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Provenance Note: Minutes, records, research papers and meeting brochures documenting the activities of the Quest for Knowledge Club (Q K Club) of Bozeman, Montana were donated to Special Collections by a vote of the club's membership on March 10, 1996. Prior to that time various papers were deposited by Merrill Burlingame and other members of the Q K Club. In 2008, 2011, and 2012 additional papers were donated to the collection by club members, and regular deposits are expected thereafter.

Historical Note: The Quest for Knowledge Club is a private organization in Bozeman, Montana which provides a forum "for the purpose of fostering specialized, intellectual discussion and thought." The Q K Club was established in 1921 by Dr. Alfred Atkinson, Rev. R.P. Smith, M.L. Wilson and others. The club's bylaws have kept membership capped at around 25 selected professionals from the Gallatin area. The club has provided a forum where Montana State University professors and local businessmen and professionals could gather to discuss the issues of the day, aspects of an individual's professional expertise, philosophy, theology, and other intellectual pursuits. The club has met between 6 and 8 times a year since the 1921. The club's year begins in the fall, during October, and it ends in the spring generally around March or April. At each meeting a professional research paper is delivered by a club member followed by criticisms of the paper prepared by selected members.

Content Description Note: The QK Club papers consist of the club's bylaws, meeting minutes, membership records, yearly bulletins and the papers and criticisms presented at their meetings. Series have been delineated by document type and have been placed in chronological order. The Bylaws series contains a copy of the original bylaws drafted in 1921. Any changes in the bylaws can be found in the Minutes. The series of membership records gives a listing of which Bozeman professionals became members of the club and how often they attended meetings. It also gives an accounting of the club's finances. The collection of Printed Materials contains the club's program bulletins and club newsclippings. The program bulletins are complete and give a listing of how often the club met during the year and of what papers were to be delivered by selected members. The final series of papers contains many of the papers delivered at the meetings as well as the criticisms which followed. The topics of the papers include history, theology, medicine, and politics. While the collection of QK Club papers is extensive, it is not quite complete. The collection currently consists of six series, with the last representing material that was accessioned in 2008.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: Copyright for the intellectual content of any individual research paper in the records remains with the author, and permission to quote must be sought from those authors.


Series 1 Bylaws, 1921
Series 2 Minutes, 1921-1997
Series 3 Membership Records, 1924-1988
Series 4 Printed Materials, 1921-1997
Series 5 Meeting Papers, 1921-2008
Series 6 Minutes, March 1998 - January 2008; Membership Records, 1921-1988; Printed Materials, 1922-1999

Series 1: Bylaws, 1921

Bylaws establishing the QK Club and its procedures. Written in 1921, the bylaws have been amended over time, but changes were recorded in the club's meeting minutes.


Box 1
1. Bylaws

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Series 2: Minutes, 1921-1997

Minutes from the proceedings of the QK Club's meetings. Information includes outlines of discussion of session papers, amendments to the club's bylaws, and other routine business brought before the membership.


Box 1 (cont.)
2. Minutes: January 18, 1921 - May 20, 1930
3. October 21, 1930 - May 21, 1940
4. October 15, 1940 - March 21, 1950
5. October 17, 1950 - March 15, 1960
6. October 18, 1960 - March 17, 1970
7. October 20, 1970 - April 15, 1980
8. October 21, 1980 - April 17, 1990
9. October 16, 1990 - May 20, 1997

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Series 3: Membership Records, 1924-1988

Membership Records provides a listing of individual members, their attendance, as well as their club dues and the finances of the QK Club in general. Folder 13 contains historical compilations of members and papers presented to the club that were likely compiled by persons other than club members.


Box 1 (cont.)
10. Membership Records, 1924 - 1950
11. Membership Records, 1951 - 1972
12. Membership Records, 1975 - 1988
13. QK History
14. Membership Records, Miscellany

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Series 4: Printed Materials, 1921-1997

Printed Materials primarily contains the yearly bulletins published by the QK Club to announce who and when members would be delivering their research papers. The bulletins are comprehensive. News clippings refers to articles retained by the club.


Box 1 (cont.)
15. 1921 - 1950
16. 1950 - 1975
17. 1975 - 1997
18. News clippings

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Series 5: Meeting Papers, 1921-2008

Meeting Papers contains the research papers and criticisms delivered at the QK Club meetings. They are varied in topics, ranging from land management in Montana to Islamic theology. George Y. Patten, in 1949, and Al Stiff, in 1986, both wrote histories of the QK Club. The histories are found in Box 4, file 8 and Box 9, file 8. Not all of the papers presented to the club have survived and not all of the papers found in this series have accompanying critiques. Where available, critiques have been placed in the same folder with the appropriate paper. The papers have been chronologically arranged.


