Creator: Teske, Boris A.


Provenance Note: Professional paper authored by Boris Teske in October, 1991. Teske donated the paper to Montana State University in February, 1994.


Historical Note: Boris A. Teske received his Bachelors in English; History with Honors in English from Whitman College. He received his Masters of Arts in History and Masters of Science in Library Science from The University of North Carolina. Teske worked as an Assistant Professor and Reference Librarian at Montana State University, 1990-1993.

Milburn Lincoln Wilson served as Assistant State Agronomist at Montana State College, Bozeman, 1910-12; County Agent in Custer County, Montana, 1912-14; Montana State Extension Agent Leader, 1914-22; and an extension agricultural economist at Montana State College, 1922-24. Wilson also served as professor and head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Montana State College, 1926-33.


Content Description Note: The M.L. Wilson's Avocation of Agricultural History professional paper discusses Wilson's interest and role as a proponent of agricultural history. In his paper, Teske provides examples of Wilson's promotion of the value of historical perspective to the study of agriculture. The paper also provides a snapshot of agricultural history in relation Wilson's selection of literary works, Wilson's career in the Department of Agriculture, and Wilson's extension service work.


Updated: 2014 October 29