Creator:  United States.  Army.  Chief of Engineers.

Provenance Note: Original maps held by the National Archives in Record Group 77, Drawer 189, Montana 3-1 to 3, were photocopied on request of the Montana State University Library in 1991.

Historical Note: Fort Ellis was an infantry and cavalry post near Bozeman, Montana, originally created as a military reservation in 1869.  It was expanded in 1873 and closed as an active military post in 1886.  Private citizens in Bozeman salvaged much of the remaining buildings, and the land itself was eventually deeded to Montana State College for use as an agricultural experiment station.

Content Description Note:  The drawings consist of 23 positive photocopies of surveys, plot and site plans, building elevations and floor plans of Fort Ellis and the surrounding area.


Updated: 7/25/17