Creator: Hamilton, James McClellan, 1861-1940

Provenance Note: The notes from which From Wilderness to Statehood was most likely compiled and the manuscript draft for History of Yellowstone National Park Previous to 1895, were from the Hamilton home, donated by Dr. Paul Davidson, the fall of 1969. The manuscript drafts of From Wilderness to Statehood and related correspondence were donated by M. G. Burlingame in the summer of 1970. An original essay formerly assigned collection number 1183 was added on July 9, 2013.

Historical Note: James McClellan Hamilton was born October 1, 1861 in Crawford County, Illinois and came to Montana in 1889. In 1893, when the University System was created and the State Board of Education was established, he was named a member. In 1901 he became Professor of History and Economics, then vice-president of Montana State University shortly thereafter. Three years later he was made president of the Agricultural College (Montana State College.) Hamilton resigned from the presidency in 1919 to become Professor of Economics and to also become the first Dean of Men, serving in these roles until his death. In 1918 Hamilton married Miss Florence Ballinger, a member of the Home Economics staff. October 18, 1929 was set aside as "Dean Hamilton Day" to recognize his 25 years of service at Montana State College and at the June 1930 Commencement the honorary L.L.D. degree was conferred upon Dean Hamilton by the college. He completed a manuscript history of Yellowstone Park, which was posthumously published in 1947. He planned on completing a second volume on the history of Montana but in the spring of 1940 Hamilton suffered a slight stroke and failed in health rapidly until his death on September 23, 1940. Some fifteen years after Hamilton's death Merrill G. Burlingame, then a history professor at Montana State College, edited the manuscript at the request of Hamilton's widow. It was published in 1957 and in 1970 a new edition was issued with some revisions and a chapter written by Burlingame at the publishers request.

Content Description Note: The Hamilton papers include notes, rough drafts, final drafts, correspondence and photographs created or collected by Hamilton and Burlingame in the preparation of From Wilderness to Statehood and History of Yellowstone National Park Previous to 1895. There is also a small selection of speeches and papers delivered by Hamilton on topics such as the Lewis and Clark expedition, the battle of the Little Big Horn, and the history of Fort Ellis, Montana. Photographs include images that appeared in the 1970 edition of From Wilderness to Statehood and others pertaining to Montana history that were not used by the publisher. The materials have been arranged in four series.



Series 1 From Wilderness to Statehood
Series 2 History of Y.N.P. previous to 1895
Series 3 Miscellaneous articles and speeches
Series 4 Photographs and drawings

Series 1: From Wilderness to Statehood

Manuscripts, research notes and correspondence pertaining to the publication of both editions of From Wilderness to Statehood. Most of the correspondence is between Burlingame and the publishers, Binfords & Mort, Portland, Oregon.

Box 1.
1. Agriculture Notes (typed)
2. Agriculture Notes (handwritten)
3. Banking Notes (handwritten)
4. Churches Notes (typed)
5. Courts Notes
6. Dry Farming Notes
7. Flour Mills Notes
8. Indian Land Notes
9. Irrigation Notes
10. Lewis & Clark Expedition Notes
11. Lewis & Clark Expedition Notes
12. Libraries Notes
13. Newspapers Notes
14. Territory State Notes
15. Public Lands Notes
16. Railroad Notes
17. Ranching - Cattle Notes
18. Ranching - Sheep Notes
19. Society of Montana Pioneers Notes
20. Sugar Beets Notes


Box 2
1. Early Draft
2. Early Draft
3. Rough Draft of Preface
4. Rough Draft of Preface
5. Rough Draft of Table of Contents and Title page
6. Rough Draft up to part 7
7. Rough Draft
8. Rough Draft
9. Rough Draft
10. Rough Draft
11. Rough Draft
12. Rough Draft


Box 3
1. Rough Draft
2. Rough Draft
3. Rough Draft of Appendix
4. Rough Draft of Index
5. Original Manuscript
6. Original Manuscript
7. Original Manuscript
8. Original Manuscript
9. Original Manuscript
10. Original Manuscript
11. Original Manuscript
12. Original Manuscript
13. Original Manuscript


