Creator: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad Company

Provenance Note: Electrical station blueprints and miscellaneous office records of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad Company were donated to Montana State University by Charles Rafferty of Ronan, Montana on April 12, 1990. Additional materials from the company, originally accessioned as collection numbers 2132 and 2160, were subsequently donated by the Museum of the Rockies. One folder of photocopied research materials donated by Warren McGee in 1978 was added to the collection on November 1, 2013. This folder was formerly assigned accession number 1233.

Historical Note: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad Company or the "Milwaukee Road" opened in Montana in August, 1908. The company felt that to be competitive it had to expand its services to the Pacific Coast. Despite the fact that it had to buy most of its right away and avoid established areas, they were able to build 2,300 miles of track in three years. Along with building track from Glenham, South Dakota to Seattle, they absorbed local railways such as the famous Jawbone of Central Montana and local lines like the Gallatin Valley's Inter-urban and Bozeman's street railway. Eventually, the steep grades and frigid weather forced the Milwaukee to turn to electric power rather than traditional steam. An abundance of hydroelectric dams and copper from Anaconda made the transition an easy choice and the conversion of the line from Harlowton to Avery, Idaho began in 1914. Increased use of automobiles, numerous bouts of bankruptcy, and the merger of the Burlington Northern, Northern Pacific and Great Northern all lead to the decline of the Milwaukee in Montana.

Content Description Note: The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company records consist of materials produced by the Montana branches of the company and its employees such as correspondence, memos, blueprints, and a scrapbook. Operations of the Montana branch stations are covered in correspondence and organizational materials. Of particular interest is a log book of livestock accident claims made against the company from 1926-1975; blueprints of various electrical stations; a photographic scrapbook of substations on the line.


Box 1
1. Bozeman Street Railway Rooke Register August 1918
2. Bozeman Street Railway Rooke Register November, 1918
3. Gallatin Valley Railway (Interurban) Bozeman to Salesville January, 1918
4. Gallatin Valley Railway Bozeman to Three Forks/Menard July, 1918
5. Certification of O. G. Buerkle as Telegrapher and Agent May, 1910
6. Bozeman Roundhouse Boiler Inspection Certificate 1941
7. Bozeman Office Correspondence 1930-39
8. Bozeman Office Correspondence 1940
9. Bozeman Office Correspondence 1941
10. Bozeman Office Correspondence 1942-45
11. Bozeman Office Correspondence 1946-49
12. Bozeman Office Correspondence 1950-54
13. Memos 1922-71
14. Memos-Electrification Abandonment 1973-80
Box 2
1. Electrical Station Blueprints-Eustis
2. Electrical Station Blueprints-Francis
3. Electrical Station-Francis; map of route 1952
4. Electrical Station Blueprints-Gold Creek
5. Electrical Station Blueprints-Janney
6. Electrical Station Blueprints-Loweth
7. Electrical Station-Loweth voltage record May, 1971
8. Electrical Station Blueprints-Morel
9. Electrical Station Blueprints-Pridmont
10. Electrical Station Blueprints-Primrose
11. Electrical Station Blueprints-Two Dot
12. Electrical Station Blueprints-Combined Substations
13. Electrical Station Blueprints-Various
14. Electrical Station Blueprints-Various (Automatic Substation Circuits)
15. Electrical Station Blueprints-Various
16. Electrical Station Blueprints-Ravenna Switchboard
17. Electrical Station Blueprints-Tarkio Switchboard
18. Photo Scrapbook of Substations
19. Records of Operation Signals (1918, 1920, 1972)
20. McGee research photocopies
Box 3
Milwaukee Road Livestock Claims 1926-1975
Memo Book 1918-1956

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