Creator: Carey, Mary Emerson, 1857-1950


Provenance Note: Original materials owned by Mary Carey were loaned to Montana State University for microfilming by Fannie Carey of Sheridan, Montana on June 1, 1971. At the same time Carey donated 26 original photographs. The borrowed material was returned after filming and its present location is unknown. In 1979 this collection was reported to the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections and assigned control number 79-639.


Historical Note: Mary Emerson Carey was born in Omaha, Nebraska on January 23, 1857, the daughter of Francis (Frank) and Bridgett Emerson. She came in 1864 with her parents to Nevada City, Montana Territory where she grew up. In 1873 she married Nicholas Carey, an Adobetown storekeeper in partnership with David O'Brien. In 1865, Nicholas was appointed postmaster in Adobetown, a position he held until his death in 1905 when Mary assumed the duties. She resigned in 1907 and the post office closed. Nicholas and Mary Carey had 13 children, including Nick Carey and Fannie Carey, the donor of this collection. Mary died in Sheridan on January 5, 1950.


Content Description Note: The Mary Carey collection consists of one reel of microfilmed records which include images from an original account ledger from the Carey and O'Brien store, 1871-1893; a second ledger likely kept by Mary Carey's son, Nick, 1904-1913; a teacher's register from the Adobetown School District 3 in Madison County, 1895-1898; 15 images of the Carey family, friends, and the Adobetown Pioneer Store and Post Office. 26 original photographs of the Carey family and friends are also in the collection, and photocopies of newspaper clippings pertaining to the family. The photographs include images of Adobetown area cowboys breaking horses for Boer War service, ca. 1900. Photographs titles have been copied from information written on verso by either a member of the Carey family or MSU Library personnel.


Box 1
1. Clippings
    Anaconda Standard: Nov. 10, 1907, "The Passing of Adobetown Post Office."
    Madison County Forum: February 2, 1950 "Obituary of Mary Carey."
    Notice of sale posted by Matthew Carey in Ireland in 1848
2. Photographs #1-10
    #1. Catholic Church at Laurin, dedication in 1904
    #2. Elk's Club in Virginia City, includes Oscar McDonald, Bert Noble, John Carey, Mike Thomas, Lane Walker, Bill Plunket, & Sim Buford.
    #3. Cahill Family: Front; Fannie Cahill - Esther Metzel, Back; _______ Henry Cahill.
    #4. Green Campbell Mine at Silver Star - group at a dance posed.
    #5. Matt Carey with cap working in P.J. Brophy's in Butte 1900.
    #6. Tot Dullea (Mrs. Clancy of Ennis), Elizabeth Carey Mahagin.
    #7. Mary Carey Husted, Virginia City.
    #8. Nicholas "Nick" Carey
    #9. Bill Clancy - Saloon owner in Virginia City
    #10. Frank Carey worked in Chownings Store in Ennis.
3. Photographs #11-20
    #11. Minnie Ellen Marquis c1900 (Beaver coat)
    #12. Dr. & Mrs. Marquis c1900 (Beaver coats)
    #13-19. Breaking horses for the Boer War. (Most around Adobetown.)
    #20. Rosie Collier - teacher at the Adobetown School,
4. Photographs #21-26
    #21. William O'Neil - one of 500 soldiers who walked to Ft, Bills in the 1870s. Wagons carried their food.
    #22. Pullers Hot Springs on the Ruby.
    #23. Frank Carey and Pete Clifford at Garnet, Montana.
    #24. Henry Elling and Co. in Sheridan now Charles Wallers.
    #25. Digging potatoes on the Stone Ranch 2 miles from Alder.
    #26. Alex Metzel
Box 2 Microfilmed materials
1. John McDonald Ranch near Alder.
2. Matt Carey and Helen Jeffers Carey.
3. Store in Adobetown
4. Maggie Gibson (also called n. 1 (Dredge Boat)
5-7. Original Conrey Placer Tower
8. Catholic Church at Laurin, Dedication 1904 (confirmation class)
9. Mary Carey composite of 4 pictures (portrait as a young woman, middle aged, with great grandchildren at 83.)
10. Mary Carey
11. Michael Joseph Pedter in Madison County
12. Arm Derrick - Carey Ranch near Sheridan.
13. Matt Carey _ Drowned in the Yellowstone in the 1870s, came to Montana for his health.
14 Mrs. Cahill who came to Adobetown in 1864
15. Stephen Cahill Ranch near Alder in 1900.
16. Carey and O'Brien ledger, 1871-1893
17. Nick Carey ledger, 1904-1913
18. Teacher's Daily Register, Adobetown District No. 3, Madison County, 1895-1898

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