Creator: Wilson, M. L. (Milburn Lincoln), 1885-1969


Provenance Note: Personal papers created or collected by Milburn Lincoln Wilson were donated to Special Collections by Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Wilson, and their daughter, Virginia Wilson Simons. His Ford Foundation Papers, Collection 1434, and miscellaneous correspondence, Collection 2100, have been incorporated with this collection. An inventory of Wilson's Lincoln Collection appears in Box 57, Folder 51.


Historical Note: Milburn Lincoln Wilson was born in Atlantic, Iowa on 23 October 1885, the son of John Wesley and Mary E. (Magee) Wilson. He received a B.S.A. from Iowa State College, Ames, in 1907 and his M.S. in agricultural economics and rural sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1920. He began his career as a farmer in 1907. He served as Assistant State Agronomist at Montana State College, Bozeman, 1910-12; County Agent in Custer County, Montana, 1912-14; Montana State Extension Agent Leader, 1914-22; and an extension agricultural economist at Montana State College, 1922-24. Between 1924 and 1926 he took charge of the U.S.D.A. division of farm management and cost accounting. During his stint as professor and head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Montana State College, 1926-33, he provided consultation on large-scale wheat farming in the U.S.S.R., 1929. From May 16 to September 1, 1933, Wilson served as the Chief Wheat Production Secretary in the Agricultural Adjustment Administration and then moved on to the directorship of the Division of Subsistence Homesteads in the Department of the Interior until June 30, 1934. In 1934, Wilson was appointed the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture and in 1937 the Undersecretary of Agriculture until 1 February 1940 when he became the Director of Extension Work at U.S.D.A. While Director, he also filled in as the Chief of Nutrition Programs and in the Production and Marketing Administration between 1943 and 1949. He was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Farm Economic Association (president, 1925), Epsilon Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, and Alpha Zeta. He was also a Unitarian and belonged to the Cosmos club. His writings include Farm Relief and the Domestic Allotment Plan (1933) and Democracy Has Roots (1939). Married on December 17, 1913 to Ida Morse from Cromwell, Minnesota, Wilson made his home in Washington, D.C. where he died in October 1969 and is buried in Rock Creek Cemetery.


Content Description Note: The M.L. Wilson papers have been arranged in 12 series based on the general topical concentration of each series. This collection of agriculturally-related materials comprises correspondence from 1913 to 1970 to, from and by Wilson and others; biographical materials about Wilson; materials created by others; items on India and Pakistan; Wilson's home office collection; a series on various subjects; pamphlets, which includes many rare items from as far back as 1674; extension publication generated during Wilson's tenure at the Ford Foundation; publications assembled by Wilson which he considered of some interest or importance for extension workers; and various materials gathered during Wilson's tenure at the U.S.D.A. Much of the material follows Wilson's original organization thus items do not always appear in alphabetical or chronological order. Photographs have been removed from their original folders, a separation notice was placed in the folder, the folder number in this finding aid was marked with an asterisk, and each photograph placed in Series 12 unless otherwise noted. Wilson's collecting activities for his Lincoln Collection are also included in this collection.

Series 1: Correspondence, 1913-1970

Business correspondence to and from M.L. Wilson, his employees, and colleagues referring to agricultural, academic course, and war related topics, during his period at the U.S. Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, Fairway Farms Corporation, Extension Service, the Ford Foundation and post retirement. Also includes copies of correspondence to and from others given to Wilson as courtesy, and enclosures regarding speeches, schedules, programs, professional papers, notes, etc. Files are arranged chronologically. Much of the enclosure material is not obviously related to the contained correspondence, but was part of the original correspondence files. See Series 5 for other correspondence. All photographs have been removed from the correspondence and placed in numerical order in Series 12: Photographs. Each Folder from which photographs have been removed is marked by an asterisk in this finding aid.

Box 1
1. Correspondence 1913-1927
2. 1933, 1934-1935
3. 1937-1938
4. 1938
5. 1939
6.* 1939
7. 1939
8-12. 1940
13-14. 1941
15. 1942-1943
16-25. 1944
26-32. 1945
Box 2
1-4. Correspondence 1945
5-7. 1946
8-10. 1947
11-13. 1948
14-25. 1949
26-32. 1950
Box 3
1-2. Correspondence 1950
3-8. 1951
9-14. 1952
15-30. 1953
31-36. 1954
Box 4
1-6. Correspondence 1954
7-16. 1955
17. 1956
18-23. 1957
24. 1958
25. 1958-1959
26. 1960-1961
27. 1961
28-29. 1962
30. 1963
31. 1964
32. 1965
33. 1968-1970

Series 2: Biographical and Other Materials

Biographical Material contains biographical notes and articles on M.L. Wilson's life, excerpts of his work and letters reflecting on his life. Speeches includes remarks, talks, addresses in manuscript form, presented papers, drafts for speeches, and notes by Wilson. Next, this series provides articles, trip reports, unpublished materials, itineraries, and miscellaneous notes. Notes/Clippings provides notes from M.L.'s book collections and newspaper clippings on various topics, memberships, miscellaneous pamphlets, photos, and tickets. Typed Manuscripts includes parts of typed manuscripts of unknown origin. All photographs have been removed from the correspondence and placed in numerical order in Series 12. Other publications by M.L. Wilson are found in Series 7. Each folder from which photographs have been removed is marked by an asterisk.

Box 5
1-3. Biographical Material
4. Speeches, 1935, 1938
5. Speeches, 1939
6-11. Speeches, 1941
12-13. Speeches, 1942
14. Speeches, 1943
15-17. Speeches, 1944
18. Speeches, 1946, 1952-1953
19-21. Speeches, Notes and sources 1960
22. Publications, 1926, 1932, 1940
23. Publications, 1941-1945, 1946, 1948
24. Publications, 1949
25. Publications, 1956-1957
26. Revised Itinerary . . . visit to India, 1953
27-29. Notes: 1940s
30. Notes: 1955, 1959
31. Notes: 1960
32. Notes: 1968
33. Notes: unidentified fragments, some in M.L. Wilson's handwriting
34-37. Notes/Clippings
Box 6
1-4. Notes/Clippings
5-6. Typed manuscripts; may have been written by M.L. Wilson; no descriptors

Series 3: Materials by Others, 1927-1962

Radio addresses, speeches, magazine articles, statements, and releases by Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture (1933-1940). Topics covered include farm relief, past and future of the U.S.D.A., politics, the cooperative movement, National Recovery Administration, farm depression, agricultural production control, land planning, agricultural economics, national agricultural planning, Arbor Day, corn, capitalism, foreign trade, Thomas Jefferson, farmers and consumers, unified action, national forests, taxes and tariffs, social change, agricultural adjustment, religion, states' rights, weather forecasting, home markets, technology, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, dairy farming, agricultural security, conservation, peace, farm tenancy, rural resettlement, rural poverty, price/supply stabilization, farm leaders, U.S. Constitution and federal courts, information access, Southern agriculture, insects, plant disease, cotton agriculture, textile workers, Weather Bureau, morality, economic democracy, democracy, land values, roads, grass, pellagra, legislation, flood control, Ever Normal Granary, radio broadcasting, books, wheat, railroads, national farm program, government regulation, phosphate, and research. Speeches and radio talks by associates of Henry A. Wallace follow. Topics include timber, agricultural limestone, tobacco, cotton, the agricultural conservation program, extension work, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, soil conservation, farm programs, Agricultural Farm Act of 1938, and referendums. Papers by, about, and related to Henry A. Wallace are arranged according to the list found in Folder 31. Topics addressed include Wallace's ideas on agriculture, agricultural research, religion, a book review, and economics. Speeches, reports, releases, and radio broadcasts by and referring to Chester C. Davis, administrator of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (1934-36), Professor of Agricultural Economics (University of California) include items arranged in the order found on the list in Folder 39. Subjects provide information on benefit payments, farm income, grass, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, agricultural adjustment, referendums, farm politics, Supreme Court decisions, and economic development. Speeches, addresses, radio broadcasts, news articles, and papers from Wilson's "collection of speeches by others" cover agricultural marketing methods, national farm problems, 4-H, cooperative extension, cow testing associations, U.S. agricultural history, farm relief, labor unions, tariffs, fertilizers, McNary-Haugen bill, farming business, agricultural economics, Northern Great Plains, Agricultural Conservation Program, commencements, inaugurations, farm policy, land settlement, grain marketing, wheatland, grass, precipitation, Western Kansas, manufacturing, Missouri River, Basin, land adjustment, and farm production adjustment.

