Creator: Huffman, Roy E. (Roy Elwood)

Provenance Note: Professional and personal papers created or collected by Roy E. Huffman were donated to Montana State University on August 19, 1996 by his wife Menga Huffman. Any papers related to Huffman's work on the Montana Board of Natural Resources and Conservation were removed and integrated into Collection 2094, Montana Board of Natural Resources and Conservation Records, 1976-1981.

Historical Note: Roy E. Huffman was born April 12, 1916 and raised on a wheat farm in Chouteau County, Montana. He attended rural schools and graduated from Highwood High School in 1932. He married Menga Herzog in 1939 and had three children. He received his B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Montana State College in 1938, his M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Maryland in 1939 and his PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin in 1952. He began his career as an Agricultural Economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture during 1939-1942. In 1942 he started his work at Montana State College as an Instructor in Agricultural Economics. After serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II from 1943-1946 he returned to Montana State College as an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics and Economics,1946-1950; Associate Professor from 1950-1953; and from 1953 to 1958 he was Professor and Head of the Department of Agricultural Economic and Rural Sociology: Economics and Sociology. In 1958 he became the Dean of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1965 he was appointed as the first Vice President for Research. He served in that capacity until his retirement in 1976. Concurrent with the Vice Presidency he was Executive Director, Endowment and Research Foundation (1965-1976); Director, Montana University Joint Water Resources Research Center (1965-69, 1973-74); and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies (1975-76). Roy Huffman was a prolific writer with over 100 titles to his credit including the book Irrigation Development and Public Water Policy (Ronald Press, 1953) and research bulletins, journal papers, magazine articles, conference papers and monographs. He promoted the modernization of agriculture through wise land use, water conservation, irrigation and farm management techniques. He was a member of the American Agricultural Economics Assn., Western Agricultural Economics Assn., Agricultural History Society, American Association of University Professors, Soil Conservation Society of America, and several honor societies. Among many awards, he received the Montana State University Blue and Gold Award for Distinguished Service in 1975. Outside the university he has served as a consultant to federal, state and private agencies, notably the Missouri River Basin Planning and Columbia Basin Consulting Boards of the U.S. Dept. of Interior; he was a member of numerous governmental and professional councils and committees including the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges; and participated as a speaker or presenter of papers at many conferences and proceedings in both academic and commercial arenas. After his retirement in 1976, he was appointed a member of the Montana Board of Natural Resources and Conservation by Governor Thomas L. Judge and served from 1977-1981. An active member of the greater community, he promoted tours of Russia and China for People to People, was active with the Museum of the Rockies and local civic projects. Dr. Roy E. Huffman died at age 78 on November 10, 1994.

Content Description Note: Roy Huffman's collected and created papers were organized by him in alphabetical files by subject. Except for a few duplicated files, the papers are arranged as Roy Huffman kept them with loose papers and untitled files placed within the alphabetic sequence. The materials are mostly typewritten with some handwritten notes and letters, and include photocopies or reprints of previously published materials, reports, speeches and presentations; plans, programs, schedules, studies, and numerous papers related to his professional positions at MSU ; numerous research notes and unfinished manuscript pages with bibliographical materials and citations; personal and professional correspondence; and clippings from newspapers and journals. Subjects are wide ranging but can be characterized into several categories: a) files on topics of general interest or research interest; b) files related to specific organizations, conferences, symposia or programs both professional and governmental (these may have correspondence and attachments included); c) files related to the research and publication of Roy Huffman's writings; d) files related to Montana State University (Montana State College before 1962) which may be by subject; by department; by specific positions Huffman held during his career; by committee, program, institutional or branch names; by faculty, students or individuals; or as miscellaneous items. e) correspondence: alphabetical files of a professional or personal nature maintained by Huffman plus individually named correspondence files of colleagues intimately involved with his research and writing as well as politicians and selected projects or organizations. Representation of government agencies including the Federal Farm Security Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Energy Research and Development Administration, National Science Foundation, and regional entities such as the Missouri River Basin Commission and Columbia River Basin Inter-Agency Committee, Great Plains Agricultural Council, Montana Experiment Stations and Extension Service, and the Water Resources Research Center. Publications and publishers include Big Sky Books of the Endowment and Research Foundation of MSU, the Ronald Press and various journal publications. Representative files for professional and academic interests include the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, American Agricultural Economics Assn., Western Agricultural Economics Assn., Agricultural History Society, American Association of University Professors, Soil Conservation Society of America, Sigma Xi and others. China ( People to People), Russia, Saudi Arabia (agricultural projects), and other countries have individual files. Several untitled files containing research notes, citations and a large rough draft manuscript were combined with research note files with the name Omnibus.

