Creator: Haynes, Lily Snyder

Provenance Note: The Lily Haynes papers were received as part of the Haynes family materials gifted by daughter-in-law Isabel Haynes to the Montana State University Library in 1978. Most letters were extracted from Jack E. Haynes research files where they had been scattered as Jack compiled material for his unfinished book of Yellowstone history. A small amount of material had been maintained and housed separately, and a few personal family letters were filed alphabetically in son Jack E. Haynes' correspondence and in the "Personal File" created by Isabel Haynes from the family papers.

Historical Note: Lily Verna Snyder married her brother-in-law's former employee in January, 1878. Until F. Jay Haynes death in 1921, she was not only a wife and confidant to her photographer husband and mother of the Haynes' three children, but also a photo colorist and retoucher, photographic assistant, and studio manager. After their marriage, Lily managed the Moorhead, Minn., studio while her husband devoted much of his time to photography along the Northern Pacific Railroad in the western U.S. territories and Yellowstone National Park. She later oversaw Fargo, ND, studio business and supervised the business while Frank travelled with the Studio Car and went to Yellowstone. When the family moved to St. Paul, Minn., the photography business had expanded to the point that FJH could hire assistants for the studio work and his wife's unpaid labor was unneeded. Lily Haynes was an active church worker and St. Paul hostess. She died at home in 1927.

Content Description Note: Correspondence 1876-1923, estate papers, diary, scrapbook. The collection is comprised primarily of the letters of F. Jay Haynes to his wife during business trips, providing a private insight into an important 19th century American photography business and concessionaire's businesses in Yellowstone Park and its attendant frustrations. Later correspondence covers the period after FJH's death in 1921 and the settlement of the estate. Letters from other family members are also included. The files after 1921 primarily contain information on her financial legacy from the FJH estate and letters from son Jack E. Haynes about the Yellowstone concession business. The collection includes a small file of letters to Lily's older sister, Loa Jackson, and a diary which has widely scattered autobiographical entries, most about family matters, husbands travelling, church activity with interleaved summary notes about travel, photography, and business activities in YNP ca. 1883-1894. The collection also includes a scrapbook of clippings from Fargo, ND, newspapers consisting of poetry, Haynes advertisements and news items, miscellaneous humor and anecdotes, and descriptions of Yellowstone Park. Indexed by JEH.

Related Material: F. Jay Haynes' papers, Collection 1500, include relatively little personal or family information except in the context of business operations. Lily's surviving letters to her husband, F. Jay Haynes, are filed chronologically in the general correspondence in Collection 1500. The correspondence file of son Jack E. Haynes, Collection 1504, contains information on and correspondence with his mother and family members, and files relating to JEH's management of Lily's income after FJH's death (box 12-14). Collection 1504 also houses additional papers on both the FJH and LVH estates in correspondence from Lily to Jack. Most family information is located in the Isabel Haynes papers, Collection 1505, but is limited somewhat to the period after her marriage to Jack in 1930.


Box 1 - F. Jay Haynes to Lily Haynes, 1876-1901
1. 1876 Jun-Oct
2. 1876 Nov-Dec
3. 1877 Jan-Mar
4. 1877 Apr-Jun
5. 1877 Jul-Sep
6. 1877 Oct-Dec
7. 1877 (inc., n.d.)
8. 1878-1879
9. 1880 Jun-Aug
10. 1881 Jul
11. 1881 Aug-Nov
12. 1882 Jul-Nov
13. 1883 May-Jul
14. 1883 Aug-Oct
15. 1884 Mar-Jun
16. 1884 Jul-Nov
17. 1885 May-Nov
18. 1886 Feb-Dec
19. 1887 Jan-Nov
20. 1888 May-Jul
21. 1889 Jun-Jul, Sep
22. 1891-1893
23. 1894-1895
24. 1897-1898
25. 1899 Feb-Jun
26. 1900 Aug, 1901
Box 2 - FJH and Family to Lily Haynes; Loa Jackson Letters
1. 1902-1903
2. 1904-1912
3. 1913
4. 1915 Mar
5. n.d.
6. 1884-1900
7. 1901-1903
8. 1904
9. 1905-1910
10. n.d.
11. 1921 FJH estate information
12. 1922
13. 1923 Tax return for 1923
14. 1925
15. 1926 Tax return for 1926
16. 1927
17. 1928 Estate-settlement correspondence from son Jack E. Haynes
18. Notes and fragmentary letters on Haynes family history and activities
19. Marriage certificate, 1878 Jan 15
20. Railroad passes; 1883 Women's Relief Corps medal
21. Diary
22. Scrapbook
23. Letters to Loa Jackson, 1877, 1883-1904, n.d.
24. Miscellaneous family letters

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