Creator: Rowland, Della J.

Provenance Note: An original handwritten reminiscence composed by Della J. Rowland of Teton County, Montana, was donated by her to Montana State University in 1965.

Historical Note: Della J. Humble was born in Idaho on December 8, 1887. She moved to Teton County married Homer O. Rowland sometime prior to 1917. Homer had been born in Nebraska on December 17, 1892, the son of Adelaska Rowland and moved with his family to Montana in 1899. After a brief residence in Canada, the Rowlands first settled in the Bynum area, but afterwards settled a homestead claim near Pendroy. The homestead eventually became part of Homer's farm where he and Della raised two children. In addition to farming, Homer also served as a Teton County commissioner. Homer Rowland died on July 8, 1966 and Della Rowland passed away on October 21, 1979.

Content Description Note: The Della Rowland reminiscence is an undated two page handwritten account of the journey the Rowland family made in 1899 and 1900 from Nebraska to Montana and Adelaska Rowland's subsequent working life as a farm hand and homesteader. Some information is given on fellow travelers in the 1899 caravan from Nebraska, but there are few details in the narrative.

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