Creator: Fischer, Karen, interviewer

Provenance Note: Duplicate copies of audiocassette tapes, and typed transcriptions, of four oral history interviews conducted by Karen Fischer were deposited with the Montana Historical Society in Helena and the Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections in 1983.

Historical Note: Camp Rimini, Montana trained sled and pack dogs for use as war dogs in WWII. The facility was run by the Quartermaster Corps, which was responsible for running the Army's K-9 Corps. In 1981 Karen Fischer, an MSU librarian, received a staff improvement grant to interview some of the surviving members of the dog training program at Camp Rimini. In 1982 and 1983 she interviewed Stuart Mace, David Armstrong, Eddie Barbeau, and John "Jack" Eslick. Topics include the problems involved in procuring and training sled dogs and sled-dog drivers for use in search-and-rescue work in the Arctic; the history of the detachment from its inception at Camp Hale, Colo., to its final days at Fort Robinson, Neb.; administering the program; the project's difficulties, accomplishments, and failures; feeding and health problems encountered by the dogs and search and rescue operations in Newfoundland and Greenland.

Content Description Note: The collection includes nine audio cassettes, two bound copies of the interview transcriptions, and photocopies of two U.S. Army pamphlets dealing with the use of pack dogs.

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