Creator: Montana Institute of the Arts. Bozeman History Group.

Provenance Note: Montana Institute of the Arts Bozeman History Group recordings were donated to the Montana State University Library over a twenty year period beginning around 1955. The following accession numbers originally assigned to the various recordings, transcripts, and other documents were incorporated into the present collection: 298, 299, 450, 454, 475, 482, 574, 575, 576, 581, 584, 597, 625, 640, 647, 660, 665, 742, 810, 870, 871, 872, 894, 905, 978, 1009, 1010, 1051, 1063, 1122, 1123, 1128, 1242, 1270, 2005, 2048, 2357, 2358, 2361.

Historical Note: The Montana Institute of the Arts was organized April 3, 1948 at a meeting in Helena. This organization's main purpose was to give like-minded individuals an opportunity to celebrate cultural pursuits in the state in fields such as art, literature, drama, and history. The Bozeman history group was a local organization that was established from the state parent. It was this branch's goal to preserve the history of Gallatin Canyon through collecting county and local histories, strengthening the State Historical library, preservation of buildings and geographical regions, and history projects for students. Beginning in the early 1950s, this group began recording both oral histories and prepared speeches presented at their meetings.

Content Description Note: The Montana Institute of the Arts Bozeman History Group collection contains compact disc recordings taken from the original reel-to-reel and cassette magnetic recordings of their meetings, their interviews with selected individuals, and their special projects such as radio dramatizations. A separate series of meeting notes and transcripts has been created to correspond with the recordings. A third series of documents includes administrative files of the Montana Institute of the Arts along with materials pertaining to the groups special projects, such as the creation of a special Gallatin County history map. The fourth series in the collection is restricted and contains the original reel-to-reel magnetic recordings from which the CD surrogates were produced.

As each meeting session or individual interview was recorded, a separate accession number was originally assigned by Special Collections staff and catalog cards were prepared that listed subject headings and speakers. The information from these cards has been incorporated into this scope and content note. Speakers and people discussed in the meetings include: Dorothy Aasheim, Mary Stuart Abbott, Joe Alberda, Effie Atkins, Joe Ballinger, Edward J. Bell, Frank L. Benepe, Lucien Benepe, Leander M. Black, John V. Bogert, Mildred Boylan, Marvin Brooke, Merrill G. Burlingame, Clara A. Bush, Norma Carmin, Robert A. Chadwick, Lawrence Christie, Garrett Cole, Frank Conley, F.S. Cooley, Harriette E. Cushman, Amelia Brown Demarest, Mary Hunter Doane, Dorothy Dudley, John Fabrick, Burt Fisher, Oalf B. Fjare, Marie Flaherty, George W. Flanders, Bill Fogsly, Harvey P. Griffin, George H. Haine, Aubrey L. Haines, Marlyn Hauseman Jones, Peter Karst, George W. Krattcer, Christine Kundert, Michael Langohr, Don Langohr, Jr., Garrett Lansing, Ike LeForge, Marjorie Ann Leigh, Ora Michener Lemon, W. W. Lessley, Howard Lewis, F.B. Linfield, Mignon Quaw Lott, Winifred Lovelace, Fred J. Martin, Thomas Michener, Grace Miller, Dan Morrison, Oscar O. Mueller, Francis Niven, A. J. Ogaard, E. Paul Orcutt, Francis Smith Patten, John Paugh, Carl H. Peterson, J. Bruce Putnam, Bob Roberts, George Sager, Chris Schlecten, James A. Shedd, George Sinton, Guy Stemba, Malcom Story, Nelson Story, Dewey Street, Granville Stuart, George Stublar, J.C. Taylor, Lester H. Todd, Nick Van Dyke, Dorothy M. Vick, Art Watson, Milburn Lincoln Wilson, Fred Ypma, Ralph Zimmer.

The subjects of the meetings and interviews include: Agriculture; Aviation; Bear Creek; Bear Canyon; Big Timber; Bozeman ; Bozeman Deaconess Hospital ; Bridger Canyon; Chesnut (Mont.); Chinese; Deer Lodge Farms; DHS Ranch; Diamond City; Drought; Electrical Power; Elkhorn Ranch; Farmer's Institutes; Federal Surplus Relief Association; Fergus County; Gallatin Canyon; Gallatin County; Gallatin Gateway; Gallatin National Forest; Geology; History Rock; Holland; Homesteading; Hylite Canyon; Insurance; Lewis and Clark Caverns; Logging; Manhattan State Bank; Mellville ; Missouri Breaks; Montana Extension Service; Montana State Prison Farm; Montana State College; Montana Winter Fair; Morrison Cave; Mortgage Companies; Mount Hagen Livestock Company; Newspapers; North American Mortgage Company; Norweigans; Paradise Valley; Photography; Pompey's Pillar; Pony ; Presidential Electors; Ranching; Red Bluff; Salesville; Shedd's Bridge; Sheep; Siksika Indians; Skiing; Sweet Pea Festival; Three Forks; Tourism; Vigilantes ; Virginia City; Water Rights; Wibaux County; Willow Creek; Yellowstone National Park.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: The reel to reel and cassette magnetic tapes in Series 4 are restricted due to fragility. Researchers should use CD surrogates of Series 1 to access the audio recordings of the various MIA meetings and interviews. Permission to use original tapes must be granted by the Special Collections Librarian.



