Creator: Colberg, Nancy

Provenance Note: Nancy Colberg sold her collection of the publications and correspondence of Wallace Stegner to Montana State University on June 30, 2001.

Historical Note: Nancy Colberg, a librarian, author of Wallace Stegner: A Descriptive Bibliography (Confluence Press Inc., 1990) and retired owner of Willow Creek Books, a used and rare book store in Denver, Colorado, collected one of the country's largest collections of publications written by and about Wallace Stegner - writer of fiction, history and essays on the U.S. west including: history, literature, public policy and conservation. In 1982, Colberg met Stegner and, as she collected works by him, she realized a need for an in-depth descriptive bibliography. When Stegner learned of her project, he granted her access to his books and papers and gave her a corner desk in his study when she visited at his California home. He also wrote letters of introduction for her to libraries and other sources of materials for her research. Colberg eventually gathered 54 original letters and postcards from Stegner written to her, photocopies of 370 Stegner letters written to others, and about 600 books, journals and article offprints created by or written about Stegner. All of Colberg's collected monographs have been individually cataloged and are available in Special Collections. The journals, articles, correspondence and other miscellaneous materials by and about Wallace Stegner are included in this collection. A second and smaller private collection of monographs and journal articles belonging to the late Thomas H. Watkins, who intended on writing a biography of Stegner, has been incorporated into this collection.

Content Description Note: This collection of published materials contains periodicals and newspapers (including clippings) by and about Wallace Stegner throughout his prolific writing career. Besides his large body of monographic works, he wrote fictional short stories; accounts based on his childhood in the west; articles on writing, conservation, western U.S. history, Mormons, the wilderness, and politics (primarily of the west and its future). The collection is organized into five series which, for the most part, conform to the arrangement of the sections in Colberg's published bibliography of Stegner. Series 1 contains Stegner articles from periodicals and newspapers. Series 2 is an assortment of short stories in periodicals. Series 3 consists of published interviews; articles about Stegner's body of work; book reviews by and about Stegner; miscellaneous materials containing lectures, addresses, reprints and quotes from his writings; articles by his son, Page and book announcements and collecting information. Series 4 contains the letters and postcards from Wallace Stegner to Nancy Colberg. Series 5 is a set of business correspondence between publishers, individuals, educational institutions and others and Wallace Stegner.


Series 1: Articles in periodicals and newspapers, 1944-1983
Series 2: Short stories in periodicals and newspapers, 1942-1987
Series 3: Miscellaneous published materials by and about Wallace Stegner, 1942-1996
Series 4: Correspondence from Wallace Stegner to Nancy Colberg, 1982-1990
Series 5: Business correspondence for selected publications of Wallace Stegner, 1943-1976

Series 1: Articles in periodicals and newspapers, 1944 - 1983

This partial physical bibliography of articles by Wallace Stegner which appeared in periodicals and newspapers between July 1944 and winter of 1993 has been arranged chronologically and conforms to the arrangment in Section C of Nancy Colberg's Wallace Stegner: A Descriptive Bibliography.

Box 1
1. "Who Persecutes Boston?" Atlantic, 174 (July 1944), p. 45-52.
"I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night," Pacific Spectator, 1 (Spring 1947), p. 184-87.
"Backroads River," Atlantic, 181 (January 1948), p. 56-64.
"Pattern for Demagogues," Pacific Spectator, 2 (Autumn 1948), p. 399-411.
"The Teaching and Study of Writing," Western Review, 14 (Spring 1950), p. 165-179.
"Powell and the Names on the Plateau," Western Humanities Review, 7 (Spring 1953), p. 105-110.
"We Are Destroying Our National Parks," Sports Illustrated, 3 (13 June 1955), p. 28-29, 44-46.
"Quiet Earth, Big Sky," American Heritage, 6 (October 1955), p. 22-27.