In 1970, both Merrill G. Burlingame and Elmer Starch wrote Roy Huffman about a proposed manuscript Huffman had been working on. The work began in the mid 60s as a book on Fairway Farms and the influence of that program. Margarita "Rita" McDonald assisted with the research and rough draft materials. It apparently evolved into a larger project to produce a book about the influence on farming by the Montana State College Agriculture Department and the Montana experience which resulted in changes in land use, farm techniques, irrigation, family farms and government assistance across the nation. Individuals of note present in files are Governor Tim Babcock, Hugo G. Eck, Nicholas Helburn, Governor Thomas L. Judge, Maurice M. Kelso, Carl F. Kraenzel, Senator Mike Mansfield, Margarita "Rita" McDonald; MSU Presidents: Leon Johnson, Carl W. McIntosh, Roland R. Renne, William J. Tietz, Jr.; Mont H. Saunderson, Elmer A. Starch, Carl F. Taeusch and M. L. Wilson. Roy Huffman's diverse interests are also reflected in files for the Museum of the Rockies, conservation and reclamation issues, arts and humanities, political and legislative issues, energy and water policies, and some personal memento and joke files.


Box 1
1. Agricultural change: news clippings and articles
2. Agricultural Economics course: Economic development and environmental values
3. Agricultural Economics course: Economics of irrigated agriculture
4. Agricultural Economics course: Economics of irrigated agriculture - Billings class
5. Agricultural Economics course: Farm and ranch management
6. Agricultural Economics course: Rural society
7. Agricultural Economics Department correspondence: 1942-1943
8. Agricultural Economics Department correspondence: 1945-1946
9. Agricultural Economics Department correspondence: 1946-1953
10. Agricultural History Society
11. Agricultural Marketing Service
12. "Agriculture in the Great Plains, 1876-1930" (Symposium, June 1976)
13. Alpha Gamma Rho
14. American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)
15. American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
16. American Association of University Professors - Committee on Salaries and Promotions
17. American Farm Economic Association (AFEA)
18. American Farm Economic Association Awards

Box 2
1. American Indian National Bank
2. Archeology/Anthropology - Davis, Les
3. Archeology/Anthropology - Lahren, Larry
4. Arts and Humanities
5. Assassination - John F. Kennedy
6. Australia - New Zealand
7. AVCO Corporation
8. Babcock, Governor Tim
9. Big Sky - Gallatin Canyon Study
10. Big Sky Books
11. Big Sky Books - Copyrights
12. Big Sky Books - title(proposed): Bolton, Redant, Phillip D.
13. Big Sky Books - title: Community Development in Montana: resources, methods, case studies, Lassey, Wm. & Williams Anne S., Ed., 1970
14. Big Sky Books - title: Failure on the Plains: a rancher's view of the public lands problem, Fulton, Dan, 1982
15. Big Sky Books - title: Fishes of Montana, Brown, Dr. C.J.D., 1971
16. Big Sky Books - title: From the St. Croix to the Potomac: reflections of a bureaucrat Johnson, Sherman E., 1974
17. Big Sky Books - title: Homesteading in Montana, 1911-1923 : life in the Blue Mountain country, Bell, Edward J., 1975
18. Big Sky Books - title:Montana as it Was, 1876: a centennial overview, Malone, Michael P. & Roeder, Richard E., 1976
19. Big Sky Books - title: The Montana Frontier (reprint), Burlingame, Merrill G., 1980
20. Big Sky Books - title: Montana in Maps, 1974, Taylor, Robert L., et al, 1974
21. Big Sky Books - title: A Poet Goes to War, Martin, Earl E., 1970
22. Big Sky Books - title: The Social Cost of Space in the Yonland, Kraenzel, Carl F., 1980
23. Board of Regents
24. Bonneville project - correspondence
25. Bonneville project - manuscript
26. Bonneville project - requests for materials

Box 3
1. Bookstore
2. Campus unrest
3. Campus unrest - Myers case
4. Course changes in catalog
5. Center for Advanced Studies
6. Center for Industrial Development
7. Center for Planning and Development
8. Center for Political Economy and Natural Resources
9. Cereal crop research
10. Chambers of Commerce
11. Coal development
12. Coal Research Laboratory and Energy Fellowship Act, 1975
13. Coal severance tax
14. Coal slurry pipeline
15. Colegio Cesar Chavez, lawsuit about accreditation, 1977
16. Columbia Basin
17. Columbia Basin - correspondence, 1960-1963

