Creator: Laclede Hotel


Provenance Note: The Laclede Hotel register was donated to the Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University, by Robert B. McCulloch of Bozeman, Montana on April 20, 1957. It was transferred from the Museum to Special Collections on December 18, 1984.


Historical Note: Louis Krueger was born in Germany on August 23, 1841. He came to Montana in 1866 and settled permanently in Bozeman by 1873. He bought the Metropolitan Hotel shortly afterwards and operated it as the Laclede Hotel. In 1882 the manager of the hotel was identified as Philip Skehan, although Krueger owned the building at least through 1885. By 1889 the proprietor was identified as P. P. Worsham. The hotel ceased operation sometime after 1892, and Louis Krueger died on June 12, 1919.


Content Description Note: The Laclede Hotel guest register records the name, home town, room assignment and date of registration for visitors at the hotel from June 3, 1889 to February 3, 1890. Custom printed ink blotters between each registration page bear advertisements for Bozeman and Montana businesses.

Updated: 1/31/12