Box 2
1. Papers, 1921 - 1922
9/27/21 Hartman, Walter S. Natural Taxation
2/16/22 Patten, George Y. International Law: Its Origin and Development
2. Papers, 1923
10/16/23 Cooley, Robert A. The Physical Basis of Life
3. Papers, 1924 - 1925
11/18/24 Wilson, Fred F. Architecture, a Neglected Art
4/21/25 Patten, George Y. Trial By Jury
4. Papers, 1926
1/19/26 Smith, Robert P. Optimism
12/21/26 Wilson, Fred F. The Home of Tomorrow
5. Papers, 1928
5/15/28 Patten, George Y. The Federal Constitution
12/18/28 Fabrick, John P. Immigration
6. Papers, 1929 - 1930
1/23/30 Davidson, Wells S. Thrift - Its Economic and Moral Implications
4/15/30 Wilson, Fred F. Philosophy [partially missing]
7. Papers, 1930 - 1931
11/18/30 Patten, George Y. Foreign Entanglements
2/17/31 Brown, R.E. Farm Problems and Other Things
3/17/31 Woodard, John A. The Extra Curricular Program of the American High School
5/19/31 Hartman, Walter S. Pilate Saith Unto Him: What Is Truth? (John 38:18)
8. Papers, 1931 - 1932
4/18/32 Smith, Robert P. Coming of Age or Freedom of the Will and Human Responsibility
9. Papers, 1932 - 1933
10/18/32 Davidson, Wells S. The Gilded Age and After
12/20/32 Johnson, Arthur J.M. Disintegrating Atoms
10. Papers, October 1933 - February 1934
10/17/33 Wilson, Fred F. Pertinent Observations
11/21/33 Renne, Roland R. Some Desirable Adjustments in County School Finance
12/19/33 Linfield, Frederick B. Socializing the Productive Forces of the Country
2/20/34 Plew, William R. Taboos
11. Papers, April & May 1934
1/16/34 Strand, Augustus L. The Concept of Organic Evolution
4/17/34 Hartman, Walter S. What Is Written in the Law: How Readest Thou? (Luke 10:26)
5/15/34 Patten, George Y. Montana Politics and Political Leaders of the Past
12. Papers, 1934 - 1935
11/27/34 Knudsen, Ralph E. The Ethical Application of Religion
2/19/35 Fabrick, J. P. A Little Trip to Holland: Real Estate Titles-Foreign Holding Companyh's Domicile in Enemy Hands
3/19/35 Kenyon, Carlisle S. What is Progress?
4/16/35 Willaims, Daniel S. New Challenges in Education
5/21/35 Atkinson, Alfred America - Self Sufficient
13. Papers, October - December 1935
10/15/35 Lewis, William F. Religion, Reality and the New Psychology
11/19/35 Davidson, Wells S. Interpretations
12/17/35 Hamilton, James M. Democracy in Theory and Practice According to Thomas Jefferson
14. Papers, January - May 1936
1/21/36 Aitken, Walter Propaganda
4/21/36 Pollock, Peter Hewison The New Realism in Religion
5/19/36 Johnson, Arthur J.M. Space, Time, and Relativity
15. Papers, October 1936 - February 1937
10/20/36 Hoffmann, John W. Our Interests in Asia
11/17/36 Parkin, E.J. Duties of Citizenship
12/15/36 Cobleigh, W. M. Montana State College--Progress in the Years 1894-1936
2/16/37 Hartman, Walter S. The Sabbath Was Made for Man and Not Man for the Sabbath (Mark 2:27)
16. Papers, March - May 1937
3/16/37 Patten, George Y. The Supreme Court
4/20/37 Plew, William R. Solomon and His Temple
5/18/37 Smith, Charles S. Professional Economics Including Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers
Box 3
1. Papers, December 1937 - January 1938
12/21/37 Fabrick, John P. Impressions of Mexico
1/18/38 Linfield, Frederick B. Building an Agricultural Experiment Station
2. Papers, January 1938 cont. - March 1938
2/15/38 Williams, Daniel S. The Problems of Society with the Exceptional Child
3/15/38 Slagsvold, Peter L. America's Coming of Age
3. Papers, October 1938 - January 1939
10/18/38 Johnson, Arthur J.M. The Scientist and Society
12/20/38 Hamilton, James M. Looking Backward in Montana
1/17/39 Paugh, John C. Farm Cooperatives
4. Papers, February - April 1939
2/21/39 Dye, Edward R. Behind the Scenes in Yellowstone
4/12/39 Waldorf, Samuel D. Highway Transportation
5. Papers, October - December 1939
12/19/39 Plew, William R. The Portuguese
10/17/39 Cobleigh, William M. You Are Wrong About That!
6. Papers, January - March 1940
1/16/40 Patten, George Y. Accidents and Damages
2/20/40 Mills, Harlow B. The Ascent of Man
4/16/40 Norton, John E. Agriculture, Labor, and Industry
7. Papers, October 1940
00/00/40 Patten, George Y. Progress of the Montana Bar (date unknown)
10/15/40 Wilson, Fred F. Bozeman
8. Papers, November 1940
11/26/40 Linfield, Frederick B. New Irrigation Projects: Farmer Problems in Their Development
9. Papers, January - March 1942
1/21/41 Williams, Daniel S. The American Presidency
3/18/41 Stotesbury, James M. Taxation - Revenue or Reform?
10. Papers, December 1941 - March 1942
12/16/41 Paugh, John C. Gallatin Valley
3/17/42 Waldorf, Samuel D. Sharing and Distribution of Highway-User Taxes (2 copies)
11. Papers, March 1942
3/31/42 Renne, Roland R. Essentials for World Peace
12. Papers, January - March 1943
