Creator: McGill, Caroline, 1879-1959


Provenance Note: Original and photocopied personal papers, literary manuscripts, and printed ephemera pertaining to Dr. Caroline McGill were added to Special Collections by: Mrs. James Goodrich of Gallatin Canyon in 1965 (accession number 25); Dr. Merrill G. Burlingame of Bozeman in 1971 and 1972 (accession numbers 945 and 990); estate of Harriet Cushman (accession number 1245); Helen M. Johnson of Missoula in 1984 (accession number 1403); Museum of the Rockies in 1973 and 1985 (accession numbers 945 and 1418); Dorothy Vick of Bozeman in 1992; Marian Stephens of Bozeman in 1994 (accession number 2296). The material was combined under one accession number (945) in 1997.


Historical Note: Caroline McGill (1879-1959) was a Butte, Montana physician and collector of historical memorabilia. Born in Mansfield, Ohio on May 18, 1879, McGill moved to Lebanon, Missouri with her family at the age of five. She attended normal school at nearby Springfield and eventually the University of Missouri at Columbia where she earned a doctorate in anatomy in 1908. In 1909 she left for Europe to study anatomy as the first recipient of the Sarah Berliner Research Fellowship for Women. In 1911 McGill began her work at the Murray Hospital in Butte, Montana, but shortly thereafter left to earn her MD at Johns Hopkins University. She returned to Butte in 1914 and continued to practice medicine until her retirement in 1956. She purchased the 320 Ranch in Gallatin Canyon in 1936 and took a keen interest in the area's history. Collecting antiques complimented her research on Gallatin Canyon's past and she stored much of her growing collection of objects and memorabilia at the ranch as well as her apartment at Butte. She eventually moved the collection to the Montana State University campus where it formed the core of the Museum of the Rockies. Caroline McGill died on February 4, 1959.


Content Description Note: The papers in this collection consist of: autobiographical materials, including a transcription of travel notes originally kept by McGill on the back of postcards during her 1909-1910 European tour, her reminiscences of Gallatin Canyon prior to her purchase of the 320 Ranch in 1936, and notes on the establishment of the Museum of the Rockies; an original manuscript history of Gallatin Canyon prepared by McGill from various interviews, letters, and research readings supplemented by an index prepared by Harriet Cushman and members of the Montana Institute for the Arts; subject files pertaining mostly to personalities associated with the history of Gallatin Canyon; tourist information brochures and pamphlets; general personal and research correspondence. Persons mentioned include: Andrew Levinski, Bert Stillman, Charles Franklin High, Cunningham and Behring, Dr. L.E. Safely, Henry Sapplington, Lew Bartholomew, Pete Karst, Plenty Coups, Ralph Oliver, Richard A. Harlow, Sam Wilson, Stanley Davis, Story Ranch, Thomas Michener, Vick Smith, Walter Cooper, Zachariah Sales. Digitized materials are available in an online database

Series 1: Autobiographical materials, 1909-1956

Spirit duplication transcription of European travel notes made by McGill while studying in Europe during 1909-1910, prepared by Helen Berg from the original notes kept on the back of postcards. An original handwritten reminiscence, and subsequent photocopies of typed transcriptions with corrections made by Merrill G. Burlingame, of McGill's experiences in Gallatin Canyon prior to her purchase of the 320 ranch in 1936; positive photocopy of typewritten reminiscence of McGill's experiences establishing the Museum of the Rockies.

Box 1
1. Notes and observations made while traveling in Europe
2. "Before the 320 Ranch," handwritten reminiscence
3. "Before the 320 Ranch," photocopy of typescript with corrections
4. "Before the 320 Ranch," first carbon of typescript with corrections
5. "Before the 320 Ranch," second carbon of typescript
6. Dr. McGill's Museum Notes

Series 2: Gallatin Canyon History manuscript

Original rough draft manuscript, consisting of sequentially numbered pages of handwritten, typescript, and carbon copy text, of a historical study of Gallatin Canyon, Montana, apparently started by McGill but never completed. The first four folders consist of an index, prepared by Harriet Cushman and members of the Montana Institute of the Arts History Group, which refers to the manuscript pagination.

