Creator: Howard, A. V. (Albert V), 1850-1935

Provenance Note: An original typed narrative prepared by Maie B. Hills from the dictation of A. V. Howard was loaned to Montana State University for copying by Jeanne B. Hillis, The Dalles, Oregon, on April 22, 1966. After its duplication by MSU library personnel, the original manuscript was returned to Hallis where it presently remains.

Historical Note: Albert V. Howard was born in October 1850 and grew up in northern Kentucky. He was a gold prospector and lumber dealer who first came to the Libby, Montana area in 1885. Prospecting with his brother, B. F. Howard, Albert filed claims on parcels along Libby Creek near its confluence with the Kootanai River, and began to supplement his mining income by selling sawn lumber for construction in the area. After the establishment of the town of Libby, he opened a wholesale and retail lumber business under the name of A. V. Howard. He died November 12, 1935, in Libby.

Content Description Note: The photocopied manuscript is a single spaced typed document on A.V. Howard stationery which bears penciled corrections on various pages, likely done by Howard himself after proofing the dictated typescript prepared by his employee, Maie B. Hillis. The first person narrative describes Howard's arrival in the Libby area with his brother, B. F. Howard, and their mining operations along Libby creek. Other miners and claim holders are specifically named throughout the narrative, and some description is given to crime, social conditions, and the first buildings constructed in the town of Libby. Howard also describes business arrangements made by miners with each other as well as investors who lived elsewhere, including an unnamed Chinese resident of Missoula.


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