Creator: Haynes family

Provenance Note: Many photographs were received by Montana State University with the donation of the Haynes family papers by Isabel May (Nauerth) Haynes (IMH) in 1977. The collection includes more than 5000 photographs pertaining to collections 1500-1506, collectively referred to as the Haynes Family Collections. The photograph collection was divided between the University and the Montana Historical Society in 1978 with the MHS receiving the bulk of the negatives and other items.

Historical Note: Jack E. Haynes was born to photographer F. Jay Haynes and Lily Snyder Haynes at Fargo, N.D., September 27, 1884, months after his father had been granted his first concession license to operate a photography studio in Yellowstone National Park. The last of the Haynes' three children, JEH nonetheless became his father's heir in the family business. Sometime in the 1910s Jack married his first wife, Margaret Larkin. Little is known about the marriage other than the date of divorce in late March 1930. A week later, April 10, 1930, Jack married Isabel Nauerth, a former employee of the Yellowstone Park Hotel Company and for three years the manager of Roosevelt Lodge. In 1931 the couple had their only child, Lida Marie Haynes. Lida and three friends were killed in an automobile accident in 1952 south of Livingston, Montana. Jack served as executor to for the estates of his father in 1921, mother in 1928, and brother George. Upon F. Jay Haynes' death Jack inherited the Haynes studio business outside of Yellowstone, together with his father's archive of negatives shot over forty years of photography across the northern U.S.

Content Description Note: The Haynes Family Photographs are comprised of photographs taken by F. Jay Haynes (FJH), Jack Ellis Haynes (JEH), and others during the period 1866-1969. The photographs are portraits, candid snapshots, Haynes Inc. (HInc), Haynes Picture Shops (HPS), and Haynes Studios Inc. (HSInc) photographs, and other images covering a very diverse subject matter. The vast majority of the photographs are concerned with friends and family of the of the Haynes (FJH and JEH) and Yellowstone National Park (YNP). Additionally, there are also "Cabinet and Boudoir" photographs taken by FJH as the official photographer of the Northern Pacific Railroad (NPRR) and many photographs, numbered and unnumbered, in Haynes family photo albums. Additional images include artwork prepared for Haynes brochures, artwork by illustrator Fritz Schlanze, photos of paintings by W.H. Jackson, an extensive collection of reproductions of paintings by C.M. Russell sold by HInc and HPS in YNP, and other artwork and photographs related to the area surrounding YNP and the West in general.

The Haynes Family photographs are obviously very focused on the subject of YNP. This is due to the position held by FJH, JEH, and the various Haynes business ventures as the official photographers for YNP. As a result of this close relationship with YNP, a pictorial history of changes in the Park's architecture, society, culture, transportation, and man's relationships to nature and wildlife can be observed in the pictures. The "Cabinet and Boudoir" photographs of FJH and others show the cities, wilderness, and workers of the West while many of the commercial photographs from HInc and HPS focus on scenery and the supposedly tame animals in YNP.

In the production of this finding aid, attempts have been made to confront issues created in an earlier preliminary inventory of the materials. The organization of the collection remains largely intact, however, when applicable, the content of multiple folders has been combined with the intent to create a more coherent representation of the pertinent subject matter. The entire collection is grouped into series by origin, then divided generally by family member or focus, then (as is noted on the Folder titles) are arranged roughly chronologically or by genre. Each photo is numbered sequentially, including through the photo albums. To minimize preservation problems, for storage economy, and to ease retrieval large items have been removed from their frames. A substantial number of photos and the smaller framed items were received in steel storage boxes, fabricated for Isabel Haynes for her manuscript materials. These pictures are kept together with those removed from Collection 1504, the Jack Ellis Haynes and Haynes Inc. Papers, in series 2, Yellowstone National Park. It is apparent that many of the photographs in the Haynes Family Series have been previously mounted in and removed from albums. The original placement of these photos at the beginning of Series 5, Photograph Albums, indicates that IMH was beginning to disassemble the family albums. Note that within the albums there is substantial duplication of images. Descriptions found in the inventory are supplied by the processor unless quoted. Many identifications made by IMH are written to Lida and most seem to have been made from memory substantially later than when the pictures were taken. Not all notes on a photograph are transcribed to the inventory. In the Haynes Family Series, portraits clearly taken at the same sitting are generally identified together. Circa dates are supplied by the processor. Haynes' own negative numbers are recorded in brackets when available. File cards for negatives are kept with negatives.

During the composition of this finding aid, attempts have been made to improve the organization of the preliminary inventory. These attempts include renaming Series and Subseries titles. Additionally, expanded descriptions of these sections have been created with the intent of aiding the researcher. The researcher is advised that photos from a variety of subject areas relating to both the Haynes Family and the YNP Series exist in the Oversized Photos Series. The presence of this series is two-fold: 1) to maintain the original order of the photographs in this collection, and 2) to separate photographs intended for framing from those meant to be placed in albums or to be used by the various Haynes commercial interests.

Other issues which may be of concern include the identification system used, disjointed order in subject matter, and comments on the individual Series and Subject groups. The original numbering system of photographs from the preliminary inventory has been retained. This system extends through the entirety of the collection with the exception of bound photograph albums which are identified with the code "Bk n", where n is the number of the bound album within that group. Occasionally the order of subjects within a given series is unclear due to a lack of relevance between consecutively numbered groups of photographs in portions of the collection. While it might seem preferable to renumber or otherwise rearrange individual images of the collection, this operation would destroy whatever evidential value may exist in the original order of the images as arranged by Isabel Haynes. Individual series scope and content notes have been newly composed since the processor in charge of the preliminary inventory failed to include series descriptions or identify any changes he may have made in the original order imposed on these photos. Attempts have been made to interpret the logic of the original arrangement from the preliminary inventory, but these descriptions have been based on observations and research made several years after the inventory was composed and may vary from the intent of the original processor.

Restrictions: The copyright for all professional images produced by the Haynes commercial photographic studios resides with the Montana Historical Society, who also hold the archival copies of those images. While most of the images chosen for reproduction in this virtual finding aid are family snapshots, researchers are advised that some overlap occurs and that permission to reproduce any given image may have to be obtained from the Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.

This "Virtual Finding Aid" was created with the financial assistance of the Montanaiana Regrant Program of the Montana Library Network.


Series 1 Haynes Family, 1878-1965
Subseries 1 - F. Jay Haynes Family, 1878-ca. 1925)
Subseries 2 - Nauerth Family, 1885-1911
Subseries 3 - Jack E. Haynes, 1885-1960
Subseries 4 - Isabel M. Haynes, 1900-ca. 1930
Subseries 5 - Lida Haynes, 1932-1954
Subseries 6 - Haynes Family, 1929-1961
Subseries 7 - Haynes' Friends, ca.1920-ca. 1965
Series 2 Yellowstone National Park, 1866-1963
Subseries 1 - YNP Photographs, 1883-1963
Subseries 2 - Greater Yellowstone Area and the "West", 1866-ca. 1960
Subseries 3 - Collection 1504 Separated Photographs, 1882-1963
Subseries 4 - Unnamed Features in YNP, n.d.
Series 3 Oversized Photographs, 1884-1961
Subseries 1 - Haynes Family and Friends, 1890-1961
Subseries 2 - Other Topics, 1884-1961
Series 4 Pictorial Items, ca.1870-1920
Subseries 1 - Detroit Photographic Company chromolithographs, ca. 1870-ca. 1910
Subseries 2 - Prints, Haynes and others, 1870-1920
Subseries 3 - Charles M. Russell reproductions, n.d.
Subseries 4 - Haynes waterfall prints, hand-tinted, n.d.
Subseries 5 - F. Jay Haynes Cabinet and Boudoir Photographs, ca. 1883-
Series 5 Photograph Albums, 1890-1969
Subseries 1 - Disbound Albums, ca. 1905-ca. 1952
Subseries 2 - Bound Albums, 1890-1969

Series 1: Haynes Family, 1878-1965

The Haynes Family, the family most associated with YNP, is represented in this Series. FJH, JEH, IMH, Lida Haynes, the Nauerth Family, the members of the extended family, and the friends of the Haynes Family are represented here. The lives of the individuals and the lives of the families are told as FJH and JEH recorded YNP and the West in photographs. The most detail in this Series concerns JEH and his daughter, Lida, effectively acting as a photographical biography of each. The locations in the Series include numerous sites throughout the Midwest and West, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. The most represented location is appropriately YNP. For reasons explained in Series III, some photographs related to this Series can be found in Series 3: Subseries 1.

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Series 1, Subseries 1: F. Jay Haynes Family, 1878-ca. 1925

Photographs of FJH (1853-1921), Lily V. Haynes (18??-1927), their children (including JEH), relatives, friends, their home in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the various Haynes studios in Minnesota, the Dakota Territory, and YNP. The photos range in date from 1878 to the 1920s and include studio portraits and snapshots.