2. "Twenty Years of Western Review: a Series of Recollections," Western Review, 20 (Winter 1956), p. 87-89.
"America's Mightiest Playground," Holiday, 20 July 1956), p. 34-43, 122-125.
"History Comes to the Plains," American Heritage, 8 (June 1957), p. 14-19, 108-111.
"The Mounties at Fort Walsh," Atlantic, 202 (July 1958), p. 50-54.
"California's Gold Rush Country," Holiday, 24 (August 1958), p. 64-69, 127.
"The Town Dump," Atlantic, 204 (October 1959), p. 78-80.
"To a Young Writer," Atlantic, 204 (November 1959), p. 88-91.

3. "Child of the Far Frontier," Horizon, 5 (September 1962), p. 94-95.
"Song to the Morning Star," American West, 2 (Winter 1965), p. 23.
"Good-bye to All That!" Atlantic, 215 (March 1965), p. 119.
"On the Writing of History," American West, 2 (Fall 1965), p. 6-13. Note: Speech delivered at University of Utah June, 1965. Reprinted as a keepsake from the American West for the Helena meeting of the Western History Association, October, 1965.

Box 2
1. "Introduction," American West, 4 (February 1967), p. 4-5.
"Commentary," American West Review, 1 (15 March 1967), p. 12.
"History, Myth, and the Western Writer," American West, 4 (May 1967), p. 61-62, 76-79. Note: Reprinted as introduction to Great Western Short Stories (J.Golden Taylor - 1967).
"Commentary," American West Review, 1 (15 June 1967), p. 14.
"For Their Own Sake, and Ours," American West Review, 1 (15 September 1967), p. 14.
"Commentary: A Matter of Continuity," American West Review, 1 (1 December 1967), p. 12.
"Beginning!" (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 19(January-February 1968), p. 11-22. (Chapter 1)
"Chapter 2," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 19 (March-April 1968), p. 15-21.
"Chapter 3," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 19 (May-June 1968), p. 8-15.
"Chapter 4," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 19 (July-August 1968), p. 8-15.
"Chapter 6," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 19 (November-December 1968), p. 4-11.
"Chapter 7," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 20 (January-February 1969), p. 12-21.
"Chapter 8," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 20 (March-April 1969), p. 10-21.
"Chapter 9," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 20 (May-June 1969), 22-3 1.
"Chapter 10," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 20 (July-August 1969), p. 20- 27.

2. "Conservation Equals Survival," American Heritage, 21 (December 1969), p.12-15.
"Chapter 12," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 21 (January-February 1970), p. 17-21.
"Chapter 13," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 21 (March-April 1970), p. 9-17.
"Chapter 14," (DISCOVERY!) Aramco World Magazine, 21 (July-August 1970), p. 8-21.
"Bernard DeVoto and the Mormons: Three Letters," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, 6 (Autumn-Winter 1971), p. 39-47.
"Thoughts in a Dry Land," Westways, 64 (September 1972), p. 14-19, 58.
"Historian by Serendipity," American Heritage, 24 (August 1973), p. 28-32, 92-96.
"The Coast of Oregon," Travel and Leisure, 3 (Autumn 1973), p. 41-43.
"This New Man, the American," Stanford Magazine, 1 (Fall/Winter 1973), p. 14-19. Note: Appears as "Variations on a Theme of Discontent," which Stegner delivered as the commencement address at Utah State University June 3, 1972. Also published as a separate pamphlet by Utah State University Press, 1972.

3. "DeVoto's Western Adventures," American West, 10 (November 1973), p. 20-27.
"Letter from Canada," American West, 11 (January 19 74), p. 28-30.
"Down Among the Archives," The Imprint (of the Stanford Libraries), 1 (April 1975), p. 16-19.
"Breadloaf in the 40's," Middlebury College News Letter, 49 (Summer 1975), p. 30-3 1.
"Depression Pop," Esquire, 84 (September 1975), p. 79-83, 154.
"The Writer's Sense of Place," South Dakota Review, 13 (Autumn 1975), p. 49-52.
"Rocky Mountain Country," Atlantic, 241 (April 1978), p. 44-64, 71-91. (By Wallace and Page Stegner).