Box 6 (cont.)
7-10. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1933
11-14. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1934
15-22. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1935
23-29. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1936
30-37. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1937
Box 7
1-12. Henry A. Wallace Speeches 1937
13-18. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1938
19-21. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1939 (Note: includes list of speeches for 1939, 1940, 1943)
22. Henry A. Wallace, Speeches 1940, 1943
23. Speeches by Wallace Associates Brown, Harry L. The Place of Timber Farming in Modern Agriculture 1938
24. Farrington, C.C., The Use of Agricultural Limestone Under the Revised 1938 Agricultural Conservation Program
25. Hutson, J.B. Tobacco and Cotton Under the New Farm Act 1938
26-30. Tolley, H.R., The Agricultural Conservation Program and Extension Work 1936
31. Sillars, Malcolm L., Henry A. Wallace's Editorials on Agricultural Discontent, 1921-1928 (1952)
32. Wallace, Henry A., Research, The Research in the Loaf of Agriculture 1936
33. Wallace, Henry A., Hatred, Love, and Faith in a World of Force, 1953
34. Wallace, Henry A., Corn and the Midwestern Farmer, 1956
35. Review of Wallace's Paths to Plenty 27 January [1938]
36. Bradley, Linn MontClair, Social Economics Forum, 1935
37. Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln and the Executive and the Courts
38. The Democratic Farm Program
39-43. Davis, Chester C., 1934-1935
Box 8
1-3. Davis, Chester C., 1935-1936, 1955
4. Ashby, A. W., Notes on Dr. M.L. Wilson's Paper "Social Implications of Economic Progress in Present-Day Agriculture"
5. Barnes, Julius H., Address . . . to the Committee of Seventeen of Farmers' Organizations Appointed to Consider Grain Marketing Problems 1920
6. Bass, Robert P., Some Farm Problems Which Are Not Regional 5 December [?]
7. Bliss, R.K., 1953, 1959, 1962
8. Copeland, Royal S., Address . . . at the Ninth Annual Meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation 6 December [?]
9. Diamond, Jay G., Whose Business is Farming, After All? 1936
10. Dodd, William E., Shall American Farmers Become Peasants? 5 December [?]
11. Early, Stephen, Summary of a Report of the Great Plains Committee 1938
12. Elliott, F.F., Economic Implications of the Agricultural Conservation Program of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration 1936
13. Friday, David, Commencement and Inaugural Address (Michigan Agricultural College) 1922
14. Galbraith, J.K., Farm Policy: Some Proposals for Improvement 1952
15-16. Hardin, Charles M.
17. Herzer, T.O.F., Some Recent Developments in Land Settlement 1930
18. Hill, Lister, To the American Farm Bureau Federation 6 December [?]
19. Hope, Clifford R., The Voluntary Domestic Allotment Plan of Farm Relief 1932
20. Jewett, George C., and J. Ralph Pickell National Grain Marketing Debate 1922
21. Jones, Lloyd E., Stabilizing Farming by Shifting Wheatland to Grass in the Northern Great Plains ca. 1948
22. Long, Erren, Assisting Low Income Farmers 1954
23. Mongomery, George, Fall Precipitation and Wheat Yields in Western Kansas 1938
24. Pershing, John J., Address to Farm Bureau Federation 1927
25. Roterus, Victor, and Sterling March Recent Industrial Growth in the Missouri Basin States 1950
26. Simpson, John A., What is the Matter? / What is the Cause? / What is the Remedy? 15 July 1931
27. Thompson, S.H., The Importance of Agriculture 5 December [?]
28. Trimble, William J., The Agrarian History of the United States as a Subject for Research
29. Tugwell, Rexford G., Renewed Frontiers 1934
30. Welch, Frank J., Adjusting Farm Production 1954

Series 4: India and Pakistan

This series includes materials in the form of reports, letters, maps, notes, itineraries, surveys, programs, reviews, forms, charts, leaflets, calling cards, interviews, newspaper clippings, and questionnaires mainly on India and Pakistan arranged in alphabetical order by region and by subject. Produced by M.L. Wilson's office as U.S. Director of the Extension Service, subjects include Indian community development, village life, state farms and schools, land reform, agricultural economics, agricultural conditions, training, the cooperative movement, rural credit, crops, education, extension service, farm organizations, seminars, course outlines, curricula, planning, food grains, politics, health services, experiment farms, research, self-sufficiency, veterinary, electrification, sanitation, technology, geography, museums, religion, fertilization, intensive cultivation, socio-economic research, land reform, youth, and women workers.

Box 8 (cont.)
31. India Maps
32. Agasteeswaram Community
33-34. Agra
35. Ajmer 1953
36-37. Allahabad
38. Assam
39. Azerbaijan
40-44. Bengal
45-47. Bhadson Pilot Extension Project
48. Bhopel
49. Bihar (State)
Box 9
1-2. Bihar (State)
3. Bikram
4. Bombay
5. Burdwan
6-10. Community Development
11. Credit India 1954
12. Etawah 1957
13-15. Education
16. Evaluation 1955
17-25. Extension Service
26-29. Extension Training in India
30-36. Five Year Plans
37. Flag (Iran)
38. Garmsar (map)
39-42. Gram Sevika (Village Level Extension Workers)
Box 10
1. Health, Proposed Pilot Health Services Program at Gandhigram
2-6. Hyderabad
7. Jaipur
8. Mandya
9-11. Madhya Pradesh
12-15. Mysore
16. Nandi Hill Station
17-23. New Delhi
24. Nimsandia
25. Orissa (Village) (State)
26-31. Pepsu
32. Population
33-37. Punjab
Box 11
1-2. Punjab
3. Ormanjhi
4-6. Rural Development
7. Taragona
8. Universities: Mandya
9-23. Universities: Punjab
24-26. Uttar Pradesh
27-28. Village Program Planning
29. Visva Bharati
30-32. Women

Series 5: Home Office Collection, 1935-1971

Series 5 encompasses materials found in the original arrangement of the collection as M.L. Wilson Home Office Collection, 1935-1971 and is divided into 14 topical sections closely following the subdivision used in the original office collection format. Topical headings are not in alphabetical order. Teaching includes items on the teaching of agriculture topics and the history of science, with clippings related to teaching. Extension Meeting Excerpts, 1944-45 regards excerpts from extension meetings from 1944 through 1945. Letters to State Extension Directors accesses letters to state extension directors, mostly in mimeograph form and as newsletters, from 1946 to 1952, and is arranged in chronological order. Thomas Jefferson reflects Wilson's interest in Thomas Jefferson. M.L. Wilson Correspondence includes correspondence to and from Wilson. Other M.L. Wilson correspondence is found in Series 1. Cooperative Extension Service addresses program planning, World War II activities, postwar issues, and nutrition, with regards to the part played by the Cooperative Extension Service and other agencies. Cooperative Extension Work considers educational aspects, leadership training, and land grant colleges/universities, with relation to the Cooperative Extension Service. Extension Service Review includes issues of the Extension Service Review from 1950 to 1952. Retired Overseas Group contains an item on a 1957 meeting of the Retired Overseas Group. Graduate Education for Foreign Service addresses graduate seminars, correspondence courses, workshops, and the USDA graduate school. Extension to Backward Countries regards field workers, foreign trainees and visitors, government agencies and nutrition in developing countries, agricultural science, community development, communication, foreign cultures, public administration, conferences, and bibliographies. Science and Agriculture has three issues of Agricultural Science Review. History of Science concerns the history of science, tractors, culture, USDA, and scientific method., M.L. Wilson publications, encompasses writings about community development, extension, culture, nutrition, education, and notes for a speech. Also see Series 2 for Wilson publications.

