Creator: Brewster family


Provenance Note: The Brewster papers were donated by Burton Brewster, Birney, Montana, November, 1964 and Lyman and Anne Brewster, Billings, Montana, November 1964 and September, 1965.


Historical Note: Lyman and Burton Brewster are brothers and prior to 1947 operated the Brewster Arnold Ranch Co. and G.W. Brewster Estate along with family members John and Grace (Brewster) Arnold and George Brewster, Jr. In 1947, the operations split; Lyman Brewster and his wife, Anne became the X Diamond Bar Cattle Co. and took over the Quarter Circle U Ranch. The ranches are in Rosebud County, near Birney, Montana. Lyman Brewster ran for U.S. Senate in the Republican primary in 1964. Prior to that he was active in Montana agriculture at the state and national levels.


Content Description Note: The collection is arranged in four series, financial documents, photographic materials, literary productions, and legal documents. All the items are associated with ranching operations of the Brewster family. Materials within the series are arranged by topic then chronological within the topic. All oversize items have been placed in Box 4. The material pertains to the operation of the Brewster Arnold Ranch Co., Quarter Circle U Ranch, X Diamond Bar Cattle Co., and Lyman Brewster and his activities in livestock organizations and political appointments. Some topics of interest are brucellosis and foot-and-mouth diseases, over 50 years of ranch accounts, efforts to change the federal brand inspection law during the 1950s, and price analysis of sale cattle from 1912 to 1962.

Series 1: Financial Documents

Ledgers, bills and receipts, mortgages and notes, land leases with the Brown Ranch Co., and taxes related to Lyman and Anne Brewster, X Diamond Bar Cattle Co., Quarter Circle U and Brewster Arnold Ranch Companies. There are some miscellaneous financial records for other businesses and government agencies that Lyman and Anne Brewster were associated with. There is a spread sheet of cattle sale prices analysis from 1912 to 1962 in Box 4, Folder 2. Ledgers covering 1907 to 1964 are found in Box 1, Folder 1-5 and Box 4, Folder 1. Brucellosis and anaplasmosis tests on ranch cattle are in Box 2, Folder 5. Oversize materials are in Box 4, Folders 1-3. Folders from which oversize materials have been removed are marked with an asterisk (*).

Box 1
1. Ranch records on ledger paper 1907-1928
2. General ledger 1913-1925
3. General ledger 1929-1938
4. General ledger 1939-1964*
5. Labor accounts ledger 1928-1929
6. Miscellaneous account notes and checks 1919-1920
7. Livestock sales receipts and sale price analysis*
8. Brewster Arnold Ranch Co. and Quarter Circle U Ranch audit reports 1932-1951, inc.
9. X Diamond Bar Cattle Co. audit reports 1948-1956
10. Brewster financial analysis for the division of the Brewster Arnold Ranch Co. 1947
11. Brewster financial accounts with the Brown Cattle Co. 1949-1957, inc.
12. Land leases with the Brown Cattle Co. 1947-1956


Box 2
1. Mortgage loans 1946-1957
2. Promissory notes 1946-1956
3. Miscellaneous financial documents
4. Registered Hereford certificates 1947-1956
5. Results of brucellosis and anaplasmosis tests 1950-1956
6. Ties from Montana business papers 1958
7. Rosebud and Big Horn Counties tax assessments and bills paid 1947-1959*
8. Lyman and Anne Brewster's U.S. income tax returns and related correspondence 1946-1952, inc.
9. Lyman and Anne Brewster's U.S. income tax returns and related correspondence 1953-1961, inc.
10. Lyman and Anne Brewster's Montana income tax 1948-1955, inc.
11. Lame Deer Trading Co. U.S. and Montana partnership income tax returns 1946-1950
12. Financial statements of Montana Livestock Commission, FY 1947, 1951, 1954

Series 2: Photographs

Photographs are of Crow Indians, female wolf, and Lyman and Anne Brewster. Each photograph is individually number and placed in an envelope. Photos vary in size. Date or photographer are unknown for most of the photographs.

Box 2 (cont.)
13. Photographs #1-3
    #1. Portrait of Lyman and Anne Brewster
    #2. Portrait of Anne Brewster
    #3. Lyman Brewster bronco riding, 1926


14. Photographs #4-8
    #4. Crow Chief
    #5. Old Wolf, Crow Indian, 1910
    #6. Crow Indian children
    #7. Grace, Indian maiden
    #8. Wolf with pups, Charles Flory, photographer

Series 3: Literary Productions

Articles, reports, minutes, presentation, diary, and correspondence related to Brewster cattle operations and Lyman Brewster's activities in organizations and political appointments. Materials include articles about the X Diamond Bar Cattle Co. and brucellosis, and Lyman Brewster's diary while lobbying Congress.

Box 3
1. Autobiography of Lyman Brewster, candidate of Republican Primary for U.S. Senate 1964
2. X Diamond Bar Cattle Co. articles and related correspondence 1955
3. Articles written by Lyman Brewster, Reindeer in Alaska, Brucellosis, and other topics
4. Presentation by Lyman Brewster, President of Montana Livestock Sanitary Board to the Montana Hereford Congress, 1950
5. Correspondence, minutes, regulations and other related materials during Lyman Brewster's presidency of Montana Livestock Sanitary Board
6. Minutes, correspondence, and other related materials of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Industry Advisory Committee 1951-1955
7. Brucellosis materials collected by Lyman Brewster
8. Diary of Lyman Brewster lobbying Congress to amend the Packers and Stockyard Act 1956
9. Correspondence related to changing the federal brand inspection law of the Packers and Stockyard Act 1954 - February 1956
10. Correspondence related to changing the federal brand inspection law of the Packers and Stockyard Act March 1956-1961
11. Minutes, membership letters, and related materials of the National Livestock Brand conferences of the American National Cattlemen's Association 1954-1961
12. Miscellaneous brand inspection materials
13. Miscellaneous printed materials

Series 4: Legal Documents

Laws, regulations, and congressional bills related to brand inspection; court documents on various topics; and deed and insurance policies of Lyman and Anne Brewster. Legal materials related to Lyman Brewster's work on the brand inspection laws are in Box 3, Folder 16.

Box 3 (cont.)
14. Home owners and automobile insurance policies 1955-1957
15. Grizzly Peak Mountain Homes property deed
16. Laws, court documents, congressional bills and legislation on brand inspection laws of the Packers and Stockyard Act of 1921
17. Court hearing of Ben Arnold held in Forsyth, Rosebud County, Montana 1928
18. Court document investigating the competency of Inspectors Eddie O'Donnell and Buster Farnum 1938
19. Court appeal to operate a livestock market in Baker, Montana 1959


Box 4 Oversize
1. General ledgers 1954, 1957-1961, 1964
2. Cattle price analysis 1912-1962
3. Rosebud and Big Horn County tax assessments 1952, 1953, 1956-1959

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