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Provenance Note: Twenty-four Log books kept by various rangers of the Gallatin National Forest were donated by the Museum of the Rockies on December 18, 2001 as part of collection 2130. They have been placed with two unidentified log books kept by Gallatin National Forest rangers donated by Merrill G. Burlingame in 1969.

Historical Note: The Gallatin National Forest was established in 1899 as an administrative unit of the Northern Region of the United States Forest Service, initially under the auspices of the Department of the Interior. In 1905, the Forest Service was transferred to the Department of Agriculture. The total acreage in southwest Montana exceeded 1,800,000 by 1999, mostly located north and west of Yellowstone National Park in Carbon, Gallatin, Madison, Meagher, Park, and Sweet Grass counties. The first supervisor of the Gallatin National Forest was Michael Langohr, and other rangers operating in the early twentieth century included Fred E. Ainger, Cyrus L. Bryant, Fred G. Adams, Harrison M. Crane, W. W. Wetzel and L.H. McLean. Their duties included policing mineral and livestock lessees, combating forest fires, and protecting wildlife.

Content Description Note: These log books were kept by all of the above mentioned rangers during the early twentieth century and concern their daily activities both in the field and in the administrative offices. Locations mentioned include the upper Yellowstone River valley (especially including Tom Minor Basin), the Crazy Mountains, Martinsdale, Bozeman, Hyalite Mountains, Brackett Creek, and Trail Creek. Incidents described include forest fires, mining claim violations, and wildlife sightings. The log books have been arranged in chronological order for volumes 1-24. Volumes 25 and 26 are out of sequence.


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1. Fred E. Ainger, Forest Ranger, Bozeman, April 9, 1906-December 31, 1907. General patrol in the Gallatin National Forest; Gallatin Canyon, Hyalite, Trail Creek, etc.
2. Fred E. Ainger, January 1-July 20, 1908.
3. Fred E. Ainger, July 21, 1908-February 28, 1909. Good detail on ranger and ranch names as well as work inspected.
4. Cyrus L. Bryant, Assistant Forest Ranger, Pine Creek. January 1-October 3, 1908. East and West Boulder and Mission Creek out of Livingston.
5. Fred G. Adams, Jardine, June 1 -October 15, 1908 West Boulder, Hellroaring, Jardine.
6. Unidentified. February 1-August 17, 1909. General office work in Livingston.
7. Fred E. Ainger. March 1-November 14, 1909. Detailed report an the Gallatin National Forest from Bozeman.
8. Shorthand notebook, March 16-November 20, 1909. Probably from Livingston office.
9. Unidentified. September 9-June 30, 1909. 106. Patrols from Livingston office.
10. Fred E. Ainger, Fridley, October 1, 1909-May 31, 1910. Worked in Bozeman office: went to Fridley and patrolled with Deputy Forest Ranger A.S. Hapner. Later worked with Ranger H.A. Cleaveland on Bracket Creek. Detail excellent. Most of the patrols are from the Upper Yellowstone area.
11. Several rangers seem to have logged in this book, April 10-September 30, 1910. Patrols in Upper Yellowstone Deep Creek Ranger Station.
12. Fred E. Ainger, June I -December 31, 1910, Patrols in Upper Yellowstone from base at Fridley.
13. Joe Rink, April 23-September 23, 1911. Patrols in Upper Yellowstone area.
14. Harrison M. Crane- Pine Creek. October 1-April 29, 1911. Worked with Rink; patrols in Upper Yellowstone. Much detail about threshing seed from pine cones. Handwriting looks as though these men wrote the unidentified logs.
15. Harrison M. Crane, Asst. Forest Ranger, Melville, November 3, 1911 -May 24, 1912. Patrols out of Big Timber and Melville as on American Fork Creek.
16. Fred E. Ainger, August 1, 1911-March 30, 1912. Patrols of Upper Yellowstone, especially Minor.
17. Fred E. Ainger, December 1, 1912-September 7, 1913. Patrols of Upper Yellowstone: mostly worked in Bozeman on forest atlas corrections. Patrolled out of Big Creek Station. Frequent mention of Bottler's sheep.
18. L.H. McLean. Forest Ranger. March 1 -July 31, 1918. Patrolled from Dome Mountain Ranger Station; worked in office at Big Creek Station.
19. L.H. McLean August 1-December 31, 1918. Working in Upper Yellowstone. Little detail.
20. L.H. McLean, Forest Guard, June 23-October 4, 1919. Patrol of the Upper Yellowstone: some forest fire problems in late July. Little detail.
21. Harrison M. Crane, Forest Ranger, February 1-April 30, 1923. Work on Silver King mining claim trespass; Patrol of the Upper Yellowstone. Mention of elk conditions and insects in the timber.
22. L.H.McLean, Forest Ranger. District 4, February 1-May 1, 1925. Patrol of the Upper Yellowstone in winter.
23. W.W. Wetzel, Forest Ranger, Emigrant. September 1-30, 1928. Detail on routines near station.
24. W.W. Wetzel, March 1-April 30, 1930. Patrol of the Upper Yellowstone
25. Unidentified. January 1, 1911 -July 31, 1911. Patrol of the Upper Yellowstone
26. Harrison M. Crane, October 7, 1913-February 7, 1914. Patrol of Crazy Mountains around Martinsdale.

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