Box 11 (cont.)
33-35. Teaching
Box 12
1-3. Extension Meeting Excerpts 1944-1945
4-30. Letters to State Extension Directors 1946-1951
31. Thomas Jefferson Correspondence
32. Facsimile of Jefferson Correspondence
33. M.L. Wilson Correspondence
34. Cooperative Extension Service: Program Planning 1944-1947
35-36. Cooperative Extension Service: World War II
Box 13
1. Cooperative Extension Service: World War II
2-13. Cooperative Extension Service: World Nutrition
14-26. Cooperative Extension Work: The Teaching Role 1939-1962
27-32. Extension Service Review, 1950-1952
Box 14
1. Retired Overseas Group; Sixth Meeting of Retired Overseas Group 1957
2-3. Graduate Education for Foreign Service
4-18. Extension to Backward Countries
19-21. Science and Agriculture Agricultural Science Review
22-26. History of Science
27-33. M.L. Wilson Publications 1940-1956
34-37. M.L. Wilson 1940-1956 Notes

Series 6: Subject Files

Series 6 is presented in the original order found in M.L. Wilson's arrangement of these items and in alphabetical order. It begins with bibliographies of suggested books for overseas libraries and biographies. Community Development regards UN - sponsored training and technical assistance. Cuba covers the Cuban Commission, sugar problems, revolution, and economics. Democracy includes several papers dealing with democracy, liberty, agricultural depression, leadership, pragmatism, society, and economics. A list of papers covered is in Folder 15. Election Campaigns has a single pamphlet from a 1926 Montana legislative campaign. Exploration provides three samples of a celebration announcement dedicated to explorers of the Upper Missouri River. Fragments is a catchall for stray pages separated from the main bodies of letters. Germany treats agriculture in Baden-Wurtemmberg and includes photographs. Great Britain relates a British agricultural committee meeting report. Greece includes Wilson reports on extension and training in Greece. Dag Hammarskjold provides abstracts from lectures in his honor. India contains items about extension training programs, extension principles and methods, Wilson's itinerary and trip, agricultural problems and progress, community development, adult education, social structure, notes, village life, newsletters, industrial development, seeds, fertilizers, religion, culture, newsclippings, soils, extension organization, food production, home science, urbanism, economic planning, population, office forms, land reform, family planning, and politics related to India. Iran discusses political demonstrations. Latin America includes requests for technical assistance. Pakistan concerns cooperative extension, fertilizer, village aid, and agricultural problems Pakistan. Soil Conservation provides access to items on water planning, soil chemistry, and land reclamation. Syria/Lebanon reports on M.L. Wilson's 1951 trip. Photographs have been removed to Series 12; an asterisk appears next to the file number from which photographs have been removed.

Box 14 (cont.)
38. Bibliographies
39. Biographies: Sardar Satwant Singh, Ralph Elliott
Box 15
1-3. Community Development; United Nations Secretariat: Experiments in Training for Community Development, 1957
4-6. United Nations Secretary General: Evaluation of United Nations Technical Assistance Activities in the Field of Rural Community Development
7-14. Cuba 1930, 1934-1936
15-20. Democracy (includes list of papers in this series)
21. Election Campaigns; F.S. Davis: Campaign literature for Montana State House 1926
22. Exploration: The Upper Missouri Historical Expedition (celebrations) Note: Oversize
23. Fragments (contains materials out of context)
24. Germany: A Synopsis of Food and Agriculture in Wurttemberg-Baden [1949]
25. Great Britain, 1958
26-27. Greece, 1948
28. Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Lectures, 1965
29-33*-44. India, 1951-1957
Box 16
1-25. India, 1958-1969
26-30. India: Ensminger, Douglas 1949, 1952-1956, 1963-1964, 1966
31. India: Mayer, Albert 1948
Box 17
1-3. India: Mayer, Albert 1951-1952, 1955-1956, 1958
4. Iran: Political demonstrations 1953
5. Latin America: Requests for U.S. Technical Assistance 1951
6-9. Pakistan: 1952-1958
10-12. Soil Conservation 1935
13. Syria/Lebanon 1951

Series 7: Pamphlets

Series 7 is arranged in alphabetical order by author. "Pamphlets" is the original designation of this part of Wilson's collection. It contains magazine clippings, papers, journals, books, newsletters, annual reports, maps, and pamphlets about Cuzco, agriculture, botany, agricultural history, archeology, professional meetings, world geography and history, land grant colleges, wheat, Rome, agricultural policy, Lord Nelson, soil conservation, legislation, Thomas Jefferson, government, Salt Lake region, Near East, civilization, New Mexico, British agriculture, democracy, Japanese history, Illinois agriculture, global exploration, songs, agricultural adjustment, Chautauqua, plants, erosion, remembrances (memoirs), U.S. patent system, Virginia history, farm programs, Nebraska water-bearing formations, Roman writers, farmer organization, the Bible, Thomas Jefferson, food habits, plows, working classes, British agriculture, German history, economics, Canadian Hutterites, American settlement and government, grain, sweet corn, absenteeism, Judaism, rural life, prehistoric humans, Chaco Canyon, employment, copper, Isle Royale, Yorktown battle, philosophy, geology, land tenure, maize, American presidents, anniversaries, Jamestown (VA), Bavarian agriculture, Native American agriculture and crafts, land, human intelligence, bread, French history, UNESCO, presidential inaugural ceremonies, Chinese temples, education, apples, Japanese farming, Greek and Roman farming, anthropology, religion, agricultural statistics, fruit trees, collectivization, settlement, literature, archaeology, diversification, fairs, livestock, paleontology, Custer Battlefield, physical geography, potatoes, evolution, horses, science, machinery, national defense, Mount Vernon, Europe, Napoleon, opinion polls, public policy, technical assistance programs, historic landmarks, social justice, Philadelphia Society, buildings, cheese, Great Plains, airplane manufacture, Lavosier, Egypt, Suez Canal, Roman forum, Admiral Dewey, Roman camps, French agriculture, cooperative extension, Chinese history, Vermont history, Roman baths, Native American language, Italian history, Montana gold camps, public lands, flax, hemp, agricultural imports, rural leadership, home economics, Greek history, sociology, English language, Montana agriculture, community development, dryland farming, human culture, Native American beadwork, and irrigation. Note that some of these items were authored by M.L. Wilson. Other Wilson publications are found in Series 2. Photographs have been removed to Series 12; an asterisk appears next to the file number from which photographs have been removed.

