deal specifically with Montana topics such as political, social, cultural, military and ethnic history. These materials have been chronologically arranged.

Box 8 U.S. Congressional Serial Set tear sheets, 1821-1922

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Series 3: Magazine and serial articles

Whole and tearout copies of magazine and serial articles dealing with a wide variety of Montana topics. In those cases where the entire magazine was retained, the pertinent article is generally noted on the cover by markings made by Leggat himself. These files have been placed in alphabetical order by the magazine or serial title.

Box 9 American Economic Review - Natural History

Box 10 Naturalist - Youth's Companion

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Series 4: Reference catalog cards, 1966

Original main entry and analytic catalog cards created by the Montana State University library to document the various pieces of the Leggat collection. Included are analytic entries for the magazine articles represented in Series 3 and main entry shelf list cards for the books and pamphlets of the Leggat collection. Many of the titles represented in the shelf list cards have already been entered into the library's holdings and have complete MARC records available online, but some cards representing the "grey literature" of the pamphlets in Series 2 are also represented. Cards representing the pamphlets in Series 1 are generally marked as such. All cards are in alphabetical order by "main entry," (author or title).

Box 11 Magazine article analytic cards and shelf list cards
Box 12 Shelf list cards

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