Box 1
Folder 1. FJH early portraits
#1. Studio portrait, January 16, 1878
#2. Stereopticon card 569, "Our artist at the Falls Mo. River"
#3. Enlargement print of n.2
#4. Studio portrait with camera gear
#5. Retouched studio portrait, ca. 1920
Folder 2. FJH family members
#6. Ella Haynes Henderson (FJH's sister)
#7. Fred Haynes (FJH's brother)
#8. Fred Haynes?
#9. David Oliphant Haynes (FJH's brother)
Folder 3. Haynes family
#10. Mrs. F.J. Haynes and party going to Detroit Lake in 'the Haynes Car'" at Fargo, North Dakota; partially identified (Geter, FJH's black servant, is not named),  July 3-5, 1887
#11. Copy print of n.11 and a similar image (taken on the same date)
Folder 4. Lily V. Haynes
#12. Studio portrait, after 1889
#13. Studio portrait, ca. 1900
#14. Studio portrait, ca. 1900
#15. Studio portrait, ca. 1915?
#16. Studio portrait, ca. 1925
#17. Studio portrait, ca. 1925
Folder 5. Loa V. Jackson
#18. Group portrait of four girls (second from right is Loa V. Jackson)
#19. Studio portrait, n.d.
#20. Studio portrait, n.d.
#21. Studio portrait, n.d.
#22. Studio portrait, n.d.
Folder 6. Haynes family
#23-24. Studio portrait of Loa Jackson and JEH on bicycles, ca. 1894
Folder 7. Haynes family
#25. Studio portrait, Bessie and LVH, ca. 1895
Folder 8. Bessie Haynes Arnold
#26. Studio portrait, ca. 1895
#27. Studio portrait, ca. 1895
#28. Studio portrait, ca. 1920?
#29. Studio portrait, ca. 1920?
Folder 9. Helen Arnold
#30. Double studio portrait of Helen Arnold at 1 year
Folder 10. George Oliphant Haynes
#31. Studio portrait, ca. 1900
#32. Studio portrait, ca. 1915?
Folder 11. Haynes family children
#33-34. Group portrait of Haynes cousins, ca. 1886
Folder 12. Haynes children
#35-36. Studio portrait, George and JEH, ca. 1888
#37-38. Studio portrait, George and JEH on sled, ca. 1886 [31612]
Folder 13. Haynes children
#39. Haynes children, ca. April 1885
#40. Bessie and JEH, ca. 1887
#41-42. Haynes children, ca. 1892
Folder 14. Haynes' house at 601 Dayton Ave., St. Paul
#43. House exterior with family (identified on back)
#44. Internal view, front hall into dining room
#45. Internal view, fireplace through doorway
#46. Internal view, front hall
Folder 15. Haynes' photo studios
#47, #48, #49. Stereoviews of Moorhead, Minnesota, studio
#50. Stereoviews of first Fargo, North Dakota studio
Folder 16. Haynes' photo studios
#51. Mammoth Studio (original location, before painting), ca. 1884
#52. Mammoth Studio (original location, after studio addition), ca. 1890
#53. Mammoth Studio (after move), n.d.
#54. Mammoth Studio (after move), n.d.
Folder 17. Haynes' photo studios
#55. St. Paul studio at Selby and Virginia

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Series 1; Subseries 2: Nauerth Family, 1885-1911

Photographs of Dr. John Henry Nauerth, Ida May Clow Nauerth, the Nauerth Family, the Clow Family, Dr. Nauerth's pharmacy, and interiors of the Nauerth family home. The content includes studio portraits, snapshots, Dr. Nauerth's trips to Arizona and "the West" in 1907 and 1911, Nauerth family-related buildings in Traer, Iowa, and a home in Wisconsin.

Box 1 (cont.)
Folder 18. John Henry Nauerth
#56. Grade school class portrait, n.d.
#57. Grade school Christmas school portrait, n.d.
#58. Studio portrait, ca. 1885
#59. Studio portrait, 1891
#60. Studio portrait, 1891
#61. Studio portrait, 1891
Folder 19. John Henry Nauerth
#62. Studio portrait, n.d.
#63-#64. Studio portrait and copy print, n.d.
#65-#66. Studio portrait (2 variants)
Folder 20. John Henry Nauerth
#67. "Dr. J.H. Nauerth ready to go down the Bright Angel Trail. October 1907"
#68. "Dr. J.H. Nauerth ready to go down the Bright Angel Trail. October 1907" (Nauerth at extreme right at rear of party)
Folder 21. John Henry Nauerth
#69. Snapshot of Nauerth and party in a car "in the West in 1911."
#70. Snapshot of Nauerth and party at an Arizona log building, 1911
Folder 22. Nauerth family
#71. "Grandpa Nauerth, father of J.H. Nauerth"
#72. "Grandma Nauerth, mother of J.H. Nauerth"
Folder 23. Ida May Clow Nauerth
#73. Studio portrait of Ida Clow as a girl, n.d.
#74. Studio portrait of Ida Clow as a young woman, n.d.
#75. Studio portrait and copy print of Ida Nauerth, n.d. [30602]
#76. Studio portrait, n.d. [5521?]
Folder 24. Clow family
#77. "Grandpa Clow, father of Ida Clow Nauerth"
#78. "Grandma Clow, mother of Ida Clow Nauerth"
#79. Studio portrait of "Grandma Clow", n.d.
Folder 25. Nauerth pharmacy
#80. Storefront of J.H. Nauerth's pharmacy, Traer, Iowa.
#81-82. Interior view (2), 1890s
#83. Interior view, n.d.
Folder 26. Nauerth home, Traer, Iowa.
#84. Dining room
#85. View through doorway to living room/parlor
#86. Bedroom
Folder 27. Snyder home, Wisconsin
#87. External view with family group (includes note with identifications by IMH)

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Series 1; Subseries 3: Jack E. Haynes, 1885-1960

Jack Ellis Haynes (1884-1962) is the subject of these photographs. They represent almost his entire life, missing only a combined period of three years between his birth and his death. He is seen in studio portraits and snapshots and in a variety of settings. The locations include the University of Minnesota and YNP, with many photographs concerning the Mammoth area of the park and the Haynes home and studio there. Additional photographs include snapshots of JEH receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Montana State University, working indoors and outdoors, and JEH performing an activity which was very much his own - smoking a cigar in a pipe.

Box 2
Folder 1. Baby photos
#88-#89. Studio portraits, ca. April 1885
#90. Studio portrait, ca. July 1885
Folder 2. Early childhood
#91. "Jack and his nurse Lena", ca. 1886
#92, #93, #94. Studio portrait, November 15, 1886 [14338]
Folder 3. Early childhood
#95-#96. JEH on a tricycle and later print, ca. 1886
Folder 4. Early childhood
#97. Studio portrait, ca. 1887
#98, #99-100. Studio portraits, 1892
Folder 5. Childhood
#101-102. George and JEH on horseback at Mammoth, 1892
#103. Enlargement print of JEH in n.101
#104. Posed snapshot, (George second from left; JEH second from right)
Folder 6. Young adult
#105. Studio portrait, ca. 1901
#106. Studio portrait, ca. 1902
#107. Studio portrait, ca. 1903
Folder 7. Young adult
#108. "Baby at 6 weeks 'Uncle Jack' 21 yrs"
#109. "JEH shop at old MH" (Haynes stand at Mammoth hotel)
#110. Studio portrait, 1906
Folder 8. College
#111. "Mike Payne, Beta", snapshot playing tennis
#112. Snapshot of orchestra ensemble (partially identified on verso)
#113. "Walter J. Lammers, roommate of JEH at Beta House"
#114. JEH [and] Dr. Henry Meyerdin, Mayo Clinic" snapshot, pointing pistols at each other, n.d.
#115. Snapshot of coach in front of hotel, possible at Mammoth, n.d.
#116. Snapshot of JEH sitting on stairs, n.d.
#117. "St. Paul to Wilmar in Boxcar, JEH", snapshot, n.d.
Folder 9. Album snapshots, n.118-150
Disbound sheets of snapshots ca. 1897. Many photos have been removed from the pages, leaving some captions. Only intact photos are numbered herein.
#118. Boy and dog at Mammoth terraces
#119. Mammoth terraces
#120. "F.J.H. cabin" (Log Cabin Studio at Upper Basin) with Yellowstone Park Transportation Company (YPTCo) stagecoach in front
#121. "F.J.H. cabin" (Log Cabin Studio at Upper Basin)
#122. Waterfall
#123. "J.E.H. 12 years" Mammoth Hotel in background
#124. Hot spring
#125. Tour party at hot spring (partially removed)
#126. "Durrant Barklay/97"
#127. Bedroom
#128. "601 Dayton (Night)" (interior)
#129. "J.E.H. 12 years" (beside a stream)
#130. "Yancey's cabin & party"
#131. Couple walking outside Mammoth Studio
#132. Haynes' house
#133-134. Haynes' house interiors
#135. Dog
#136. Yard
#137. Bessie Haynes
#138. Boy walking
#139. Boy in field
#140. Girl sitting
#141. Mammoth Studio fence
#142. Mammoth Studio back
#143. "Carrie Peterson" hanging wash
#144. "Mrs. F.J. Haynes" in yard
#145. JEH on horseback
#146. Mammoth Hotel from Mammoth Studio porch
#147. Ft. Yellowstone from Mammoth Studio porch
#148. "Liberty Cap"
#149. Mammoth terraces
#150. Ft. Yellowstone
Folder 10. Work photos
#151-#152. Studio portraits, operating movie camera, 1918 [18001B]
Folder 11. Work photos
#153. Snapshot, adjusting camera, ca. 1920s
#154. Snapshot, making camera shot, ca. 1930s
#155-#156. Snapshot and enlargement, outdoors with lunch box, ca. 1940s
#157. Snapshot, at desk revising guidebook, ca. 1950s
#158-159. Snapshot, at typewriter, ca. 1950s
Folder 12. Howard Eaton Trail
#160. JEH in front of Howard Eaton Trail sign at dedication, July 19, 1923
#161. Signed photograph of Horace Albright, Stephen V. Mather, "Mr. Eaton," "Mr. Eaton" (sons of Howard Eaton), JEH with Howard Eaton Trail sign at dedication, July 19, 1923 [23330]
Folder 13. Snapshot portraits
#162. Smoking a cigar with a pipe, ca. 1930
#163. Snapshot, sitting on a car's bumper, ca. 1930
#164. Snapshot, standing (possibly taken at time of wedding), 1930?
#165-166. Snapshot, standing (second copy signed), 1930
Folder 14. Snapshot portraits
#167-168. Snapshot and reversed enlargement, clambake dinner, ca. 1950s
Folder 15. Snapshot portraits
#169-#170. Honorary doctorate, June 6, 1960
Folder 16. Snapshot portraits
#171, #172-174. Snapshots, posed with Haynes cameras, ca. 1960 see also n.939
Folder 17. Snapshot portraits
#175. Color snapshot, typing at desk, ca. 1960
#176. Color snapshot, at home with record player, ca. 1960
Folder 18. Studio portraits
#177. Studio portrait, ca. 1900
Folder 19. Studio portraits
#178. Studio portrait, ca. 1910
#179. Studio portrait, ca. 1915
Folder 20. Studio portraits
#180. Studio portrait, ca. 1923 [23019A]
Folder 21. Studio portraits
#181. Studio portrait, ca. 1935 [36372]
#182. Studio portrait, ca. 1935 [36373]
Folder 22. Cartoons
#183-#184. Photograph (one with presentation note) of cartoon portrait, 1939

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Series 1, Subseries 4: Isabel M. Haynes, 1900-ca. 1930

While not as temporally expansive as the group of photographs concerning JEH, this group does show aspects of life as a collegiate woman and YNP employee in the first third of the twentieth century. Isabel May Nauerth Haynes (1899-1993), the second wife of JEH, is seen in studio portraits, snapshots, and Haynes photographs of Roosevelt Lodge employees. Locations and activities include Glacier National Park, The Desert Inn, The University of Oregon, and Washington, D.C., and awarding of an Honorary Doctorate to JEH from Montana State University in June, 1960. This last is the only photograph in this group known to have been taken after 1930.

