Provenance Note: Articles and papers relating to Yellowstone National Park have been collected and donated from a wide range of sources, beginning in 1992. The collection is open-ended with future additions to be gathered as they become available.

Content Description Note: This collection consists of published and unpublished papers on topics relating to Yellowstone National Park. For the most part, the papers added to this ongoing collection are substantial research or feature articles rather than newspaper clippings or ephemeral pieces. Some articles may be removed in the future for item-level cataloging as time permits. Arrangement is alphabetical by author, or by publisher if no author is listed. For subject access see the various periodical indexes at Information Services Department. Of particular assistance in subject searching of the articles is the Yellowstone bibliography from the University of Wyoming, available on-line and in print. Many of the authors listed in this collection are park employees or well-known Yellowstone researchers. Copyrights should be assumed to reside with either the publishers or authors.


Allen, Durward L.
Wolves (?)

Altman, Margaret
A Comparative Study of Interspecies Communication October 1965
A Comparative Study of Interspecies Communication, December 1964
A Comparative Study of Interspecies Communication, December 1963

Barbee, Robert
From Grizzlies to Geysers:
Yellowstone: the Smoke Clears
The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Biosphere Reserves

Barmore, William J.
The Ecology of Elk, Associated Ungulates, and Habitat in the Northern Part of Yellowstone National Park
Elk Migration Studies - Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd
Pronghorn-mule deer relations on the Northern Yellowstone Winter Range

Bartos, Dale
Insects of Whitebark with Emphasis on Mountain Pine Beetle

Bath, Alistair
Yellowstone National Park Visitor Attitudes
Toward Fire Management Issues in the Park

Bendt, Robert H.
The Jackson Hole Elk Herd in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Benson, Norman G.
Equilibrium Yield and Management of Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake(with Bulkley, Rose V.)

Bishop, Norman
Wolf Recovery in Yellowstone Park

Blanchard, Bonnie
Reactions of Grizzly Bears to Wildfires in Yellowstone

Brittan, Gordon
An Essay on the Need for Humanistic Studies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
** see folder "Yellowstone High Elevation Studies"

Brown, C.J.D.
Observations on the Longnose Sucker in Yellowstone Lake (with Graham, Richard J.)

Bulkley, Rose V.
Equilibrium Yield and Management of Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake (See Benson, Norman G.)

Cahalane, Victor H.
Yellowstone Elk Problem, March 31, 1942
Elk Management and Herd Regulation - Y.N.P.
The Annual Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd Count

Catlin, Jack E.
Experimental Studies at Controlled Reproduction in Rocky Mountain Elk (See Greer, Kenneth R.)

Chase, Alston
The National Park Service gets older, but no wiser
The Last Bears of Yellowstone

Christensen, Norman
Ecological Consequences of the 1988 Fires in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Cole, Glen F.
Population Regulation & the Consequences of Artificially Feeding Wild Animals
The Elk of Grand Teton & Southern Yellowstone National Parks
Management Involving Grizzly Bears in Y.N.P. 1970-74
A Nationally Regulated Elk Population
Population Regulation in Relation to K
An Ecological Rational for the Natural or Artificial Regulation of Native Ungulates in Parks
Grizzly Bear-Elk Relationships in Y.N.P.
Interim Report on Grizzly Bear Management in Yellowstone National Park, 1972
Management Involving Grizzly Bears and Humans in Y.N.P., 1970-73
Grizzly Bear Management in Y.N.P., 1970

Consolo, S.L.
Beaver in Y.N.P.

Coughenour, M.B.
Biomass and Nitrogen Responses to Grazing of Upland Steppe on Yellowstone's Northern Winter Range

Craighead, John J.
Northern Yellowstone Elk Migration Study, Yell-N-4a

Denniston, Rollin H.
Ecology,Behavior and Population Dynamics of the Wyoming or Rocky Mountain Moose, Alces alces shirasi

Deseret News
- Salt Lake Telegram Montana Earthquake Disaster in Spectacular Pictures, Stories. Sept. 1959

Despain, Don G.
Burned Area Survey of Grand Teton National Park & John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway: The Fires of 1988
Some Notes on Yellowstone Vegetation
Fire as an Ecological Force in Yellowstone Ecosystems
Forest Successional Stages in Y.N.P.
Forest Insects and Diseases
Western Spruce Budworm in Y.N.P.
Fall Color in Y.N.P.
Natural Fire in Y.N.P.
Brief Notes about the 1988 Fires and Subsequent Vegetation Response
Nonpyrogenous Climax Lodgepole Pine Communities in Y.N.P.
The Two Climates of Y.N.P.