Box 4
1. Columbia Basin Consulting Board - financial papers
2. Columbia Basin Consulting Board - reports, 1945-1960
3. Columbia Basin Consulting Board - reports, 1961
4. Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee
5. Columbia Basin news clippings
6. Columbia Basin Research Committee
7. Commencement address, Highwood High School, 1972
8. Commissioner of Higher Education
9. Community Planning ( proposed interdisciplinary Masters Degree)
10. Community Planning - engineers
11. Conservation education
12. Conservation Education Committee
13. Constitutional Convention
14. Constitutional Convention Film
15. Consultant assignments

Box 5
1. Cooperative Extension
2. Cooperative State Research Service - research review
3. Cost Study' correspondence
4. Cost Study' manuscript: "Farm Organization and Production Requirements in Selected Irrigated Areas"
5. Cost Study' materials
6. D. A. Davidson letter
7. Dakota Farmer correspondence and article manuscript
8. Dean of Agriculture
9. Dean of Agriculture congratulatory letters
10. Dean of Science
11. "Development and Population: Alternative Futures for the West" (conference), Aug 1-3, 1973.
12. District Court
13. Draft horses - assorted articles
14. Dryland' correspondence
15. Dryland' manuscript:"Production Costs on Selected Dryland Grain Farms"
16. Dryland' materials

Box 6
1. Eck, Hugo G. - Coronary Column concept and the film "Tiger by the Tail" about it
2. Economics and environment research and article clippings
3. Education - miscellaneous clippings
4. Educational television
5. Endowment and Research Foundation (MSU)
6. Endowment and Research Foundation (MSU): fund- raising
7. Energy - miscellaneous clippings
8. Energy policy - clippings
9. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) conference, Nov 3-4, 1975
10. Energy Research Center
11. England - Scotland

>Box 7
1. Environmental conflicts - miscellaneous clippings, articles
2. Environmental Protection Agency - proposal for investigation
3. Environmental Quality Council
4. Environmental seminars - MSU
5. Environmental studies
6. Environmental Task Force - based out of Bozeman and MSU
7. Experiment Station research
8. Faculty - general
9. Faculty in Agriculture, primarily about Little International program
10. Faculty Policy Advisory Committee, 1945-1957
11. Family farms - miscellaneous articles
12. Family farms and the community - articles and research notes
13. Farm forums - programs
14. Farm Policy Forum articles and correspondence
15. Farm programs - miscellaneous clippings
16. Farm Security Administration - Roy Huffman papers
17. Farm Security Administration humor
18. Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota
19. Federation of Rocky Mountain States, Inc.

Box 8
1. Feed - wheat study
2. Fertilizer research
3. Food and USDA - article
4. Foreign trade - expansion program
5. Forest Service
6. Forestry Research Advisory Committee
7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt articles
8. Fulton, Dan A. - correspondence and assorted attachments
9. Fulton gift books - appraisals and inventory
10. Gallatin National Life Insurance Company
11. Glacier Park meeting, June 25-26, 1958: Missouri and Columbia Basins Inter-Agency Committees
12. Graduate Division - Montana State College, 1948-1953
13. Graduate Division - Graduate Council, agendas and courses
14. Grand Canyon Symposium, June 14-18, 1970 (Human condition relative to survival)
15. "Great Decisions ....., 1958", Foreign Policy Association promotion and publications
16. Great Plains Agricultural Conference, May 31-June 2, 1955 and associated papers

Box 9
1. Great Plains Agricultural Council, 1948-1965
2. Great Plains Project, 1964-1965
3. Guam, University position
4. Helburn, Nicholas - research proposal with assorted correspondence
5. Highwood - Bobcat spring scrimmage
6. Highwood Farm Loan Association
7. Hokkaido University Seminar, Oct 21, 1982
8. Homesteading - newspaper clippings
9. Honorary degrees - committee correspondence and vitae of candidates
10. Hoover Commission
11. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, A-B
12. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, C-F
13. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, G-H
14. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, I-K
15. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, L-O

Box 10
1. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, P-S
2. Huffman, Roy E. - professional and personal correspondence files, T-Z
3. Huffman Building
4. Huffman Essay Award
5. Huntley, Chet and the Big Sky project - articles
6. Indian Bank study
7. Indian policy
8. Indians - Native American Studies Center
9. Indirect benefits of irrigation correspondence
10. Indirect benefits of irrigation materials
11. Industrial development
12. Institute of Applied Research
13. Institutional economics
14. Institutional seminar Aug 2-5, 1966 at MSU
15. Inter-cultural Studies - Mexico

