Creator: Spaulding, Milo Herrick


Provenance Note: An original photograph album created by Milo H. Spaudling was donated to Montana State University by George W. Flanders, Jr. of Bozeman, Montana in the fall of 1974.


Historical Note: Milo Herrick "Heck" Spaulding was born on June 10, 1879 in Rutland, Vermont. He attended Stanford University where he majored in biology, eventually receiving a master's degree from that institution. He joined the faculty of the Montana College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (later Montana State University) in 1908 as an instructor of zoology. During his career he wrote a number of scholarly papers including "Preliminary Report on the Life History and Habits of the "Lake Shrimp" (Penaeus Setiferus).," "The Control of Prairie Dogs and Ground Squirrels," and "The Development of the External Genitalia in the Human Embryo." A popular instructor and avid photographer, Spaulding also had some talents as an inventor, woodworker, and printer. His lectures at the university often featured the glass lantern slides he produced himself. Spaulding never married and was a member of the Masonic and Sigma Chi fraternities. He retired from the university faculty in 1943 and he died in Bozeman on April 1, 1945.


Content Description Note: "Snaps in Middle Creek Canyon by 'Heck'" is a photographic album with images taken by Spaulding during horse pack camping trips into the Middle Creek drainage of the Hyalite Mountains south of Bozeman, Montana. The photographs, all taken circa 1920, show various nature scenes in the mountains as well as Bole Cabin. A panoramic view of Bozeman, taken from the Montana State College campus, is also included. The photographs were taken in both summer and winter. At least two of the photographs show Spaulding himself.


Updated: 4/21/22