Creator: Patten Family

Provenance Note: Personal and professional papers and memorabilia created or collected by members of the Patten family were donated to Special Collections on September 29, 1995 by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith of Middletown Springs, Vermont.

Historical Note: The Patten Family members highlighted in this collection are: Francis England Wall (F.E.W.) Patten (1823-1898); his son George Yager Patten (1876-1951); George's first wife, Eleanor Ferris Patten (d. 1943); their daughter, Margaret Patten (1903- ? ); George's second wife, Sarah Frances Smith Patten (1899-1986).

Born in Missouri, F.E.W. Patten settled in Virginia City, Montana as a merchant in 1863, served in the fourth Montana Territorial Legislature, and until his death in 1898, sold real estate and insurance in Butte. F.E.W. married Mary Amelia Armstrong. Their son, George Y. Patten, was born at Virginia City in 1876 and attended public schools in Butte. After 1893, he worked as a court stenographer and studied law. In 1900, rather than going to law school, George took the bar exam and passed with highest honors. He built up a private practice dealing primarily with corporate law, working closely with the law firm of Cotter and Mc Hatton, and became widely recognized as an expert in mining, water rights and public policy laws. In 1901, he married Eleanor Ferris (? - 1943), daughter of Colonel Edward and Margaret Eastman Ferris. George and Eleanor had three children, Margaret (1903 - ?), Mary (1905 - ?), and Eleanor Jr. (1913 - ?). George married Sarah Frances Smith in 1945. Frances was born in 1899 in Durham, Kansas. She completed her B.A. in home economics at Kansas State University in 1922, and her M.A. in adult education at Columbia University in 1938. She worked for Kansas State College for the Extension Division from 1925 to 1927. She continued her Extension Service work in Flathead County, Montana until 1929. Frances Patten taught for the Department of Home Economics at Montana State College, Bozeman between 1946 and 1964. She spent the last 7 years of her teaching career doing extension work in the Middle East. George Y. Patten died in Bozeman in 1951. Frances Patten died in Bozeman in 1986.

Content Description Note: The Patten Family Papers contain: correspondence; biographical materials; case files; printed materials; school notes and artwork; memorabilia; and photographs. Series are arranged according to document type and files are generally arranged chronologically within each series. The earlier documents, 1895-1900 primarily pertain to F.E.W. Patten and George Y. Patten. The documents between 1900 and the 1920s generally pertain to George Y. Patten and his first marriage to Eleanor Ferris and their daughter Margaret. The later documents from the 1920s to 1986 refer mainly to George and his second wife, Frances Smith Patten. Correspondence contains the personal correspondence of F.E.W. and Mary Patten, and George and Frances Patten. Letters from Frances Patten while she was in the Middle East as and American Field Staff agent are extensive. George Y. Patten's professional correspondence is organized within his case files and pertain to such topics as the Montana Automobile Association, the West Gallatin Highway into Yellowstone National Park, and the establishment of a Lewis and Clark Memorial. Correspondents in these files include Senator Burton K. Wheeler, Horace Albright, and Oscar O. Mueller. Biographical Materials holds news clippings, George Y. Patten's early scrapbook, and Eleanor Ferris Patten's description of her childhood in the American West. Subject Files, has been divided into two subseries: One contains Frances Smith Patten's case files, the other contains portions of George Y. Patten's legal case files. Printed materials holds pamphlets and news clippings on art, Montana history and international travel. School Notes and Records relates entirely to Margaret Patten's secondary school work and shows her interest and endeavors in visual art. Memorabilia refers to Margaret Patten's scrapbook and items collected by Frances Patten. Photographs refer mainly to Frances Smith Patten's Extension Service work and to her marriage to George Y. Patten. Earlier photographs of the Patten family are found in George Y. Patten's and Margaret Patten's scrapbooks and are filed in the Biographical Materials and Memorabilia series respectively.


