Creator: Delaney, Joseph H.; Mack, Feron; Sebree, Ferris, and White (Bozeman, Mont.)

Provenance Note: The Bozeman Business collection were donated to Special Collections from the Museum of the Rockies on December 18, 1984.  An additional folder of business records, formerly assigned collection number 1189, was added on July 26, 2017.

Content Description Note: The Bozeman Business collection contains records from several Bozeman area businesses. Included in the papers are the records of Dr. Joseph H. Delaney. Delaney was a specialist in eye, ear, nose, and throat disorders. He worked in Bozeman from about 1906 to 1922. Records from the Sebree, Ferris, and White hardware store are also included in the collection. A local meat market, possibly owned by George Foerschler, are included as well. There are three other businesses that are unidentified, but one might be the Golden Rule Store and another is possibly one of the many business endeavors of Bozeman pioneer Walter Cooper.

The records of Dr. Joseph H. Delaney contain prescription numbers for eyeglasses as well as his account book from 1905-1911. A business ledger from Sebree, Ferris, and White from 1886-1887 lists sales and accounts receivable. The meat market records contain a ledger from about 1884 and includes accounts from prominent Bozeman pioneers such as Walter Cooper, Nelson Story, P. W. Bohart, W. H. Babcock, and W. W. Alderson. Also are three day books which keep a running records of sales for each day. A record of wood sales and inventory kept by Feron Mack are also found with the meat market records. Mack was a butcher in Bozeman at the turn of the 20th century. Also included in the collection are business records from three unidentified businesses. The first is an invoice list and cash sales for what appears to be a grocery or general mercantile store from 1901-1903. The second is a check register from possibly the Golden Rule Store. The third is an invoices payable book from 1906-1907. The ledger might have been donated by the Walter Cooper family and could be from his lumber business.  An additional folder containing an unidentified billing register naming many Bozeman businesses and citizens from 1884-1886, and separate tax statements for the same, has been added.


Box 1
1. Meat Market, Ledger, circa 1884
2. Meat Market, Day Book, March 8, 1884 to September 1884
3. Meat Market, Day Book, July 11 to December 1, 1885
4. Meat Market, Day Book, October 12, 1886 to January 22, 1887
Box 2
1. Meat Market, Memo book showing meat purchases, circa 1891
2. Meat Market, Feron Mack, record of wood sales, inventory, 1889
3. Sebree, Ferris, and White, Ledger, 1886-1887
Box 3
1. Dr. Joseph Delaney, Account book, 1905-1911
2. Dr. Joseph Delaney, prescription numbers
3. Bozeman Business, Invoice list and cash sales, 1901-1903
4. Bozeman Business, Check register, 1905 [Golden Rule Store]
5. Bozeman Business, Invoices payable, 1906-1907
6. Miscellaneous business licenses and register, 1884-1886

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