1/19/43 Hartman, Brooke The Farm Surplus Products Problem
2/16/43 Plew, William R. Yoga
3/16/43 Kenyon, Carlisle S. Social Security
13. Papers, November 1943 - March 1944
11/16/43 Schilling, Eugene W. After the War - What? (Roland Renne's copy with pencilled margin)
1/18/44 Monson, Olaf W. The Relation of Irrigation to Agriculture in Montana
2/15/44 Patten, George Y. Marriage and Divorce
2/29/44 Norton, John E. Lost Acres
3/21/44 Parker, John R. Is the Cost of Insect Control a Justifiable Expenditure of Public Funds?
14. Papers, December 1944 - January 1945
11/21/44 Pollock, P. Hewison The Validity of Revelation
12/19/44 Tootell, Robert B. The Place of Agriculture in Our Post-War American Economy
1/16/45 Haynes, Jack E. Hydrothermal Deposition in Yellowstone National Park
1/30/45 Williams, Daniel S. Some Unfinished Business for American Democracy
15. Papers, February - March 1945
2/20/45 Fabrick, John P. Government, Agriculture and Politics
3/20/45 Willson, Fred F. As Viewed Thru a Crystal Ball
Box 4
1. Papers, October 1945 - January 1946
10/16/45 Lyman, John W. Some Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency
12/18/45 Renne, Roland R. Half Slave, Half Free
1/15/46 Paugh, John C. The Missouri Valley Authority
2. Papers, January 1946 cont. - March 1946
1/29/46 Mills, Harlow B. Conflagration and Civilization (includes handwritten note by HBM)
2/19/46 Cobleigh, William M. Stream Pollution Abatement and the Public Water Supplies of Montana
3/19/46 Rogers, Edmund B. Land Management Policy in the National Parks
3. Papers, October 1946 - January 1947
10/15/46 Johnson, Arthur J.M. Nuclear Energy and the Problem of World Peace
12/17/46 Hollands, Harold F. Our Washington
1/14/47 Waldorf, Samuel D. Russia
4. Papers, January 1947 cont. - March 1947
1/28/47 Skinner, James D. Nostradamus Et At
2/18/47 Patten, George Y. Water Rights
3/18/47 Monson, Olaf W. Some Effects of Mechanization in Agriculture
5. Papers, October 1947 - January 1948
10/21/47 Cotner, Frank B. The Evolution and Customs of the Japanese
11/18/47 Hartman, Brooke Our National Debt
12/16/47 Norton, John E. Crisis in Wool
1/20/48 Fabrick, John P. Taxes
6. Papers, October 1948 - January 1949
10/19/48 Tootell, Robert B. Progress Report and Appraisal of Missouri Basin Development
12/21/48 Renne, Roland R. The High Cost of Living and Other Inferior Courts
1/18/49 Lessley, William W. What Price Justice in Our Justice and Other Inferior Courts
7. Papers, February 1949 - March 1949
2/15/49 Willson, Fred F. Mainspring, the Grassroots Story of Human Progress
3/15/49 Kenyon, Carlisle S. What Causes Wars
8. Papers, October 1949 - January 1950
10/18/49 Patten, George Y. The QK Club [history]
10/18/49 Schilling, Eugene W. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
11/15/49 Shively, John D. The Conservation of Our Human Resources
12/20/49 Waldorf, Samuel D. Alaska
1/17/50 Paugh, John C. Problems of Irrigation in the Gallatin Valley
9. Papers, February 1950 - March 1950
2/21/50 Johnson, Arthur J.M. Earthquakes
3/31/50 Adams, Marvin Philosophical Meanderings (2 copies)
10. Papers, October 1950 - November 1950
10/17/50 Cotner, Frank B. Peace or Pestilence
11/21/50 Patten, George Y. The Custer Battle (Note: 3 versions of paper)
11. Papers, December 1950 - March 1951
12/19/50 Eneboe, Paul L. Marriage and Divorce
2/20/51 Monson, Olaf W. The Land of Our Inheritance
3/20/51 Fabrick, John P. World Peace
12. Papers, November 1951 - December 1951
11/20/51 Kelso, Maurice M. National Land Policy and the Development of Agriculture in Western States
12/18/51 Anderson, Homer E. Conservation Education Is Your Business
13. Papers, January 1952 - March 1952
1/15/52 Jones, Jefferson Some Crime Notes from an Editor's Memory Book (2 copies)
3/19/52 Preston, James F. History of Department Store Retailing
14. Papers, November 1952 - January 1953
11/18/52 Norton, John E. Disease Threats to Montana's Livestock Industry
12/16/52 Herbert, Hugh Divine Unemployment
1/20/53 Kenyon, Carlisle S. Montana Indian Affairs (Note: two versions of page 8)
15. Papers, February 1953 - March 1953
2/17/53 Parker, John R. Grasshoppers
3/17/53 Lessley, William W. Jawbones and Sawbones
Box 5
1. Papers, October 1953 - January 1954
10/20/53 Johnson, Arthur J. M. Radiocarbon Dating
11/17/53 McCleave, Paul B. Witch Hunting
1/19/54 Shively, John D. Federal Aid to Education
2. Papers, February 1954 - March 1954
2/16/54 Willson, Fred F. The Parade Passes
3/16/54 Spain, Clarkson Growth and Effects of Federal Farm Legislation
3. Papers, October 1954 - December 1954
10/19/54 Cotner, Frank B. The New Evolution
11/16/54 Monson, Olaf W. Snow on the Mountain
12/14/54 Renne, Roland R. Foreign Aid as a Means to World Peace