Box 2 (cont.)
Folder 23. Nauerth home
#185. Stereopticon card, Nauerth home, Traer, Iowa., n.d.
#186, #187, #188. Exterior views, Nauerth home, Traer, Iowa., n.d.
Folder 24. Early childhood
#189. Studio portrait with brother, ca. 1902
#190. Studio portrait with brother, ca. 1904
#191. Studio portrait, ca. 1906
#192. Studio portrait, ca. 1907
#193. Studio portrait, "about 1909-1910"
#194. Studio portrait, in Indian costume, ca. 1910
#195. Studio portrait, in Highland costume, "about 1915-1916" (ca. 1910-1911)
Folder 25. High school portraits
#196-197, #198-199. High school studio profile portraits, ca. 1914-1916
Folder 26. High school portraits
#200, #201, #202. High school studio portraits, "May 14, 1917"
Folder 27. College portraits
#203. Studio portrait, ca. 1920
#204. Snapshot portrait, University of Oregon Department of Botany, "December 7, 1921"
#205. Studio portrait, ca. 1920
#206. Studio portrait, 1920
#207. Studio portrait, "about 1917-1918" (1921)
#208. Studio portrait, ca. 1922?
Folder 28. Early work
#209. Snapshot, on lawn of Desert Inn
#210. Snapshot, on fence at Desert Inn
#211. Snapshot of Desert Inn lawn
#212. Snapshot, on lawn of Desert Inn
#213. Cut from group portrait see n.231
#214. Clipping of Desert Inn grounds map
Folder 29. Early work
#215. "Taken in Glacier Park summer of 1921" (snapshot portrait on porch rail)
#216. "Taken in Glacier Park summer of 1921" (snapshot portrait, standing)
Folder 30. Early work
#217. Studio portrait, "1923"
Folder 31. Roosevelt Lodge
#218. "Roosevelt Lodge" (hand tinted Haynes Junior photo) [27468]
#219. Roosevelt Lodge grounds, looking northeast from front porch of Lodge [29072]
#220. Roosevelt Lodge grounds, looking northwest from east of Lodge [29071]
#221. Roosevelt Lodge cabin 38 [29076]
#222. Roosevelt Lodge cabins [29074]
#223. Roosevelt Lodge [27477]
Folder 32. Roosevelt Lodge
#224. "Roosevelt Lodge savages all dressed up for the President 1927" [27462]
#225. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1927 [27474]
#226. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1927 [27476]
#227. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1928 [28139]
#228. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1928 [28140]
#229. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1928 [28141]
#230. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1929
#231. Roosevelt Lodge staff, 1929 [29059]
Folder 33. Studio portraits
#232, #233, #234, #235. Studio portraits (possibly honeymoon portraits), ca. 1930
#235A. Snapshot, "taken by JEH in Wash. D.C. December 1930"
Folder 34. Haynes Juniors
#236, #237, #238, #239, #240, #241, #242, #243, #244, #245, #246, #247, #248, #249, #250, #251, #252, #253, #254. Haynes Juniors, inscribed to IMH from JEH (inscriptions may relate to JEH's proposal), ca. 1929-1930
Folder 35. Late life
#255. "MSU honors other than honorary degree"

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Series 1; Subseries 5: Lida Haynes, 1932-1954

The only child of JEH and IMH, Lida Marie Haynes (1931-1952) was photographed throughout her life, short as it was. The volume of photographs with Lida as the subject is surpassed only by that group relating to her father and is equally, if not more, representative of her life. Photographs of Lida were taken indoors and outdoors, posed and candid. Her active and privileged lifestyle is easily seen in the number of photos devoted to skiing and horses, two of her life's passions. She is also seen in educational settings, from kindergarten in St. Paul, Minnesota, to college at the University of Colorado, Boulder (mainly portraits). Of particular note is a card-mounted Detroit Photographic Company chromolithograph, signed by William H. Jackson.

Box 3
Folder 1. Baby photos
#256. Lida Haynes 1 month 18 days old, January 15 1932" (glassine envelope discarded) [32516]
#257. Snapshot portrait inscribed to Grandma Nauerth, September 16, 1932
#258. Studio portrait, December 26, 1932 [32610]
#259. Studio portrait, December 26, 1932 [32608]
#260. Studio portrait, December 26,1932 [32614]
Folder 2. Early childhood
#261. Snapshot, Lida in YNP, ca. 1933
#262. Snapshot, February 1934 [34518]
#263. "Winter of 1934, Lida & Nancy"
Folder 3. Childhood
#264. "July 1, 1935"
#265. Lida and nurse outdoors [35M4013]
#266. Lida and nurse outdoors [35M4317]
#267. Group party snapshot, (7th birthday party, 1938)
#268-269. Group snapshot at table (7th birthday party, 1938)
#270. Lida outside Haynes' Mammoth residence
Folder 4. Childhood
#271, #272, #273, #274. Studio portraits "Taken in YNP on July 17, 1935"
Folder 5. Childhood
#275, #276, #277, #278, #279, #280, #281, #282. Studio portraits "Taken in YNP the summer of 1935"
Folder 6. Childhood
#283. Card-mounted Detroit Photographic Company chromolithograph "51293 An Embryonic Warrior (Ute Papoose)", signed "W.H. Jackson, July 28, 1935"
Folder 7. Childhood
#284. Photograph of pencil portrait [37700L]
#285. Photograph of framed n.284
#286. "Lida Haynes photograph taken by Luter Greer, St. Paul Minnesota, November 5, 1937, Age 5 years 11 months"
Folder 8. Childhood
#287. Studio portrait from Land 'O Peaks Ranch (disframed; includes embossed camp photoplate)
Folder 9. Childhood
#288. Kindergarten class photo, Horace Mann School, St. Paul, May 10, 1937
#289. Class photo, Horace Mann School, St. Paul, 1939
#290. Snapshot in cap-and-gown, 1945
Folder 10. Sports
#291. "Lida Haynes, Anaconda Montana, February 1947 State High School [ski] Meet, Placed third in the state, Photo by Mrs. Earnest Anderson" (backing card discarded)
#292, #293, #294. Snapshot portraits with skis, ca. 1947
Folder 11. Sports
#295. Snapshot enlargement, horseback at Mammoth, 1947 n.329-330
#296.* Snapshot enlargement, with horse at Mammoth? n.336
#297-#298. Snapshots, posed horseback, ca. 1947
#299. Enlargement of n.298
#300. Snapshot, horseback, ca. 1947 n.331
Folder 12. High school
#301, #302, #303. Studio portraits, May 1945
Folder 13. High School
#304. Studio portrait, ca. 1947
Folder 14. College
#305, #306, #307, #308, #309, #310, #311. Studio portraits' proofs, ca. 1948
Folder 15. College
#312, #313, #314. Studio portraits' proofs, ca. 1948
Folder 16. College
#315, #316, #317, #318. Studio portraits' proofs, ca. 1948
Folder 17. College
#319-#320. Studio portraits, ca. 1948
Folder 18. College
#321. Studio portrait, ca. 1949
#322. Studio portrait, October 22, 1949
Folder 19. College
#323, #324, #325.* Snapshot portraits, YNP?, ca. 1949
#326. Snapshot, sitting by river, ca. 1949
Folder 20. Portrait
#327. Color transparency of pastel portrait, 1954
Folder 21. "Horse Book" loose photos - See n.1470-1586, and Collection 1506
#328. "Pagan and Lida, Spring 1948"
#329-330. "Lida on Indian, July 1947 YNP, Photo by JEH", snapshot and enlargement, n.295
#331. "Pagan & LH, June 20, 1950, age 3" n.300
#332. "Lida on, Indian, Fall 1947, Electric Peak"
#333. "December 25, 1947, Lida & Pagan"
#334. "Indian & Pagan, December 25, 1947"
#335. "Lida & Pagan, December 25, 1947"
#336. "Lida & Indian, Fall 1947, YNP" n.296

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Series 1; Subseries 6: Haynes Family, 1929-1961

Photographs in this group represent the effective dates that the Jack E. Haynes family existed as a unit. The photographs range from a photograph of JEH and IMH taken almost one year before their marriage to a photograph of JEH and IMH taken one year prior to the JEH's death. This group is possibly the most candid in the collection as it, with few exceptions, contains only snapshots. consisting of photographs of the Haynes' wedding, the Haynes' family and friends with Lida, the ceremony celebrating the Yellowstone Park Stamp (1934), interiors of the family's residence at Mammoth, and JEH and IMH during the latter part of their life together.

