Creator: Ewing, Helen C.

Provenance Note: Helen C. Ewing donated papers of her husband Robert L. Ewing during his career as a Civil Engineer for the Idaho and Montana Highway Departments along with mining claims and correspondence; personal papers about her father Angus McLeod, her husband and herself including newspaper clippings and family photographs in 1972. She donated a group of family WWII ration books in 1984. The latter items, originally assigned collection number 1398, have been incorporated into this collection.

Historical Note: Helen C. Ewing was born in Butte, MT in 1903 the daughter of Angus B. McLeod who was a mine supervisor for the Black Rock Mine, the Sheriff of Silver Bow County from 1926-1929 and a State Legislator in 1923. She received her B.A. from Montana State University (U of M), Missoula, Montana in 1925 and the Carnegie Library School of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1932 Helen married Robert L. Ewing in 1938. He was a civil engineer with the Montana Highway Department stationed in Butte at the time. Robert Lee Ewing was born in Pendleton, Oregon in 1884. After high school he took an I. C. S. Course in Civil Engineering and worked his way from an instrument man in 1901 to an engineer in 1909. He worked for several companies and as an independent contractor on railroad and road construction from 1901 to 1917. In 1917 he joined the Idaho Highway Department and served as District Engineer for District no. 6 from April 1919 - May 1921. In May 1921 he became a civil engineer for the Montana State Highway Department and supervised construction of many difficult mountainous miles of roads. He was let go in 1949 at the age of 65 after 27 years of service. Robert and Helen settled in Glasgow Montana where he sold mutual funds and she was the City-County Librarian. In 1952 he bid and received a contract to upgrade the Glasgow Airport as an independent contractor. He also researched and held interests in mining claims throughout his career. In 1962, they moved to Bozeman, Montana where Robert died in April 1971. Helen retired as the Circulation Librarian (Assistant Professor Emerita) at Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana in 1972.

Content Description Note: This collection consists primarily of Robert Ewing's working papers including: 4 years of a daily work diary during 1940-1943; contracts, work estimates, bids and specifications; newspaper clippings; reports; and correspondence. Also present are photocopied news clippings about Robert, Helen and Angus McLeod; mining claim correspondence and associated papers; ration coupons from WWII and assorted memorabilia and photographs.


Box 1
1. Robert L. Ewing vita through 1927; contract from Intermountain Railway Co., 1914
2. Contract for Idaho Highway Department project, spec papers and department employee list - 1918-1919
3. Idaho Highway Department - correspondence; news clipping; financial report - 1920-1921
4. District #6 report by Robert Ewing in the State of Idaho, Department of Public Works, 1st Biennial Report, for period ending December 31st, 1920.
5. Correspondence about job application for Spokane, Washington job - March 1924
6. Blackfeet Scenic Road - correspondence, work estimates, newspaper clipping - 1925-1929
7. Right of Way correspondence, condemnation order, final reports - 1935
8. Daily work diary from November 12, 1940 - December 31,1943 and related papers and correspondence
9. Bids, agreements and map of Glasgow Airport construction project - 1952-1953
10. Mineral and mining claims - correspondence, agreements and productivity, 1925-1961
11. Photocopied news clippings and news clippings about Robert & Helen Ewing and Angus McLeod
12. Memorabilia- ration coupons in leather wallet, retirement program, clippings, humorous writings
13. Photographs 1-5: Black Rock Mine, Angus McLeod, 1923 State Legislature, Angus and mine tour
14. Photographs 6-7: Helen McLeod 1921; Helen Ewing at children's story hour 1961
15. Photographs 8-13: Royal Order of Jesters, Chas Miller Birthday party, 1932
16. Photographs 14-20: Movie set of "Told in the Hills" with Monte Blue 1918 in Glacier Natl. Park
17. Photograph negatives for #1, 2, 4, 7, 21

Oversize - photographs and certificates (in separate box)

21. Miners at Black Rock Mine, Butte with Angus McLeod and Helen in 1912
22. Miners at unknown mine with Angus McLeod ca. 1900
23. 1923 State Legislature poster with individual member portraits, Angus McLeod
24. Certificate of membership, NW Assn of Sheriffs & Police, Angus McLeod, 1929
25. U.S. Bureau of Mine certificate of Mine Rescue training, Angus McLeod, 1914

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