Provenance Note: Military records and personal papers pertaining to Fort Ellis, Montana Territory, and Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane, Second United States Cavalry, were transferred to Special Collections by the Museum of the Rockies in the summer of 1970. Documents formerly assigned accession numbers 1370 and 2187 were added to this collection on November 17, 2014.


Historical Note: Fort Ellis was a military post established by the United States Army near Bozeman, Montana Territory, in 1867. Established to protect settlers in the Gallatin Valley from a perceived Indian threat, the post housed troops from a number of different regiments prior to its deactivation in 1886. Among the cavalry units stationed at Fort Ellis was the Second United States Cavalry, and an officer from that regiment, Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane, became well known for his exploration of Yellowstone National Park. Doane also explored the Snake River during his career and accompanied the Howgate Arctic expedition in Greenland in 1880. He died in 1892 and his widow, Mary L. Doane, tried unsuccessfully to copyright his diary of the 1870 Yellowstone trip in the 1930s.


Content Description Note: The collection contains papers collected by the Museum of the Rockies pertaining to both Fort Ellis and Lieutenant Doane, including: the complete handwritten report of Doane regarding the Howgate expedition of 1880; quartermaster and ordnance returns from the Second Cavalry signed by Doane and lieutenant E.J. McClernand at various posts including Fort Ellis and Fort Maginnis, Montana Territory, and the Presido, San Francisco, California; military returns from the first battalion Mississippi Marine brigade 1865-1867; prescription book from Dr. John H. Kuhle, Fort Ellis, 1876; file of correspondence by Mary L. Doane; various printed materials pertaining to military matters and the Grand Army of the Republic. The collection has been inventoried.


Box 1
Folder 1. Howgate Arctic Expedition of 1880 authorized by W.H. Howgate, commanded by Gustavus C. Doane. (Purpose was the scientific and geographical exploration of Greenland. Preliminary handwritten report with original supporting manuscripts attached.)
Preliminary report by G.C. Doane, March 16, 1881, unpaged.
Chap. 1 - order for the expedition, pp. 1-11.
Chap. 2 - departure of the expedition, pp. 12-27.
Chap. 3 - description of personnel, the arrival, the natives, animal life, etc., pp. 28-60 (the pages are complicated with official affidavits glued in place and are paged on the verso).
Chap. 4 - continued the outfitting of the expedition and the description of the island to the withdrawal by sail in the absence of coal authorized by H.W. Howgate, pp. 61-94.
Chap. 5 - report on the conduct of the expedition and the findings. The entire report was prepared by G.C. Doane, pp. 95-159.
Appendix C - to G.C. Doane from David S. Snively, Ft. Ellis, MT, Jan. 21, 1881.
Folder 1. Howgate Report
Folder 2. Quarterly return of clothing and equipage for quarter ending December 31, 1883.
Folder 3. Quarterly return of clothing and equipage for quarter ending March 31, 1884.
Folder 4. Quarterly return of clothing and equipage for quarter ending June 30, 1884.
Folder 5. Quarterly return of clothing and equipage for quarter ending September 30, 1884.
Folder 6. Quarterly return of clothing and equipage for the first part of the fourth quarter ending November 30, 1884.
Folder 7. Quarterly return of ordnance and ordnance stores for quarter ending June 30, 1885.
Folder 8. Quarterly return of clothing, camp and garrison equipage for quarter ending December 30, 1885.
Box 2
Folder 1. Certificates of non-indebtedness, Dec. 1865 - May 1867.
Folder 2. Receipts for the acceptance of returns for clothing, equipage, and ordnance stores, 1875-1882.
Folder 3. Receipts for the acceptance of returns for clothing, equipage, and ordnance stores, 1883-1892.
Folder 4. Commissary book of G.C. Doane, 1884-1889.
Folder 5. Hearing to account for supplies destroyed because they were worn out in service, 1882-1887.
Folder 6. Efforts by Mrs. Mary L. Doane to get copyright for her husband's diary of the so called Yellowstone Expedition of 1870, 1930. Letter from his mother (N. Doane) while he was in Arizona, 1886.
Folder 7. Journal of the Military Association of the Pacific, July and Nov. 1885.
Folder 8. Kuhle, Dr. John H. Prescription and account book apparently used at Ft. Ellis about 1876, found in an old building by Steve Skaar, May 20, 1962.
Folder 9. Grand Army of the Republic. Battle Ballads by Fred Emerson Brooks, 1886. Roster, By-Laws, and Roll of deceased members, Geo. H. Thomas Post N. 2, Dept. of Calif., 1892.
Folder 10. Decisions, orders, etc. affecting target practice and the small-arms firing regulations, 1891. 10th Annual Report Army Mutual Aid Association, 1888-1889. Covering board for enclosures which were not in the collection, notes on the board may be meaningful.
Folder 11. Official Army Register, Jan. 1890.
Folder 12. Mary Doane speeches
Folder 13. Society of Montana Pioneers papers.
Folder 14. Mary Doane documents.
Folder 15. Fort Ellis reminiscences [formerly accession 2187].
Folder 16. Fort Ellis history by Gene F. Payne [formerly accession 1370].

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