Box 3 (cont.)
Folder 22.
#337. JEH and IMH "Taken at Silver Tip, Ranch in, Summer of 1929"
Folder 23. Wedding photos
#338. "The Little Brown Church in the Vale"
#339. "Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ellis Haynes, June 12, 1930, Mason City Iowa"
#340. Snapshot of female relatives in wedding group, June 12, 1930
#341. "Wedding group, of IMH &, JEH, June 12, 1930, Taken at, Mason City Iowa"
#342, #343, #344. Wedding group, June 12, 1930 (snapshot, enlargement, tinted enlargement)
#345, #346, #347. "Grandpa & Grandma Nauerth, Dr. & Mrs. J.H. Nauerth, Lakefield, Minnesota, & daughter, Isabel Nauerth, Haynes, June 12, 1930" (snapshot, enlargement, tinted enlargement)
#348. Snapshot, "544 So. Mississippi R, Blvd, St. Paul, Minnesota"
#349. Snapshot, "JEH and, Grandpa, Nauerth, 1931-, St. Paul Minnesota"
Folder 24. Haynes friends
#350-#351. Snapshot of JEH and an [Albert S. Rule, June 12, 1930] (enlargement, tinted enlargement)
Folder 25. Silhouettes
#352-#353. Silhouette portraits of JEH and IMH, signed "R. Mills 1930"
Folder 26. Haynes' friends Glassine envelopes discarded
#354. "Lida Haynes, 1 month 18 days old, January 15, 1932" (IMH holding Lida) [32512]
#355. "Lida Haynes, 1 month 18 days old, January 15, 1932" (IMH holding Lida) [32513]
#356. "Lida Haynes, 1 month 20 days old, January 17, 1932" (IMH holding Lida) [32515]
#357. "Lida Haynes, January 17, 1932, 1 month 20 days old, St. Paul, Minnesota" (IMH holding Lida) [32510]
#358. "Lida Haynes 1 month 20 days old, Mrs. Loa V Jackson, January 17, 1932" [32517]
#359. (l to r) "Mrs A.J. Binder, IMH & Lida, A.J. Binder, January 27, 1932" [35525]
#360. (l to r) "JEH, IMH, Dr. & Mrs. Burton Rosenholtz, February 12, 1932" [32536]
#361. (l to r) Mrs. & Mr. Chas. Ramsdell, R.M. Thompson, Lida & IMH, JEH, Mrs. Thompson, "March 4, 1932" [32533]
#362. "Lida-Daddy-Mother, March 16, 1932" [32534]
#363. (standing) Eivind Scoyen, Mr. Frank M. Warren, JEH, (sitting) Mrs. Binder, AJ Binder, IMH, Lida, Mrs. Warren, April 12, 1932"
#364. "JEH & Lida April 16, 1932" [32536]
Folder 27. Haynes' friends
#365. Unidentified picnic snapshot, ca. 1935
Folder 28. Yellowstone Park stamp ceremony, July 30, 1934
#366. Postmaster-General James A. Farley shaking hands with W.H. Jackson, with Senator Mahoney of Wyoming looking on
#367. JEH handing Farley a framed picture of Old Faithful, Lida and Mahoney in picture
#368. JEH handing Farley a framed picture of Old Faithful, Lida in picture [34056]
#369. IMH, JEH, Lida looking at stamp given her by Mahoney [34055]
#370. Farley, IMH, JEH, Lida
#371. Farley, IMH, Lida
#372. Farley, IMH, JEH, Lida, Mahoney [34043]
#373. "Yellowstone Park Wyoming July 30, 1934 - Postmaster General Farley watches first sale of new Yellowstone Park stamp to ___ C. Mahoney" Photo inscribed "To J.E. Haynes with stamp affixed to upper right corner and initialed by Mahoney
Folder 29. Haynes family
#374-#375. Color print and stereoslide of JEH and IMH, ca. 1950s
Folder 30. Haynes family
#376-#377. Color print and stereoslide of JEH and IMH at Mammoth residence, ca. 1950s
Folder 31. Haynes family
#378, #379, #380, #381, #382, #383, #384, #385, #386, #387, #388, #389, #390. Interiors of Mammoth residence, n.d. [35134-35140B]
Folder 32. Haynes family
#391. Snapshot of JEH and IMH with Grant Village sign announcing construction of HPS, 1959
#392. Color snapshot of JEH and IMH at a party, ca. 1960
#393. Color snapshot of JEH and IMH with Yellowstone Park Company (YPCo) bus number 441, 1961

Contents | Special Collections

Series 1; Subseries 7: Haynes' Friends, ca. 1920-ca. 1965

Snapshots and portraits of various friends of JEH and IMH give a very good impression of the social groups to which the Haynes family belonged. The Haynes are seen in the company of historian Merrill Burlingame, geologist C. Max Bauer, photographer and illustrator William H. Jackson, Mary L. Doane (widow of Gustavus Doane), YNP Superintendent and National Park Service (NPS) Director Horace Albright, and others. Studio portraits, mostly signed, include Horace Albright, Stephen Mather (first NPS Director), among others. Locations include the Haynes' residence at Mammoth, Canyon Hotel, Glacier National Park, and YNP.

Box 4
Folder 1. Haynes' friends
#394, #395, #396. JEH and an unidentified man, ca. 1955
Folder 2. Haynes' friends
#397-#398. Merrill Burlingame, C. Max Bauer, IMH, Lida, W.H. Jackson, Mary L. Doane, July 28, 1934 [34045-34046]
#399. W.H. Jackson, Mary L. Doane, July 28, 1934 [34048]
Folder 3. White & Company anniversary, n.d.
#400. Flowers, and an unidentified man holding model wagon
#401. Unidentified man posed at a desk
#402. JEH adjusting a lens
Folder 4. Haynes' friends
#403. Group in Canyon Hotel dining room
#404. JEH and two unidentified men in Canyon Hotel lobby
Folder 5. H.M. Albright anniversary, 1965? additional unprinted negatives available
#405. [vacant]
#406. Color snapshot enlargement, group around a cake
#407. Color snapshot enlargement, Grace Albright and unidentified woman
#408. Color snapshot enlargement, Grace and Horace Albright
#409. Color snapshot enlargement, Isabel Haynes
Folder 6. Haynes friends
#410. "H.G. Carpenter's 8th Birthday, July 5, 1955"
Folder 7. Unidentified portraits
#411-#412. Unidentified portrait snapshot, n.d. [38003j]
Folder 8. Unidentified portraits
#413. Unidentified woman with miniature doll crafts
#414. Group of miniature dolls
Folder 9. Unidentified portraits
#415-#416. Unidentified women
Folder 10. Portraits
#417-#418. Richard deHaas, September 27, 1928
#419. Robert C. Leppen
#420. Max Goodsill
Folder 11. Portraits
#421. Edmund B. Rogers [52128]
#422. Stephen V. Mather [22758]
#424. Horace M. Albright
Folder 12. Ron Remay photos, 1957 letter removed to Collection 1504
#425, #426, #427, #428. YNP landscape photos
#429, #430, #431, #432. Haynes Inc. Christmas party snapshots
#433. Deer snapshot
Folder 13. Glacier National Park
#434. "At old town of St. Mary"
Folder 14. Glacier National Park
#435, #436, #437, #438, #439, #440, #441, #442, #443, #444, #445, #446, #447, #448, #449. Photos by R.E. Marble, ca. 1920s

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2: Yellowstone National Park, 1866-1963

The collection of photographs grouped under the title "Yellowstone National Park" includes works from many sources, including FJH and JEH among others. The topics include YNP, the West (both literally and figuratively), materials separated from Collection 1504 (Jack Ellis Haynes and Haynes Inc. Papers), and photographs of features in YNP which, at the time the pictures were taken, were unnamed. The subject matter, while generally associated with YNP and its relevance in understanding the concept of "the West", is varied, to say the least. Subjects include YNP features, souvenir plates, a photograph of the driver log and first automobile to enter YNP, and a portrait of Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Interior to Thomas Jefferson and namesake of Gallatin County, Montana. This variety of subject matter, while appearing overly inclusive, does provide a view, albeit slightly disjointed, of a cross section of society in the West and, specifically, in YNP.

For reasons explained in Series 3: Oversized Photographs, some photographs related this Series can be found in Series 3, Subseries 2: Other Topics.

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2; Subseries 1: YNP Photographs, 1883-1963

This collection of photographs exhibits several facets of YNP: the employees, the features, the history, and animals. With the temporal range of photographs, the period of the Haynes/YNP relationship is well represented. Within this group are images related to early YNP travel and lodging, the first visit by a United States President (Chester A. Arthur, 1883), a visit by President Theodore Roosevelt, a photo-survey of the boundaries of YNP, and the unrelated deaths of two military officers in the 1940's. Also included are several photographs of NPS superintendents, rangers, and other employees.

