Provenance Note: Essays and research papers pertaining to a wide variety of Montana topics created by students at Montana State University were donated to Special Collections by Dr. Merrill G. Burlingame. This collection incorporates student papers initially assigned the following numbers: 297, 318, 505, 506, 606, 612, 615, 616, 618, 619, 621, 622, 627, 628, 755, 1186, 1284, 1309, 1329, 1363, 1364, 1408, and 2015.

Content Description Note: The MSU student papers were written primarily by students enrolled in classes taught by Dr. Burlingame during his teaching career at Montana State University. Students examined a broad spectrum of local, county, biographical, social, and environmental historical topics in Montana history and documented their work with bibliographies. The papers have been arranged alphabetically by author. A title and subject index were created by Special Collections personnel in the 1980s and in 1990 a small group of additional papers were added to the collection which were not included in the index. These addendum papers have been alphabetically arranged following those from the original accession. The title and subject index for the original accession have been placed at the end of the papers in box 7.

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RESTRICTIONS: Researchers are reminded that the copyright for each individual research paper resides with the author and that conformance to federal and state law regarding fair use of intellectual properties is the responsibility of the collection user. Original classroom grade assignments made Dr. Burlingame have been removed from any papers in the collection on which they appeared.


Box 1 Aakhus, Margaret - Curtis, Sue

Box 2 Dahl, Gary - Gustafson, Sidney

Box 3 Hagen, Helen - Kuhnert, Charles

Box 4 LaChambrie, Joyce - Myrick, George

Box 5 Nance, Judy - Schreiner, Mary M.

Box 6 Schultz, Kenneth - White, Vernon

Box 7 Whithorn, Bruce - Zupan, Bill

unknown authors, arranged by title paper indices


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