Box 2
1. Index, A-D
2. Index, E-K
3. Index, L-R
4. Index, S-Z
5. Manuscript, pages 1-29
6. Manuscript, pages 30-59
7. Manuscript, pages 60-97
8. Manuscript, pages 98-130
9. Manuscript, pages 131-161
10. Manuscript, pages 162-197
11. Manuscript, pages 198-227
12. Manuscript, pages 228-249
13. Manuscript, pages 250-272
14. Manuscript, pages 273-293
15. Manuscript, pages 294-313
16. Manuscript, pages 314-328
17. Manuscript, pages 329-373
18. Manuscript, pages 374-414 and 418

Series 3: Subject Files

Letters, interview notes, and miscellaneous research notations compiled by Caroline McGill during the course of her research for her intended history of Gallatin Canyon and other historical projects. Some of the material in the subject files duplicates the numbered pages from Series 2, but bear additional marginalia added by either McGill or Merrill G. Burlingame. The files have been alphabetically arranged.

Box 3
1. Avant Courier extracts
2. Bart, Lewis
3. Benham, Earl
4. Benson, V.H.
5. Blanchard
6. Bohart, Seth F.
7. Butler, Julius
8. Comly, Samuel
9. Cooper, Walter; Cope, Kate
10. Crail, Franklin
11. Cunningham and Behring
12. Davis, Stanley
13. Dier, Alfred
14. Ewan, Joseph A.
15. Foster, John Rhodes
16. Gallatin Canyon Women's Club
17. Goodrich, Jim and Patty
18. Hapner, Leora
19. Holter, Anton M.
20. Johnson, David Angus
21. Karst, Pete
22. Kelly, Margaret Michener
23. Knox, Michael
24. Levinski, Andrew
25. Lincoln, Tom
26. Lythe, William
27. Map
28. Marble, Charles
29. Marshall, Frank Rumreill
30. McGill, Caroline (miscellaneous research notes)
31. Michener, Tom
32. Miles, Arthur W.
33. Miller, Ernest
34. Pierstorff, Lester Andrew; Plenty Coups
35. Roosevelt, Theodore
36. Safley
37. Sales, Zachariah
38. Schools
39. Smith, Vick
40. Stillman, Burt
41. Story, Nelson
42. Taylor, Clark
43. VerWolfe, Mrs. Ira
44. Vick, Dorothy Michener
45. Watkin, A. J.
46. Wilson, Samuel
47. Willson, Fred F.
48. Wonder, Mrs. Denny
49. Woods, Jack

Series 4: Tourist Ephemera, ca. 1930-1950

Brochures, pamphlets, and other printed ephemera pertaining to the tourist trade in Gallatin County, Montana, the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountains. Dude ranch materials especially predominate.

Box 4
1. Bozeman Victory Roundup, 1942
2. Allen Ranch
3. Deep Canyon Ranch
4. Haggin y/p Ranch
5. Karst's Ranch
6. Montana Dude Ranches
7. Nine Quarter Circle Ranch
8. Ranch Vacations
9. Richel Lodge
10. Rising Sun Ranch
11. Vacation Western Dude Ranches
12. Western Vacation Lands
13. Gallatin County/Bozeman Map
14. Gallatin Gateway to YNP
15. Gallatin Horse Show and Sale
16. Guide to Hunting and Fishing
17. American Mountains
18. Beaverhead County/Dillon
19. Billings-map
20. Butte
21. Flathead Valley
22. Glacier National Park
23. GNP Wilderness Trail Trips
24. Helena-Where to go, what to see
25. Madison County
26. Maps-Yellowstone to Glacier, Between Canadian Prairies
27. Tourist brochures-general
28. MSU-Bozeman and vicinity
29. Parade Rest, West Yellowstone
30. Skalkaho Highway
31. Virginia City
32. Map-Canadian Pacific
33. Map-South Dakota
34. Utah guide
35. Sheridan, Wyoming
36. "We Love our Montana," by Alice Weiser

Series 5: Correspondence, 1931-1958

Miscellaneous correspondence, both personal and research related, received or created by Caroline McGill. Some of the letters are from people named in the subject files of Series 4, but the content pertains to a wide variety of personal and research related subjects. Alphabetically arranged by the name of the letter writer with McGill responses interfiled.

Box 4 (cont.)
37. A-B
38. C-J
39. K-U
40. V (Vick, Dorothy)
41. W-Z

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