Box 4 (cont.)
Folder 15. YNP employees
#450. First Canyon hotel employees, 1886 [2629-A]
#451. Old Faithful Camp employees, 1925 [25163]
#452. Canyon Camp? employees, July 29, 1955 [55037]
Folder 16. Stagecoaches
#453. First Canyon hotel, 1886 [13080]
#454. "Loading MY coaches Grand Canyon August 1913"
#455. YPTCo talley-ho coach, "Believe this to be Fred Thompson driving about 1906"
Folder 17. Monida & Yellowstone Stage Company buildings
#456. MY Riverside (Madison) station, ca. 1909
#457. Map, "Yellowstone Park headquarters, Monida and Yellowstone Stage Line, Madison Station", 1909
Folder 18. YNP history
#458. Roosevelt arriving at Gardiner, 1903
Folder 19. YNP history
#459. "The last gun fired in Yellowstone Park, 1917" [16292]
Folder 20. YNP history
#460. "Superintendents from all our National Parks, Meeting at Yellowstone Park, September 1929" [29379]
#461. Ranger Naturalists, 1933 (partly identified on verso) [33044]
Folder 21. YNP people
#462. JEH, Orr Pickering, IMH at Grant Village, August 15, 1961
#463. "Grant Village Tour," August 15, 1961 (subjects identified on verso)
#464. "Yellowstone stagecoach session, July 5, 1961" (subjects identified on verso)
Folder 22. YNP history
#465, #466, #467, #468, #469, #470, #471, #472, #473, #474, #475, #476, #477. Grant Village dedication?, 1963
Folder 23. YNP history
#478, #479, #480, #481, #482, #483, #484, #485. Yellowstone Chapel rededication?, 1963
Folder 24. YNP people
#486. Horace Albright and grandson
Folder 25. YNP people
#487-#488. Group photo at picnic, August 27, 1961 [61021-61023]
#489. "Supt. Bill & mt. goats", n.d.
Folder 26. YNP places
#490. "The Pioneer Hotel" [1309] (half of a stereopticon card)
#491. "McCartney's Cabin in Clematis Gulch (Chinaman's Gulch) taken about 1903" (as the San Toy Laundry)
Folder 27. YNP features
#492, #493, #494, #495. "First pictures taken by J.E. Haynes" (Mammoth terraces)
Folder 28. YNP features
#496, #497, #498, #499, #500, #501, #502, #503, #504, #505. Miscellaneous YNP features
Folder 29. YNP animals
#506, #507, #508, #508A, #509. Miscellaneous animal photos
Folder 30. YNP history
#510. Group photo of President Chester A. Arthur party, 1883 (Identified on verso)
Folder 31. YNP features
#511, #512, #513, #514, #515, #516, #517, #518, #519, #520, #521, #522, #523. Set of unmounted YNP prints and original mailing envelope, ca.1890
Folder 32. YNP features
#524. Old Faithful Inn with JEH beside Beehive Geyser, 1904
Folder 33. YNP features
#525, #526, #527, #528, #529, #530, #531, #532, #533, #534, #535, #536, #537, #538, #539, #540, #541, #542, #543, #544, #545, #546, #547, #548. "Pictures (25 of them) taken ... by W.R. Bandy ... in 1931 and 1932 while surveying the new Yellowstone Park boundaries ..."
Folder 34. YNP employees
#549, #550, #551.* Arriving YNP employees at Gardiner station, 1947
Folder 35. YNP employees
#552.* "Fire patrol boat out searching for Major Flock's body in Yellowstone Lake", July 25, 1941
"Pack horses bring in body of Maj. Adams" unprinted negative
#553.* "Pack unload Maj. Adams", July 26, 1947
#554.* "Pack unload Maj. Adams", July 26, 1947
Folder 36. YNP people
#555. "Wood of Salt Lake on old two wheeled bicycle", 1940
#556. "New officers of Veterans Association of the Northern Pacific Railway, elected at Mammoth Hotel. (L to r) J.A. LeDuc, v.p.; J.B. Schabert, director; E.W. Bennett, secretary-treasurer." June 17, 1940
#557. "Mr. Drury and two sons at a steak fry on firehole river road. Mr. Drury is head of the National Park Service," June 2, 1941
#558. "Gov. Hidreth talking to seasonal Ranger Tom Malloy", July 2, 1947
Folder 37. YNP places
#559.* "Fishermen near mouth of Yellowstone River, before opening of Fishing Bridge", June 22, 1940
#560.* "Fishing Bridge from N.W. bank", July 2, 1947
Folder 38-42. Haynes Junior photographs
#561, #562, #563, #564, #565, #566, #567, #568, #569, #570, #571, #572, #573, #574, #575, #576, #577, #578, #579, #580, #581, #582, #583, #584, #585, #586, #587, #588, #589, #590, #591, #592, #593, #594, #595, #596, #597, #598, #599, #600, #601, #602, #603, #604, #605, #606, #607, #608, #609, #610. Miscellaneous Haynes Junior photos

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2; Subseries 2: Greater Yellowstone Area and the "West", 1866-ca. 1960

Possibly the most diverse group in Collection 1507, this group includes photographs of many different, and seemingly unrelated, subjects. Most photographs are of YNP and the immediate area. Among the subject locations are Bozeman, Montana, Livingston, Montana, Montana State University, and the Beartooth Highway between Red Lodge and Cooke City, Montana. Photographs related to the "West" include "Cabinet and Boudoir"-style photographs of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and hand-colored photographs of the desert surrounding Palm Springs, California.

Notable in this group are black-and-white photographs of 42 paintings by William H. Jackson given to JEH by the artist. This collection of Jackson's work, supposedly represents the entirety of the artist's work. Each image in this collection has a title or descriptive note apparently written by the artist.

Of additional interest to a researcher are several HPS "index image" type photographs. These photographs have as subjects: the "Haynes Souvenir Folder" of fold-out postcards; 50 sepia postcards, apparently from the "100-series"; the "1921 Haynes Post Cards" series with 5-digit identification numbers, identifying them as being from the "10000-series"; and 50 Haynes Postcards, also from 1921 and from the "10000-series".

Box 5
Folder 1-10. Columbia Exposition
#611, #612, #613, #614, #615, #616, #617, #618, #619, #620. 1893 Columbian Exposition photographs - Official photographs of the Exposition buildings and exhibits
Folder 11-17. W.H. Jackson paintings
#621-#662. Photographs of William Henry Jackson paintings executed in the late 1930s of important sites on the Western trails and concerning overland travel. (images of #636, #643, #644, #647, #654, #660)
Folder 18. Ft. Peck Indian Fair
#663-#664. Photos of the Ft. Peck Indian Fair, ca.1912, including an early movie photographer
Folder 19. Custer Battlefield
#665, #666, #667, #668, #669, #670, #671. Aerial photos of the massacre's 75th anniversary ceremonies
Folder 20. Miscellanea
#672-673. Photo of a promissory note dated at Bozeman City, September 8, 1866
#674. Copy picture of William J. Beall with Masonic jewels
#675. Print of Osborn's Drug Store with manuscript caption, "Gallatin Lodge #6, AF&AM, August 1, 1866", taken in Bozeman
Folder 21. Palm Springs
#676, #677, #678, #679, #680, #681, #682, #683, #684, #685, #686, #687, #688, #689. Stephen H. Willard hand-colored photos of the Palm Springs desert
Folder 22. Miscellanea
#690. Chambers-Fisher Department Store, Bozeman, n.d.
#691. Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, n.d.
Folder 23. Miscellanea
#692. "544 So. Miss. Rv Blvd, St. Paul Minnesota, as originally built, by G.A. Larkin"
Folder 24. Miscellanea
#693, #694, #695, #696, #697, #698. Unidentified tourists at a western cabin motel, ca. 1950
Folder 25. Miscellanea
#699, #700, #701, #702, #703. Portraits of Ramsey County judges, n.d.
Folder 26. Miscellanea
#704, #705, #706. Rotogravures of paintings
Folder 27. Miscellanea
#707. Haynes hand-colored display print, Tetons and Jackson Lake
Folder 28. Miscellanea
#708. Last page of a letter by John Roberts concerning Sacagawea's burial
Folder 29. Miscellanea
#709-#710. Flatrock Cientifik Committee award to JEH, 1958
Folder 30. Miscellanea
#711. "Big Feet", black-and-white watercolor of horse and chipmunk
Folder 31. Miscellanea
#712. Enlarged snapshot of Will Rogers and Charles M. Russell
#713. Enlarged snapshot, Charles M. Russell mounted horseback
#714. Commercial reproduction of studio portrait, Charles M. Russell
Folder 32. Miscellanea
#715. "Aerial view switchbacks Billings-Red Lodge highway to Cook City entrance, Yellowstone Park"
Folder 33. Miscellanea
#716. Letterhead for Garnier Cigar Co.
Folder 34. Miscellanea
#717. Stagecoach "Calvin, Montana" [14079]
#718. Bonepickers, n.d. [-3453] (first digit trimmed away)
Folder 35. Miscellanea
#719. "Haynes 1936 telephone diagram"
Folder 36. Miscellanea
#720. Souvenir Folders [18162]
#721. Set of Haynes' 50 Sepia postcards [18028]
Folder 37. Miscellanea
#722. "1921 Haynes Post Cards" [21026]
#723. Fifty Haynes postcards [21017]
Folder 38. Miscellanea
#724-#725. Duplicated 1937 Haynes forms
Folder 39. Miscellanea
#726. "List of camps shown on original map by F. Jay Haynes, official photographer of the expedition of President Chester A. Arthur in 1883"
Folder 40. Miscellanea
#727. Edited map of YNP, n.d.
#728. Photo of edited map
Folder 41. Miscellanea
#729. Hand-colored "The Woman Bear"
Folder 42. Miscellanea
#730. "Haynes Travelgraf of Yellowstone National Park" (visitor statistics to 1927) [28531]
Folder 43. Miscellanea
#731, #732, #733, #734, #735-752. Paired double-photo cards distributed in Folders as the Haynes' Christmas cards (most are undated)
#743. Superintendent Anderson w/ bear cub (1896 #H9601)
#744. "X." Beidler w/ YNP Superintendent (1892 #H9201)
#745. 2nd and 3rd (Present) Canyon Hotels (1890 #10554 & #31627)
#750. US Commissioner's Building, Mammoth (1897 #9723(?))
Folder 44. Miscellanea
#753-766. Unpaired double-photo cards distributed in Folders as the Haynes' Christmas cards (most are undated; includes Folder and cards for 1959)

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2; Subseries 3: Collection 1504 Separated Photographs, 1882-1963

This group of photographs and other images is heavily related to Collection 1504, "Jack Ellis Haynes Papers and Haynes Inc. Papers". The subject matter is as varied as that seen in the documents included in Collection 1504 and it is equally representative of the history of a business concessionaire in YNP. This group can provide a broad view into the history of numerous topics, from YNP to HInc to HPS to the settling of the West. Portraits and snapshot subjects include British Earl and sportsman Lord Dunraven, William H. Jackson, Secretary of the Interior Albert Gallatin, and scenes in Virginia City, Montana. Each entry in this group includes the Collection 1504 box and folder number [box#:folder#] from which the photo was taken.

Notable in this collection is a series of images of "Winter Views" of YNP. Each photograph is a copy of the original image, but each represents a different appearance (i.e. - coloring, texture, etc.) due to the use of different processes when producing the photograph from a negative. Presumably, this was done in order to show the types of prints which could be ordered through HInc and HPS.

