Creator: Montana. Governor (1901-1908 : Toole)

Provenance Note: Patronage requests sent to the office of Governor Joseph K. Toole were donated to Special Collections by John DeHaas in 1984.

Historical Note: Joseph K. Toole came to Montana in 1869 to study law in Helena, being admitted to the bar in 1870. In 1872 and 1884 he was elected District Attorney of the Third Judicial District. Also, 1881 he was elected President of the Twelfth Legislative Assembly and later in 1884 a member of the State Constitutional Convention. Toole continued a life in politics being elected to the Forty-ninth and Fiftieth U.S. Congress. D.W. Voorhees of Indiana and Toole petitioned the United States Government to admit Montana to statehood. Toole also acted as the President pro tem of the Second Constitutional Convention. In 1890, Joseph K. Toole was elected the first governor of the State of Montana. After returning to a private law practice in 1893, Toole was reelected as governor in 1900, serving two terms. Governor J.K. Toole died in 1929.

Content Description Note: Applications, letters of recommendation, and petitions for appointment sent to the Governor of Montana for the following positions: Adjutant General of the Militia, Architect, Attorney General's Clerk, Board of Dental Examiners, Board of Education, Board of Health, Board of Horticulture, Board of Land Commissioners, Board of Medical Examiners, Board of Osteopathic Examiners, Board of Sheep Commissioners, Boiler Inspector and Assistant Boiler Inspector, Capital Building Engineer and Fireman, Clerkship, Coal Mine Inspector, Commission of Fish and Game, Ft. Ellis State Military Reservation Custodian, Governor's Colonel and Secretary, House of Representatives Committee Clerk, Judgeship of Choteau County and Silver Bow County, Legislative Clerk, Legislative Hall Engineer and Fireman, Montana Agricultural College Executive Board, Montana State Library Librarian and Board, Montana State University (Missoula) Mathematics Teacher, Ordinance Officer, Pan American Exhibition, Reform School Trustee, Soldier's Home Commander and Board of Managers, Stock Commissioner of Madison County and Meagher County, State Veterinarian, and Worlds Fair of St. Louis, 1903, Commissioner, as well as general patronage requests. Arranged in alphabetical order by position title.


Box 1
1. Adjutant General of the Militia: Maj. W.E. Deeney, Andrew Jensen, J. E. Kanause, Otto F. Schoenfeld
2. Architect: W.E. Norris
3. Attorney General's Clerk: Elsie M. Redeke
4. Board of Dental Examiners: Dr. D.J. MacDonald, Dr. George W. Pelzer, Dr. A.O. Yearian
5. Board of Education: M.J. Garrett, E.A. Steer, Hiram Tyrce
6. Board of Health: G.W. Monroe, Thomas D. Tuttle
7. Board of Horticulture: S.M. Emery-petitions for his appointment
8. Board of Horticulture: S.M. Emery-petitions against his appointment; J.D. O'Donnell, R.A. Cooley
9. Board of Land Commissioners Clerk: F.M. Mettler
10. Board of Medical Examiners: I.D. Freund, Hugo J. Loebinger, Thomas Pleasents, E.P. Townsend
11. Board of Osteopathic Examiners: S.A. Kennedy, E.C. Van Asmus, O.B. Prickett, T.J. Sheehan
12. Board of Sheep Commissioners: M.E. Knowles
13. Boiler Inspector: Frank Burns
14. Boiler Inspector: Frank Burns
15. Boiler Inspector: Frank Burns
16. Boiler Inspector: Thomas Ackerman, Charles Lindsay, H.J. Lutz
17. Boiler Inspector: James C. Mahoney
18. Boiler Inspector: Edward L. Mahoney, Daniel H. Meany, R.H. Mitchell, F.E. Moslau, J.D. O'Brien
19. Boiler Inspector: J.D. Reardon
20. Boiler Inspector: James E. Redmond, George Ross
21. Boiler Inspector: George T. Sanderson, T.A. Walsh
22. Assistant Boiler Inspector: James H. Daily
23. Assistant Boiler Inspector: James H. Daily
24. Assistant Boiler Inspector: James H. Daily
25. Assistant Boiler Inspector: James H. Daily, S.J. Puncher
26. Capital Building Engineer: Joseph L. Piersky, N.E. Stone, Will E. Norris
27. Clerkship: Albert G. Clarke, W.F. Davis, Kathryn Johnston, Sol Poznanski
28. Coal Mine Inspector: Alex Fairgrave
29. Commission of Fish and Game: Muloney, Sidney M. Logan; includes clippings "These Look After the Game" dated 5 December 1900 from The Daily Independent, and "Game Law a Dead Letter" dated 28 October 1900 from The Anaconda Standard
30. Ft. Ellis State Military Reservation Custodian: H.B. Baker, Chas Callahan, C.M. Tate, Andrew G. Harding
31. Governor's Colonel: W.E.R. McDonald, Tyler B. Thompson; and Governor's Stenographer: David W. Yancey
32. House of Representatives Committee Clerk: Anna J. McLeod
33. Judgeship-Choteau County: John W. Tattan; Silver Bow County: John Lindsey, John Stanton
34. Legislative Clerk: Agnes B. Main, Mary E. Trawley, David J. Whaley
35. Legislative Hall-Fireman: J.P. Dunseth, J. Louis Kuntz; Engineer: Sam Baldwin, J. Louis Kuntz, D.A. Thelge
36. Montana State College Executive Board: Garret L. Hogan, S.M. Emery, John Walsh
37. Montana State Library-Librarian: Laura E. Howey; Board: Ed Cardwell
38. Montana State University (Missoula) Mathematics Teacher: L.C. Walker
39. Ordnance Officer: P.J. McIntyre
40. Pan American Exhibition-Chairman of Mineral Exhibition: Samual Anderson; Chairman of Education Exhibition: B.C. Hastings
41. Reform School Trustee: E. K. Davis
42. Soldier's Home-Commander: Peter Murphy; Board of Managers: J.D. Eaton, Albert Ingraham
43. Stock Commissioner-Madison County: George W. Barnes, H.D. Daems, W.J. Ennis, Frank Metzel, Patrick McDonnell, E.M. Pollinger; Meagher County: Charles Francisco
44. State Veterinarian: W.C. Orr
45. World's Fair, St. Louis, 1903, Commissioner: D.R. Peeler
46. General Patronage Requests-Choteau County: C.W. Thrailkill; Ravalli County: J.K. Squires; Miscellaneous: Doc Cargill, N. Connelly, J.C. Emerson, Thomas Irvine, Charles Henry Williams

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