Box 17 (cont.)
14. Adams, Harriet Chalmers, Cuzco, America's Ancient Mecca 1908
15. Aaronson, Aaron, Agricultural and Botanical Explorations in Palestine 1910
16. Agricultural History Society, [Tables of Contents], Vol. 1 (1927) Vol. 39 (1965)
17. Albright, William Foxwell, The Rediscovery of Civilizations: Digging for Buried History
18. Allen, William Francis, Agriculture in the Middle Ages
19. American Economic Association, Can We Avoid a Post Armament Depression? 1941
20. American Economic Association, Joint Program 29-31 December 1930
21. The American Museum Journal, November 1918
22. The American Naturalist, March 1882
23. Andrews, Benj. F., The Land Grant of 1862 and the Land-Grant Colleges 1918
24. Andrews, C.C., The Condition and Needs of Spring Wheat Culture in the Northwest 1882
25. Ashby, Thomas, Rome 1929
26. Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, Postwar Agricultural Policy 1944
27. Aston, Sir George, Nelson 1927
28. Baker, Ray Stannard, The Automobile in Common Use 1899
29. Barlow, J.H., The Art and Method of Hatching and Rearing All Kinds of Domestic Poultry and Game Birds by Steam 1827, [fragile]
30. Bennett, H.H., The Land and the People 1939
31. Bernhardt, Joshua, Sugar Act of 1937
32. Betts, Edwin M., The Correspondence Between Constantine Samuel Rafinesque and Thomas Jefferson 1944
33. Bevan, Edwyn, The World of Greece and Rome 1927
34. Birbeck, Morris, Letters from Illinois 1818, [fragile]
Box 18
1. Black, John D., Federal-State-Local Relations in Agriculture 1950
2. Boutwell, John M., The Salt Lake Region 1933
3. Bradford, Leland P., and John R.P. French, eds. The Dynamics of the Group Discussion 1948
4. Braidwood, Robert J., The Near East and the Foundations of Civilization 1952
5. Bratton, Sam G., New Mexico 1930
6. British Information Services, Agriculture in Britain: A General Survey of Policy, Production and Organization 1951
7. British Information Services, Landmarks in Democracy: Developments in British Political History 1945
8. The British Yeoman and Rural Gazette 1832, [fragile]
9. Bryan, J. Ingram, A History of Japan 1928
10. Buck, Solon J., Agricultural Organization in Illinois, 1870-1880 (1910)
11. Burg, Amos, On Mackenzie's Trail to the Polar Sea 1931
12. Byrd, Richard Evelyn, The Conquest of Antarctica by Air 1930
13. C.C. Birchard & Co., No. 2: Twice 55 Community Songs 1917
14. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Forty-Fourth Annual Report, 1949
15. Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Agriculture Prices and Production under the Adjustment Administration
16. The Charm of Lisbon: A Short Guide for Those Who Do Not Know Her
17. The Chautauqua, December 1906
18. Clark, W.E. Le Gros, History of the Primates 1950
19. Clements, Frederic E., Plant Succession and Human Problems 1935
20. Cobbett, William, A Year's Residence in the United States 1828, [fragile]
21. Coe, Conway P., An Outline of the Statement of Conway P. Coe, Commissioner of Patents 1939
22. Cohen, Elliot E., Citizen's Victory: Defeat of the "Common Man": The American People and Its Opinion-Molders [1948]
Box 19
1. Cointereau, A.M., Nouveau Traite
2. Colonial Williamsburg, Inc., The Capitol in Which the General Assembly of the Colony and Commonwealth of Virginia met from 1704 to 1779 (1936)
3. Colonial Williamsburg, Inc., A Handbook for the Exhibition Buildings of Colonial Williamsburg, Incorporated 1937
4. Committee for Economic Development, Toward a Realistic Farm Program 1957
5. Condra, G.E. and E.C. Reed, Water-Bearing Formations of Nebraska 1936
6. Conway, R.S., Great Writers of Rome 1930
7. Cook, O.F., Wild Wheat in Palestine 1913
8. Coulter, John Lee, Industrial History of the Red River of the North
9. Coulter, John Lee, Organization Among the Farmers of the United States 1909
10. Coulton, G.G., The Bible and the Reformation 1938
11. Crane, John, Thomas Jefferson 1948
12. Cussler, Margaret and Mary L. de Give, 'Twixt the Cup and the Lip: Psychological and Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting Food Habits 1952
13.* Danish Wheel Plows, ca. 1959
14. Darrow, Wayne, Washington Farmletter 25 August 1962
15. Dawson, W.H., A History of Germany 1928
16. Detrosier, R., On the Necessity of an Extension of Moral and Political Instruction Among the Working Classes 1831, [fragile]
17. Duckham, A.N., An Appraisal of Britain; 15 Centuries of British Agriculture 1948
18. [Early Economic Textbook]
19. Eaton, Joseph W., Canada's Scapegoats [1949]
20. Edwards, Everett E., Jefferson and Agriculture 1943
21. The Eight Hour Day for Railway Train Service Employees
22. Ellsworth, W.H., The Improvements in Agriculture 1843
23. Ellyson, J. Taylor (Mrs.), The First Permanent English Settlement in America and The First Legislative Assembly in America
24. Ely, Richard Theodor, (portrait removed from frame and placed with photographs)
25. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Agriculture 1875
Box 20
1. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Agriculture . . . Insects 1878
2. Equity Cooperative Exchange, Grain Growers Text Book 1916
3. Erwin, A.T., Sweet Corn Not an Important Indian Food Plant in the Pre-Columbian Period 1947
4. An Essay Showing the Erroneousness of the Prevalent Opinions with Respect to the Injurious Effects of Absenteeism 1826, [fragile]
5. Essex Agricultural Society Reports of Committees . . . 1829, [fragile]
6. Fackenheim, Emil L., Can We Believe in Judaism Religiously?
7. Fallaize, E.H., The Origins of Civilization 1928
8. Farming Life in New England 1853
9. Field, Henry, Prehistoric Man: Hall of the Stone Age of the Old World 1937
10. Fisher, Reginald G., Some Geographic Factors that Influenced the Ancient Populations of the Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 1934
11. Fisher, Reginald G., A Statement of the Relation of Physiography to Culture in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
12. Fortune, How Can America Put Its Unemployed Back to Work? 1939
13. Fox, George R., The Ancient Copper Workings on Isle Royale 1911
14. Fusonie, Alan M., Heritage of American Agriculture: A Bibliography of Pre-1860 Imprints 1975
15. de Gallatin, Gaspard, Journal of the Siege of Yorktown, 1791 [1931]
16. Gibran, Kahlil, The Prophet 1945
17. Glazer, Nathan, "The American Soldier" as Science
18. Glock, Charles Y., Case Studies in Bringing Behavioral Science into Use 1961
19. Great Britain, The Representative's Answer (1722), Three Speeches (1718)
20. Gregory, Herbert E., Colorado Plateau Region 1933
21. Hale, Philip H., Hale's History of Agriculture by Dates 1915
22. Handlin, Oscar, Group Life Within the American Pattern
23. Harris, Marshall Dees, The Genesis of the Land Tenure System of the United States 1945
24. Harshberger, John H., Maize: A Botanical and Economic Study 1893
Box 21
1. Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard Alumni Bulletin (Tercentenary) 1936
2. Harvey, W.H., Coin's Financial School 1894
3. Harvey, William Henry, Coin's Financial School 1895
4. Haskin, Frederic J., Presidents and their Wives 1935
5. Hatch, Charles E., Jr., Jamestown, Virginia: The Town Site and Its Story 1952
6. Hatch, Charles E., Jr., Yorktown and the Siege of 1781 (1952)
7. Hatch, Charles E., Jr., Yorktown: Climax of the Revolution 1941
8. Haushofer, Heinz, The Historical Development in Agriculture
9. Haushofer, Heinz, The Main Data of the Bavarian Agric. History ca. 1950
10. Hibbard, Benjamin Horace, Indian Agriculture in Southern Wisconsin 1905
11. Higgins, James, The Second Report of James Higgins, M.D., State Agricultural Chemist, the House of Delegates of Maryland 1852
12. Hill, Geo. W., Walter Slocum and Ruth O. Hill, Man-Land Adjustment 1938
13. Hills, J.L., Five and Fifty Years, 1888-1942 1944
14. Holden, P.G., Corn Breeding at the University of Illinois, 1895-1900 (1948)
15. Hook, Sidney, Intelligence and Evil in Human History
16. House of Commons, Report from the Committee of the House of Commons on Laws relating to the Manufacture, Sale, and Assize of Bread 1815
17. Hubbard, G.E., The Temples of the Western Hills Visited from Peking 1923
18. Huddleston, Sisley, A History of France 1929
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20-21. The Humanist, 1950-1951
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Series 8: Extension Publications (Ford Foundation)