Dzurisin, Daniel
Preliminary Results of Precise Leveling and Trilateration Surveys in Y.N.P., Wyoming 1985

Edwards, Guy D.
Yellowstone Elk, October 31, 1933

Erickson, Robert
(See Wright, John C.)

Ewing, Roy
Suspended Sediment and Turbidity from Y.N.P. 1985-87

Gilbert, Douglas L.
Yellowstone National Park Elk Management, A Case Study (See Swanson, Gustav A.)
The Great Grizzly Controversy

Graham, Richard J.
Observations on the Longnose Sucker, Yellowstone Lake (See Brown, C.J.D.)

Graybill, Roy
Achieving Professional Excellence in the Interpretive Workforce

Greer, Kenneth R.
Fertility Rates of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Population
Winter Weights of Northern Yellowstone Elk, 1961-62 (with Howe, Robert E.)
Yellowstone Elk Studies
Experimental Studies of Controlled Reproduction in the Rocky Mountain Elk (with Hawkins, William W., and Catlin, Jack E.)
Special Collections - Yellowstone Elk Study
Grizzly Bear Mortality and Management Programs in Montana during 1971
Progress Report, August 30, 1965

Gresswell, Robert
Saving the Dumb Gene in Yellowstone
Effects of a Century of Human Influence on Cutthroat Trout of Yellowstone Lake
Use of Antimycin for Removal of Brook Trout from a Tributary of Yellowstone Lake
Special Regulations: The Yellowstone Park Experience
The Ecological Profile as a Monitoring Tool for Lakes in Y.N.P.
Yellowstone Lake - a lesson in Fishery Management

Gunther, Kerry
Food Habits of Grizzly Bears & Black Bears in Y.N.P.
Characteristics of Grizzly & Black Bears in Y.N.P.
Y.N.P. Bear-Related Injuries/Fatalities
Visitor Impact on Grizzly Bear Activity in Pelican Valley, Y.N.P.
Grizzly Bear Predation on Elk Calves & other Fauna of Y.N.P.

Hamilton, W.L.
Trends in Mercury Anomaly Along Faults Within the Norris-Mammoth-La Duke Corridor, In & Adjacent to Y.N.P., Wyoming & Montana
Water Level Records Used to Evaluate Deformation Within the Yellowstone Caldera, Y.N.P.

Hawkins, William W.
Experimental Studies of Controlled Reproduction in Rocky Mountain Elk (See Greer, Kenneth R.)

Hendrickson, William H.
Plant Ecology Studies

Hoffton, James W.
The Status of Montana Grayling in Grebe Lake, Y.N.P.

Houston, Douglas
Wildfires in Northern Y.N.P.
Ecosystems of National Parks
A Comment on the History of the Northern Yellowstone Elk
The Northern Yellowstone Elk - Winter Distribution and Management
The Status of Research on Ungulates in Northern Yellowstone National Park

Howe, Robert E.
Successful Live Trapping of Elk on Their Winter Range Northern Yellowstone Elk Migration
Winter Weights of Northern Yellowstone Elk, 1961-62 (See Greer, Kenneth R.)

Wolf Reintroduction on Track
Montana vs. Bison -- Again
Bear #134: an Update

Hutchinson, R.
Old Faithful -- A Symbol of Our National Park

Jenkins, Carri P.
Out of the Ashes: The Rebirth of Yellowstone

Jones, Ronald
The Role of National Parks in Wild Trout Management

Kirwan, Christopher
Wolves and Recovery Plans:....

Kittams, Walter H.
The Future of the Yellowstone Wapiti

Klarich, Duane A.
Study of Water, Aquatic Plants, Stream Sediments and Mineral of Hydrobiology of Madison River Study

Knight, Dennis
The Yellowstone Fires: Issues in Landscape Ecology

Knight, R.R.
Population Dynamics of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
Projected Future Abundance of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear
Mortality Patterns and Population Sinks for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Koehler, Gary
Preliminary Survey of Mountain Lions in Y.N.P.

