Creator: Storrs, Lucius Seymour, 1869-1945

Provenance Note: Geological papers created or collected by Lucius S. Storrs pertaining to his work in Montana, Washington, North Dakota, and Minnesota were donated to Special Collections by his daughter, Margaret Storrs Grierson of Northampton, Massachusetts on December 14, 1984. Mrs. Greirson donated the balance of her father's papers to the University of Nebraska afterwards.

Historical Note: Lucius Seymour Storrs was born in Buffalo New York on January 4, 1869, the son of Origen and Janet Rankin Storrs. He attended the University of Nebraska where he graduated in 1890 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Storrs returned to UN to complete his graduate work later in life, earning a doctorate in engineering in 1927. From 1890 to 1894, he worked as an assistant geologist for the Colorado Fuel Company, and was a geologist for the Northern Pacific Railroad and special writer for the U.S. Geological Survey from 1896-1906. He returned east after his work surveying the western coal fields where he engaged in a number of businesses, and after his retirement worked as the chairman for the committee on national defense of the American Electric Railway Association. Storrs married Mary L. Cooper on June 26, 1894, and the couple had at least one child, a daughter Margaret Storrs Grierson, the donor of this collection. Lucius Storrs died in Northampton, Massachusetts on July 4, 1945.

Content Description Note: Geological reports, mostly pertaining to coal deposits, and related correspondence pertaining to Storr's work as a geologist for the Northern Pacific Railway Company and its subsidiary, the Northwestern Improvement Company. Montana places surveyed include: Gallatin County, Madison County, Carbon County, Judith Basin, Red Lodge, Chestnut, Ravensdale, Melmont, Roslyn, Livingston, Bull Mountain, and Toston. Other reports pertain to locations in Washington, North Dakota, Wyoming and Minnesota. The papers also include the text of an undated speech Storrs delivered at Montana State College regarding the history of Rocky Mountain coal fields.


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Folder 1.
Report on the Holdings of the Northwestern Improvement Company in the Mesabi Range, Minnesota. July 1905. 20 p.
Letter to Thomas Cooper, Land Commissioner: statement regarding water power possibilities in Montana, east of the main range of the Rocky Mountains. October 30, 1905. 15 p.
Folder 2.
Letter to Thomas Cooper, Land Commissioner: list of Montana lands for transfer to the Northwestern Improvement Company. Lands of more value for coal than for any other purpose. November 4, 1905. 9 p.
Folder 3.
General Report on the Coal Fields of Lewis County, Washington. July 1905. 18 p., plus map.
Report to Howard Elliott, President, Northern Pacific Railway Company, on Saint Helens Mining District, Washington. September 26, 1904. 7 p.
Preliminary Report upon the Morton (Cowlitz River) Coal Field, Lewis County, Washington. January 1903. 4 p.
Folder 4.
Letter to Howard Elliott, President: statement on the holdings of the Northwestern Improvement Company in the coal fields of Washington. February 27, 1904. 6 p.
General Description of the Coal Fields of the Northwest. 1904. 22 p., plus map.
Folder 5. Reports on mining properties:
Red Lodge, November 3, 1904; July 25, 1904; July 8, 1904
Chestnut, November 1, 1904; (undated)
Ravensdale, Melmont and Chestnut, January 19, 1903
Roslyn, July 25, 1904
Melmont, June 13, 1904
Ravensdale, November 16, 1904; June 13, 1904
Folder 6.
Report on the Bear Creek Coal Field, Carbon County, Montana. May 1900. 17 p., plus 2 maps.
Letter to J. W. Kendrick, General Manager, Northern Pacific Railway Company: report on Rocky Fork Coal Mine. March 17, 1898. 6 p., plus 2 diagrams, plus 5 p.
Report on the Clark's Fork Fraction of the Yellowstone Coal Field in Montana. October 1897. 21 p.
Folder 7.
Report upon the Western End of the Livingston-Bozeman Coal Field, Montana. July 1902. 11 p., plus 5 plates.
Preliminary Report upon the Livingston-Bozeman Coal Field, October 1901. 17 p.
Folder 8.
Memorandum for Consideration in Arriving at Final Report on Scheme for Tie Treatment. (undated). 20 p.
Folder 9.
A General Paper on the Preservation of Wood, by C. W. Berry, Superintendent, Wood Preserving Plant, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Laramie, Wyoming. (undated). 20 p.
Letter to Howard Elliott, President, and H. J. Horn, General Manager: report on water purification with recommendations as to the installation of such an operation on the First District of the Dakota Division. March 6, 1905. 16 p.
Letter to H. J. Horn, General Manager: organization of a test department. May 20, 1905. 7 p.
Report on the Trail Creek Coal Field, Montana. July 1898. 6 p., plus map.
Folder 10.
Report on the Horr Coal Field. April 1900. 18 p., plus map.
Folder 11.
Report on the Bull Mountain Coal Field, Yellowstone County, Montana. August 1900. 13 p., plus 3 plates.
Folder 12.
Report on the Bituminous Coal Field near Toston, Montana. June 1898. 5 p., plus map.
Report on the Coal Lands near Toston, Montana. November 1897. 3 p.
Report on the Coal Lands in the Vicinity of Missoula, Montana. October 1897. 3 p.
Preliminary Report on the Judith Basin Coal Field of Montana. February 1904. 5 p., plus map.
Folder 13.
Report on the Resources of the Madison Valley, Montana. September 1903. 22 p., plus 3 maps.
Folder 14.
Preliminary Report on the Green River Coal Field, Washington. April 1900. 10 p.
Preliminary Examination of a Portion of the Wilkeson Coal Field, Washington. April 1900. 9 p.
Letter to B. F. Bush, General Manager, Northwestern Improvement Company: examination of coal lands near Wenatchee, Washington. March 2, 1900. 4 p.
Report on the Mount Baker Coal Field, Whatcom County, Washington. December 1898. 7 p.
Report on the Coal Lands in the Vicinity of Palmer, Washington. December 1898. 5 p.
Folder 15.
Letter to Howard Elliott, President: report on prospecting in the Cuyuna Iron Range, Minnesota. October 13, 1904. 6 p.
Preliminary Report on Corundum Deposits of Gallatin County, Montana. February 1905. 11 p.
Report on a Portion of the Colville Indian Reservation. December 1904. 13 p., plus map.
Folder 16.
Draft of Report on Raging River Coal Field; by Colin Napier. August 1888. 15 p.
Folder 17.
Diamond Drill Hole: Fargo, North Dakota; Allard, Montana; Medora, North Dakota; Dickinson, North Dakota.
Letter to C. M. Levey, Assistant to President: table of estimated available tonnage of the various properties owned by the Northwestern Improvement Company. November 1, 1904. 3 p.
Diamond Drill Hole: Sully Springs, North Dakota.
Folder 18.
Letter to B.F. Bush, Vice-President, Western Coal & Mining Company, St. Louis, Missouri: examination of the plant of the New Jersey Briquetting Company, Brooklyn. May 23, 1906. 8 p.
Folder 19.
L. S. Storrs. The Rocky Mountain Coal Fields; extract from the 22nd annual report of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1900-1901. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1902.
Folder 20.
A Brief History of the Coal Fields of the Rocky Mountain States. Paper read at Montana State College, Bozeman. n.d.

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