4. Papers, January 1955 - March 1955
1/18/55 Anderson, Homer E. The Teenagers of 1954
2/15/55 Waldorf, Samuel D. Prospect
3/15/55 Eneboe, Paul L. Narcotics and Sedatives
5. Papers, October 1955 - December 1955
10/18/55 Hartman, Brooke The Federal Reserve System
11/15/55 Allen, William A. Manpower for Mobilization
12/13/55 Jones, Jefferson The Murder of John Bozeman???
6. Papers, January 1956 - March 1956
1/17/56 Westlake, Gordon Some Aspects of Pain and Its Control
2/21/56 Niven, Francis L. The Antiquity of Man and Local Archaelogical [sic] Sites
3/20/56 Kelso, Maurice M. Think!
7. Papers, October 1956 - December 1956
10/16/56 Paugh, John C. Some Observations of Jordan
11/20/56 Norton, John E. Gallatin County's Reclassification and Revaluation Program
12/18/56 Kenyon, Carlisle S. Savings and Loan Associations
8. Papers, January 1957 - March 1957
1/15/57 Haynes, Jack E. The Expensive Figure Twelve in Business
2/19/57 Urquhart, James C. Teddy's Tag Ends
3/19/57 Herbert, Hugh The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Originality of Jesus
9. Papers, October 1957 - December 1957
10/15/57 Monson, Olaf W. The United States Bureau of Reclamation and Irrigation Development in Montana
11/19/57 Schilling, Eugene W. Operation Hanford
12/17/57 Lessley, W. W. In the Long Run We Are All Dead
10. Papers, January 1958 - March 1958
1/21/58 McCleave, Paul B. Water - Forests - Dam - The Gallatin
2/18/58 Renne, Roland R. The Improvement of Our State Administration
3/25/58 Johnson, Arthur J.M. Precious Metal
11. Papers, October 1958 - December 1958
10/21/58 Thompson, Wayne E. Some Aspects on the Picture of Dentistry
11/18/58 Johnson, Leon H. Education for an American Democracy
12/16/58 Melvin, John Mason Finger Geography
12. Papers, January 1959 - March 1959
1/20/59 Lutz, Joseph H. The American High School Has Come of Age
2/17/59 Vadheim, Albert L. A-Bomb and Its Application to Medicine
3/17/59 Wirak, Owen S. Something for Nothing
13. Papers, October 1959 - December 1959
10/20/59 Cotner, Frank B. Mushrooms
11/17/59 Monson, Olaf W. Why Keep Them Down on the Farm
12/15/59 Hartman, Brooke Land
14. Papers, January 1960 - March 1960
1/19/60 Wylie, Paul R. Education of the Gifted Child
2/16/60 Niven, Francis L. Archeological Progress in Montana
3/15/60 Allen, William A. Small Business and Its Problems
Box 6
1. Papers, October 1960 - December 1960
10/18/60 Kenyon, Carlisle S. Forest Conservation
11/15/60 Holker, T. Booth Birds Fly
2. Papers, February - March 1961
2/21/61 Haynes, Jack E. Yellowstone News
3/21/61 Norton, John E. Agricultural Mythology (includes two graphs)
3. Papers, October - December 1961
10/17/61 Schilling, Eugene W. What Next?
11/17/61 Johnson, Arthur J.M. Radioactive Fallout
12/19/61 Patten, Marc T. Freedom From the Press
4. Papers, January - March 1962
1/16/62 Renne, Roland R. Births and Taxes
2/20/62 Lessley, William W. The Gentle Art of Cross Examination
3/20/62 Burlingame, Merrill G. The Worth of a Land-Grant College
5. Papers, October - December 1962
10/16/62 Johnson, Leon H. Proteins--What Art They?
11/20/62 Melvin, J. Mason Crime Pays
12/18/62 Wetherell, Robert C. Appraisal of Real Estate
6. Papers, January - March 1963
1/15/63 Spain, Clark L. Government and Agriculture
2/19/63 Thompson, Wayne E. Hypnosis in Dentistry
3/19/63 Onstad, Lyle J. The Layman and Theology
7. Papers, October - December 1963
10/15/63 Christian, Lynn T. Children, a Growing Business
11/19/63 Smith, Louis D.S. Cigarettes, Smoked Meat, Cancer and Sudden Death
12/17/63 Wylie, Paul R. Ranching Is Fun?
8. Papers, January - March 1964
1/21/64 Allen, William A. The Air Reservist
2/18/64 Hartman, Brooke Our Dual Banking System
3/17/64 Vadheim, Albert L. Alcoholism: What Is It?
9. Papers, October - December 1964
10/20/64 Kenyon, Carlisle S. How Old Is Old?
11/17/64 Norton, John E. Betzes
12/15/64 Niven, Francis L. Lamb and Wool Imports: How Important Are They?
10. Papers, January 1965 - March 1965
1/19/65 Schilling, Eugene W. A Look at the Educational System in Venezuela
2/16/65 Patten, Marc T. Choosing a Career, Gamble or Science
3/16/65 Dogterom, Cornelius A. The Role of Chemicals in Agriculture
11. Papers, October 1965 - January 1966
10/19/65 Johnson, Arthur J.M. The Seismograph Stations at Montana State University
11/16/65 Burlingame, Merrill G. How Clear Is the Title to Your Property
12/21/65 Lessley, William W. God Save the United States and This Honorable Court
1/18/66 Melvin, J. Mason Civil - or Criminal - Disobedience?
12. Papers, February - March 1966
2/15/66 Wetherell, Robert C. Thrift and the Savings and Loan Business
3/15/66 Bennett, Byron J. Electronic Computers: Boon or Burden?