Kruse, Thomas E.
Prospectus for an Exploratory Investigation of the American Grayling, Thymallus Signifer Richardson, in Y.N.P.

Lemke, Tom
Northern Yellowstone Elk: The Big Herd. A Management Challenge

Lovaas, Al
Management of the Yellowstone Elk Herd, April 10, 1970

Mack, John
Black Bear Dens in the Beartooth Face,South-Central MT

Maj, Mary
Status of Trumpeter Swans in Y.N.P.

Marler, George D.
Why Geysers Are Found in Yellowstone Park

Mattson, David
Stone Pines and Bears
Whitebark Pine on the Mount Washburn Massif, Y.N.P.

McBee, Richard H.
Physiology and Parasitology of the Yellowstone Park Elk (with Worley, David E.)

McIntyre, Robert N.
Fishing-For-Fun and not for Meat on Yellowstone Lake

Meagher, Mary
Range Expansion by Bison of Y.N.P.
Evaluation of Boundary Control for Bison of Y.N.P. Bison
An Outbreak of Pinkeye in Bighorn Sheep, Y.N.P.
Restoration of Natural Populations of Grizzly & Black Bears in Y.N.P.
The Consequences of Protecting Problem Grizzly Bears
Winter Weather as a Population-Regulating Influence on Free-Ranging Bison in Y.N.P. {2 copies}
Yellowstone Bison
Cougar and Wolverine in Y.N.P.
Snow as a Factor Influencing Bison Distribution and Numbers in Pelican Valley, Y.N.P.

Milstein, Michael
Elk Aren't Overgrazing Park
Yellowstone's Top Dog -- p.24 Natl Parks Magazine

Minshall, G. Wayne
Wildfires and Yellowstone's Stream Ecosystems

Natl Parks Magazine
New Evidence Out in Yellowstone Probe {p.8}

Natl Park Service
Our National Parks: Challenges and Strategies for the 21st Century
Management Objectives for Northern Yellowstone Elk
Some Considerations in the Use of Enclosures to Assess the Biotic Effects of Herbivores and Departures
From Natural Conditions in Y.N.P.
Guidelines for the Management of Ungulates in Y.N.P.
Summary of Yellowstone Bear Protection and Management Policies
Y.N.P. Rangers: Note to Researchers
Aquatic Research Projects
The Greater Yellowstone Postfire Assessment
1944 Winter Range Studies for Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Visit, Feb 4 -11, 1961
The Gallatin Elk Herd
Elk Slaughter in Yellowstone National Park
Elk Kill, 1972
Satellite Tracking of elk, Jackson Hole, Apr 17, 1970
Yellowstone Wolf Questions - a digest

(Big Game Resrch Prjt.)
Gallatin Big Game Studies, Jul 1, 1965 - Nov 30, 1966
Gallatin Big Game Studies, Jul 1, 1965 - Jun 30, 1966
Gallatin Big Game Studies, Dec 1, 1962 - Nov 30, 1963
Gallatin Big Game Studies, Jan 1, 1965 - Jun 30, 1965

(Wildlife Invest. Lab.)
Special Collections - Yellowstone Elk Study, May 1, 1966 - Jun 30, 1967
Collections From the Gallatin Elk Post Season, 1964-1965
Collections from the Gardner Elk Post Season, 1965 Northern Yellowstone Herd
Special Collections - Yellowstone Elk Study - Live Blood Analyses, Minerals and Vitamins, Nov 1, 1963 - Jun 30, 1964
Special Collections - Yellowstone Elk Study, 1967-68

Norton, Daniel
Monitoring of Thermal Activity in the Northern Part of Y.N.P. and Vicinity: Part 1{Feb.1985 -June 1988}

Peek, James
Comparison of two Mid-winter Elk Hunting Seasons, Upper Gallatin Drainage, Montana

Perry, Chris
Meet the New Trainees

Picton, Harold
Climate and Reproductions of Grizzly Bears in Y.N.P.

