August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay Papers, 1900-1999

Collection 2451 - Series 4
Box 18

This series consists of chronologically arranged publications written or co-authored by Hormay, primarily on topics related to the vegetation and management of rangelands. Many were published as reports by the Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station but also appeared in several journals and conference proceedings, 1936-1977. This includes two versions of his classic "Principles of Rest-Rotation Grazing and Multiple-Use Land Management" (September 1970), which summarizes the methodology of rest-rotation grazing.

Box 18 - Publications, 1936-1977, and Undated
1. Hormay, A. L. (February 1936) Status of Work on Experimental Ranges and Other Areas
2. Hormay, A. L. (February 1936) Plan of Attack on Range Management Problems
3. Hormay, A. L. (February 28, 1936) The Eastside Pine Region of California and Its Range Problems
4. Hormay, A. L. (April 7, 1936) Development of Range Research Methods
5. Hormay, A. L. Talbot, M. W. et al. (July 1939) Fluctuations in Annual Vegetation of California
6. Hormay, A. L. (September 11, 1939) Some Problems in the Utilization of the Eastside Ranges of California
7. Hormay, A. L. (September 15, 1940) Palatabilities of Foothill Range Plants for Cattle
8. Hormay, A. L. (Oct 7, 1940) The Effect of Logging on Forage
9. Hormay, A. L. (February 28, 1942) A Key for Identifying Some Important Annual Range Grasses in the Immature Stage
10. Hormay, A. L. Bentley, J. R. et al. (March 1942) An Analysis of National Forest Range Problems in Northeastern California
11. Hormay, A. L. (July 28, 1942) Standards for Judging the Degree of Forage Utilization on California Annual-Type Ranges
12. Hormay, A. L. (September 1942) Growth and Reproduction of Bitterbrush in California (Draft)
13. Hormay, A. L. (March 1943) Bitterbrush in California (Draft)
14. Hormay, A. L. (June 21, 1943) Bitterbrush in California
15. Hormay, A. L. (October 8, 1943) A Method of Estimating Grazing Use of Bitterbrush
16. Hormay, A. L. (1944) Moderate Grazing Pays on California Annual-Type Ranges
17. Hormay, A. L. and Talbot, M. W. (October 1945) First-Season Records of Cattle Weights from a Pine-Timber and Mountain Meadow Range
18. Hormay, A. L. (1947) Forest Grazing in California
19. Hormay, A. L. (April 1949) Getting Better Records of Vegetation Changes with Line Interception Methods
20. Hormay, A. L. and Bentley, J. R. (1949) The Land Variability Factor in Cattle Grazing Experiments
21. Hormay, A. L. (November 9, 1953) Problems of Improving Winter Range Used by Deer and Livestock
22. Hormay, A. L. and Talbot, M. W. (1955) Increasing Livestock Production of California Summer Ranges
23. Hormay, A. L. (March 30, 1956) Place and Use of Utilization Standards on Livestock and Big Game Ranges
24. Hormay, A. L. and Talbot, M. W. (July 31, 1956) Increasing Forage and Livestock Production on Northeastern California Mountain Summer Ranges
25. Hormay, A. L. (July 1956) How Livestock Grazing Habits and Growth Requirements of Range Plants Determine Sound Grazing Management
26. Hormay, A. L. and Evanko, A. B. (December 1958) Rest-Rotation Grazing: A Management System for Bunchgrass Ranges
27. Hormay, A. L. (1960) Moderate Grazing Pays on California Annual-Type Ranges
28. Hormay, A. L. (January 1960) The Harvey Range Demonstration (Draft)
29. Hormay, A. L. (November 8, 1960) A 5-Unit Rest-Rotation Grazing Plan Providing Two Seasons of Rest for Seedling Establishment
30. Hormay, A. L. (October 1961) Rest-Rotation Grazing...A New Management System for Perennial Bunchgrass Ranges
31. Hormay, A. L. (September 1970) Principles of Rest-Rotation Grazing and Multiple-Use Land Management
32. Hormay, A. L. (September 1970) Principles of Rest-Rotation Grazing and Multiple-Use Land Management
33. Hormay, A. L. (December 3, 1971) Common Sense
34. Hormay, A. L. (November 19, 1977) Benefits of Proper Management
35. Hormay, A. L. (no date) Effect of Handling Cattle on the Range on Weight Gains
36. Hormay, A. L. (no date) Livestock as a Tool of Environmental Management
37. Hormay, A. L. (no date) Importance of Rest in Grazing Management
38. Hormay, A. L. (no date) Jay R. Bentley
39. Hormay, A. L. (no date) Joe Egan and Rest Rotation


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