Series 1: Compact Discs, 1950-1977
Series 2: Meeting Notes and Transcripts, 1950-1977
Series 3: Other MIA Records, 1948-ca. 1960s
Series 4: Reel to Reel and Cassette Audio Tapes, 1950-1977


Series 1: Compact Disc Recordings, 1950-1977

The contents of this series consists of digital recording discs taken from the original reel to reel or cassette magnetic tapes that were accessioned over a period of about twenty years. Discs one through sixty-five are arranged chronologically and represent either recorded general meetings of the MIA group or special interview projects from June 21, 1958 through April 15, 1977. Beginning with disc number sixty-six, the chronological arrangement of the recordings is disrupted due to the complexities in reconstructing the actual original order during the processing of this collection.

Box 1
1. Oscar Mueller and Mary Stuart Abbott [June 21, 1958]
       Study of Vigilantes with the daughter of Granville Stuart
2. Gallatin Gateway Residents [September 1965]
       Early Bozeman; Sales Family; Social life in Gallatin Valley
3. Marie Flaherty [November 1966]
       Willow Creek and Three Forks
4. Mrs. James Hamilton [January 1967]
       Trip through Yellowstone National Park in 1883 and 1886
5. Wiley Davis [January 1967]
       Chinese living in Virginia City
6. John Fabrick [April 28, 1967]
       North American Mortgage Company; Homesteading and drought in Montana
7. Harriet Cushman [September, 1967]
       Morrison Cave/Lewis and Clark Caverns
8. E. Paul Orcutt [November 24, 1967]
       Deer Lodge Farms; Mt. Haggin Livestock Co.; Montana State Prison Farm
9. Edward J. Bell [January 26, 1968]
       Homesteading in Montana; Wibaux County; M.L. Wilson; Jack Taylor
10. Edward J. Bell (cont.)
11. Fred J. Martin [February 23, 1968]
       Montana Newspapers; Park County Weekly; Failing Newspaper Act
12. E. Paul Orcutt [March 18, 1968]
       Powder River Cattle Co.; Federal Surplus Relief Assn.; Drought Conditions; Ranching
13. Marjorie Leigh [April 25, 1968]
       Microfilming archives in Yellowstone National Park for Montana State University
14. Aubrey Haines [May 30, 1968]
       History of Naming of Yellowstone National Park
15. Art Watson [July 28, 1968]
       Montana Bar, Montana mining; Ghost towns; Diamond City
16. Lucien Benepe [October 25, 1968]
       Early Bozeman; Gallatin Valley Enterprises; Montana State College; Frank Benepe
17. Delmar and Mrs. White [February 28, 1969]
       White Family History
18. Penwell Ranch [March 29, 1969]
       Gallatin Valley Pioneers; Ranching; Flour milling
19. H.G. Darlington [April 25, 1969]
       Madison Valley Homesteading
20. Pony Residents [August 3, 1969]
       History of Pony; Madison County Families; Mining
21. George Sinton [October 9, 1970]
       Autobiography of Irish immigrant; Ranching in Montana; Pompey's Pillar; Manhattan
22. Don Langohr Sr. [November 13, 1970]
       Mike Langohr, first Forest Ranger of Gallatin Forest; Early Bozeman businesses
23. Malcolm Story [January 8, 1971]
       Bozeman's early business men; Bozeman history; Nelson Story
24. Malcolm Story (cont.)
25. Malcolm Story (cont.)
26. Malcolm Story (cont.)
27. Malcolm Story (cont.)
28. Malcolm Story (cont.)
29. Malcolm Story (cont.)
Box 2
30. Malcolm Story (cont.)
31. Malcolm Story (cont.)
32. Malcolm Story (cont.)
33. Malcolm Story (cont.)
34. Edward J. Bell [February 12, 1971]
       Beginning of Montana Extension Service; Farmer's Institute; MSC founder of Extension
35. Edward J. Bell (cont.)
36. Harvey Griffin [March 12, 1971]
       Early day Bozeman; Sweet Pea Carnival; Location of State Legislature
37. Harvey Griffin (cont.)