Reinhart, Daniel
Bear Use of Cutthroat Trout Spawning Streams in Y.N.P.
Red Squirrels in the Whitebark Zone

Reed, Nathaniel
From Wild Trout to Wild Ecosystems: Fifteen Years of Evolving Stewardship

Romme, William
The Yellowstone Fires
Landscape Diversity: The Concept Applied to Yellowstone Park
Historical Perspective on the Yellowstone Fires of '88
Fire and Landscape Diversity in Subalpine Forests of Y.N.P.
The Long History of Fire in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Schill, Daniel
Hooking Mortality of Cutthroat Trout in a Catch-and-Release Segment of Yellowstone River, Y.N.P.

Schullery, Paul
A Reasonable Illusion {sportfishing in our national parks}
Drawing the Lines in Yellowstone: The American Bison as Symbol and Scourge
Ferel Fish and Kayak Tracks - Thoughts on the Writing of a New Leopold Report
Visions of Death {Resisting the Urge to Feed Yellowstone's Elk}
The Fires and Fire Policy
Lessons and Hopes From the Yellowstone Fire Media Event
Yellowstone Fires: A Preliminary Report
Prescribed Burning in Y.N.P.: A Doubtful Proposition

Sellers, Robert
Fire Management in Y.N.P.

Sherman, Thams E.
Across the Continent, II - The National Park

Singer, Francis
Drought, Fires and Large Mammals
Yellowstone Wildlife: Populations in Progress

Smith, Conrad
Gonzo Flame Video in Yellowstone: How the Media Covered a Natural Catastrophe
Reporters, News Sources, Accuracy, and the Yellowstone Forest Fires
Flames, Firefighters and Moonscapes: Network Television Pictures of the Yellowstone Forest Fires
Brave Firefighters, Endangered Icons and Bumbling Land Managers: Network T.V. Myths about the Yellowstone Wildfires

Smith, Robert
Yellowstone Park as a Window on the Earth's Interior

Snepenger, David
Marketing Y.N.P. After the Fires of 1988

Swanson, Gustav A.
The Yellowstone National Park Elk Management Controversy, a Case Study

Swenson, Jon E.
Prey and Foraging Behavior of Ospreys on Yellowstone Lake, Wy.

Taylor, Dale L.
Biotic Succession of Lodgepole-pine Forests of Fire Origin in Yellowstone National Park
Competition between Mountain Bluebirds and Tree Swallows in Post-fire Areas of Yellowstone National Park

Tankersley, Tom
Draft Environmental Assessment/Development Concept Plan for the Lake/Bridge Bay Area Available for Public Comment

Thomas, Thomas Henry
Yellowstone Park Illustrated I and II

Thornan, Ron
Memorandum: Interpretive Workforce Issues

Todd, Elston
(See Wright, John C.)

U.S. Dept. of the Interior
News Releases

Walker, Thomas A.
Geological Factors of Timpanogos Cave

Walter, William G.
The Identity of Aerobic Sporeforming Bacteria Isolated from Hot Springs

Worley, David E.
Physiology and Parasitology of Yellowstone Park Elk (See McBee, Richard H.)

Wright, John C.
The Hydrobiology of the Madison River and its Headwaters
A Report on the Effect of the Madison Junction Sewage Plant Effluent on the Madison River

Varley, John
Lessons From the Yellowstone Fires: Do You Trust Talking Animals?
The Yellowstone Fires
Ecology, Status, and Management of the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
The Park as an Aquarium
Catch-and-Release Fishing in Y.N.P.
Status, Ecology, and Management of the Yellowstone and Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat Trout

Yellowstone Natl Park
Elk Report, Dec 12, 1941
Annual Game Reports, Winter 1930/31, Winter 1932/33 to 1933/34, 1936 to 1940
Northern Yellowstone Winter Range, Dec 1942
Report on Census of Bighorn, Deer and Pronghorn, 1940, 1941, 1946
Yellowstone Elk Herd Crisis, 1934
Problem of Surplus Elk in Yellowstone National Park
Inter-Agency Cooperative Elk Management Meeting, Jun 3, 1964
Northern Yellowstone Elk Harvest and "Elk Lift", Nov 15, 1951 - Jan 31, 1952
Yellowstone Elk Releases, Jun 24, 1975
Yellowstone Research File Elk Physiology
Northern Yellowstone Elk Migration
Ungulate Ecology
Petrified Forest

Yellowstone Staff
The Integration of Visitor Use and Preservation of Aquatic Ecosystems in Yellowstone Park
Questionnaire: Performing Arts Series and Artist in Residence Program
Some Facts about Old Faithful Geyser

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