Creator: Bozeman Art Association

Provenance Note: Records of the Bozeman Art Association were donated to Montana State University by Jessie Wilbur of Bozeman, Montana in 1972. Additional materials were donated by Doris Wilson of Bozeman, Montana, in 1977. The records were reported to the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections in 1979 and assigned record number 79-632.

Historical Note: The Bozeman Art Association was founded about 1934 as the Bozeman Chapter of the American Federation of Arts. The purpose of the organization was to finance the expense of bringing traveling exhibits of fine art to Bozeman for public display. Closely tied with the Montana State College community, the exhibit hall of choice for the organization was the fireplace room of Herrick Hall, a classroom building on campus constructed in 1926. Meetings were mostly held at Herrick Hall or in the homes of the organization's members, which included Olga Ross Hannon, Jessie Wilbur, and Isabel Haynes. In 1953 the group severed its relationship with the American Federation of Arts and renamed itself the Bozeman Arts Association. By 1961 interest in the organization began to wane as other venues and financing opportunities became available for art exhibitions in Bozeman. The group became inactive and its assets were finally closed out in February, 1968.

Content Description Note: The Bozeman Art Association records consist of a minute book recording transactions of the membership from September 21, 1944 through May 11, 1960; a treasurer's ledger detailing the finances of the organization from April 6, 1943 to January 13, 1953; a folder of receipts, invoices, and treasurers statements; a folder of membership lists, communications, and printed materials.

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