Box 6
Folder 1.
#767. Albert Gallatin portrait 8:39
Folder 2.
#768. Sample print of Haynes geyser photos, 1921 12:1
Folder 3.
#769. Snapshot of Edmund P. Heller, W.A. Welch, Dan Beard, Albert B. Fall 12:3
Folder 4.
#770. NPS photo display, 1922 12:8
Folder 5.
#771, #772, #773, #774, #775. Advertising photo of Haynes postcards and souvenir photos, 1923 [23007-23009, 23011, 23013] 12:12
Folder 6.
#776. Advertising photo of Haynes' published books, 1924 [24554] 13:5
Folder 7.
#777, #778, #779. Advertising photo of shop displays, 1927 [27373-27374, 27378] 14:15
Folder 8.
#780. Advertising photo of printed pictorial souvenirs, 1917 [17470] 21:5
Folder 9.
#781, #782, #783, #784, #785, #786, #787, #788, #789, #790, #791, #792. Proofs of Haynes Inc. logos, ca. 1924 23:14
Folder 10.
#793. Haynes' YNP parade entry, 1947 29:21
Folder 11.
#794, #795, #796. Heritage of Freedom exhibit, Montana Winter Fair 32:8
Folder 12.
#797, #798, #799, #800, #801, #802, #803, #804, #805, #806, #807. Custer Battlefield Museum dedication, 1952 33:8
Folder 13.
#808-#809. Souvenir plates 33:20
Folder 14.
#810, #811, #812. Architectural model, 1963 36:20
Folder 15.
#813-#814. L.A. Huffman portraits, 1902, 1924 37:20
Folder 16. 37:29
#815. Snapshot of JEH, W.H. Jackson, unidentified photographer taking pictures in YNP
#816. Explorers' Club celebration of W.J. Jackson's birthday, April 5, 1933
#817. "Dedication of Wm. H. Jackson monument, Arlington National Cemetery" 37:34
Folder 17.
#818. Snapshot, John Little posed with sailfish, January 21, 1948 38:39
Folder 18.
#819. Snapshot of house in St. Petersburg, Florida 39:1
Folder 19. 39:13
#820-#821. Snapshot portraits, Frank R. Marshall
#822. Studio portrait, Sarah Ann Marshall (1855-1928)
#823. Studio portrait, George W. Marshall (1835-1917)
Folder 20. 40:37
#824. "Historic 'Three Crossings; of the Sweetwater River on the Oregon Trail"
#825. Snapshot, W.H. Jackson and Robert Ellison at Independence Rock, August 9, 1936
#826, #827, #828. Snapshots of Independence Rock plaques and names, August 9, 1936
#829. Oregon Trail ruts
Folder 21.
#830. Window display with the steamboat Benton's block P 40:50
Folder 22.
#831, #832, #833, #834. Snapshots of brush wickiups in YNP, ca. 1905 41:26
Folder 23.
#835-#836. Snapshots taken at Edmund B. Rogers' retirement picnic, 1960 41:27
Folder 24.
#837, #838, #839, #840, #841. Snapshots of wildlife, son, and statue, by Fritz Schlanze, 1944 42:1
Folder 25.
#842. JEH, IMH, Mr. & Mrs. Les V. Swanson, June 11, 1961
Folder 26. 42:47
#843-#844. Black-and-white print and color transparency of a painting of the canyon and Lower Falls from Artist Point [53K408]
#845. Carl Tolpo and son in front of Gutzon Borglum statue of Sheridan, 1949
Folder 27.
#846, #847, #848, #849, #850, #851, #852, #853, #854, #855, #856, #857, #858, #859. Snapshots by Charles Van Tassell of his collection of Indian goods 43:20-27
Folder 27A. 43:7
#859A. Copy prints of a C.M. Russell letter to P.T. Tucker, October 27, 1921 [28708]
#859B. Copy print of C.M. Russell painting "Scouting Party" [37734]
#859C. Print of C.M. Russell drawing for Haynes' catalogue [32601]
Folder 28.
#860. C.A. Wallin family 43:36
Folder 29.
#861-#862. Snapshot portraits of T. Paul Wilcox, 1951 44:27
Folder 30.
#863. Snapshot portrait, Dorr G. Yeager 45:3
Folder 31.
#864. Stereopticon card by J. Crissman of an unidentified house, n.d. 100:10
Folder 32.
#865. Enlarged snapshot of Lord Dunraven in his dining room, n.d. 102:32
Folder 33.
#866. NPS "Exhibit at Travel Exposition--New York City, April 9-14, 1923" 105:18
Folder 34.
#867. Letter of Frost & Richard, April 28, 1913, soliciting tourists from railroads 107:50
Folder 35. 111:14
#868. Outdoor portrait of Dan W. and Emma K. Greenberg, n.d.
#869. Snapshot of Dan Greenberg, Em Greenberg, W.H. Jackson, August 10, 1936
Folder 36. 119:2
#870. "Sample of our Portfolio of Winter Views of the Yellowstone National Park", 1887
#871, #872, #873, #874, #875, #876, #877, #878. Printed reproductions of the "Sample" with different processes and in different inks, ca. 1887
Folder 36A.
#878A-878D. Dan Greenburg, Em Greenburg, W.H. Jackson at Lone Tree (Old Pine tree), 1936
Folder 36B.
#878E. George Mack at Devil's Slide, 1882 [30605] 129:2
Folder 37.
#879, #880, #881, #882, #883, #884, #885, #886. Postcards of various scenes in Virginia City, Montana 134:19
Folder 38. 161:18
#887. Group of officers at Ft. Bridger, Wyoming, ca. 1884 (Man in the forage cap sitting at center is probably P.E. Connor of Bear River Massacre fame)
#888. Commanding Officers' Quarters, Ft. Bridger, Wyoming, ca. 1884
Folder 39.
#889. "National Park Conference, Canyon Hotel, 1911" [10947] (image numbered for identification) 172:39
Folder 40.
#890, #891, #892. Keepsake produced by Haynes for the "Park Development Conference", YNP, September 10-13, 1957
Folder 41.
#893-#894. Group photo of Yellowstone Park Council, August 16, 1958 189:12
Folder 42. 191:9
#895. "Garrison, Rogers, Haynes & Wirth", September 17, 1960
#896. "Vince Bradley & Jack Haynes", September 17, 1960
#897. "Al Hibbard & John Nichols", September 17, 1960
Folder 43.
#898, #899, #900, #901, #902, #903, #904, #905, #906. Misc. snapshots of various sites in and out of YNP 202:29
Folder 44.
#907-#908. Snapshots of John Crumb and Robert Ellison at the Platte bridge/Red Buttes burial ground, ca. September 1927 211:16
Folder 45.
#909-#910.* Copy print of the first automobile to enter YNP with driver's diary of date, June 14, 1902 221:12
Folder 46.
#911. Architect's model of Haynes' Tower Falls store, 1959 Flatfile:55

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2; Subseries 4: Unnamed Features in YNP, n.d.

This group is a series of undated photographs taken of several features in YNP. While these features had no names at the times of the production of these photographs, it may be possible to identify these photographs from comparing the images and their descriptive titles to current knowledge of land and water features in YNP.

Box 6 (cont.)
Folder 47.
#912. "Unnamed green lake near Black Dragon's Caldron" [52206]
Folder 48.
#913. "Beautiful unnamed hot pool on Black Sand Basin loop road" [52066]
Folder 49.
#914. "Unnamed new terrace, Mammoth" [51227]
Folder 50.
#915. "Unnamed new terrace, Mammoth" [51226]
Folder 51.
#916. "Unnamed new terrace, Mammoth" [51225]
Folder 52.
#917. "Unnamed new terrace, Mammoth" [51224]
Folder 53.
#918. "Unnamed new terrace, Mammoth" [51223]
Folder 54.
#919. "Unnamed blue pool, Black Sand Basin" [51222]
Folder 55.
#920. "Unnamed sulphur-colored lake near Black Dragon's Caldron" [51080]
Folder 56.
#921. "Unnamed spring, near road at N. edge of Elk Park" [25125]
Folder 57.
#922. "Unnamed 235-foot cascade, Bechler Canyon" [21083]
Folder 58.
#923. "Unnamed 235-foot cascade, Bechler Canyon" [21081]
Folder 59.
#924. "Unnamed lake, 12 m from Lake Hotel, beyond (E.) of Lake Butte on E.E. road" [17297]

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Series 3: Oversized Photographs, 1884-1961

The photographs in Series 3 include documents, drawings, and photographs pertaining to subjects included in both Series 1 and Series 2. The reason for the separation of these images and documents from the above Series appears to be the simple fact that they were mounted in frames at the time of processing. These images and documents have been removed from their frames and have been organized with similar, related materials.

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Series 3; Subseries 1: Haynes Family and Friends, 1890-1961

These materials, related to Series 1: Haynes Family, include documents, drawings, and photographs pertaining to members or friends of the Haynes Family from the period 1890-1961. Of particular interest in this group are college pictures of JEH, an image of Fritz Schlanze's "Map of Yellowstone Park", and a snapshot of JEH posed with several cameras in 1960. In the latter, the cameras are representative of the changing level of photography technology used in photographing YNP.