38. Olaf Fjare [August 10, 1971]
       Reminiscences of Big Timber; Travel from 1899 Norway; Ranching and raising sheep
39. Grace Miller [October 8, 1971]
       Beginning of Elkhorn Dude Ranch; Gallatin Canyon; Staff member at MSC in 1922
40. Grace Miller (cont.)
41. Chris Schlechten [December 10, 1971]
       Commentary on a set of slides prepared from work of Albert and Alfred Schlechten to show the progress of photography. Schlechten family and community of Bozeman
42. Chris Schlechten (cont.)
43. Dewey Street [February 11, 1972]
       History of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and present status
44. John Paugh [March 1972]
       History of Montana Agriculture; Gallatin Valley
45. Mrs. Jack Lovelace [April 1972]
       History of private aviation in Montana
46. Francis Niven [January 1973]
       Winter Fair in Bozeman
47. George Stubler [March 1973]
       Chestnut people; Gallatin County
48. Dorothy Vick and Ora Lemon [October 12, 1973]
       Memories of Gallatin Canyon, Dude ranching; Thomas Michener
49. Dorothy Vick and Ora Lemon (cont.)
50. Dorothy Aasheim, Mildred Boylan, Dorothy Dudley [January 1974]
       Ladies division of Bozeman Winter Fair
51. Dr. Ralph Zimmer [March 21, 1975]
       Collecting Railroad memorabilia
52. Lawrence Christie [April 18, 1975]
       Growing up in Bridger Canyon
53. Lawrence Christie (cont.)
54. Lawrence Christie [September 26, 1975]
       Early days of Bridger Canyon Forest Service, roads, sawmills, schools, household chores
55. Lawrence Christie (cont.)
56. Aubrey Haines [October 19, 1975]
       History of the Missouri Breaks; Trips in '61 and '66; Historic preservation
Box 3
57. Marlyn Hauseman Jones and Christine Kundert [November 14, 1975]
       History of Bear Canyon Ski Area; Gallatin Valley
58. Marlyn Hauseman Jones and Christine Kundert (cont.)
59. W.W. Lessley [February 20, 1976]
       Adjudication of water rights in Gallatin Valley
60. W.W. Lessley (cont.)
61. Garrett Cole [March 19, 1976]
       Holland Settlement; Gallatin Valley
62. Garrett Cole (cont.)
63. E.E. "Boo" McGilvra [October 22, 1976]
       Lewis and Clark Expedition
64. Roy Keister [November 19, 1976]
       Practicing law in Bozeman during and since 1911
65. J. Bruce Putnam [April 15, 1977]
       History of Bozeman based on Master's thesis
66. Amelia Brown Demarest [March 23, 1970]
       Early Days at Whitlash in Liberty County
67. Amelia Brown Demarest (cont.)
68. Red Bluff Meeting [July 8, 1973]
       Joint meeting with the Montana Ghost Town Preservation Society
69. Robert A. Chadwick [November 15, 1974]
       Coal, Montana's Prosaic Treasure
70. Paul Grider [November 6, 1972]
       History of the MIA
71. The Big Horn Gun [date unknown]
       Radio drama by Verne Dusenberry and class
72. Only the Dead Ride Proudly [date unknown]
       Radio drama by Norman Fox, performed by Verne Dusenberry and class
73. Mary Hunter Doane [ca. 1950]
       Interviewed by Merrill G. Burlingame
74. Lester Piersdoff [November 19, 1955]
       Oral interview by Robert Dunbar
75. Harold C. Young [ca. 1961]
       Reminiscence of Three Forks

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2: Meeting Notes and Transcripts, 1950-1977

This series contains the materials directly related to the meetings recorded on the CDs, including publicity announcements, photographs, and occasionally transcripts or summaries of the meeting's presentation. The CD number in brackets [ ] indicates the recorded meeting to which the materials refer. Not all meetings have supporting documentation. These files are arranged in the same order as the CDs to which they relate.