This series was originally called "Ford Foundation." Since the focus of this collection was actually extension related items, the series is now called "Extension Publications (Ford Foundation)." Materials appear as reports, magazines, newsletters, booklets, programs, fact sheets, case studies, questionnaires, mimeos, maps, manuals, syllabi, leaflets, newspaper clippings, and speeches. There is a sizable section concerning topics on India and the United States. Folders are arranged in alphabetical order according to country. Topics covered include community development, Christian missions, U.N. conferences, non-American cultures, economics, education, country studies, religion, agricultural extension, leadership training, agricultural development, agricultural congresses, Danish agriculture, geography, technology, national defense, French maps, demography, public health, German agriculture, agricultural surveys, British colonies, archeology, Greek government, foreign aid, Food and Agriculture Organization, marginal land, Greek public administration, tropical agriculture, forestry, creative arts, pilot projects, sociology, social education, U.S. cooperatives, rural credit, Indian history and culture, castor, coorka, potato, tapioca, seed treatment, dryland farming, irrigation, grain smut, jowar, rice, wheat, organization, groundnuts, cotton, fertilizer, insects, plant diseases, crop storage, recipes, self-sufficiency, five year plans, agricultural surpluses, Ford Foundation, sugar cane, catalogs, cattle, youth, public opinion, child welfare, fisheries, watersheds, artificial insemination, pottery, agricultural implements, agricultural cooperatives, soil conservation, celebrations, family planning, U.S. agricultural institutions, Ford Foundation, technical cooperation, schools, ethnobotany, international relations, public administration, home economics, Farm Bureau, national security, World Wars I and II, Works Project Administration, group discussion, nutrition, Point Four, plow, and U.S.D.A.

Box 27 (cont.)
18. Africa: United Nations Economic and Social Council, Community Development, 1960
19. Asia: Anderson, Walfred A., The New Era and Christian Missions
20-27. Asia [Magazine] scattered issues, 1938-1940
Box 28
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5. Asia: Miller, Raymond W., Our Economic Policy in Asia, 1951
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10. Burma: The World Fellowship of Buddhists the Light of the Dhamma
11. Canada: Canada's Agricultural Extension Services
12. Canada: Nelson, Lowry, The Mormon Settlements in Alberta
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14. Ceylon: Three Months Practical Training Course for Government Officers Working in Rural Areas
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20. Denmark: Foreign Operations Administration, Denmark
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23. Europe: European Productivity Agency, Agricultural Advisory Services in Europe and North America, 1957
Box 29
1. Europe: European Productivity Agency, Agricultural Advisory Services in Europe and North America, 1961
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10. Far East: Balfour, Marshall C., Public Health and Demography in the Far East, 1950
11. Germany: Doering, William F., A Synopsis of Food and Agriculture in Wuerttemberg-Baden [includes mounted photographs], 1949
12. Germany: Stookey, John L., Report of American Youth Specialist, 1951-1952
13. Great Britain: Community Development Study Conference, Community Development: A Handbook, 1958
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15. Great Britain: Lynn, C. W., Agricultural Extension and Advisory Work with Special Reference to the Colonies, 1949
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17. Great Britain: The Place of Agriculture in Education, 1949
18. Great Britain: Read, Margaret, Studies in Education 2. Education and Cultural Tradition, 1950
19. Great Britain: United Kingdom Information Office, Britain Speeds the Plow 1949
20. Greece: Bacon, F. H., American Explorers in Assos, 1886
Box 30
1. Greece: A Condensed Story of Civil Government, 1948-1953 [1950s]
2. Greece: Department of State Fourth Report to Congress on Assistance to Greece and Turkey for the Period Ended June 30, 1948
3. Greece: Department of State Seventh Report on Assistance to Greece and Turkey for the Period Ended March 31, 1949
4. Greece: Division of Agricultural Extension and Education Ministry of Agriculture More Production Through Agricultural Extension in Greece, 1953
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7. Greece: Holt, O. C. Report on Practical Agricultural Schools of Greece, 1956-1957
8. Greece: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, Agricultural Rehabilitation Division Ripe for Improvement: A Study of Marginal Land Farming in Greece, 1946
9. Greece: U. S. Bureau of the Budget, Division of Administrative Management Public Administration in Greece: Background Material Prepared for the American Mission, 1947
10. Greece: U. S. Department of State the United Nations and the Problem of Greece, 1947
11. Guatemala: International Cooperation Administration Guatemala 1955
12. Guatemala: Paddock, William C. and Oudh B. Tandon Iowa State College--Guatemala Tropical Research Center: Report Covering the Period from January 1, 1953 to July 1, 1954 [1954]
13. Haiti: Foreign Operations Administration Haiti, 1955
14. Honduras: International Cooperation Administration Honduras, 1955
15. Honduras: Servicio Tecnico Interamericano de Cooperacion Agricola Segunda Convencion Anual de Agentes de Extension Agricola, 1953
16. Honduras: Vogel, Frederick H. Forestry in Honduras, 1952
17-23. India: [In Hindi]
Box 31
1. India: Academy of Fine Arts, Academy Annual, 1952
2. India: Adult Leadership, Community Development and Social Education in India, 1960
3. India: The Agricultural Production Team, Report on India's Food Crisis & Steps to Meet It, 1959
4-6. India: All India Co-operative Union, 1958
7. India: Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Extension Evaluation, [1957]
8. India: Alley, S. H., Banaras: The Hidden Places of the Holy City (Kashi), 1952
9. India: American Institute of Pacific Relations, Far Eastern Survey, 1951
10. India: Anjaria, J. J., Problems of Economic Development, 1959
11. India: Bedekar, S. K., 1937
12. India: Bureau of Agricultural Information, Uttar Pradesh, Memorandum for the All-India Agricultural Information Conference, 1952
13. India: The Carroll Service Council, Inc., The Carroll Service Council, Inc. and the Amar Singh Project, ca. 1950s
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16. India: Chitamber, J. B., Report of the Extension Project: July 1, 1954 to April 30, 1955, (1955)
17. India: Chatterji, U. N., Towards Improved Agriculture
18. India Committee on Agricultural Education, Report of the Committee on Agricultural Education, 1957
19-21. India: Committee on Plan Projects, Report of the Team for the Study of Community Projects and National Extension Service
Box 32
1. India: Committee on Plan Projects, Report of the Team for the Study of Community Projects and National Extension Service
2. India: Community Projects Administration, Manual on Social Education, 1955