13. Papers, October 1966 - February 1967
10/18/66 Onstad, Lyle J. The Church in the Modern World
12/20/66 Bradley, Charles C. Recreation: Montana's Local Pushmi-Pullyu
1/17/67 Bolinger, Harry A. Legal Aid and Legal Oddities
2/21/67 Holter, Robert M. Firearms Control
14. Papers, October - December 1967
10/17/67 Chauner, Edward M. Is There a Difference Between the Business of Providing Knowledge and the Business of Business
11/21/67 Thompson, Wayne E. Fluoride or Cavities
12/19/67 Merrick, William A. Commercialism vs. the Code
15. Papers, January - March 1968
1/16/68 Fryslie, Harold A. Montana Cities - Their Future
2/20/68 Kurtichanov, Titus Morality: the Old, the New, and Otherwise
3/19/68 Secor, Walter A. A Case for a County Manager
Box 7
1. Papers, October - December 1968
10/15/68 Christian, Lynn T. A Layman's Look at Space [added on September 30, 2010]
11/19/68 Parker, John P. Student Malaise
12/17/68 Lessley, William W. Law and Order--Have You Heard?
2. Papers, January - March 1969
1/21/69 Niven, Francis L. The March of the Montana Column (book review)
2/18/69 Negus, Milton K. What Motivates and Influences a Student Toward Academic Success
3/18/69 Burlingame, Merrill G. The Montana Extension Service
3. Papers, November - December 1969
11/25/69 Melvin, J. Mason Rehabilitation--Humbug!!
12/16/69 Wetherell, Robert C. Will Business Survive?
4. Papers, January - March 1970
1/20/70 Bolinger, Harry A. The World We Live In
2/17/70 Onstad, Lyle J. Funerals
3/17/70 Lessley, William W. Myths and Realities of Drugs
5. Papers, October - December 1970
10/20/70 Thompson, Wayne E. Historical Insights in Dentistry
11/17/70 Taylor, James C. The Middle East Situation--A Perspective
12/15/70 Davidson, Paul B. Pictures in Paper
6. Papers, January - March 1971
1/19/71 Bradley, Charles C. New Era
1/19/71 An Opinionaire on the Environmental Crisis
2/16/71 Bennett, Byron J. The World About Us
3/16/71 Secor, Walter A. Teenagers and Drugs
7. Papers, October 1971 - January 1972
10/19/71 Ellis, Bruce B. Montana's Economy: Present and Future
11/16/71 Stiff, Alfred M. Personal Economies in a Changing World
1/18/72 Burlingame, Merrill G. A Question of Leadership in Montana
8. Papers, February - April 1972
2/15/72 Negus, Milton K. The New Power of Youth: How Did They Get It?
3/21/72 Johnstone, William A. Changing Patterns of University Governance
4/18/72 Lensink, Everett R. Whither Medical Care
9. Papers, October 1972 - January 1973
10/17/72 Merrick, William A. You'll Never Get Me Up in One of Them Things
11/22/72 Niven, Francis L. The Gilded Age and After
1/16/73 Fryslie, Harold A. What Course Now?
10. Papers, February - April 1973
2/20/73 Christian, Lynn T. Arms Merchants
3/20/73 Parker, John P. The Decline of the Protestant Work Ethic
4/17/73 Chauner, Edward M. Fifty-one Years - Then What? [QK Club History]
11. Papers, October 1973 - January 1974
10/16/73 Melvin, J. Mason Constitutional Convention Sidelights
11/20/73 Secor, Walter A. The Murder of John Bozeman (A Repeat 18 Years Later)
1/15/74 Onstad, Lyle J. So You Want to Get Married
12. Papers, February - April 1974
2/19/74 Lessley, William W. More Power to Your Words
3/19/74 Renne, Roland R. The Cross of Gold - Implications for the U.S.
4/16/74 Berg, Oswald, Jr. Outer Space
13. Papers, October 1974 - January 1975
10/15/74 Thompson, Wayne E. Is There an HMO is Your Future?
11/19/74 Davidson, Paul B. Variations on a Theme by Cobleigh
1/21/75 Negus, Milton K. Women - On a Pedestal or In a Cage
14. Papers, February - April 1975
2/18/75 Bradley, Charles C. American Farmer: the Quiet Brinksman
3/18/75 Bennett, Byron J. Where Are Our Heroes?
4/15/75 Ellis, Bruce B. The Creation of Value
Box 8
1.Papers, October - November 1975
10/21/75 Parker, John P. The Military in American Society
11/18/75 Burlingame, Merrill G. The "Un-Natural" History of Bozeman
2. Papers, January - April 1976
1/20/76 Lensink, Everett R. "Them Damn Lawyers"
2/17/76 Stiff, Alfred M. Lincoln - Hero or Untimely Death
3/16/76 Johnstone, William A. The Consumer and Health Services
4/20/76 Banks, James E. Fitness After 40: Do I Have to Run?
3. Papers, October 1976 - January 1977
10/19/76 Clark, Donald L. 2,4,6,8 - Why Not Proliferate?
11/16/76 Christian, Lynn T. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
1/18/77 Merrick, William A. Yellowstone Under Cruising Sail
4. Papers, February - April 1977
2/15/77 Langohr, Don M., Jr. Montana Coal and Manifest Destiny
3/22/77 Harrington, Frank R. Consumerism - Which Way?
4/19/77 Berg, Ben E. How Now Home Rule
5. Papers, October - December 1977
10/18/77 Renne, Roland R. The Conquest of Hunger
11/15/77 Parker, John P. Who Gets the River?
12/77 Lessley, William W. Memories from the Scrapbook of a Trial Judge
