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Provenance Note: Historical essays submitted by Montana schoolchildren to a 1964 competition held by the Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers were first deposited in two separate donations to Special Collections in the mid-1960s and assigned accession numbers 1127 and 2005. They were formally donated by the society on July 31, 2007.

Historical Note: On September 10, 1884, the Society of Montana Pioneers was founded in Helena, Montana. Formed as a separate (but closely related) organization, the Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers was established on August 18, 1892. Stating their objectives as an organization to "perpetuate the sacrifices and heroic virtues of our parents who blazed the trail into this country," the Sons and Daughters chose the date of December 31, 1868 to determine eligibility for people to become members, the same date of qualification for the parent society. This meant that only those who could trace their lineage to a person who arrived in the territory prior to 1869 could join. Over the years the organization has participated in a wide variety of activities to promote Montana's historical heritage, including the purchase of land near the Capitol building in Helena on which the present building of the Montana Historical Society is located. The organization continues to use space in this building to house their historical records. In 1964, the Sons and Daughters sponsored a statewide essay writing competition for junior high school students. Winners of the contest in several different categories were determined by a committee of members from the organization and a printed edition of those essays was produced.

Content Description Note: The contest entries of this collection cover a wide variety of Montana historical topics including biography, historic building description, family histories, and general Montana community history. During the time the essays were being examined by the contest committee, subject headings and geographic coverage annotations were added to assist in assigning proper categorization sorting for eventual judging. Each essay was required to include the student's name, school, teacher, and place of residence. The essays also include bibliographies of sources cited. The essays have been arranged in alphabetical order by author's name, with the subject and geographic coverage information on the second line of the folder heading.


Box 1

1. Anderson, Becky

Harbert, James (Flathead Lake Area - Flathead County)

2. Apple, Jim

An American Pioneer (Helena)

3. Applegate, Joan

Keene, Harriet Davis (Canton Valley - Broadwater County)

4. Arthun, Margit

Dell, William (Luther, Montana - Carbon County)

5. Bailey, Lynn

Matthews, Judge John Aaron (Helena - Lewis & Clark County)

6. Barker, Janet

Vigilante Parade (Helena - Lewis and Clark County)

7. Barret, Mary

Horse Prairie (Beaverhead County)

8. Behimer, Linda

Kendall, Montana (Fergus Co.)

9. Berg, Steve

Yates, Mary "Granny" (Gallatin County)

10. Bonine, Marcia

Johnson, George Adams (Hysham - Treasure County)

11. Brown, Gary

Groff, Mrs. Julia V. Smith (Victor, Montana - Missoula County)

12. Chalot, Rose Marie

Martin, Gasper (Martin City, Montana - Flathead County)

13. Clawson, Richard

Clawson, Oren (Park City, Montana - Stillwater County

14. Conn, Barbara

Henderson Gulch (Granite County)

15. Cooley, Candy

Philbrick, Mary Howard (Rosebud County)

16. Curtis, Judy

Daily, Weldon E. (Power, Montana - Teton County)

17. Davis, Leora K.

Moore, John C. (Helmville, Montana - Powell County)

18. Denzer, Bebra Ann

Belgium Hill (Pondera County)

19. Dover, Deanna

Castle (Meagher County)

20. Dufour, Peter

Granite, Montana (Granite County)

21. Dunning, Debbie

Dunning, Leota Kime (Powder River County)

22. Dyrland, Janis A.

Dyrland, Sivert Magnus (Big Sandy - Choteau County)

23. Eagle, Joan

Eagle, Samuel Peter (West Yellowstone - Gallatin County)

24. Easter, Pam

Charlot, Chief (Bitteroot Valley region)

25. Egan, Cindy

Owens, Charles "Rattlesnake Jake" (Lewistown - Fergus County)

26. Farrington, Reese

Leonard, Nathen, R. (Butte - Silver Bow County)