Box 11
1. International Cooperation Center
2. International Rural Development Conference, July 27-28, 1964
3. Investment in human resources
4. Irrigation research
5. Japan - assorted articles
6. Jaycees
7. Johnson, Leon H., President Montana State University
8. Johnstone, William A. - 1968 Stadium Campaign
9. Journal of Farm Economics
10. Judge, Governor Thomas L.
11. Kellogg Foundation - Kellogg Extension Education Project
12. Kellogg Foundation - proposal for Montana Center for Economic Development at MSU
13. Kelso, Maurice M.
14. Kiwanis Club - Bozeman
15. Kraenzel, Carl F.
16. Land Grant Colleges
17. Land Grant Colleges - centennial publications and articles
18. Land Grant University concept
19. Land Grant University meetings
20. Land use - articles
21. Legal education - articles

Box 12
1. Legislative Council (Montana)
2. Legislative Fiscal Analyst
3. Legislature and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station System, 1961
4. Letters to Editors
5. Low income farms - bibliography
6. Lower Marias Development
7. Lower Marias Irrigation Development Study - correspondence
8. Lower Marias Irrigation Development Study - manuscript
9. Lower Marias Irrigation Development Study - materials
10. Mansfield, Senator Mike
11. Maps (assorted - mostly Montana)
12. Maryland, University of ( Masters Degree and job offer)
13. Master Plan - Division of Agriculture
14. McIntosh, President Carl W., Montana State University
15. Minor Civil Divisions of Montana, Map

Box 13
1. Missouri Basin Consulting
2. Missouri Basin Consulting (cont)
3. Missouri Basin development and program
4. Missouri Basin Interagency Committee meeting, July 27-28, 1968
5. Missouri Basin Research Committee
6. Missouri Basin Survey Commission - correspondence
7. Missouri Basin Survey Commission - materials
8. Montana Academy of Sciences
9. Montana Annual Review of Public Affairs - proposal
10. Montana Committee for the Humanities
11. Montana Conservation Council

Box 14
1. Montana Energy Advisory Council
2. Montana Farmer Stockman - correspondence and proposed Huffman articles
3. Montana Historical Society
4. Montana - miscellaneous magazines
5. Montana State University - administration
6. Montana State University - alumni
7. Montana State University - Alumni Speech
8. Montana State University - Blue and Gold Award
9. Montana State University - Challenge Project
10. Montana State University - faculty
11. Montana State University - financial
12. Montana State University - new degrees
13. Montana State University - research
14. Montana State University - research press coverage
15. Montana State University - retirement
16. Montana State University - role and scope
17. Montana State University - 75th anniversary symposia
18. Montana State University - students
19. Montana State University - travel vouchers, 1968-1976
20. Montana Water Congress
21. Montana Water Development Association
22. Museum of the Rockies
23. Museum of the Rockies - Homestead Project
24. Museum of the Rockies - Kirk Hill Nature Area
25. Museum of the Rockies - newspaper clippings

Box 15
1. National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
2. National Forests
3. National Science Foundation paper on wind energy
4. National Science Foundation proposed grant
5. National seminar on "Implications of Agricultural Adjustments"
6. NATO Senior Fellowships in Science
7. Natural resources
8. Natural Resources Journal - correspondence and proposed Huffman articles
9. New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts consulting assignment
10. Newspaper clippings, reprint articles and clipped articles not in specific files
11. Northern Plains Resource Council
12. Northern Plains Soil and Water Research Center - Sidney, Montana
13. Northern Tier Pipeline news clippings
14. Northern Rockies Foundation - Jerry Calvert proposal
15. Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools - Accreditation Team
16. Northwest Franchises, Inc (business venture)

Box 16
1. "Omnibus" - suggested outline
2. "Omnibus" - Section 1 citations
3. "Omnibus" - Section 2 citations
4. "Omnibus" - Section 3 citations
5. "Omnibus" - Section 4 citations
6. "Omnibus" - Section 5 citations
7. "Omnibus" - Section 5A citations
8. "Omnibus" - Section 8 citations
9. "Omnibus" notes - p.1-86
10. "Omnibus" notes - p. 87-158
11. "Omnibus" notes - p. 159-234
12. "Omnibus" - National Archives citations and notes not included in section 1
13. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Legal descriptions
14. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Cloverleaf - summary

