Creator: Patt, William A. (William Andrew), 1860-1954

Provenance Note: Journal and photographs created or collected by William Andrew Patt were donated to Montana State University by his youngest daughter, Emma Katherine Patt Roscoe of Stockton, Californian on September 25, 1980.

Historical Note: William Andrew Patt (1860-1957) was born on January 21, 1860 in Central Falls, Rhode Island. He came west around 1878 and established a ranch in the Upper Madison Valley along Grayling Creek in 1885. He worked off the ranch occasionally as a builder in both Idaho and Yellowstone National Park and also guided hunting parties which traveled through the area. One of these hunting parties in 1886 may have included Theodore Roosevelt. In 1889, Patt married Emma Kerzenmacher in Helena, Montana. The couple eventually had nine children. Patt was asked by the "Montana Park and Hotel Society" in Helena to keep a journal recording weather conditions in the Upper Madison Valley. Every two weeks he transcribed his diary entries and mailed them to the Society. In 1897 the Patt family left Montana for Pleasant Valley (Humphrey) Idaho and their ranch was taken over by Mrs. Patt's brother, Peter Kerzenmacher. The entire place was flooded by Hegben Lake around 1914. William Patt died in Pocatello, Idaho on June 6, 1954.

Content Description Note: The papers consist of: William Patt's weather journal containing entries from January 1 through October 5, 1890; transcriptions of the journal and biographical notes prepared by Sam Eagle of El Cerrito, California in 1980; original and copy photographs of the Patt and Kerzenmacher families, their ranch, friends, an 1886 hunting party which may include Theodore Roosevelt, and Monida, Montana.


Box 1
Folder 1. Weather journal, January 1-October 5, 1890
Folder 2. Journal transcription
Folder 3. Biographical and photograph notes
Folder 4. Photographs, Patt family and ranch.
#1. William A. Patt family, 1904
#2. Emma and Roseanna Patt
#3. Susie, Frank, and Andrew Patt
#4. William A. Patt with dead elk
#5. Patt ranch, ca. 1890
#6. Patt ranch, ca. 1890
#7. Ice cutting crew, Humphrey, Idaho, 1906. W.A. Patt, foreman
#8. Ice cutting crew near Patt ranch, 1906
#9. Elk calves on Patt ranch, 1895
Folder 5. Photographs, Kerzenmacher family and ranch
#10. Peter Kerzenmacher, 1890
#11. Peter and Lulu Kerzenmacher, 1920
#12. Fred Kerzenmacher, 1916
#13. Helen Darling Kerzenmacher, 1910
#14. Kerzenmacher family, 1916
#15. Kerzenmacher family, 1917
#16. Kerzenmacher ranch, 1916
#17. Kerzenmacher ranch, 1914
#18. Kerzenmacher ranch, 1914
#19. Kerzenmacher ranch, 1900
#20. Kerzenmacher ranch, 1910
#21. Peter Kerzenmacher, 1926
#22. Peter Kerzenmacher, 1926
#23. Fred Kerzenmacher, 1926
#24. Walter Kerzenmacher, 1926
#25. Lulu and Fred Kerzenmacher, 1906
Folder 6. Photographs, Family friends and places
#26. Red Canyon, Grayling, Montana, 1895
#27. Monida, Montana, 1908
#28. Monida, Montana, 1910
#29. Joe Stubb, 1890
#30. Joe Stubb, 1886
#31. Sam Burnside and Bill Culver, 1890s
#32. Mrs. Sam Burnside, 1890s
#33. Oliver "Snowshoe" Johnson, 1895
#34. Hunting party, 1886 (negative included)

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