Series 1 Correspondence, 1895-1961
Series 2 Biographical Materials, 1910-1948
Series 3 Subject Files, 1925-1936
Subseries 1. Frances Smith Patten's Extension Service Case Files, 1925-1929
Subseries 2. George Y. Patten's Legal Case Files, 1925-1946
Series 4 Financial Records, 1898-1906
Series 5 Printed Materials, 1921-1986
Series 6 School Notes & Records, 1915-1926
Series 7 Memorabilia, 1911-1940
Series 8 Photographs, 1900-1946

Series 1: Correspondence, 1895-1961

Correspondence contains incoming and outgoing letters from members of the Patten family and are arranged chronologically. Early correspondence, prior to 1900, refer to F.E.W. Patten's life and death. The later correspondence contain Frances Patten's letters to Julia Martin, George Y. Patten's cousin, and describe Frances' experiences in the Middle East as an American Field Staff agent, 1956-1964. The majority of George Y. Patten's correspondence are integral to his legal work and are arranged within his case files in the Subject Files series.

Box 1
1. 1895-1897
2. April-August 1898
3. September 1898
4. 1899-1908
5. 1939
6. 1955
7. 1956
8. 1957
9. 1958
10. 1959
11. 1960
12. 1961

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Series 2: Biographical Materials, 1892-1910

Biographical Materials contains newspaper clippings, George Patten's scrapbook of his family life at the turn of the century, and a short pioneering account by Eleanor Ferris Patten telling of her early childhood in the American West. George Y. Patten's scrapbook contains both news clippings and photographs from 1892-1910. All other photographs are in Series 8, Photographs.

Box 1 (cont.)
13. News clippings on Frances Patten
14. News clippings on George Y. Patten
15. Scrapbook complied by George Y. Patten
16. Pioneering account written by Eleanor Ferris Patten

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Series 3: Subject Files, 1925-1946

Subject files contains Frances Smith Patten's extension work case files from 1925 to 1929 and portions of George Y. Patten's legal case files from the 1920s to 1949. The Subject Files series has been divided into two subseries according to creator. Subseries 1 contains Frances Patten's case files, Subseries 2 contains George Y. Patten's files.

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Series 3; Subseries 1: Frances Smith Patten's Extension Case Files, 1925-1929

Frances Smith Patten's Extension Work files are the yearly reports she wrote documenting her work in either Kansas or Flathead County, Montana. They contain information on 4-H clubs, women's/girls' clubs, home economics displays at fairs, women's camps, and clothing design and costs. Photographs have been removed from the files, assigned numbers 7 through 84, and have been placed in Series 8, Photographs. Each removal number has been labeled on its original case file page.

Box 1 (cont.)
17. Kansas State College--Extension Division Annual Report, 1925
18. Kansas State College--Extension Division Annual Report, 1926
19. Montana Extension Service, Flathead County Annual Report, 1927
20. Montana Extension Service, Flathead County Annual Report, 1928
21. Montana Extension Service, Flathead County Annual Report, 1929

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Series 3; Subseries 2: George Y. Patten's Case Files, 1925-1946; Box 2

Portions of George Y. Patten's legal case files and have been separated according to both document type and subject and have been arranged within each subject category chronologically. Files 1-31 refer to his work regarding Montana's highways, files 32-36 contain files pertaining to the Montana Automobile Association and refer to gasoline taxes and federal funds for road construction, files 37-43 refer to the establishment of a Lewis and Clark Memorial and its proposed location at Bozeman, Montana. File 44, Patten's correspondence with Oscar O. Mueller, involves questions on Montana history. The files 1-31 pertaining to Montana's highways has been subdivided according to specific highways or projects. Files 1-18 refer almost solely to the construction and up keep of the West Gallatin Highway into Yellowstone National Park. Files 19-22 generally contains information on the Bridger Canyon Highway, and files 23-31 generally hold information on Highway 10 and other miscellaneous road projects. There is some overlap in subject materials.

