Creator: United States. Works Progress Administration.

Provenance Note: Hand-drawn maps done by the Works Progress Administration were donated by Gallatin County (Mont.) in 1980.

Historical Note: In 1935, almost a fourth of the population of Montana, or about 137,000 persons were dependent upon some form of federal, state, or county relief assistance. The Work Projects Administration (originally the Works Progress Administration) was established in 1935. Its function was to provide jobs to unemployed workers on public projects sponsored by federal, state, or local agencies.

Content Description Note: The Township Plats for Gallatin County consist of hand-drawn maps done by the Works Progress Administration. These maps show land ownership, operating units, and land use for Gallatin County, Montana. Arranged by township and range numbers, the maps show little detail other than color coded parcels with owner identification and acreage numbers.

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Updated: 2014 November 5