6. Papers, February - April 1978
2/21/78 Thompson, Wayne E. Pyramid Power
3/21/78 Berg, Oswald, Jr. The Thirtieth Century Today
4/18/78 Secor, Walter A. Ah, Wilderness
7. Papers, October 1978 - November 1978
10/17/78 Bennett, Byron J. Delegation of Authority (includes notes on back)
11/21/78 Johnstone, William A. Energy for the Tomorrows
8. Papers, January 1979 - April 1979
1/16/79 Negus, Milton K. The School Superintendent - Why Isn't He More Like a Business Executive
2/20/79 Davidson, Paul B. By Vote of the People
3/20/79 Nixon, Neal B. We Don't Have an Animal Problem...We Have a People Problem
4/17/79 Clark, Clyde O. The Middle East in Perspective
9. Papers, October - November 1979
10/16/79 Clark, Donald L. The Eclipse of the Superpower
11/20/79 Jennings, Jack A. UFOs: Is Someone Out There Watching?
10. Papers, January - April 1980
1/15/80 Lensink, Everett R. That Big, Big Hole
2/19/80 McConnen, Richard J. China: a Provisional Inquiry
3/18/80 Rixe, Lloyd C. Commuter Airlines and Smalltown USA: Crisis and Opportunity
4/15/80 Dogterom, Cornelius A. Transportation Mess
11. Papers, October 1980 - January 1981
10/21/80 Harrington, Frank R. From a Town, to a City - Fast!!
1/18/80 Merrick, William A. Take Time to Smell the Flowers
1/20/81 Langohr, Don M., Jr. Inflation Is Government Policy
12. Papers, February - April 1981
2/17/81 Berg, Ben E. A Drink Lawyers Savor
3/17/81 Christian, Lynn T. Too Old To Be Drafted?
4/21/81 Lessley, William W. OK--Then--You Be The Judge
13. Papers, October 1981 - January 1982
10/20/81 Bennett, Byron J. Quest for Answers
11/17/81 Parker, John P. The Meaning of Meaning--If Any!
1/19/82 Ferron, Donald R. Reality...Or Realities
14. Papers, February - April 1982
2/16/82 Davidson, Paul B. So You Think It's New
3/16/82 Stiff, Alfred M. Good Ole Days
4/20/82 Nixon, Neal B. The Meaning of Life: Left Brain - Right Brain
Box 9
1. Papers, October 1982 - January 1983
10/19/82 Clark, Donald L. The Sovus Solution
11/16/82 Burlingame, Merrill G. What Can Montana Contribute?
1/18/83 Langohr, Don M., Jr. Computers in a Brave New World
2. Papers, February - April 1983
2/15/83 McConnen, Richard J. Islam and Modernization
3/15/83 Christian, Lynn T. National Park Service
4/19/83 Clark, Clyde O. Business Cycles & Depressions - 1980's
3. Papers, October 1983 - January 1984
10/18/83 Wagner, Glover Death and the American Experiment
11/15/83 Johnstone, William A. From Theory A to Theory Z With a Few in Between
1/17/84 Mathis, Robert C. The Air War in Europe, 1939-1945
4. Papers, February - April 1984
2/21/84 Banks, James E. Is It Still More Blessed to Give Than to Receive?
3/20/84 Larson, Harvey A. A 90-Year Metamorphosis: the School of Business at Montana State University
4/17/84 Mitchell, James R. Death: Discussion of the Most Dreaded Five Letter Word
5. Papers, October 1984 - January 1985
10/16/84 Beall, John A National Health Care System - When?
11/20/84 Thompson, Wayne E. Over the Mountain
1/15/85 Lensink, Everett R. A Matter of Interest
6. Papers, February - April 1985
2/19/85 Seitz, Frank Mind As Slayer, Mind As Healer
3/19/85 Olson, Thomas A. Sports and the Almighty Dollar
4/16/85 Merrick, William A. Public Television for Montana
7. Papers, October 1985 - January 1986
10/15/85 Parker, John P. How Many Carats on Golden Pond?
11/19/85 Harrington, Frank R. Oversell! Is Free Enterprise Running Amuck?
1/21/86 Ferron, Donald R. Star Wars: Fact or Folly
8. Papers, February - April 1986
2/18/86 Bennett, Byron J. What If?
3/18/86 Dogterom, Cornelius A. Health Care Crisis?
4/15/86 Stiff, Alfred M. Our Community and Our State As Seen By Founders of QK
9. Papers, October 1986 - January 1987
10/21/86 Clark, Donald L. Solutions
11/18/86 Berg, Ben E. Our Oldest Lawyer (Hezekiah Hosmer)
1/20/87 Clark, Clyde O. Iran in Transition
10. Papers, February - April 1987
2/17/87 Langohr, Don M., Jr. Historical Significance of the Custer Battle
3/17/87 Christian, Lynn T. Robots
4/21/87 Wagner, Glover The New Heroism
11. Papers, October 1987 - January 1988
10/20/87 Johnstone, William A. Time for a Change? (Plus 5 pgs. of handouts)
11/17/87 Herries, David J. Differential Renumeration
1/19/88 Malone, Michael P. The Kennedy Assassination: a Conspiracy that Succeeded
12. Papers, February - April 1988
2/16/88 Banks, James E. AI: Will It Ever Be as Good as the Real Thing?
3/15/88 Sedivy, Edmund P., Jr. Heaven Help Us (plus 5 pgs. of handouts)
4/19/88 Mitchell, James R. The Inevitable: Part II
13. Papers, October 1988 - January 1989
10/19/88 Olson, Thomas A. The Criminal Mind
11/15/88 Beall, John Our Adversarial Society--Why Not Legalcare and Legalaid?
1/17/89 Merrick, William A. Changing Weather Patterns in Montana