Box 17
1. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Comanche - summary
2. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Richland - summary
3. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Rosebud - summary
4. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Wiota and Taiyan - summary
5. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms: Yanktonai - summary
6. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms - Elmer Starch memo, 1956
7. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms - Elmer Starch miscellaneous suggestions
*** "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms - Elmer Starch recordings *** Stored separately
8. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms - Rita McDonald interviews for Dr. Huffman
9. "Omnibus" research - Fairway Farms - Rita McDonald follow-up research
10. "Omnibus" research - M.L.Wilson ( paper by Merrill Burlingame)

Box 18
1. "Omnibus" - untitled rough draft manuscript, pp. 1-100
2. "Omnibus" - untitled rough draft manuscript, pp. 101-200
3. "Omnibus" - untitled rough draft manuscript, pp. 201-300
4. "Omnibus" - untitled rough draft manuscript, pp. 301-359
5. Oregon Graduate Center evaluation by Northwest Assn. of Schools and Colleges
6. Orth, John C. - application forms and vita
7. Outlook conference papers
8. Over-the-Hill Administrative Council (informal social club)
9. Overhead costs (research programs)
10. Paradise Dam
11. Patents
12. Peace Corp - Columbia
13. Penn, Raymond J.

Box 19
1. People and property rights
2. People to People - China, 1981
3. People to People - registrations and deposits
4. People to People - responses
5. Personal memorabilia and papers - commencement announcements, calendar, etc.
6. Planning Seminar, 1972
7. Population statistics
8. Preliminary and progress reports - Buford, Trenton grazing area
9. President of Montana State Univ - Roy E. Huffman,1969 - application, vita, endorsements
10. Presidential Search Committee (MSU), 1976-77
11. Presidential Search Committee (MSU), 1976-77 (cont)

Box 20
1. Production potentials (Montana agriculture)
2. Programs of conferences, conventions, seminars, etc.
3. Public Affairs Forum, Nov 19-20, 1973
4. Public Land Law Review - conference presentation manuscript and correspondence
5. Public land trades and sales - newspaper clippings
6. Public service
7. Publication requests, 1946-1951
8. Publishers - correspondence
9. Pullman meeting - Washington State University - Department of Architecture, 1972
10. Range Management - Annual meeting, Feb 1966
11. Reclamation - meeting, Jan 1966
12. Reclamation, Bureau of - correspondence and attachments, 1945- 1961
13. Reclamation Association - Montana
14. Reclamation Association - National
15. Reclamation - Strip mined lands
16. Registrar and Treasurer, Montana State University, 1946-1952

Box 21
1. Renne, Roland R. (President's Office), Montana State University, 1945-1952
2. Reprints of speeches, presentations and papers for conferences, etc. by Roy E. Huffman
3. Reprints of speeches, presentations and papers by colleagues and peers of Huffman
4. Reprints of speeches, presentations and papers by colleagues and peers (cont)
5. Research (general) - loose handwritten notes
6. Research (general) - bibliographies
7. Research (general) - miscellaneous clippings of interest
8. Research (general) - reprinted articles, speeches, etc.
9. Research (general) - Reprinted articles, speeches, etc. (cont)

Box 22
1. Research ( general) - university bulletins, circulars, etc.
2. Research brochure for Montana State University research programs - topic offerings
3. Research by Department (MSU)
4. Research clippings on MSU and educational research problems
5. Research fellowship proposal, 1977-78
6. Research Foundation (MSU) 1947-1966
7. Research ideas
8. Research Park
9. Research reports, 1943-1947
10. Resource allocation, Arlie House Conference notes
11. Retirement correspondence, 1976-1977
12. River Press - Fort Benton
13. Rocky Mountain Institute for Policy Research, July 1975
14. Ronald Press Co. correspondence with attachments
15. Ronald Press Co. royalty statements
16. Rural Institutions Seminar, 1965- 1966
17. Rural Progress Conferences, Feb- Mar 1952

Box 23
1. Russia: everything related to trip of 1978
2. Sagebrush Rebellion, newspaper and article clippings
3. Saline seep
4. Saudi Arabia agricultural projects
5. Saudi Arabia agricultural projects (cont)
6. Saudi Arabia agricultural projects (cont)
7. Saudi Arabia agricultural projects (cont)
8. Saunderson, Mont H.
9. Science and Technology Governor's Committee
10. Secretary of Agriculture requested report for Montana on"War Production Goals and Their Attainment" of June, 1942
11. Seminars on science and technology