Box 4
1. Original Manuscript
2. Original Manuscript
3. Original Manuscript
4. Original Manuscript
5. Montana in the Twentieth Century by Burlingame
6. References
7. Biographical Data
8. Editorial Comment
9. Unused Manuscripts - Indian Notes
10. Unused Manuscripts
11. Unused Manuscripts
12. Cartoons by Marlow Undhal, 1956, not used
13. Corrections and Suggestions


Box 5
1. Correspondence - Burlingame and Binford & Mort Publishers
2. Correspondence - Caxton Publishers, Inc.
3. Correspondence - W. F. Kelleher
4. Correspondence - Montana State University, Missoula
5. Correspondence - B. G. Ryan (illustrator)
6. Correspondence - State Publishing Company
7. Correspondence - A. L. Strand
8. Correspondence - Miscellaneous

Series 2: A History of Y.N.P. previous to 1895

Manuscripts drafts created by Hamilton and subsequently edited by Burlingame.

Box 5 (cont.)
9-32. Original Hamilton manuscript
33. Burlingame corrected manuscript
32. Burlingame corrected manuscript


Box 6
1. Burlingame corrected manuscript

Series 3: Miscellaneous speeches & papers

Speeches and papers on diverse historical topics delivered by Hamilton to various organizations.

Box 6 (cont.)
2. "The Claims of Montana as a site for the Montanan State Lewis & Clark Monument"
3. "Custer's Last Fight"
4. "The Fur Trade in Montana"
5. "History of Fort Ellis"
6. Montana Collegian, Sep 1940, Memorial to Hamilton
7. "The Naming of Sacajawea"
8. "P. W. Norris - Second Superintendent of YNP"
9. "Ridin' Trail back to the Old Wild West"
10. "A Story of A March, Goldseekers Against the Redskins, Bozeman to Wolf Mountains"
11. "The Founding of Bozeman"

Series 4: Photographs and drawings

Selection of copy photographic prints used or intended for use in the 1970 edition of From Wilderness to Statehood, taken from originals held by various institutions and individuals including: W. H. Culver Studios, Lewistown; C. Owen Smithers, Butte; L. H. Jorud, Helena; U. S. Forest Service; Montana Historical Society. No photographs were credited and numbers 1-12 have been arranged in the same order in which they appear in the book. Photographs numbered 13-42 were not used by the publisher. Folder 11 contains copies of the original pen sketches by Betty Ryan that were used in the chapter headings of the book and have not been numbered with the photographs.

Box 6 (cont.)
Folder 12. Pen and ink sketches by Betty Ryan
Folder 13. Photographs 1-12
1. John Mullan
2. Alexander Culbertson
3. Trails to the Northwest in the 1860s [map]
4. Thomas F. Meagher
5. Paris Gibson
6. Marcus Daly
7. Wilbur F. Sanders
8. Gallatin Valley wheat field
9. Judith Basin strip farming
10. Cornelius Hedges
11. MSU campus, 1968
12. Capitol building, Helena
Folder 14. Photographs 13-24
13. St. Helena Cathedral
14. Anaconda Company sawmill, Bonner, MT
15. Marion loader, Colstrip, MT
16. Montana School of Mines, Butte
17. Lewistown, MT, 1888
18. Capitol building, Helena
19. Montana Club building, Helena
20. Main Street, Helena, 1870
21. Miners at work, Butte
22. Butte Hill from east
23. Butte, view from hill
24. Butte, view from college
Folder 15. Photographs 25-42
25. Vigilante receipt
26. Pardon for James B. Daniels, 1866
27. Pardon for James B. Daniels, 1866
28. Masonic Temple, Bannack
29. "Spokane," racehorse, Twin Bridges
30. M. H. Lott ranch, Twin Bridges
31. Trail herd on Powder River, 1886
32. Flatboat "Last Chance" on Yellowstone
33. Neihart, MT
34. Flathead lake
35. Coyote eating cow
36. Indian Buffalo hunt [painting]
37. The Summer Rendezvous [engraving]
38. Stage at Lewistown, 1895
39. Maiden, MT
40. Bull team, Maiden, MT, 1884
41. Robbers Roost
42. Indian Pictographs near Armstead, MT
Folder 16. Negatives: 20, 21, 22, 28, 33, 39

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