Creator: Jarrett, Eddie

Provenance Note: Eddie Jarrett, secretary to Senator Burton K. Wheeler, donated the material for this collection to Special Collections in August 1992.

Historical Note: Eddie Jarrett was secretary to Senator Burton K. Wheeler during the latter part of Wheeler's senate career. Burton Kendall Wheeler was a U.S. Senator from Montana from 1922-1947. In 1924, Wheeler ran unsuccessfully for vice-president on the Progressive Party presidential ticket. During his time in the Senate, Wheeler served as chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee and of the Indian Affairs Committee. In 1937, he successfully led the opposition to President Roosevelt's attempt to pack the Supreme Court with justices of his own political persuasion. Throughout his years in the Senate, Wheeler consistently opposed war and so supported neutrality legislation in the 1930s, spoke out against peacetime conscription in 1940, and fought against the Lend-Lease aid to Britain in 1941. After the United States decided to enter World War II, however, Wheeler gave his full support to the effort. He was defeated for reelection in 1946 and practiced law in Washington D.C. until his death in 1975. Although Jarrett collected materials on Wheeler, it appears that he saved none of his own work or reminiscences.

Content Description Note: This collection is arranged into 19 subject file folders, which contain various materials pertaining to Burton K. Wheeler, and one 1940 newsreel film. Material includes campaign materials, U.S. Senate documents, legislation introduced by Wheeler, correspondence, newspaper clippings, news articles about Wheeler. Subjects include Wheeler's political campaigns, pacifism, World War II, and Wheeler's 90th birthday observance. Oversized material that was originally found in the appropriate folders of box 1 has been removed for storage in box 2. These files have been indicated with an asterisk (*). Also included are a franking stamp and a film reel of Wheeler addressing the National Press Club Dinner, 1940.


Box 1
1. "Keep US Out Of War" sign.
2. Senate report on campaign expenditures, Jan. 31, 1947
3. Senate report on election cases, 1962
4. Wheeler legislation, ca.1930s
5. Press Release, Feb. 13, 1937
6. Correspondence, 1946
7. Correspondence, Eddie Jarrett, 1992
8. Newspaper clippings, 1946-1975
9. Times Herald article, Aug 15, 1940
10. Scribner's Commentator, March, 1941
11. World War II
12. 90th Birthday Invitation
13. Obituaries
14. Pledge of Allegiance
15. Ed Johnson Broadcasting award
16. Major Victor Cazalet
17. Franking stamp*
18. Wheeler For President Club, 1940
19. Campaign Materials*

Box 2
1. 1940 newsreel, National Press Club
2. 1946 campaign flyer
3. 1946 campaign endorsement flyer

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