Box 2
1. Correspondence with Yellowstone Superintendent, Horace Albright, May 1925-July 1928
2. Correspondence with Yellowstone Superintendent, H. Albright, October 1928-June 1929
3. Correspondence with C. M. & St. P. Railway Co., March 1927 November 1928
4. Correspondence with C. M. & St. P. Railway Co., May 1930 April 1931
5. Correspondence with Forest Service, October 1925-June 1930
6. Correspondence with Congressman Scott Leavitt, 1925
7. Correspondence with State of Montana Highway Commission March 1926-May 1928
8. Correspondence with Yellowstone Superintendent, Edmund B. Rogers, March 1946-July 1949
9. Correspondence with Yellowstone Superintendent Roger W. Toll, June 1930-December 1933
10. Correspondence with Senator Thomas J. Walsh, 1925-1926
11. Conference Memorandum: H. Albright & Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, June 11, 1925
12. Memorandum, Re: West Gallatin & Gallatin Soldier Station & West Yellowstone Road, 1925
13. Location Survey Report of West Gallatin Project, Big Horn Pass Section, 1927
14. Expenditures: West Gallatin Road, 1921-1924
15. Committee on West Gallatin Road Petition & Notes, Re: Expenditures March 1926
16. Yellowstone Comparative Travel Figures, 1929-1933
17. Press Releases: Yellowstone Park Travel, 1930, 1931 & 1933
18. Map: "Proposed Adjustments in Boundaries of Yellowstone National Park"
19. Correspondence with Good Roads Committee Members, March 1932 20. Correspondence with State of Montana Highway Commission, July 1928-December 1929
21. Correspondence with Senator J.W. Speer, March 1932
22. News clippings Re: Bridger Canyon Road, 1932
23. Correspondence with Director of National Park Service, Horace Albright, April 1930-February 1931
24. Correspondence with Chamber of Commerce, Re: Highway Constructions, September 1929-December 1929
25. Correspondence with State of Montana Highway Commission, August 1929-November 1933
26. Joint County Committee Gallatin County Petitions, Re: Bill no. 31, 1929
27. Leaflet: "The State Highway Treasury Anticipation Debenture Act of 1931"
28. Memorandum on County Roads, ca. 1933
29. News clippings, Re: Gallatin County Development Association, April 1932
30. Right of Way Map, Rocky Canyon & Map of Gallatin County, Montana, 1946
31. Correspondence with Montana Automobile Association, February 1928-March 1930
32. Correspondence with Montana Automobile Association, Re: Amendments to Revised Codes of Montana 1921, November 1928-January 1929
33. Montana Automobile Association: Annual Meeting Minutes & reports, November 1927-January 1930
34. Montana Automobile Association: Notices to Directors, April 1929-February 1930
35. Montana Automobile Association: Financial Reports, January 1929-February 1930
36. Montana Automobile Association: Audit & Leaflets, 1929
37. Correspondence with Judge Callaway, Re: Lewis & Clark Memorial, 1926
38. Correspondence with Senator Burton K. Wheeler, Re: Lewis & Clark Memorial, February 1928-May 1930
39. Council Joint Memorial Congressional Petitions, 1870s
40. Resolution, Re: Lewis & Clark Memorial, 1925
41. Lewis & Clark Memorial Monument Suggestions by George D. Pease
42. Propositions, Re: Locating Lewis & Clark Memorial in Bozeman, Montana
43. News clippings, Re: Lewis & Clark Memorial, 1926
44. Misc. Correspondence with Oscar O. Mueller, 1930
45. "Standards for Title Opinions"
46. "The World Court"

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Series 4: Financial Records, 1898-1906

Financial Records contains George Y. Patten's early family and business financial registers.

Box 3
1. Expenditure Listings, 1898 & 1899
2. Household and Business Ledger: 1897-1906

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Series 5: Printed Materials, 1921-1986

Printed materials contains published works and documents collected by Margaret and Frances Smith Patten. Pamphlets refer to art, art exhibitions, Montana history and Extension Service work. News clippings from the 1970s focus on Frances Patten's continued interest in world travel and Montana life and communities. Printed materials are arranged chronologically.