Box 10
1. Papers, February - April 1989
2/21/89 Larson, Harvey A. Doing Unto Others
3/21/89 Seitz, Frank C. Your Power Within
4/18/89 Lensink, Everett R. Money, Politics, and Tobacco
2. Papers, October 1989 - January 1990
10/17/89 Parker, John P. That "L" Word Again
11/21/89 Bennett, Byron J. Prof Scam--Really?
1/16/90 Anderson, Terry L. The Rhetoric of Liberty
3. Papers, February - March 1990
2/20/90 Goan, H.P. Is It Legal to Take Responsibility For Your Life?
3/20/90 Walter, William G. Serendippity
3/28/90 Mathis, Bob Is a Moral War Possible?
4. Papers, October 1990 - January 1991
10/16/90 Newman, Frank Nations Within A Nation: Montana Indian Reservations
11/20/90 Clark, Clyde O. Unfolding World Events, 1990: The Middle East
5. Papers, February - April 1991
2/19/91 Langhor, Don Ordeal on Mount Kenya
3/19/91 Sabo, Richard R. Health Policy Issues & Aids
4/16/91 Gibson, Wayne We Have It, Let's Sell It, But Still Keep It
6. Papers, October 1991 - January 1992
10/15/91 Harrington, Frank Optimism: A User's Point of View
11/19/91 Wagner, Glover A Global Imperative
1/21/92 Hickman, J. Robert Circadian Rhythms
7. Papers, February - May 1992
2/18/92 Sedivy, Edmund P., Jr. To Be, Or Be Someone Else
4/21/92 Malone, Michael Montana As A Third-World State
5/19/92 Banks, Jim AI: Getting Better But Still Not The Real Thing
8. Papers, October 1992 - January 1993
10/20/92 Merrick, Bill Day By Day Philosophy
11/17/92 Beall, John The Legal Monopoly - Why?
1/19/93 Seitz, Frank Insanity in the Courtroom...
9. Papers, February - April 1993
2/23/93 Mathis, Robert C. The American Dream-Accidental Leadership
3/23/93 Olson, Thomas A. Justice: Only for Winners?
4/20/93 Mattson, George Whatever Happened to Solar Energy?
10. Papers, October 1993 - January 1994
10/19/93 Bennett, Byron Controversies
11/16/93 Newman, Frank The Double Helix: Science and Society
1/18/94 Larson, Harvey A. Therapeutic Humor
11. Papers, February - April 1994
2/15/94 Anderson, Terry L. Back to the Future of Yellowstone: Privatize It
3/15/94 Lensink, Everett R. Borders: Fifty Four Forty, and More
4/19/94 Rinker, Charles F. Health Care Reform
12. Papers, October - November 1994
10/16/94 Mullen, Pierce C. The Soviet Catastrophe
11/14/94 Wagner, Glover Experiential Learning
Box 11
1. Papers, January - April 1995
1/17/95 Harrington, Frank The Responsible Consumer
2/21/95 Clark, Clyde O. The New World Order
3/21/95 Walter, William G. The Inverted Jenny and Other Philatelic Oddities
4/18/95 McConnen, Richard J. "Huck Finn Died in Montana"
2. Papers, October - November 1995
10/17/95 Wylie, Paul The U. S. Patent System Its History and Current Success
11/21/95 Sabo, Richard R. The Internet
3. Papers, January - April 1996
1/16/96 Mitchell, James R. Pre-Arrangements: Who! When! Why!
2/20/96 Miles, Michael Shadow Life
3/19/96 Hickman, Bob Our Violent Youth
4/23/96 Banks, Jim Another Dirty Little Secret
4. Papers, November 1996 - January 1997
11/19/96 Beall, John The Drug War and the Failure of Prohibition
1/21/97 Merrick, Bill 1861 Sioux Outbreak
5. Papers, February - March 1997
2/18/97 Mathis, Robert Why We Dropped the Atomic Bomb
3/11/97 Seitz, Frank Leprechauns and Laughter: A Look at Irish Humor...
6. Papers, April - May 1997
4/15/97 Olson, Thomas A. What's Wrong With Our Educational System?
5/20/97 Sedivy, Ed Child Support: The Problems
7. Papers, October - November 1997
10/21/97 Bateson, Joe A Journey Through the Grand Canyon
11/18/97 Anderson, Terry L. Human Nature—Between Virtue and Contempt
8. Papers, January - March 1998
1/20/98 Lensink, Everett R. Your State Constitution
2/17/98 Rinker, Charles Hong Kong in Transition
3/17/98 Funk, Eric Arts Versus Entertainment
9. Papers, April 1998 - September 1999
4/21/98 Mattson, George Why Our Houses Look the Way They Do
9/21/99 Banks, Jim Y2K - 101 Days and Counting
10. Papers, October - November 1999
10/19/99 Wylie, Paul R. Thomas Francis Meagher—What Was a Nice Man Like Him Doing in a Place Like This
11/16/99 Mitchell, James R. A Lighter Look at the Dismal Trade
11. Papers, January - April 2000
1/18/00 Mathis, Bob The Korean War—Lost in History?
2/15/00 Sabo, Richard R. Ethics in Surgery
4/18/00 Hickman, Robert Volcanos, Koryaks, and Steelhead Salmon—The Enchantment of Kamchatka
12. Papers, September - October 2000
9/19/00 Seitz, Frank C. Is Christ A Christian? What Sister Mary and Father Bob May Not Have Told You!
10/17/00 Sedivy, Edmund P., Jr. Planning Your Estate
Box 12
1. Papers, November 2000 - January 2001
11/14/00 Quinn, William J. Bison Wrongs and Animal Rights
1/16/01 Barrett, Stephen M. Who Owns the Genome?
2. Papers, September - November 2001
9/18/01 Merrick, William A. Facing Nuclear Power