Box 3
1. "Getting to Know the National Domain," American Heritage, 30 (February 1979), p. 60-62.
"Worst Government in the World-Except for the Others," US. News, 89 (22 September 1980), p. 53-54.
"The Geography of Hope," Living Wilderness, 44 (December 1980), p. 12-17.
"By Chaos Out of Dream," American Heritage, 32 (February/March 1981), p. 4-13.
"Xanadu by the Salt Flats," American Heritage, 32 (June/July 1981), p. 81-89.
"Land: America's History Teacher," Living Wilderness, 45 (Summer 1981), p. 4-13.
"Water Warnings, Water Futures," Plateau, 53 (Fall 1981), p. 2-3.
"Down the Upper Mississippi," Country Journal, 8 (September 1981), p. 74-86.

2. "High Plateaus," Sierra, 66 (September/October 1981), p. 8-17.
"Dead Heart of the West: Utah's Great Salt Lake," Rocky Mountain Magazine, 3 (November 1981), p. 56-59.
"The Long Road from Byblos," Soundings, 13 (February 1982), p. 5-19.
"George R. Stewart, Western Writer," American West, 19 (March/April 1982), p. 64, 67-69.
"Life with My Ancestors," American Heritage, 33 (August/September 1982), p. 21.
"The Best Idea We Ever Had," Wilderness, 46 (Spring 1983), p. 4-13.

3. "Two Artists, Two Friends: A Conversation," Stanford Magazine, 11 (Spring 1983), p. 50-55.
"Ansel Adams and the Search for Perfection," Arizona Highways, 60 (January 1984), p. 11-13.
"Owen Wister: Creator of the Cowboy Myth," American West, 21 (January/February 1984), p. 48-52.
"Ansel Adams 1902-1984," Wilderness, 48 (Summer 1984), p. 2-3.
"Ansel's Last Birthday Party," California (August 1984), p. 74-75, 83, 123.
"Strange Encounter," California Living, (7 October 1984), p. 24-25. (An Oct. 18, 1984 letter to Nancy from Wally tucked inside.)
"Claiming Our Cultural Heritage," Nebraska Humanist, 8 (Spring 1985), p. 45-54.
"Living on Our Principal," Wilderness, 48 (Spring 1985), p.15-21.
"Rivers of My Mind," San Francisco Chronicle (Great Escapes), (24 March 1985), p. 28-30.
"Bernard DeVoto," Western American Literature, 20 (August 1985), p. 151-164.

Box 4
1. "The Power of Homely Detail," American Heritage, 36 (August/September 1985), p. 62-69.
"The Scandinavians Among Us," Reader's Digest, 127 (October 1985), p. 130-134.
"The Function of Aridity," Wilderness, 51 (Fall 1987), p. 14-18.
"Who Are the Westerners?" American Heritage, 38 (December 1987), p. 34-41.

2. "Our Common Domain," Sierra, 74 (Sept/Oct 1989), p. 42-47.
"It All Began with Conservation," Smithsonian, 21 ( April 1990), p. 34-43.
"The Winter of Our Content," Life, 14 (February 1991), p. 87
Excerpt from "Thoughts in a Dry Land," Current Books Magazine 1 (Winter 1993), p. 78-80, 95.

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Series 2: Short stories in periodicals and newspapers, 1942 - 1987

Wallace Stegner wrote many short stories which were published in magazines and newspapers and won many awards. This series has seven of these publications arranged chronologically and conforms to the arrangement in Section D of Nancy Colberg's Wallace Stegner: A Descriptive Bibliography.