Box 3 (cont.)
3. Pamphlets from New York Art Exhibits, 1921
4. "A Century of Progress Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture, June 1 to November 1, 1933"
5. Misc. Clippings & Pamphlets 1933 World's Fair Art Exhibition
6. Finnish Home Economics Pamphlets 1937 & 1939
7. Recital Program, Montana State College, September 19, 1949
8. "American University Field Staff" Reports for Southwest Asia, 1956 & 1957
9. Misc. Pamphlets & Travel Brochures
10. "Job Corps Conservation Centers Program" Booklet, 1964
11. Frances Patten's News clippings on Early Montana
12. Frances Patten's News clippings on Travel, 1970
13. Frances Patten's News clippings on Travel, 1970-1973
14. Frances Patten's News clippings, Misc., 1970s
15. Wardrobe Guide Sheet

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School Notes and Records, 1915-1926

School Notes are arranged chronologically and contain Margaret Patten's secondary and post-school work. Her written works and 1920-1921 school annual are in box 4. Her artwork, found in box 5, contains art exercises in pencil, ink, watercolor and acrylic. Finished works are found in Box 5, file 2.

Box 4
1. Report on National Parks, 1915
2. Report on Washington Irving, 1915
3. Report on Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1915
4. Report on Sir Launfal, 1916
5. Art History Notebook ca.1915
6. Annual of the Cathedral School of St. Mary's, 1920-1921
7. English Notebook, 1921
8. History of Art Notebook, ca.1921
9. Superficial Anatomy Notebook
10. Project on Lamps and Candles, 1926
Box 5
1. Pencil Sketches
2. Paintings & Design Work: Watercolor & Acrylic
3. Perspective Notes & Exercises
4. Perspective Drawings: Ink & Pencil
5. Junior Year, Design Sketchbook: Ink
6. Junior Year, Paintings: Watercolor
7. Pattern/Design Work: Acrylic & Pencil
8. Watercolor Portrait by Jena Easkman
9. Magazine Clippings, 1923-1924

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Series 7: Memorabilia, 1911-1940

Memorabilia contains objects, some photos and documents collected by either Margaret or Frances Patten. Margaret Patten's scrapbook dates from 1911-1920 and relates her interests and social activities during this time. Frances Patten's memorabilia are limited and contain primarily placecards from and invitations to social gatherings.

Box 6
1. Margaret Patten's Scrapbook, 1911-1920
2. Frances Patten's Place Cards & Invitations
3. Frances Patten's Misc. Notations & Fragments

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Series 8: Photographs, 1900-1946

Pictures are arranged chronologically. All are black and white and the majority pertain to Frances Patten's work as a home economics instructor for Extension Services and for the Department of Home Economics at Montana State College. All photographs in folders 8-12 were removed from the case files in Series 3, subseries 1, and bear the same number indicated on the pages from which they were removed. Frances Patten's marriage to George Y. Patten and subsequent family life is also documented. Missing are any photos of her work in the Middle East. Photographs which were glued to scrapbook pages and which could not be removed without damage remain in George Y. Patten's scrapbook in box 1, file 15, and in Margaret Patten's scrapbook in Box 6, file 1.

Box 6 (cont.)
4. Eleanor F. Patten's niece, ca. 1900, #1
5. "Cary," 1921, #2
6. George Y. Patten, 1922, #3
7. Margaret Patten's School Photos, #4-6
8. Frances Smith Patten's Extension Work Photos, 1925, #7
9. Francis Smith Patten's Extension Work Photos, 1926, #8-12
10. 1927, #13-27
11. 1928, #28-62
12. 1929, #63-84
13. Picture Postcards: New York, #85-86
14. George & Frances Patten's Wedding Photos, 1946, #87-89
15. Family Photos, ca. 1940s, #90-97
16. Frances Patten's MSC Home Economics Department Photos, 1946, #98-111
17. Professional Copies of Photos at Glacier Park, #112-114

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