Box 7
Folder 1.
#925. Mounted print of the Mammoth Studio and antler fence, ca. 1895
#926. Mounted print, "Point Lookout & Gt Falls"
Folder 2.
#927. Trimmed portrait of LVH
#928. Tinted portrait of LVH [28517]
Folder 3.
#929. "Hammer & Tongs, Theta Tau, 1905-06" (JEH 1st row, 3rd from left)
#930. Beta Theta Pi? group photo, ca. 1906-1908 (JEH 1st row, far left)
Folder 4.
#931. Beta Theta Pi? group photo, ca. 1906-1908 (JEH 2nd row, 4th from left)
#932. Beta Theta Pi? group photo, 1909 (identified on verso) (JEH 3rd row, 2nd from right)
Folder 5.
#933. "U of M Mandolin and Glee Club, 1907-1908" (identified on border) (JEH 1st row, 4th from right)
Folder 6.
#934. "Tom Thumb Wedding, Traer Iowa", ca. 1906 (IMH in upper left-hand corner with bow on hair)
#935. Chi Omega sorority, 1920 (IMH at far right)
#936-#937. "Ladies at Haynes Res. Mammoth" (identified on verso) [31098]
Folder 7.
#938. Fritz Schlanze, "Map of Yellowstone Park and J.E. Haynes, with Apologies to Both", 1936
#939. Snapshot, posed with Haynes cameras, ca. 1960 see n.172
Folder 8.
#940-945. IMH studio portraits, "Taken in St. Paul in 1930 spring, by a friend of Jack's" [30606-30608]
Folder 9.
#946. Snapshot of IMH and JEH outside YNP Superintendent's building, 1935 [35832]
#947. IMH and Lida outdoors, 1934
Folder 10.
#948. Autographed portrait of Arthur S. Rule
#949. Portrait of Max Goodsill
#950. Snapshot of bear cub and telephone (taken by Joe Joffe)
#951. Photo, letter of Rudyard Kipling to H.W. Frantz, December 21, 1923, regarding YNP
Folder 11.
#952. Composite photo of NPRR's first engine, the Minnetonka, and statistical information on the engine [22024]
#953. "Old Faithful Lodge employees", n.d.
#954. "Canyon Camp or Lodge employees", 1930 [30452 C-L]
Folder 12.
#955. Unissued membership certificate to Joe May from the Yellowstone Cientific Committee, January 12, 1961
Folder 13.
#956. Studio portrait of Fred and JEH, ca. 1890
Folder 14.
#957. Congressional Record, Appendix, May 1, 1956, p.1-2
#958. Select Order of Yellowstone Mountain Men certificate, September 3, 1959
#959. Birthday letter from John Q. Nichols presenting JEH YPCo bus #441, September 27, 1961
#960. "Jack Haynes"
Folder 15.
#961. Autographed portrait of W.H. Jackson, July 30, 1934
#962. Portrait of JEH see n.___
#963. "Happy Birthday Mr. Haynes", September 27, 1935
Folder 16.
#964-965. "Mt. Haynes" (includes clipping from backing matter) [25047]
Folder 17.
#966. St. Paul Institute, Professional Photographers' Section, certificate of appreciation, February 15, 1918
Folder 18.
#967. Snapshot portrait of Lida Haynes, ca. 1932
Folder 19.
#968. Tinted drawing of Lida Haynes, ca. 1932
#969. Olive Fell, "Lida," etching, 16/25

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Series 3; Subseries 2: Other Topics, 1884-1961

Materials in this group, related to Series 2: Yellowstone National Park, include documents, drawings, and photographs pertaining to JEH, YNP, and HPS. Among these are photographs of Haynes' pictures used in magazines and newspapers around the country.

Box 8
Folder 1.
#970. Palm Springs
Folder 2.
#971. Studio portrait of JEH, 1886
#972. Studio portrait of JEH, ca. 1892
Folder 3.
#973. Color snapshot of JEH and IMH, ca. 1961
Folder 4.
#974. Studio portrait of JEH, 1886 [14338]
Folder 5.
#975. Studio portrait of JEH, 1884
#976. Studio portrait of JEH, ca. 1887
Folder 6.
#977. Beta Theta Pi, Beta Pi chapter card
Folder 7.
#978. Studio portrait of JEH on tricycle, "about 1890" (ca. 1887)
#978A. Note from backing sheet
Folder 8.
#979. JEH receiving honorary doctorate, Montana State University, June 6, 1960
#979A. Note from backing sheet
Folder 9.
#980. FJH mounted horseback
Folder 10.
#981. Fritz Schlanze, "Map of Yellowstone Park and J.E. Haynes, with Apologies to Both", 1936, reduced hand tinted copy see n.938
Folder 11.
#982. J.K. Ralston, "Many Happy Birthdays To You, Jack", pen, ink, watercolor dated September 27, 1960
Folder 12.
#983. Snapshot of JEH an IMH with Grant Village sign announcing construction of HPS, 1959 see n.391
Folder 13.
#984. Color snapshot of Lida mounted horseback, ca. 1951
Folder 14.
#985. Snapshot, at desk revising guidebook, ca. 1950s see n.157
Folder 15.
#986-988. Proofs for tally cards [35033-35034]
Folder 16.
#990-992. HPS employees in a "Maw's Vacation" parade float at Old Faithful Inn [3535277P-35278P, 35280]
Folder 17.
#993-998. Copy photos of Haynes' pictures used in magazines and newspapers, 1935 [35096-35101]

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Series 4: Pictorial Items, ca.1870-1920

This Series consists of images which are largely commercial in their origins and are representative of the types of photographs which would have been the only means to experience the "West" for many people unable to travel to YNP or other locations in the region. Additionally, these photos served as the source of income for many photographers, including William H. Jackson, FJH, and JEH. These photos, taken in the service of the government (Department of the Interior, the NPS, YNP), the various railroad companies, HInc, HPS, or any other interested agency, enabled the photographers both to continue their individual careers and to capture the period on film.

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Series 4; Subseries 1: Detroit Photographic Company chromolithographs, ca.1870-ca.1910

he Detroit Photographic Company (1890s-1932) was created in the late 1890s by Detroit businessman and publisher William A. Livingstone, Jr., and photographer and photo-publisher Edwin H. Husher. The company obtained the exclusive rights to use the Swiss "Photochrom" process for converting black-and-white photographs to color prints. This process permitted the mass production of color postcards, prints, and albums for sale to the American market.

In the fall of 1897, Livingstone persuaded the accomplished American landscape photographer William Henry Jackson to become a partner in the firm. With the addition of his negatives, the Detroit Photographic Company began to produce chromolithographs of the West. These images included many he had taken over a twenty-year period in the West, including many photographs which had influenced the creation of YNP and other early national parks. In 1898, Jackson became the president of the company. He would hold this position until its dissolution in 1923.

The chromolithographs in this group include many images of YNP, Native Americans, and a variety of landscape features throughout the West. Locations include YNP, Chicago, Illinois, San Diego, California, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Mexico.

Box 8 (cont.)
Folder 18.
#999. The Bear Pit, Lincoln Park, Chicago--53628
Folder 19.
#1000. Castle Gate, Utah--51100
#1001. Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado--51001
Folder 20.
#1002. "Yamapi", A Ute Runner for Chief Ouray--51065
#1003. Colorow, Ute Chief--51067
Folder 21.
#1004. "Lavanderas", City of Mexico--51148
#1005. New Mexico. Pueblo de Taos--51172
Folder 22.
#1006. Women at the Metate, Moki Pueblos--51206
#1007. Patient Toil, Moki Pueblos, Arizona--51208
Folder 23.
#1008. A Moki Farmer--51209
#1009. Bringing in the Harvest--51210
Folder 24.
#1010. Mesa Encantada, New Mexico--51240
#1011. An "Estufa", Pueblo of Taos, N.M.--51286
Folder 25.
#1012. "Mato Teepee" or Devil's Tower, Wyoming--51290
#1013. An Embryonic Warrior. (Ute Papoose)--51293
Folder 26.
#1014. Ayer's Butte, Grand Canyon in Arizona--51327
#1015. A Crow Indian--51408
Folder 27.
#1016. Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park--51334
Box 9
Folder 1.
#1017. 53304 "Old Faithful" Geyser, Yellowstone National Park
#1018. 53310 Summit Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
#1019. 53311 The "Paint Pot," Yellowstone National Park
#1020. 53313 Castle Geyser, Yellowstone National Park
Folder 2.
#1021. 53316 "Golden Gate," Yellowstone National Park
#1022. 53317 Pulpit Terraces from Above, Yellowstone National Park
#1023. 53322 Hymen Terrace, Yellowstone National Park
#1024. 53323 Jupiter Terrace, Yellowstone Park
Folder 3.
#1025. 53327 The Paint Pot, Yellowstone National Park
#1026. 53328 Great Fountain Geyser, Yellowstone National Park
#1027. 53341 Grotto Geyser, Yellowstone Park
#1028. 53342 Old Faithful Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park
Folder 4.
#1029. 53331 The Punch Bowl, Yellowstone Park
#1030. 53334 Emerald Spring, Yellowstone Park
#1031. 53344 Liberty Cap, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Park
#1032. 53345 Riverside Geyser, Yellowstone Park
#1033. 53347 Military Post and Giantess Group, Yellowstone Park
Folder 5.
#1034. 50502 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
#1035. [number skipped]
Folder 6.
#1036. 53047 Buckskin Charlie, Sub-chief of the Utes
#1037. 54057 Ojibwas. 'Aleck' Wabunosa
#1038. 54060 Ojibwas. Equai and papoose
#1039. 54125 The Return of the Hunters
Folder 7.
#1040. 53409 Utes. Jose Romero and Family
#1041. 53411 Pee Viggi and squaw
#1042. 53813 Antelope Priests Chanting at Kisi., Moki Snake Dance
#1043. 53914 Mission San Diego, California
Folder 8.
#1044. 50622 Apache Chief "James A. Garfield"
#1045. 50624 Ute Chief Sevara and Family

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Series 4; Subseries 2: Prints, Haynes and others, 1870-1920

The prints in this group are representative of the work of several artists and production techniques and would have been available from many commercial sources, including HInc. and HPS. The artists include William H. Jackson, JEH, O.C. Seltzer, Harrison Crandall, and others. Of note in this group is a number of illustrations related to the Indian Wars which are from Harper's Weekly and have been colored-in by hand.

Box 9 (cont.)
Folder 9.
#1046-1050. Color prints of Tetons by Harrison Crandall
Folder 10.
#1051. Hand-tinted print, "Mt. Haynes, Madison Canyon" [16220]
Folder 11.
#1052. Mounted mammoth print, "Great Falls" [3124]
#1052A. Printed shipping envelope
Folder 12.
#1053. Mounted mammoth print, "Rapids Above Upper Falls" [3150]
#1053A. Printed shipping envelope
Folder 13.
#1054-1062. Hand-colored illustrations from Harper's Weekly on Custer, Chief Joseph, etc.
Folder 14.
#1063-1064. Triple "Color Combination" panels, ca. 1920
Folder 15.
#1065, #1066, #1067, #1068, #1069, #1070, #1071. Hand-colored Haynes prints
Folder 16.
#1072-1073. Hand-colored Haynes prints
Folder 17.
#1074-1076. Hand-colored Haynes prints
Folder 18.
#1077. W.H. Jackson photoprint showing Thomas Moran on terraces, "Mammoth Hot Springs on Gardiner's River", 1870
Folder 19.
#1078. Printed reproduction of O.C. Seltzer painting of mounted Indian women and travois
#1078A. Typed story by E.B. Craney about the Seltzer painting
Folder 20.
#1079. Large Haynes portrait of a girl, cut as a support board
Flatfile: 1
#1080. Matted "photo-colors" and MY sticker

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Series 4; Subseries 3: Charles M. Russell reproductions, n.d.

