Creator: Considine, Winifred B. 1894-1985


Provenance Note: Original diaries kept by Winifred Considine were loaned by her to Special Collections for transcription in 1963. The originals were returned to her afterwards.


Historical Note: Winifred Brackett of Sheridan, Wyoming, was born on July 4, 1894. She married Martin H. Considine (1882-1965) in 1914 and the couple settled in a log cabin on Martin's homestead in near Biddle (Powder River County) Montana. Martin (commonly called "Mart") raised horses, built fences, and carried mail along a route from Biddle to the Kruger post office in addition to general ranching. Winifred was interested in the plant life about her and the garden around their home responded to her care and knowledge. The yard of their home was one of a beautiful landscape based on native plants from the hillsides. In later years Winnifred did a great deal of work with landscaping using domesticated plants and flowers. Winifred Considine died on March 17, 1985.


Content Description Note: Winifred's diaries are actually typed transcripts, prepared by library personnel from originals Considine loaned in 1963 and which were returned to her. They concern her activities on the Considine ranch, including her interests in horticulture and gardening. Entries during the early years are sporadic and generally conform to the growing season (March-October), but as time progressed Considine began to record her experiences with more regularity throughout the year. Some entries are quite detailed, describing Mart's activities planting, harvesting, and working with cattle. Winifred describes her neighbors and her reactions to national news events as well as giving in depth accounts of what particular garden plants she worked with, the production of her chickens, and weather observations. The typed transcription has been completely paginated, and the transcripts are divided by years with the sequential page numbers included in the folder title.


Box 1
1. 1918-1935; pp. 1-100
2. 1936-1945; pp. 101-209
3. 1946-1950; pp. 210-306
4. 1951-1955; pp. 307-417
5. 1956-1959; pp. 418-508
6. 1960-1963; pp. 509-600

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