Box 4
1. Oscar Mueller and Mary Stuart Abbott [CD 1]
2. Marie Flaherty [CD 3]
3. Mrs. James Hamilton [CD 4]
4. Wiley Davis [CD 5]
5. John Fabrick [CD 6]
6. Harriet Cushman [CD 7]
7. E. Paul Orcutt [CD 8]
8. Edward J. Bell [CD 9-10]
9. Fred J. Martin [CD 11]
10. E. Paul Orcutt [CD12]
11. Aubrey Haines [CD 14]
12. Art Watson [CD 15]
13. Penwell Ranch [CD 18]
14. H.G. Darlington [CD 19]
15. Pony Residents [CD 20]
16. Don Langohr Sr. [CD 22]
17. Malcom Story [CD 23-33]
18. Edward J. Bell [CD 34-35]
19. Harvey Griffin [CD 36-37]
20. Dewey Street [CD 43]
21. Dorothy Vick and Ora Lemon [CD 48-49]
22. Dorothy Aasheim, Mildred Boylan, Dorothy Dudley [CD 50]
23. Aubrey Haines [CD 56]
24. W.W. Lessley [CD 59-60]
25. J. Bruce Putnam [CD 65]
26. Amelia Brown Demarest [CD 66]
27. Red Bluff Meeting [CD 68]
28. George W. Flanders, meeting of August 21, 1966 [no corresponding CD]

Series 3: Other MIA Records, 1948-ca. 1960s

Organizational papers from the MIA parent group; report on a proposed dam and National Park for the Missouri Breaks region by Larry Gill; Radio Drama script "Treasure Trails" by the MIA Butte group; historical sketch of Havre by the MIA Havre group; material pertaining to the publication of a historical map of Gallatin County; miscellaneous MIA correspondence.

Box 5
1. MIA Organizational papers, 1948-1949
2. Missouri Breaks report, n.d.
3. Havre historical sketch, n.d.
4. Treasure Trail drama
5. Gallatin County Historical Map project
6. Other Bozeman Group documents, 1966-1971
7. Other Bozeman Group documents, 1972-1973
8. Other Bozeman Group documents, 1974-1975
9. Other Bozeman Group documents, 1976-1977

Series 4: Reel to Reel and Cassette Audio Tapes

This series consists of the original recorded material collected during the course of Montana Institute of the Arts, Bozeman History Group meetings. The various reels and cassette tapes bear the same numbers as their corresponding compact disc copies, and as a result some reels have more than one number assigned because more than one interview or meeting is recorded on that particular reel. The number in brackets [ ] following the title indicates the original accession number(s) that were assigned to the recordings prior to their incorporation into this collection. All reel to reel and cassette tape use has been restricted and researchers should use the compact disc recordings in series one. Any use of these materials in this series must be approved by the Special Collections Librarian.

Box 6
1. Oscar Mueller & Mary Stuart Abbott [298]
2. MIA Gallatin Gateway [454] (2 reels)
3. Marie Flaherty [482]
4/5. Mrs. James Hamilton/Wiley Davis [475]
6. John Fabrick [597]
7. Harriette E. Cushman [576] (2 reels)
8/9/10. E. Paul Orcutt and Edward J. Bell [581] (2 reels)
11. Fred J. Martin [584]
12. E. Paul Orcutt [575]
13. Marjorie Leigh [640]
14. Aubrey Haines [870]
15. Art Watson [299]
16. Lucien Benepe [383/630/867] (2 reels)
17. Mrs. Delmar & Mrs. White [647]
18-19. Penwell Ranch/H.G. Darlington [660/871]
20. Pony Residents [742]
21-22. George Sinton/Don Langohr, Sr. [872]
23-35. Malcom Story/Edward J. Bell [894] (4 reels)
Box 7
36-38. Harvey Griffin/Olaf Fjare [905]
39-42. Grace Miller/ Chris Schlecten [978]
43. Dewey Street [876/2357]
44, 50. John Paugh/Dorothy Aashiem, Mildred Boylan, Dorothy Dudley [1009]
45, 49. Mrs. Jack Lovelace/ Dorothy Vick & Ora Lemon [1010] (one reel and one cassette)
46,47, 59, 60. Francis Niven /George Stubler/W.W. Lesley [1063]
51-53. Ralph Zimmer/Lawrence Christie [920/2358]
54-56. Lawrence Christie/Aubrey Haines [1122]
57,58,61. Bear Canyon Ski Area/Garrett Cole [1128]
63-64. E.E. McGilvra/ Roy Keister [1157]
65. J. Bruce Putnam [1255]
Box 8
66-67. Amelia Bean Demarest [1123]
68. Red Bluff Meeting [2005]
69. Robert A. Chadwick [2048]
70. Paul Grieder [1051]
71. "The Big Horn Gun" [849C]
72. "Only the Dead Ride Proudly" [849D]
73. Mary Hunter Doane [847D]
74. Lester Piersdoff [847f]
75. Harold C. Young [847I]

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