Creator: Futrall, Thomas E. (Thomas Eugene),1875-1946

Provenance Note: Financial records kept by Thomas E. Futrall were donated to Special Collections by the Madison Valley Women's Club, of Ennis Montana, in 1977. The collection was formerly listed in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections as entry 79-659.

Historical Note: Thomas E. Futrall was born in Arkansas on February 12, 1875. He was the son of Thomas A. Futrall, a former Confederate officer and brother to John C. Futrall, president of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, from 1913-1939. Thomas E. Futrall and his wife, Louise, started a dry goods business in Ennis, Montana in 1913. It was the third store of its type in town and was known as T.E. Futrall Dry Goods. Futrall eventually moved to San Bernadino, California, where he died August 20, 1946.

Content Description Note: The Thomas Futrall records consist of eight volumes of financial record books for his dry goods business from 1914-28. The volumes record transactions on a day to day basis (Cash/Day books), transactions by named customer or vendor (Account Ledger books) and a comprehensive inventory of the Futrall store in 1917. Although the majority of entries deal with the financial matters of the store, some personal information is present, such as the listing of winners in Vol. 2 for a potato growing contest in Ennis, personal banking information, and a list of household property in Vol. 3.


Box 1
Vol. 1. Cash/Day book, 1914-1921
Vol. 2. Journal book, 1915-Dec 1917
Vol. 3. Inventory book, 1917
Vol. 4. Cash/Day book, 1922-1926
Vol. 5. Cash/Day book, 1927-1929


Box 2
Vol. 6. Account Ledger, Dec. 1916-May 1920
Vol. 7. Account Ledger, 1927-1928


Box 3
Vol. 8. Account Ledger 1921-1926

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