Creator: Kraenzel, Margaret Powell, 1899-1988


Provenance Note: Original manuscript drafts of essays, articles, and a book written by Margaret Powell Kraenzel were donated to Montana State University in 1970 by Doris Wilson of Bozeman, Montana. They were reported in 1979 to the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections and assigned accession number 79-672.


Historical Note: Margaret Powell Kraenzel was born on September 14, 1899, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of John Walker and Sarah Louise (Pettay) Powell. She married Carl Frederick Kraenzel on June 6, 1930 and the couple had four children, Sarah Janet, Frederick, Theodore, and James. She attended the University of California and Wellesley College before obtaining her librarian certificate from the University of Wisconsin, in 1923. Kraenzel worked as a librarian in Milwaukee and Racine, Wisconsin, and at Elmhurst College prior to her work as an instructor of English at Montana State College in Bozeman in 1945. She lived in Iran when her husband was working for the Near East Foundation from 1959 to 1961. She wrote articles and poetry for magazines and at least three books, including The Mouse Gray Stallion (Bobbs-Merrill, 1957) using the pen name "Wallace Blue." Margaret Kraenzel died on November 3, 1988, near her home in Groveland, California.


Content Description Note: The literary manuscripts in this collection represent seven works by Kraenzel regarding Montana, travel and description of Iran and its people, and her own childhood. Two articles, "Happy Birthday" and "The Weight Lifter of Iran" have two draft versions, both bearing marginal corrections. The manuscript for The Mouse Gray Stallion also has the original galleys for the book placed in a separate folder. All manuscripts bear correction notes and have been arranged alphabetically by title.


Box 1
1. "Dear Roderick"
2. "Happy Birthday"
3. "The House on Center Street"
4. "Iran's Most Valued Citizen"
5. "Maydana Kakh"
6. The Mouse Gray Stallion
7. The Mouse Gray Stallion (galley)
8. "The Weight Lifter of Iran"

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