Box 4 (cont.)
3. "Two Rivers," Atlantic, 169 (June 1942), p. 745-752. (Second Prize 0. Henry Awards, 1942. Many textbook appearances.)
"The Turtle at Home," Atlantic, 171 (April 1943), p. 123, 127. Abridged version of "My Pet Achilles, the Amusing Turtle," "Balance His, Swing Yours," Rocky Mountain Review, 10 (Autumn 1945), p. 32-38.
"Saw Gang," Atlantic, 176 (October 1945), p. 82-84.
"Genesis," Contact, 2 (April 1959), p. 85-167. (A Novella).
"Three Stories by Wallace Stegner," Scholastic Scope, 33 (12 October 1984), p. 1-10. Simplified stories from The Women on the Wall: ("Chip Off the Old Block," "The Foreigner," and "In the Twilight.").
"Amicitia," Sequoia, 31 (Centennial Issue 1987), p. 16-25.

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Series 3: Miscellaneous published materials by and about Wallace Stegner, 1942-1996

This series contains a miscellaneous assortment of published items by and about Wallace Stegner. They have been arranged by category and therein chronologically. Included are: book reviews by Stegner; nterviews of Stegner; addresses, pamphlet articles, lectures and quotes by Wallace Stegner; periodical and newspaper articles on Stegner's works; reviews of Stegner books; materials based on Stegner's work; and obituaries and tributes to Stegner. Also included are two articles by Page Stegner (his son) and a collection of book promotion and collecting materials. Some but not all of these materials were listed in Section E and the Appendix of in Nancy Colberg's Wallace Stegner: A Descriptive Bibliography.

Box 5
1. Book reviews written by Wallace Stegner:
"No Day of Triumph" by J. Saunders Redding, Atlantic 170 (Dec. 1942), p. 130.
"The True Adventures of John Steinbeck" by Jackson J. Benson, Los Angeles Times, Book Review Section (Jan 1, 1984), p. 1.
"Sacred Cows at the public Trough" by Denzel and Nancy Ferguson, The Amicus Journal 5 (Spring 1984), p. 45-47.
"Inventing the Dream, California Through the Progressive Era" by Kevin Starr, New York Times Book Review (Feb. 24, 1985), p.1, 33.

2. Published Interviews with Wallace Stegner:
"American Regions" (Stegner on "Mormon Country"), Northwestern University on the Air (Dec. 19, 1942), radio conversation over the Columbia Broadcasting System.
"Conversation with Wallace Stegner," South Dakota Review 9 (Spring 1971), p. 45-57. (This issue also has a critique of Stegner and "Big Rock Candy Mountain" by Lois Phillips Hudson on p. 3-13).
"Times Prisoners" an interview with Wallace Stegner, Southwest Review (Summer 1976), p. 252-267.
"Time is not just Chronicle" and interview with Wallace Stegner, Massachusetts Review 20 (Spring 1979), p. 127-139.
"An Interview with Wallace Stegner," Sunstone, A Unique Mormon Magazine 5 (Jan.-Feb., 1980), p. 7-11.
"Something Elemental about the West Comes Pushing Through His Prose," (?) Review (Jan. 4, 1981), p.10-11.
"In the Company of Wallace Stegner," San Francisco Magazine (July 1981), cover, p. 38-43.