27. Giono, Susie

Brandon, Montana (Madison County)

28. Haase, Ronald Anthony

Hollam, Mrs. Andrew (Glendive - Dawson County)

29. Hallowell, Leslie

Cogswell, Dr. William F. (Hamilton- Ravalli County

30. Hansen, Brent

Kibbey, Montana (Meagher County)

31. He-Does-It, Raphaelle

Crow Indians (Montana)

32. Heliker, Cindy

Greenogh Mansion (Missoula County)

33. Hoining, Karen

Virginia City, Montana (Madison County)

34. Hoover, Carolyn

Hartford, Mrs. (Lewistown - Fergus County)

35. Jacobs, Marilyn

Johnson, Mrs. Sue (Giltedge - Fergus County)

36. Kauffman, Carol

Demersvilie (Flathead County)

37. Kelley, Jim

McGowan, James (Drummond - Powell County)

38. Korting, Marc

Marysville, Montana (Lewis & Clark County)

39. Lockhart, Revan

Taelman, Father Louis (St. Ignatius - Lake County)

40. Mahugh, Gina

Cline, J.H. (Polson - Lake County)

41. Matovich, Carey E.

Fort Mussleshell, Montana

42. Matt, Marlene

Sisters of Providence at St. Ignatius, Montana (Lake County)

43. Monasmith, Donna Rae

Cartwriqht, Lee E. (Rosebud County)

44. Mular, Jan

Orr Mansion (Dillon - Beaverhead County)

45. Murnion, Terry

Stuart, Charles (Jordan - Garfield County)

46. Nelson, Mary

Frenchtown, Montana (Missoula County)

47. Nelson, Patrice

Gordon, James (Helmville - Powell County)

48. Pattyn, Linda Joy

Wyola, Montana (Big Horn County)

49. Petesch, Greg

Geyser, Montana (Judith Basin County)

50. Ralston, Mary Alice

Paddock, John Charles (Big Hole Valley, Wisdom - Beaverhead County)

51. Raths, Jane

Elso, Montana (Musselshell County)

52. Salminen, Kay

Switzer, Malphus Artillus (Madison County)

53. Shook, Bonnie

Rombo Flats (Ravalli County)

54. Sichveland, Kathy

Phillipsburq, Montana Area Ghost Towns (Granite County)

55. Simenson, Deborah

Geary, Hilarie and Kate (Helmville - Powell County)

56. Spidel, William

Spidel (Schmidlapp), William (Roundup - Musselshell County)

57. Sterling, Gail

Libby, Montana (Lincoln County)

58. Stevenson, Mary

Stevenson, Allie, Crow Indians (Montana)

59. Thelen, David

Thelen, J. P. (Cascade County)

60. Thoads, William J.

Comstock, Mrs. Anna (Hathaway - Rosebud County)

61. Tobin, Mary

Trask, Mrs. Augusta Eliason (Deer Lodge - Powell County)

62. Triplett, Charles

Mansfield, Mrs. Katie Connelly (Judith Basin County)

63. Utick, Peggy

East Helena (Lewis and Clark County)

64. Vignali, Cindy

Peeso, Fred (Flathead Area)

65. Vlastelis, Rose

Foran, Charles Joseph. (Grass Range - Fergus County)

66. Voigt, Steve

Conrad, Charles Edward (Kalispell - Flathead County)

67. Walker, John

Nelson, Frank L. (Doc) (Bozeman - Gallatin County)

68. Ware, Kathleene

Davis, Floyd (Gabbler) (Vida - McCone County)

69. Weitz, Dick

Cook, A.B. (White Sulphur Springs - Meagher County)

70. Wendt, Diane

Jessup, Harry (Creston - Flathead County)

71. Wild, John

Warton, Jesse R. (Butte - Silver Bow County)

72. Wilke, Ann

Russell, Charles M. (Flathead Valley - Flathead County)

73. Published booklet


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