3. India: Community Projects Administration, Syllabus for Training Course for Block Development Officers, 1954
4. India: Cooperative League of the USA, A Special Report on Cooperatives in the United States Prepared for Pandit Nehru Prime Minister of India on the Occasion of his visit to the United States, 1956
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6-9. India: The Delhi School of Economics, The Delhi Training and Orientation Centre for Foreign Technicians in India, 1957
10-12. India: Department of Agriculture, Bhadson Pilot Extension Project, 1952
13. India: Department of Agriculture, Castor HC-1 Variety, 1950
14. India: Department of Agriculture, Compost, 1950
15. India: Department of Agriculture, Coorka (Coleus parviflora), 1951
16. India: Department of Agriculture, Crop Competition Scheme, 1951
17. India: Department of Agriculture, The Cultivation of Potato, 1951
18. India: Department of Agriculture, The Cultivation of Tapioca, 1951
19. India: Department of Agriculture, The Deccan Wingless Grasshopper, 1950
20. India: Department of Agriculture, Disinfect Your Seed, 1951
21. India: Department of Agriculture, Dry Farming in Hyderabad State, 1951
22. India: Department of Agriculture, Extension of Well Irrigation, 1950
23. India: Department of Agriculture, Grain Smut of Jowar and Its Control, 1950
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25. India: Department of Agriculture, Improved Strains of Rice, 1949
26. India: Department of Agriculture, Improved Strains of Wheat, 1951
27. India: Department of Agriculture, Instructions on the Organization of Extension Work, 1952
28. India: Department of Agriculture, Inter-Cropping of Groundnut with Cotton, 1950
29. India: Department of Agriculture, Kitchen Garden, 1950 [1951]
30. India: Department of Agriculture, Measures for Increasing Cotton Production in the State of Hyderabad in 1950-1951
31. India: Department of Agriculture, Paddy Fertilizer Mixture, 1951
32. India: Department of Agriculture, Paddy Hispa, 1950
33. India: Department of Agriculture, Practical Results Achieved in the Scheme for Research on the Pests and Diseases of the Groundnut in the Madras Province, 1950
34. India: Department of Agriculture, Practical Results Achieved in the Scheme for Research on the Storage of Groundnuts in the Madras Province, 1950
35. India Department of Agriculture, Tapioca Recipes, 1951
36. India: Department of Agriculture, Towards Self-Sufficiency in Hyderabad, 1950-1951 to 1951-1952
37. India: Department of Public Instruction, Seminar of Headmasters of Primary and High Schools, 1956
38. India: Department of State India, A Pattern for Democracy in Asia, July 1953
39. India: Development Department, Government of West Bengal Training Manual for Village Level Workers, 1955
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41. India: Director of Information and Publicity, Community Development in Madras State: A Symposium, 1958
42. India: Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity, Five Year Plan, 1951-1955: Progress and Achievements
43. India: Directorate of Extension and Training, FAO Agricultural Extension Study Team, 1957
44. India: Directorate of Information, Where Pepsu Leads
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Box 33
1. India: Elmhirst, L. K. and Sudhir Sen, Collected Notes on Agricultural Problems in Bengal, 1945
2. India: Ensminger, Douglas, Complacency--The Greatest Danger, 1955
3-6. India: Extension, scattered 1956-1958
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17. India: Government of India Planning Commission, Report of the Indian Delegation to China on Agrarian Co-operatives, 1957
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19. India: Hindustani Talimi Sangh, The Idea of the Rural University, 1954
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21. India: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Gram Sevak Trainees, 1953
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30. India: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Farm Facts for Farm People
31. India: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Flannelgraph: How to Use It in Development and Training Work, November 1952
Box 34
1. India: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Proceedings of the Agricultural Extension Conference Held at Bhopal on April 27-29, 1953
2. India: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Report of the Joint Indo American Team on Agricultural Research and Education, 1955
3. India: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, A Survey of Agricultural Information Requirements and Resources in India, November 17-19, 1952
4. India: Indian Council of Youth, Constitution
5. India: Indian Council of Youth, Socio-Economic Survey of Theog
6-25. India: The Indian Institute of Public Opinion, Monthly Public Opinion Surveys of the Indian Institute of Public Opinion scattered, 1960-1963
Box 35
1-3. India: The Indian Institute of Public Opinion, Monthly Public Opinion Surveys of the Indian Institute of Public Opinion scattered, 1965
4. India: The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, September 1951
5. India: The Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Bhadkad, Social and Economic Survey of a Village: A Comparative Study (1915 and 1955) [1955]
6. India: The Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Retrospect, 1957
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14. India: Kardel, Hans E., Observations on My First 16 Months' Assignment in India 1953
15. India: Kaura, R. L., Department of Animal Husbandry & Fisheries at Your Service
16. India: Khan, Mohammad Qadiruddin, A Contribution to a Further Knowledge of the Structure and Biology of the Weevils Sitophilus oryzae (Linn.) and S. Granarius (Linn.) with Special Reference to the Effects of Temperature and Humidity on the Rate of Their Development, 1951
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23-34. India: Kurukshetra, 1953-1954
Box 36
1-28. India: Kurukshetra, 1954-1961
Box 37
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19. U.S.: University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research
20. U.S.: Human Relations Program of the Survey Research Center, September 1950
21. U.S.: Veterans Education Council, Final Report on the Second National Conference on Veterans Education January 14-17, 1947
22. U.S.: Wallace, Henry A., Equality of Bargaining Power and the General Welfare March 28, 1961
23. U.S.: Wallace, Henry A., Hatred, Love, and Faith in a World of Force March 29, 1953
24. U.S.: Wallace, Henry A., Paper presented to the Taylor-Hibbard Club March 28, 1961
25. U.S.: Wayland, Sloan R., Social Patterns of Farming 1951
26. U.S.: Wickard, Claude R., The Job of Northeastern Agriculture in National Defense September 24, 1941
27. U.S.: Wickard, Claude R., Let's Keep Parity August 12, 1941
28. U.S.: Wilkening, Eugene A., Informal Leaders and Innovators in Farm Practices September 1952
29. U.S.: Willerman, Ben, Group Decision and Request as Means of Changing Food Habits [1948]
30. Yugoslavia: Hartman, L., Report on Agricultural Extension Services in Yugoslavia with Particular Reference to the Training of Personnel and Co-ordination of Activities 1957
31. Yugoslavia: Williamson, Howard H., Final Report: Agricultural Extension System for Yugoslavia December 1956