3. Miscellaneous publications of addresses, articles, lectures and quotes by Wallace Stegner:
Poster. "The Sound of Mountain Water," Standard Oil of California Western Scenes, 1954. More than 1,000,000 free copies were distributed to motorists and visitors in the West, May through September, 1955.
Keepsake. "On the Writing of History," a keepsake from The American West for the Helena meeting of the Western History Association, October, 1965.
Program. "The Book and the Great Community," program with full text of dedicatory address presented by Stegner at the Library Dedication Exercises, University of Utah, May 17, 1968.
Pamphlet. "Variations on a Theme of Discontent," pamphlet published by Utah State University Press, Logan, Utah, containing the full text of the commencement address presented June 3, 1972.
Program. "A Dedication," program with full text of dedicatory address presented by Stegner at the Library Dedication Exercises, University of Arizona, April 13, 1977.
"The Twilight of Self - Reliance: Frontier Values and Contemporary America," full text of Tanner Lectures on Human Values delivered at University of Utah, Feb. 25, 1980.
"The Gift of Wilderness" remarks at the Annual Meeting of the Trust for Public Land, June 27, 1981.
The 1983 Western Wilderness Calendar. 1982 by Dream Garden Press. February - Stegner quotations.
The 1984 Western Wilderness Calendar. 1983 by Dream Garden Press. December - Stegner.
Quotation from The Sound of Mountain Water: "By such a river it is impossible to believe that one will ever be tired or old."
The 1985 Western Wilderness Calendar. 1984 by Dream Garden Press. November - Stegner.
"On the Writing of History" (2 copies) reprinted especially for his 80th birthday, Feb. 19, 1989 (accompanied by invitation to celebration and a letter to Nancy Colberg from Sylvia A.).

4. Periodical articles on Stegner's body of work:
"The Western Experience in American Literature, ed. By Merrill Lewis and L. L. Lee (c1977), p. 135-143.
"Wallace Stegner's Vision of Wilderness," Western American Literature 18 (August 1983), p. 133-142.
"Wallace Stegner Number," entire issue: South Dakota Review 23 (Winter, 1985). (Includes a letter to Nancy Colberg inside.)
Where would you take a guest to sightsee in California, California (June 1985), p. 119.
"Typewritten on Both Sides:, photocopy of article by T. H. Watkins in Audubon (Sept 1987), p. 88-103.
"Thoughts on Western Writers" by John Milton, Writers' Forum 15 (Fall 1989), p. 1-20.
Wallace Stegner's Version of Pastoral" by Russell Burrows, Western American Literature 25 (May 1990), p. 15-25.
"Eastering': Wallace Stegner's Love Affair with Vermont in Crossing to Safety" by Jackson J. Benson, Western American Literature 25 (May 1990), p. 27-33.
"Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1991: Wallace Stegner," Western Historical Quarterly 22 (May 1991), p. 137-141.

Box 6
1. Newspaper articles about Stegner's work:
"Writers of the Purple Sage" by Russell Martin, New York Times Magazine (Dec. 27, 1981, sect. 6), p. 18-22, 40-43.
"Mary and Wallace Stegner, Valentines for 55 years," Los Altos Town Crier (Feb. 8, 1989), front page, p. 6, 16.
"A New Look at Wallace Stegner: Conservationist or Preservationist:, Denver Post (Sept. 3, 1991), p. 7B.
Ralph V. Hurlburt and Dorothea Hurlburt "Writing into the Sunset," Washington Post (Feb. 12, 1992), 3 pages.
"The West Needs More of Stegner's Stickers'," Denver Post (April 5, 1992), p. 3-I.
"In the West with Wallace Stegner," San Francisco Chronicle, This World (May 24, 1992), front page, p. 11-13.
Denver Post Empire, Magazine of the West (Feb. 2, 1997), p. 12. Within article "The Mystery of Everett Ruess."

2. Reviews of Stegner Books:
"The Uneasy Chair: A Biography of Bernard DeVoto," review by C. L. Sonnichsen, Western Historical Quarterly 5(July 1974), p. 361-362.
"One Way to Spell Man," review by Roderick Nordell, Christian Science Monitor (March 17, 1982), p. 17.
"Crossing to Safety," review by James R. Hepworth, The Bloomsbury Review 7 (Nov./Dec., 1987), p. 11.
"Collected Stories of Wallace Stegner," review by JANE Helm Maddock, Western American Literature 26 (August 1991), p. 149-150.

3. Materials based on Wallace Stegner and his works:
"Study Guide for Angle of Repose' by Wallace Stegner" by Janet L. Jacobsen, 1986.
"Wallace Stegner and the Continental Vision" brochure for a symposium of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of May 3-5, 1996.