One of the sources of income for HPS was the sale of reproduction artwork by the artist Charles M. Russell. This group includes 78 images presumably kept on file for reference.

Box 10
#1081-1158. Reproductions of C.M. Russell artworks, sold by Haynes

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Series 4; Subseries 4: Haynes waterfall prints, hand-tinted, n.d

HInc and HPS Photographs of YNP waterfalls that have been hand-colored. These appear to be mounted in order to be used as display works at Haynes stores in YNP

Box 10 (cont.)
#1159-1179. Hand-tinted Haynes waterfall prints. Images of #1167, #1171, #1175.

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Series 4; Subseries 5: F. Jay Haynes Cabinet and Boudoir Photographs, ca. 1883-

This extensive group (212 images) consists of "cabinet and boudoir" photographs taken during FJH's employment as the official photographer for the NPRR. Among the images are photographs of the Broadwater Hotel, Helena, Montana (1216-1225), YNP (1226-1236), and Montana and the Badlands (1284-1294). Individual photographs include one of Bozeman, Montana taken from the Northern Pacific Railroad Station (1362) and one of the mill in Manhattan, Montana (1385).

Box 11
#1180-1186. Wisconsin logging scenes
#1187-1189. 1883 NPRR-completion excursion?
#1190-1215. 1887 winter trip through YNP (unmounted prints in envelopes)
#1197 Early photo taken of Old Faithful
#1198 Early photo taken of Old Faithful
#1202 Early photo taken of Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
#1203 Early photo taken of Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
#1205 Norris Hotel
#1208 Norris Hotel
#1211 Upper Basin Hotel
#1212 Falls Hotel in Winter
#1216-1225. Broadwater Hotel, Helena, Montana
#1226-1236. Yellowstone National Park
#1237-1243. Wisconsin views (around Green River)
Box 12
#1244-1273. Indian cabinet portraits (some hand-colored)
#1274-1283. Columbia River and Oregon?
#1284-1294. Montana and badlands
#1295-1314. Alaska Views
Box 13
#1315-1346. Alaska Views
#1347-1391. Miscellaneous photos
#1362 Bozeman, Montana from the Northern Pacific Railroad Station
#1385 Manhattan, Montana - mill

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Series 5: Photograph Albums, 1890-1969

The Haynes family maintained numerous photograph albums. 22 of these albums are included in this Series. The photographs in these albums represent much of the lives and work of several members of the Haynes Family, including FJH, JEH, IMH, Lida, and members of the Nauerth Family. As can be expected, the majority of these pictures are directly related to YNP. Additional locations include Montana State University, Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park, Canada, Bozeman, Montana, Palm Springs, California, St. Paul, Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, and Virginia. Individuals included, other than Haynes Family members, are Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, Horace Albright, and Samuel Woodring. The Disbound Albums are simply that, albums which have not been bound, have been removed from their bindings, or photographs which have been removed from the album they were in. The Bound Albums are still in their original bindings.

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Series 5; Subseries 1: Disbound Albums, ca.1905-ca.1952

The three Disbound Albums include numerous subjects. The first focuses on Lida Haynes and the second is a photographic record of the Haynes' Mammoth home and their collection of American Indian artifacts. The third album, the most varied in subject, covers approximately 35 years of the life of IMH (ca. 1905-ca. 1940, including her childhood, her time at YNP, Palm Springs, and Lida's childhood. The numbering of photographs in the first and third albums is in the same style as the rest of Collection 1507 (by individual photographs). The second album is numbered by individual leaves. The second album is also very notable due to the photographs by JEH and the illustration and notes by Fritz Schlanze.

Box 14
#1392-#1451. Disbound album
Primarily snapshots of Lida.
"American Indian Collection of Isabel, Jack & Lida Haynes" - Photos of the interior of the Haynes' home at Mammoth, with group photos of the artifacts and descriptions. Illustrations apparently by Fritz Schlanze. Leaves without photographs remain unnumbered.
#Album Cover
#1452 #1453 #1454 #1455 #1456 #1457
#1458 #1459 #1460 #1461 #1462 #1463
#1464 #1465 #1466 #1467 #1468 #1469.

Box 14A

Unbound album.
IMH childhood, family and friends; Lida childhood; Calvin Coolidge's visit to YNP; 1930s YNP snapshots including IMH at Roosevelt Lodge and various Haynes locations; IMH at Palm Springs; etc. Images include the following:
#1588  #1589  #1590  #1591  #1592  #1593  #1697  #1727  #1730  #1752  #1832  #1833  #1840 
#1841  #1843  #1844  #1844B  #1844C  #1844E  #1854  #1855  #1855F  #1857  #1859  #1864  #1865 
#1866  #1867  #1868  #1869  #1870  #1871  #1875  #1984  #1991  #1992  #2009  #2015  #2021
#2023 #2024 #2026 #2027 #2028 #2064 #2065 #2071 #2080 #2088 #2127 #2132 #2133
#2151 #2154 #2155 #2164 #2184 #2185 #2190 #2191 #2196 #2201 #2202 #2204 #2205
#2217 #2220 #2222A #2223 #2227 #2253 #2288 #2291 #2294 #2304 #2307 #2311 #2315
#2320 #2370 #2430 #2467 #2472 #2491 #2525 #2526 #2529 #2530 #2536 #2541 #2554
#2559 #2562 #2563 #2571 #2580 #2580A #2632 #2634 #2645 #2655 #2667 #2668 #2669
#2683 #2693 #2694 #2713 #2737 #2739 #2744 #2754 #2755 #2759 #2763 #2768 #2769

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Series 5; Subseries 2: Bound Albums, 1890-1969

These photograph albums are as valuable as any part of Collection 1507 in charting the course of the relationship between the Haynes family, YNP, and the West in general. Focusing on the period of the work of JEH, this collection includes photographs taken by FJH, JEH, IMH, Lida, William H. Jackson, and others. Family Albums specifically related to the Haynes Family represent the period ca. 1931-1953 with some coverage of the Nauerth Family from ca. 1890. The several albums concerning specifically YNP span the period 1924-1935, with some photographs taken as early as 1916. Locations other than those already mentioned include Craters of the Moon National Monument and the Absaroka Mountains. The Bound Albums are separated in numerical order amongst several flatfile boxes.

Box 15
Bk 1. 1470-1586. "Lida Haynes' Horse Book"
Record of horse expenses and riding activity.
Bk 2. "Photos taken by Lida Haynes, Started July 1947," YNP
Snapshots by Lida from trips around the Park 1947-48; MSU homecoming; parade 1947; family and friends.
Bk 3. "Boudoir Series [photograph] Samples", 1916
Bk 4. "Scrapbook for 1921, 1922, & 1923"
Collection of clippings, magazine articles, letterhead, advertising, etc. using Haynes images.
Bk 5. Haynes photos, 1935
Photographic copies of Haynes pictures used in news stories, 1935.
Bk 6. Craters of the Moon National Monument inspection trip, 1924
Photographic record by JEH of the official inspection trip in the summer of 1924, on the occasion of the first custodian's appointment.
Bk 7. Yellowstone Lake Shoreline Survey, 1924
Photographic record documenting a circumnavigation of the Yellowstone Lake shoreline and to the Langford monument in August, 1924. Includes map of route.
Box 16
Bk 8. Absaroka Pack Trip, 1924
Photographic record of the packing trip 1924 Sep 26-30 past Soda Butte, Death Gulch, Hoodoo Basin, Jones Pass and Turbid Lake. Participants included Horace Albright, Samuel Woodring, JEH.
Bk 9. "Yellowstone Lake Hotel", ca. 1935
Album of photos produced for the Yellowstone Park Company specifically on the Lake region, but also including photos from other areas in YNP.
Bk 10. Family album, early 1930s
Clippings and announcements of Lida's birth; snapshots of Lida as a baby with various extended family members; copies of family portraits; pictures of various Haynes studios and sales stands interiors; group photos of JEH's activities in school; snapshots of Haynes homes and work.
Bk 11. Family album, 1932-1935
Snapshots of Lida and various family and friends, including 1934 YNP stamp events.
Box 17
Bk 12. Family album, 1934-1938
Snapshots of Lida; misc. family activities; swimming at Mammoth Pool.
Bk 13. Family album, 1935-1936
Snapshots of Lida and various family and friends.
Bk 14. Family album, ca. 1936-1937
Snapshots of the 1936 YNP Ranger picnic; family YNP snapshots; Haynes float for 1937 St. Paul Ice Carnival; JEH in his office; pictures of Lida by W.H. Jackson 1937; Franklin Roosevelt visit to YNP.
#FDR standing with family during visit to YNP
#FDR standing with family during visit to YNP
Bk 15. Family album, 1936-1939
JEH field photography trip snapshots; commercial photos from Banff and Glacier parks trip; photos to Cassia, Idaho and City of Rocks; commercial photos from trip to Washington and Virginia; Lida and various birthday parties; misc. family and friends.

Box 18

Bk 16. Family album, ca.1940-1945
Snapshots of Lida and friends; IMH Grasshopper Glacier trip snapshots; snapshots of Lida at Cheley Camp in Colorado; real-photo postcards of Mt. Rushmore; snapshots of visiting family and friends in Bozeman and YNP.
#Picture of Senator Burton K. Wheeler
Bk 17. Lida Haynes album, 1940-1952
Snapshots of Lida in Colorado at the Cheley Camp for Girls; skiing snapshots; travel photos; miscellaneous personal photos.
Pictures of Roosevelt Lodge "Savages" #1, #2
Pictures of Congressman Wesley D'Ewart #1, #2
Exterior Pictures of Roosevelt Lodge with "Savages" #1, #2, #3, #4
Bk 18. Family album, ca. 1890-1953
Misc. Nauerth and Haynes family and friends
Bk 19. Kodak citation album, May 1969
Album of posed stills with Citation of Excellence to the Haynes family from Eastman Kodak

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