Series 9: Publications for Extension Workers

This series regards publications arranged by M.L. Wilson which he considered of some value to extension workers for reference. Items appear as papers, reports, journals, articles, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, booklets, seminars, bibliographies, syllabi, memos, interviews, and bulletins. Photographs have been removed to Series 12 and folders have been marked with an asterisk in this finding aid to signify this fact. Series 9 is arranged in two sections according to subject and by country. Topics covered include marketing, federal-state relations, agricultural policy, opinion, anthropology, cultures, atomic energy, community development, extension education, foreign aid, training, agricultural research, county agents, democracy, nutrition programs, extension work, personnel administration, extension organization, college extension, self-improvement, citizenship, state agricultural extension, Farm Bureau, farm management, extension programs, food, nutrition, pricing, surpluses, credit, 4H programs, international extension, land grant colleges, rural development, technical assistance, and materials concerning various countries. The files have been arranged by subject.

Box 47 (cont.)
32. Agricultural Marketing: Michigan State University, ICA, FAO, and USDA Special Program in Agricultural Marketing, 1956 Suggestions for Future Programs in Agricultural Marketing (1957)
33. Agricultural -- Government: Eisenhower, M. S., Institutional Attitudes in Federal-State Relations, 1941
34. Agricultural -- Government: Statement of Representatives of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities Before the Subcommittee on Long-Range Agricultural Policy of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, 1947
35. Agricultural -- Government: Timmons, Bascom M., As I See It in Washington, 1936
36. Agricultural -- Government: The Vital Farm Issue, ca. 1936
37. Agricultural Production: Heisig, Carl P., What is Balanced Farming?, 1949
38. Anthropology: Mead, Margaret, Proposed Framework for Section on 'Psychological and Cultural Factors Basic in Building Fundamental Education Programs,' 1957
39. Anthropology: A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary National Cultures, 1949
40. Anthropology: The Society for Applied Anthropology Applied Anthropology: Problems of Human Organization, Fall 1948
41. Atomic Energy Foster, William C. Comments on Potentials in Atomic Energy, January 1955
Box 48
1. Community Development: Agency for International Development, Community Development: An Introduction to CD for Village Workers
2. Community Development: Biddle, William W., People Grow in Communities, Fall 1956
3. Community Development: Misc. 1957 . . .
4-13. Community Development: Community Development Bulletin, December 1951-December 1956
14. Community Development: Dickson, A. G., Reflections on reading the United Nations Study-Kit
15-16. Community Development: Excerpts from Seminar Documents, Community Development Seminar, Washington, D.C., June 21-22, 1955
17-18. Community Development: Foreign Operations Administration, Community Development Seminar, 1955
19. Community Development: Lewis, A. B. Local Self-Government: The Key to National Economic Advancement and Political Stability, March 15, 1956
20-22. Community Development: Mass Education Bulletin, September 1950-March 1951
23. Community Development: Miniclier, Louis, Community Development: A Focal Point for U.S. Technical Assistance, 1961
24-25. Community Development: Neal, Ernest E., The Community Development Approach to Economic Development and Democratic Government in Underdeveloped Countries, 1957
26. Community Development: The Research Center in Economic Development and Cultural Change, University of Chicago, Seminar on Community Development in Foreign Areas, December 27-29, 1954
27. Community Development: Sanders, Irwin T., Theories of Community Development, [1958]
28. Community Development: Taylor, Carl C., Community Development in Economically Underdeveloped Areas, 1953
29. Community Development: Understanding Local Customs and Culture, February 1957
30-31. Community Development: United Nations, Technical Assistance Administration, Public Administration Problems Involved in Community Development Programmes, May 1958
32-33. Community Development: United Nations Secretariat, Experiments in Training for Community Development, 1957
34. Cooperatives: Cooperative Living, Spring 1949
35. Cooperatives: National Council of Farm Cooperatives, Co-ops Can Help Solve Farm Problems Davis Declares
36-37. County Agents: County Agents
38. County Agents: A.A.A., U.S.D.A., Program Planning Division, The County and Home Agent's Part in Group Discussion
39. Culture Shock: Oberg, Kalervo, Culture Shock and the Problem of Adjustment to New Cultural Environments
40. Democracy: Eisenhower, Milton S., Wanted: A Program for Freedom, 1946
41. Democracy: The Faculty of Teachers College, Columbia University, Democracy and Education in the Current Crisis, August 1940
42. Democracy: Federal Security Agency, Democracy Means All of Us: How Communities Can Organize to Study and Meet Community Needs with Special Suggestions for Developing Nutrition Programs in Wartime, 1942
43. Democracy: The Forum of Free Enterprise, Forum of Free Enterprise Code of Conduct
44. Democracy: Rauschenbush, Stephen, To Make a Free World, ca. 1955
45. Economic Development: ICA Seminar on Economic Development (Outline)
46. Economic Development: A Query: Why was Agricultural Economics So Limited in Usefulness in Solving the Problems of the Interwar Period? 1945
47. Education: Beatty, Willard W., Half the World Can't Read: The need for Fundamental Education on a world-wide basis, and some of the key problems involved, June 1956
48. Education: Clark, Roberta, Training in Agricultural Information, February 1957
49. Ethnic Groups: Institute of Ethnic Affairs, Inc. News Letter, November-December 1948
50. Evaluation: IMS Program Planning and Development Staff Progress of Evaluation Techniques Determining and Improving Effectiveness of USIS Film Output, July 22, 1952
51-54. Extension Abroad
Box 49
1. Extension Abroad
2. Extension Abroad: Cornell University Graduate Division of Extension Education Progress Report No. I, Special Project for Training Trainers in the Process of Extension Education Oriented to Countries Abroad, 1956
3. Extension Abroad: Clark, Roberta, Training in Agricultural Information, 1957
4. Extension Abroad: Some Problems of Those Interested in Foreign Service Education, 1956
5. Extension Abroad: Mandell, Milton M., Selecting Americans for Overseas Employment, ca. 1950s
6. Extension Abroad: Conference on Extension Experiences Around the World, May 16-20, 1949
7-15. Extension Abroad
16-25. Extension Education
26-41. Extension Service: What it is
Box 50
1. Extension Workers: Annual Report: Division of Field Studies and Training, July 1, 1946-June 30, 1947
2. Extension Workers: Working Conditions of Extension Workers, 1946
3. Extension Workers: Report of the Committee on Retirement, Epsilon Sigma Phi History of Development of Retirement Plans for Extension Workers, 1944
4-5. Farm Bureau
6-8. Farm Management: Survey of U.S. farm and home management practices, ca. 1955
9-10. Farm Program: 1949
11. Food: Nutrition War Food Administration, 1944, 1945
12. Food: Pricing Anderson, Clinton P. Price Relationships, 1946
13-14. Food: Production
15-17. Food: Surpluses
18. Foreign Policy
19. Foreign Policy: Rostow, W.W. A Proposal for a New Economic Foreign Policy, 1957
20. Foreign Visitors to American Colleges, 1957
21*-22. 4-H Programs
23. Higher Education
24. Homemaking
25-26. Homemaking: Billings, Beatrice, Study of Home Demonstration Organization in the Rural Towns of Six Massachusetts Counties
27. Homemaking: Clark, Ruth Russell, Effectiveness of "With the Connecticut Homemaker," ca. 1947
28-30. International Extension
31-34. Land Grant Colleges
35. Language: Smith, Henry Leem Language and Culture, 1951
Box 51
1. Leadership: Bureau of Naval Personnel Training, Manual for Practical Development of Leadership Qualities, 1944
2. Loans: 1957
3. Missions: 1950s
4. Nutrition: Practical Nutrition
5-6. Peace
7. Recreation: Senate Report No. 1648, 1946
8-11. Roosevelt Administration
12-21. Rural Development
22. Rural Youth
23. Social Welfare in Rural Communities
24. Sociology and Economics: Andrews, Stanley, National Workshop [sic] for World Social and Economic Development
25. Soil Conservation Service: Campbell, Phil, Relationships of the Soil Conservation Service with Other Federal, State, and Local Agencies, 1940
26. Secondary Education: The consolidated Report of Groups V, VI, VII and VIII
27-32. Technical Assistance
33. United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization 1953
34. United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization
35. USDA Agency Coordination and Relations Committee
36. U.S. International Cooperation Administration
37-40. University Contract Program
41-42. Veterans
Box 52
1. Voluntary Services: International Voluntary Services, Inc., Statement of Present Status
(Files Arranged by Country)
2. Afghanistan: Plan for the Development of Villages
3. America
4. Africa
5. Bolivia
6. Bolivia: Sanders, J. T., A Statement on a Proposed Resettlement Project in Bolivia, 1955
7. Brazil: The Marginal Peasant in Rural Brazil, 1956
8. Britain: Foxworthy, F.W., Observations about Extension Work in British Malaya, 1944
9. Bulgaria: Extension in Bulgaria, 1944
10. China: Tsou, P.W., Agricultural Extension in China, 1944
11. Costa Rica, 1944
12. Costa Rica
13. Czechoslovakia
14. Denmark: The Danish Agricultural Trainee Program in the United States, ca. 1949
15. Dominican Republic: Plan and Program for Development of the Artibonite Valley
16. Egypt: Some Aspects of Agricultural and Rural Life Developments in Egypt, 1955
17. Egypt: Johnson, V. Webster, Land Reform and Related Programs in Egypt, 1956
18. Egypt: Ministry of Agriculture, Tractors vs. Animal Power in Minia Province, 1956
19. Ethiopia
20-22. France
23-27. Germany - Western
28-29. Greece
30. Indonesia
31-39. Iran
40. Iraq
41. Jamaica
Box 53
1-2. Japan
3. Jordan
4-6. Latin America
7. Lebanon: Anderson, W.A., Rural Missions in Syria and Lebanon
8. Malaya: Report of the discussions . . . held by the Malayan Group on the development of the urban community of Kota Bahru, capital of the State of Kelantan
9-10. Near & Middle East
11-13. The Netherlands
14. Nigeria
15. Pakistan: Kenyon, Thomas R., Pakistan: A Land in Search of Nationality
16. Paraguay: Interdepartmental Advisory Council on Technical Cooperation Country Study on Paraguay, 1951
17. Peru
18. Peru: Holmberg, Allan R., Progress Report, Cornell Peru Project
19. Philippines
20. Poland
21. Portugal
22. Siam
23-27. Thailand
28-29. Turkey
30-31. Uganda: Roberts, Lydia J., Report on Home Economics Education and Related Programs in the British Protectorate of Uganda, 1956
32. Uruguay
33. Zanzibar: Bedekar, Shreepad K., Letter to a Friend Who is Going to Africa as an Extension Worker, 1952

Series 10: USDA, 1934-1953

Series 10 includes materials gathered and arranged by M.L. Wilson during his tenure at the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1934 to 1953. Materials are in the form of journals, magazines, articles, papers, pamphlets, syllabi, and notes. They are arranged by subject and in some cases authors, following Wilson's original arrangement. Therefore, some items may appear out of alphabetical order. Topics include anthropology, philosophy, Native Americans, culture, environment, zoning, extension service, food habits, extension meetings, agriculture and society, world government, and discussion. Photographs have been removed to Series 12 and folder numbers are marked with an asterisk to indicate this fact.