4. Obituaries and tributes:
Letter to Mary by T. H. Watkins, April 21, 1993.
Bloomsbury Review, 13 (July/Aug. 1993), cover, p. 8-9.
Broadside of San Francisco Bay Area Book Council for a tribute to Wallace Stegner, April 29, 1993
Review of "Wallace Stegner: His Life and Work," Jackson J. Benson by James R. Kincaid; New York Times Book Review (Nov. 10, 1996), p. 69.
Montana Magazine of Western History (Autumn 1993), 9 essays, p. 52-76.
San Francisco Review of Books, 18 (May/June, 1993), p. 35-36.
Outside (Sept 1993), p. 64-68, 137-139.

5. Two articles by Page Stegner, Wallace's son in California, Dec. 1985 and National Parks, Jan.-Feb., 1990.

6. A collection of book promotion and collecting materials:
"Annual bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature," Western American Literature 9 (Feb. 1984), p. 332 (Stegner listings).
"Passing Farms: Enduring Values" brochure for book with quote from the foreword written by Stegner.
"Studies in the American West" 1986, new titles by University of Utah Press with Stegner on back page.
Yolla Bolly Press promotion for Storytellers Series, "Two Rivers" (a seven story collection) by Wallace Stegner, 1989.
"Collecting Wallace Stegner" by Diane Peterson, Firsts: Collecting First Editions (May 1995), p. 30-37.
Book announcement by Red Butte Press for "Wilderness Letter"with introduction by Page Stegner, Nov. 26, 1995.
Brochure for appearance of Wallace Stegner as a speaker at the Intermountain Booksellers Assn. Trade Show (not dated).
Willow Creek Books bookmark (Book store owned by Nancy Colberg and her husband).

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Series 4: Correspondence from Wallace Stegner to Nancy Colberg, 1982-1990

This part of the collection is comprised of 54 letters and postcards from Wallace Stegner to Nancy Colberg sent between Jan. 5, 1982 - Dec 9, 1990. They pertain in most part to the bibliography project and the resulting book published in 1990.

Box 6 (cont.)
7. Letters from Wallace Stegner to Nancy Colberg, Jan. 5, 1982 - Dec. 9, 1990.

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Series 5: Business correspondence for selected publications of Wallace Stegner, 1943 - 1976

A collection of photocopied business correspondence related to specific publications of Wallace Stegner. They are arranged alphabetically by title. Included are letters from The Brandt & Brandt literary agency; publishing firms: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc.; McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.; Curtis Brown Ltd.; Meredith Press; Look Magazine; Houghton Mifflin Company; Citadel Press; Atlantic Monthly Press; Viking Press, Inc.; Horizon; Hammond, Hammond & Company Ltd.; and ancillary letters from individuals, educational institutions and law firms pertaining to these titles.

Box 7
1. The Big Rock Candy Mountain: photocopies of business correspondence; Feb. 15, 1943 - June 29, 1976.
2. Fire and Ice: photocopies of business correspondence; April 2, 1948 - Feb. 24, 1950.
3. Gathering of Zion: photocopies of business correspondence; Jan. 15, 1963 - March 15, 1971.
4. Mormon Country: photocopies of business correspondence; Jan. 27, 1943 - March 31, 1969.
5. On a Darkling Plain: photocopies of business correspondence; Oct. 13, 1948 - Aug. 18, 1952.
6. One Nation: photocopies of business correspondence; Sept. 9, 1943 - Apr. 16, 1973.
7. The Preacher & the Slave: photocopies of business correspondence; Nov. 17, 1949 - April 12, 1969.
8. Second Growth: photocopies of business correspondence; July 15, 1946 - Jan. 3, 1969.
9. Shooting Star: photocopies of business correspondence; Jan. 17, 1961 - July 5, 1961.
10. Wolf Willow: photocopies of business correspondence; May 29, 1962 - Nov. 28, 1973.
11. Women on the Wall: photocopies of business correspondence; March 11, 1947 - April 22, 1961.

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