Creator: Granite-BiMetallic Consolidated Mining Company

Provenance Note: Collection 2140 was received from the Museum of the Rockies in 1985 with other business paper collections and had no individual accession number. In 1970, Marjorie Durand of Phillipsburg, Montana donated accession 886, a group of Granite Mountain Mining Co. papers which has been combined with the 2140 collection. Additional materials, arranged as folders 6-12 in Box 2, were donated by Darlene Mills of Lolo, Montana on March 16, 2015. Additional materials from the Seattle Genealogical Society were added to this collection on September  23, 2015.

Historical Note: The Granite-BiMetallic Consolidated Mining Company of Philipsburg, Montana, was formed in April 1898 by the merger of the Granite Mountain Mining Company and the Bi-Metallic Mining Company. In 1881, Charles D. McLure with several St. Louis capitalists, including Charles Clark, Augustus B. Ewing, Lewis M. Rumsey, Moses Rumsey, and Charles Taussig formed a syndicate incorporated as the Granite Mountain Mining Company. In June 1886, another property was incorporated as the Bi-Metallic Mining Company by a syndicate comprised of many of the same owners of the Granite Mountain Mining Company, with the addition of Paul A. Fusz and others. Following the 1898 merger of the two syndicates, the company had several years of profitable operation. After it went into receivership in 1903, the mines were operated primarily on the lease system. They produced sporadically through the 1920s, and in 1934 the Granite-BiMetallic Consolidated Mining Company was dissolved.

Content Description Note: The collection consists of records from the Granite Mountain Mining Company followed by records of the Granite-BiMetallic Consolidated Mining Company and some materials of T. H. Kleinschmidt, a mine investor. The papers include copy ledger books; letter and account copy files; a time book; expense bills and receipts from suppliers and shippers; survey information; records of smelting, shipping and purchases of the mined ores; leases, bids, agreements and stockholder communications and some miscellaneous post cards and pay check stubs.


Box 1
1. Butte area expense ledger pages, 1886-1896 (fragile)
2. Photocopies of Butte area expense ledger pages, 1886-1896
3. Letter file book- Granite Mountain Mining Co., December 1884 to October 1885
4. Weekly time sheet book - Granite Mountain Mining Co., September 1886
5. Expense bills from Northern Pacific Railroad Co. shipping 1888, 1890
6. Granite Mountain Mining Co. - assorted bills and receipts, 1885-1891
7. Survey detail sheets - Granite Mountain Mining Co., undated
8. Pay check copies - Granite Mountain Mining Co., 1889
9. Post card telegrams - Granite Mountain Mining Co., ca. 1880s
10. Bullion sheets - Granite Mountain Mining Co., 1887-1902
11. Assorted papers- leases, bids, agreements - Granite Mountain Mining Co., 1889-1892
12. Copy account book- Granite Bi-Metallic Cons. Mining Co., 1905-1906
Box 2
1. Purchase records - Garfield Smelter Co. from Granite Bi-Metallic Cons. Mining Co., 1908
2. Leaser and Company shipments - Granite Bi-Metallic Cons. Mining Co. 1913-1914
3. Special stockholder meeting papers - Granite Bi-Metallic Cons. Mining Co., 1917
4. Smelting records - Granite Bi-Metallic Cons. Mining Co.,1908, 1918-1919
5. Kleinschmidt mining papers, 1898-1905
6. Board minutes, 1903
7. Board minutes, 1904
8. Board minutes, 1905
9. Board minutes, 1906
10. Miscellaneous correspondence
11. Miscellaneous reports
12. Printed materials

Ovesize materials
1887 map of the Granite Mountain Mine claims and tunnels

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