August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay Papers, 1900-1999

Collection 2451 - Series 1
Box 1
Family and Personal Papers

Papers related to the parents of Hormay and his personal life and education, 1907-1970. This includes the certificate of naturalization for his father, August Ludwig Hormay (Elder), the birth and death certificates for his mother, Anna Darida Hormay, and the title and mortgage of their home at 101 Acadia Street, San Francisco, California, which Hormay inherited. It also includes a copy of Hormay's birth certificate and name change, his high school diploma, his university records, degree, and commencement program from the University of California, chronologies of his employment, and a copy of an early will.

Box 1 - Family and Personal Papers
1. Gustav Hormay/August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay. Birth Certificate and Name Change, May 10, 1907 and September 2, 1942
2. August Ludwig Hormay (Elder). Certificate of Naturalization. December 23, 1913
3. August Ludwig Hormay (Elder). Memorial Plate. April 1, 1935
4. Anna Darida Hormay. Birth Certificate. October 11, 1880
5. Anna Darida Hormay. Death Certificate. March 9, 1973
6. Title and Mortgages. 101 Acadia Street, San Francisco, California, 1906, 1912
7. Diploma of Graduation from the California School of Mechanical Arts and the Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts, December 19, 1924
8. University Records, 1926-1930
9. Bachelor of Science from the College of Agriculture, University of California, May 14, 1930
10. University of California, Berkeley, California, The Sixty Seventh Commencement, May 14, 1930 (Hormay Listed on Page 14)
11. Employment Chronologies, 1931-1964
12. August L. "Gus" Hormay. Last Will and Testament. June 25, 1970


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