Box 53 (cont.)
34.* Anthropology/Philosophy: Aboriginal Cultures of the Western Hemisphere, 1940
35-36. Anthropology/Philosophy: Agricultural Science Review Summer & Fall 1964
37. Anthropology/Philosophy: Alton, E.W., U.S. Gains in Germany, 1950
Box 54
1. Anthropology/Philosophy Problems of Human Organization, June 1943
2. Anthropology/Philosophy: Ashley-Montagu, M.F., Earnest A. Hooton, and Kirtley F. Mather, Should We Ignore Racial Differences? 1939
3. Anthropology/Philosophy: Bedekar, Shreepad, Papers, 1952
4. Anthropology/Philosophy: Beede, A. McGaffey, Indian Cornfields Long Ago, North Dakota
5. Anthropology/Philosophy: Bryan, Kirk, Pre-Columbian Agriculture in the Southwest as Conditioned by Periods of Alluviation, 1940
6. Anthropology/Philosophy: Bush, W.T., Concerning the Concept of Pattern, 1940
7. Anthropology/Philosophy: Chicago, University of, A Syllabus of Anthropology 1937
8. Anthropology/Philosophy: Culture Growth, Anthropology 103A, Professor Kroeber, 1938
9. Anthropology/Philosophy: Eaton, Theodore H., Jr., Prehistoric Man in the Navajo Country, 1937
10. Anthropology/Philosophy: Goto (Baron), Handbook of Principles of Human Relations Involving the Administrator and the Administered in a Cross-Cultural Situation, 1950
11. Anthropology/Philosophy: Hansen, George H., Utah Lake Skull Cap, 1934
12-13. Anthropology/Philosophy: Kluckhohn, Clyde and William H. Kelly, The Concept of Culture [1944]
14. Anthropology/Philosophy: Osborne, Henry Fairfield, The Hall of the Age of Man, 1938
15-16. Anthropology/Philosophy: Underhill, Ruth Murray, Southwest Indians: An Outline of Social and Ceremonial Organization in New Mexico and Arizona, [1934]
17. Anthropology/Philosophy: USDA Soil Conservation Service, Conquest of the Land through 7,000 Years, 1953
18-19. Anthropology/Philosophy: Department of Social Relations, Harvard University
20-21. Anthropology/Philosophy: Friedmann, F.G., In Search of Meaning: Lectures prepared for delivery at the University of Munich
22. Anthropology/Philosophy: Graubard, Mark, Some Contemporary Observations on Ancient Superstitions, 1946
23. Anthropology/Philosophy: Jones, Tom B., By the Rivers of Babylon Sat We Down, 1951
24-27. Anthropology/Philosophy: Course in Applied Anthropology, Books I-IV, September 1949
Box 55
1-4. Anthropology/Philosophy: Course in Applied Anthropology, Books V-VIII, September 1949
5. Environmental Needs of Man: Kimball, Solon T., A Case Study in Township Zoning, 1946
6. Environmental Needs of Man: Niederfrank, E.J., Planning Recreation for Rural Home and Community: A Guide for Extension Workers November 1950
7-14. Extension Service: Structure and Functions of the Federal Extension Service, 1941
15. Extension Service: Related Visit of Agricultural Research and Education Team, India, 1955
16-20. Food Habits Committee, 1942-1945
21-32. Meeting Notes, October 1943-May 1944
Box 56
1-15. Meeting Notes, June 1944-March 1945
16-17. Navaho District, ca. 1935
18. Place of Agriculture in Society: Brewster, John M., The Farmers' Role in the Development of the National Economy, August 1962
19. Place of Agriculture in Society: Mosher, Arthur T., Interrelationships Between Agricultural Development, Social Organization and Personal Attitudes and Values, 1960
20. Place of Agriculture in Society: National Farm Institute, Proceedings of Third Annual National Farm Institute, Des Moines, February 17-18, 1939
21-48. Staff Meetings: February 1942-February 1945
Box 57
1-9. Staff Meetings: March 1945-November [1946]
10. Staff Meeting Diary: 1945-1946
11-12. World Government: The Need for World Government, War Food Administration, 1945 [fragile]
13-32. Discussion Groups Note: includes list of papers, 1934-1936
33. Organization of USDA: Organization of United States Department of Agriculture for WAR EFFORT, January 24, 1942
34. USDA Press Releases: Freeman Announces Provisions of Pilot Food Stamp Projects, April 14, 1961
35. USDA Press Releases: M.L. Wilson on Assignment to Greece as Extension Consultant, May 18, 1948

Series 11: Collecting Activities -- Lincoln Collection, 1914-1953

Series 11 contains materials describing M.L. Wilson's collecting activities for his Lincoln collection. In spring 1914 Wilson's residence in Fallon, Montana, and his entire Lincoln collection were destroyed by fire. He immediately began to rebuild his Lincolniana. This series includes correspondence arranged according to dates and the Lincoln Collection bibliography/inventory. Folders marked with an asterisk have had photographs removed to Series 12.

Box 57 (cont.)
36-50. Correspondence 1914-1953
51. Abraham Lincoln Collection Bibliography/Inventory

Series 12: Photographs

Series 12 includes both photographs removed from boxes 1 through 57 and those found already separated in the collection. Categories of photographs include people, agriculture, exhibitions and miscellaneous. The photographs have been sequentially numbered.

Box 58
Folder 1. People
#1. Wilson group assembled on Cortland County hilltop [NY State] See: L.C. Cunningham to M.L. Wilson, July 28, 1939, 1:6
#2. Farmer Lisle Cottrell and the Wilson group [NY State] See: L.C. Cunningham to M.L. Wilson, July 28, 1939, 1:6
#3. Dr. Roland R. Renne sworn in as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for International Affairs, March 7, 1963
#4. M.L. Wilson, ca. 1940
#5. M.L. Wilson, To my very good friend Elmer A. Starch
#5a. Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Lincoln Memorial on Lincoln's birthday, 1937.
Folder 2. People
#6. J.C. Taylor, Miss Katherine Jensen, Cy Chase on stage from Baker to Ekalaka, 1915
#7. Agricultural Short Course, photographic postcard 1917
#8. 4-H Club group
#9. Jack Taylor, Bradley, and M.L. trip up West Gallatin
#10. Abraham Lincoln
#11. Richard Theodore Ely, Ph. D., LL.D. See Box 19:24
#12. Albrecht Thaer, 1752 to 1828
Folder 3. Agriculture
#13. Norfolk Plough
#14. Plough type "Dombasle"
#15. Plow type I from Cavagno (Kt. Ticino)
#16. Plow from Cavagno (Ticino)
#17. Plow from the Grisons
#18. "Alter Aargauerpflug", Old Plow type of Aargau
#19. Plow from the Grisons
Folder 4. Agriculture
#20. Plow from Orsieres (Kt. Wallis)
#21. Plow from Torbel (Kt. Wallis)
#22. Oxen Team hauling gas for stage out of Baker, Montana
#23. Sacked grain on the Nash place, 1910
#24. Threshing, ca. 1922
#25. Well-like silo near Wibaux
#26. Threshing machinery near Baker, 1910
Folder 5. Agriculture
#27. Threshing in Gallatin, 1915
#28. Threshing [photographic postcard]
#29. Best Oats in the U.S. [photographic postcard]
#30. [Discing?] in eastern Montana?
#31. Young Indian farmer and calf
#32. Young Indian farmer addressing a camp session
#33. First Young Farmers Camp at Dhangera
Folder 6. Exhibits
#34. Areas of Indian Cultures in the United States
#35. Areas of Indian Cultures in Alaska
#36. Areas of Indian Cultures: The Discovery of America
#37. Areas of Indian Cultures: A Pictorial History of the Indian
#38. Areas of Indian Cultures: Indian History After Columbus
#39. Native American and 19th Century European American facing one another
Folder 7. Miscellaneous
#40. Avalanche Basin
#41. Chapman & Co's Entire Wheat Flour advertisement
#42. The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens advertisement.

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