Creator: United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Crow Indian Agency

Provenance Note: Bound blueline print plat maps of the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana were transferred to Special Collections by the Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University, on March 13, 1983.

Historical Note: The Dawes Act, adopted by Congress in 1887, authorized the President of the United States to survey Indian tribal land and divide the land into allotments for individual Indians. In Montana, the Crow Act of 1920 implemented provisions of the Dawes Act by authorizing the compilation of a "complete roll of the Crow Tribe" to determine the distribution of allotments. In 1923, in connection with this work, a series of township maps were created by special allotting agents John K. Rankin and Charles E. Roblin, working with draftsman L. C. Rennick. These men performed the work under the general supervision of Charles H. Asbury, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent of the Crow Reservation

Content Description Note: The Plats to accompany schedules of allotments on the Crow Indian Reservation consist of a series of blueline prints of individual townships which make up the reservation area. The bound maps are arranged by township number first (1 through 9 South) and thereafter by range number (27 through 38 East of the Principal Meridian). Specific holdings are identified by hatch marks or bold lines along the parcel boundaries with the name of the owner printed within. All Crow family names have been rendered in English.

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