Box 24
1. Sheridan, Richard G.: typed manuscript and alternate introduction of "Water, Water Everywhere but? : a study of the politico-administrative aspects of water development in Montana", 1968
2. Sigma Xi Club
3. Small watersheds
4. Social Security correspondence re James L. Huffman (father)
5. Sodbusting - newspaper clippings
6. Soil Bank
7. Spring seminar 1972 - "Economic development and environmental values"
8. Staff seminars, 1953
9. Starch, Elmer A., correspondence, 1967-1971

Box 25
1. Starch, Elmer A., correspondence, 1972-1977
2. Starch, Elmer A., correspondence, 1978-1982
3. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch ; edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 1
4. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch ; edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 2
5. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 3
6. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 4
7. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 5
8. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 6
9. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 7
10. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 8
11. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 9
12. Starch, Elmer A., rough draft of "Great Plains Renaissance : Essays" by Elmer A. Starch edited by Thomas R. Wessel, chapter 10
13. Starch, Elmer A. - draft manuscript of 50 articles for "A Saga of the Sage" by Starch, parts of which were published as "Great Plains renaissance : essays"

Box 26
1. State Water Board, 1946-1951
2. Statistics - miscellaneous for Montana, 1970s-80s
3. Sugar beet correspondence, 1948
4. Sugar beet materials
5. Swine growers conference, Feb 18, 1964
6. Taeusch, Carl F. (Chief of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration), copies of correspondence 1939-1940 about Northern Great Plains School
7. Taxation and taxes
8. Teacher Retirement System, 1940s - 50s
9. Tenure in Water research project, 1953
10. Tietz, President William J., Jr., correspondence
11. Tillage - newspaper clippings and article reprints
12. Tree ring studies
13. Tribune articles (financing university education), 1972
14. Types of farming - U.S. maps (1930 & 1949)
15. University Council on Water Resources ( UCOWR): 1965 -1973
16. Unused manuscripts - University of California Department of Agricultural Economics
17. Upper Missouri Water Users Assn. - correspondence, 1968-69
18. USDA: "Historical Album of Agriculture"
19. USDA Task Force on Rural Development and Family Living, 1967-78
20. Valley Authorities (Tennessee, Missouri, Columbia), 1944-50s

Box 27
1. Vice President for Research, correspondence, 1965-1976
2. Water Board - correspondence, 1951, 1953
3. Water Board research proposal, 1967
4. Water Center, 1964 - 1975
5. Water - Citizens' Conferences Sep 8 - 28, 1967
6. Water conferences information and articles
7. Water issues - newspaper clippings and articles
8. Water Law course, Spring 1982 - Mock Water Adjudication
9. Water Law Symposium, Jan 15, 1971
10. Water Resources Policy Commission (Federal), 1950-1951
11. Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) minutes
12. Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) research proposal
13. Water Resources Research Institutes, 1964-1966
14. Water rights, newspaper clippings
15. Water Use in Montana, Historical Society Symposium, Nov 4-6, 1976
16. Western Agricultural Economics Association ( WAEA), 1955-1971
17. Western Farm Economics Association, 1946- 1966

Box 28
1. Western Interstate Water Conferences, 1965
2. Western Interstate Water Conference, 1969
3. Western States Water Council, 1972
4. Western Water Resources Committee, 1951-1954
5. Western Wildlands Journal article
6. Wiley Research Awards, 1979
7. Wilson, M. L. - papers, correspondence and reprinted articles
8. Wilson - M. L. Wilson Chair of Agricultural Economics, MSU
9. Wilson - M. L. Wilson Distinguished Lecture Series
10. Wilson - M L. Wilson Symposium, July 25-27, 1966 - correspondence, arrangements, papers
11. Wilson - M. L. Wilson Symposium - preliminary manuscript #1, 1967

Box 29
1. Wilson - M. L. Wilson Symposium - preliminary manuscript #2, 1967
2. Wind energy - Fred Davison
3. Wind Reel (Curt Phillips) - development, correspondence, patent and legal papers
4. Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin correspondence, papers for PhD program, 1949-1952
5. Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin Press - papers and draft copy of thesis
6. Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin Press - draft copy of thesis (cont)
7. Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin Press - draft copy of thesis (cont)
8. Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin Press - draft copy of thesis (cont)
9. Worrall, Ted E. J. - correspondence on acquiring his Farm Machine Library for MSU
10. "Yearbook of Agriculture, 1955" - correspondence, manuscript and related papers
11. Yellowstone water reservations - personal papers and correspondence

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