Creator: Craney, Edmund B., 1905-1991

Provenance Note: Scrapbook and laid-in memorabilia pertaining to a European trip taken by Craney, Senator Burton K. Wheeler, and others were donated to Special Collections by Edmund Craney on April 25, 1989.

Historical Note: Edmund B. Craney (1905-1991) was a longtime resident of Butte and a pioneer in radio and television broadcasting in Washington and Montana. As an active broadcaster, he was honored with a Peabody award in 1947 for his coverage of a translator network enabling television signals to reach remote areas. Craney established the Greater Montana Foundation, dedicated to the betterment of broadcasting in the state and in 1979 he was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Public Service from Montana State University.

Content Description Note: In 1945, Craney accompanied Senator Burton K. Wheeler with the U.S. Senate Interstate Commerce Committee on a 32 day European communications inspection tour and kept a two volume diary/scrapbook of his experience. Included are photographs, memorabilia, and souvenirs along with detailed notes on activities and sites visited. Laid-in material has been removed to numbered folders for separate housing.


Volume 1
Photographs of Senator Wheeler touring Anzio cemetery, inspecting ruins in Anzio and Pompeii.
Photo of Senator Wheeler and General Alexander.
Notes on trip to Rome with pictures of formal dinner given by General Brown.
Photographs and notes of Senator Wheeler's audience with the Pope.
Photographs of Malta and Athens.
Photographs of the Pyramids.
Photographs of Jerusalem.
Photographs of Tripoli.
Photographs of Azores and Bermuda.
Currency samples from England, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Greece and Egypt.


Volume 2
Photograph of Interstate Commerce Commission party before boarding flight to Europe.
Restricted U.S. Army Signal Dispatch Service Traffic Diagrams: Teletype, Radio, Telephone. B.K. Wheeler
Itinerary of European trip
Letter from James Forrestal to Senator Wheeler
Edward Craney's passport and passport information
Photographs - London airport
Food rationing letter and list of foods
Photographs at Officer's mess in London
Military communications & message center photographs
Photographs of London
Photograph: Prime Minister Churchill meets Ambassador Winnant and Senators
House of Commons Proceedings: Summary of Congressional Proceedings. USA January-March, 1945 (v.1:4 pp. 395-396,408-424) Debate In The Senate: "Americas War and Foreign Policy" B.K. Wheeler
Photographs of airfield at Stratford-on-Avon
Restricted U.S. Army Signal Dispatch Service Traffic Diagrams: Teletype, Radio, Telephone Edward B. Craney
Secret map of Allied Armies in Europe and England
Senators inspect WACS (photographs)
Photographs of Paris
Photographs & postcards - Rheims
Photographs of General Eisenhower and Senators
Photographs of General Eisenhower talking with ex-POW's
Photographs of Frankfort & Heidelberg
Photographs of German prisoners & displaced persons
Map of Itinerary for Senate Interstate Commerce Commission
Description of trip to Dachau Concentration Camp, May 25, 1945
Photographs of Dachau
Photographs of Munich
Photograph of General Fredericks (once stationed in Helena, MT.)
Maps & mementos
Photographs of Berchtesgarden, Hitler's limousine, home & portrait; Goerings train, home & art museum


Box 1
1. Confidential Telecommunications - U.S. Army - Mediterranean Theater
2. Confidential Major telephone & teletype installations - Africa & Middle East
3. Secret Navigational Aid Equipment information
4. Secret Signal Corps Radio Stations information - Africa-Middle East Theater
5. Folder - Itinerary for Senate Interstate Commerce Committee; Paris, Naples, Rome, Verona
6. Folder - Souvenir Program, menu, tickets 1945. Montana Standard clipping November 10, 1970
7. Folder - Souvenir postcards & booklet of Montecassino Abbey; Leaf from trees of the Garden of Gethsemane; Booklets: Gethsemane & Holy Sepulchre
8. Folder - Restricted U.S. Forces Paris Telephone Directory
9. Folder - Confidential Synopsis of U.S. Naval Forces: Northwest African Waters
10. Folder - History of the Ninth United States Infantry
11. Folder - Rifle target taken from drying room at Dachau Concentration Camp (next to gas chamber) May 25, 1945

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