Creator: Flanders, George W., b. 1840

Provenance Note: Papers and photographs pertaining to George W. Flanders, Sr. were donated to Special Collections by George W. Flanders, Jr. of Bozeman, Montana, in May, 1975. Additional materials collected by Merrill G. Burlingame were also included with the original donation.

Historical Note: George W. Flanders, Sr. was born in 1840 at Bradford, Vermont. He served as a sergeant in Company B, Sixth Vermont Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Flanders came to Ft. Benton by steam boat in 1866 and carpentered in Helena before starting his saw mill near Bozeman in 1869. Flanders started sawing lumber in Bear Creek Canyon in 1870, making shingles during the spring. He also discovered the lumbering potential of Hyalite Canyon, but it took eight years for him to shift his equipment from Bear Canyon. In 1886 Flanders married Mary Parks and the couple had three children, Clara, Laura. and George, Jr. (the donor of this collection.) George W. Flanders, Jr. eventually operated a guest cabin business, "Chisholm Cabin," in Hyalite Canyon during the 1930s.

Content Description Note: The contents of the collection have been calendared in this inventory. Aside from a handwritten biographical sketch of his father and the family business by George W. Flanders, Jr., the papers includes: a typewritten transcription of the sketch by Merrill G. Burlingame; additional reminiscences by Hurford E. Stone and Libbus DeFrate; printed memorabilia including a Spanish-American War program and Flanders's 1866 steamboat ticket; photographs of the Flanders family, friends, and businesses; a wallet and hat cord owned by George W. Flanders, Jr. The pictures have been grouped by subject and format. Loose photographs of the Flanders family, their Bozeman home, and the Hyalite Canyon sawmill operations have been given sequential numbers from 1-61. A single asterisk after the picture title indicates a negative is available; two asterisks indicate both a negative and copy print are available. Photographs numbered 51-61 are mounted in George W. Flanders, Jr. picture book probably made by his mother. It show his home in town, views of the mill, children playing in Hyalite Creek, a log boom coming down Middle Creek, the Flanders family about 1920. Following the numbered photographs is a family album including pictures of: children, schools, church, interior view of the Flanders home and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tomlinson, grandparents John and Mary Parks, Dr. Whitefoot and his nurse Miss Malloy, and Mrs. John Work. Photographers include A. Schlechten, Bozeman, and Tower & Lowry, Helena.


Box 1
Folder 1. History of Flanders Saw Mill (handwritten draft)
Folder 2. History of Flanders Saw Mill (typed draft)
Folder 3. Hurford E. Stone and Libbus DeFrate manuscripts
Folder 4. Printed ephemera, 1866-1930s
Folder 5. Photographs, #1-7
   #1. George W. Flanders, Sr., 1886
   #2. Mary Parks Flanders, 1886
   #3. George W. Flanders, Sr., 1907
   #4. George W. Flanders, Sr., 1912
   #5. John Work, ca. 1910 (A. Schlechten, photographer, Bozeman)
   #6. Flanders residence, 219 S. Grand Ave., Bozeman, S.E. view, ca. 1900 (Tower & Lowry Photographers, Helena)**
   #7. Flanders residence, same as above, N.E. view*
   #7a. [Tintype from wallet; G.W.F. Sr., mother?]
Folder 6. Photographs, #8-14
   #8. Flanders & Lansing lumberyard, Main St., Bozeman, ca. 1880s
   #9. George & Mary Flanders in sleigh, Main St., Bozeman, 1886
   #10. Civil War veterans, 304 Main St., Bozeman, MT, 1900
   #11. Ike LeForge & family, Middle Creek, MT, 1874
   #12. Montana State College with carts in foreground, 1898 [print missing]*
   #13. "Flanders Girls," ca. 1920
   #14. "Flanders Girls" in Middle Creek
Folder 7. Photographs, #15-26
   #15. Flanders Saw Mill at the mouth of Middle (Hyalite) Creek, 1888
   #16. Mill Crew, 1888
   #17. Flanders Saw Mill, 1880
   #18. Flanders Saw Mill, 1881-82, taken from hill to the east
   #19. Flanders Saw Mill, interior, 1898
   #20. "Sawing a large log in Flanders Mill," ca. 1908*
   #21. "Second Dam above Chisholm's Cabin," 1908**
   #22. "Log Boom on Middle Creek, 1908-1920"
   #23. "Lousetown with hunters-cabin built by George Flanders for logging"
   #24. "Lousetown"**
   #25. Flanders Saw Mill in 1920
   #26. First cabin in Middle Creek Canyon built by Geo. Flanders in 1874 on History Rock Creek.
Folder 8. Photographs, #27-37
   #27. Chisholm Cabin*
   #28. Chisholm Cabin, ca. 1896*
   #29. Summer guests at Chisholms
   #30. "Last Buffalo in Gallatin Valley," 1892
   #31. Blackmore Lake (A. Schlechten Photographer, Bozeman)
   #32. Monkey Mountain and Hook Meadow (A. Schlechten, photographer, Bozeman)
   #33. Giant Mountain
   #34. Looking at Mt. Hyalite from Chisholm Cabin
   #35. Elephant Mountain and Pulpit Rock
   #36. In front of Chisholm Cabin
   #37. Champagne Falls
Folder 9. Photographs, #38-50
   #38. Arch Falls
   #39. Apex Falls
   #40. Grotto Falls
   #41. The Sphinx from Hyalite Peak
   #42. Hyalite Lake
   #43. Twin Falls
   #44. Mount Hyalite
   #45. View north from Hyalite
   #46. Hyalite Lake
   #47. Sheep in lower basin
   #48. View across from Twin Falls
   #49. Hoodoo Gulch and Devil's Slide
   #50. Sioux Indian cabin, Ft. Berthold, ND
Folder 10. Small Photo Album, photographs #51-61
   #51. Flanders home, Bozeman*
   #52. Flanders Mill, ca. 1908**
   #53. Logs in mill pond, Flanders Mill, ca. 1908**
   #54. Flanders Mill buildings with children
   #55. Flanders Mill, sawing shed
   #56. Children playing in Middle Creek
   #57. Log boom coming down Middle Creek
   #58. Mary Parks, George Sr., Clara & Laura Flanders
   #59. Laura, George Sr., & Clara Flanders
   #60. George Flanders Sr., age 5
    #61. Flanders family
Folder 11. Photograph album-unnumbered
Folder 12. Duplicate prints & negatives
Hat cord, wallet

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