10/16/01 Guenther, Mark L. War on Drugs - How Far Do We Go?
11/27/01 Davis, Nick Startling Global Extinctions
3. Papers, January - April 2002
1/15/02 Lensink, Everett R. It Takes Faith
4/16/02 Anderson, Terry L. Motives for Survival: Glass, Baalsrud, Rawicz, and Shackleton
4. Papers, September - November 2002
9/17/02 Mattson, George Yellowstone: A Personal History
10/15/02 Pepper, James E. Whither Gallatin Valley: Resolving Tensions and Contradictions Between Town and Countryside
11/19/02 Bateson, Joe ANDERSON/ENRON: What Went Wrong
5. Papers, January - April 2003
1/23/03 Mullen, Pierce C. Liberty's Rainbow: The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase
2/18/03 Rinker, Charles Pandora's Box—Human Cloning and the Slippery Slope
4/15/03 Davis, Nick Stocks—A Job? A Career? A Calling? You Decide...
6. Papers, September - November 2003
9/03 Funk, Eric The History of Jazz: A Lecture-Concert
10/21/03 Hickman, Bob After Appomattox—What Might Have Been
11/18/03 Langford, Thad The Renaissance: Why Italy?
7. Papers, January - March 2004
1/20/04 Kesselheim, Alan So You Want to Write a Book!
2/17/04 Loble, C. Bruce From 8 to 56—The Thrilling Saga of Montana County Splitting
8. Papers, April - September 2004
4/12/04 Wylie, Paul R. Not a Chinaman's Chance
9/21/04 Banks, Jim Voices From Our Past
9. Papers, October - November 2004
10/19/04 Mathis, Bob What Do Combat Medals Mean?
11/16/04 Dolan, Jim Creativity
10. Papers, January - February 2005
1/18/05 Barrett, Stephen M. Searching for the Green Flash: Building a Bonefish Lodge in the Bahamas
2/15/05 Sabo, Richard R. Your Next Surgeon: Where's (S)He From?
Box 13
1. Papers, April - November 2005
4/19/05 McConnen, Dick The Economics of Health Care and the Health of the U. S. Economy
9/20/05 Pepper, James E. The Idea of Nature: An Interim Report
10/18/05 Davis, Nick Global Warming
11/15/05 Lensink, Everett R. A Song to Remember: The Life and Music of Frederyk Chopin
2. Papers, January - April 2006
1/17/06 Quinn, William J. Our News—Facts, Spin and Lies
2/21/06 Cikan, Frank USA Patriot Act
4/18/06 Seitz, Frank C. "The Collar": Making the Musical
3. Papers, September - November 2006
9/19/06 Bateson, Joe Meth in Montana
10/17/06 Mattson, George Faith in the Twenty-First Century
11/14/06 Day, Jack A Beginner's Trek Into Birding
4. Papers, January - February 2007
1/16/07 Loble, Bruce Wine, Women & Song: The Secrets for a Happy Life: A brief review of some popular literature on the subjects
2/20/07 Rinker, Charles South Africa: First World, Third World
5. Papers, April - September 2007
4/17/07 Morton, Bruce The Commision of Poesy: Or Why You Should Read Poetry
9/18/07 Merrick, Bill Nuclear Power
6. Papers, October - November 2007
10/16/07 Kesselheim, Alan John Wesley Powell—Not the First, Nor Even the Second!!
11/13/07 Langford, Thad Inside the Greenhouse
7. Papers, January - February 2008
1/15/08 Hickman, Bob A Look Back at Fort Assiniboine and Some of Its Residents
2/19/08 Mullen, Pierce We Are What We Eat, Wherein Gargantua Visits the Land of the Rich and the Gluttonous and Meets the Tribe of Ectomorphs
Box 16.
1. Papers, September - November 2008
09/16/08 Sabo, Richard R. Response to "Smile! You're On Candid Camera!"
10/21/08 Funk, Eric Setting Poetry to Music
11/18/08 Dolan, Jim Enter the Quantum
2. Papers, January - May 2009
01/2009 Barrett, Stephen Losing the Second Cold War: Thoughts on the Decline of Higher Education
02/17/09 Wylie, Paul Murder on the Marias
05/07/09 Rassaby, Alan Israel or Palestine: Written Presentation
3. Papers, September - December 2009
09/15/09 Young, Greg. On Language Learning and Musical Talent
10/20/09 Hickman, Bob. A Walk Through Gettysburg-What If?
11/17/09 Livers, Eric. An Evening with Our Ancestors
4. Papers, January - April 2010
01/2010 Babcock, Michael. Must Love Dogs
02/16/10 Funk, Eric. "MSU Symphony in Southeast Asia" Shuichi Komiyama Response Paper
02/16/10 Mullen, Pierce. Comment on Prof. Shuichi Komayama's Paper
04/20/10 Morton, Bruce. Ruminations on North
04/19/10 Day, Jack. His Music is Better Than it Sounds: The Life and Times of Richard Wagner
5. Papers, September - November 2010
09/14/10 Davis, Nick. Africa - Then, Now, and To Come - Portraits of Mugabe and Mandela...
10/2010 Mullen, Pierce C. Quarks and Demons
11/16/10 Banks, Jim. Thirty Words
6. Papers, January - February 2011
01/18/11 Langford, Thad ...And Then There was Martin Luther...
02/15/11 Rinker, Charles. Professionalism and Generational Change: Do Professionals Wear Jeans to Work?
7. Papers, September - October 2011
09/20/11 Mattson, George. Literature: Great Beginnings, Great Endings
10/18/11 Quinn, Bill. Sustainable Farming vs. Industrial Farming
8. Papers, November 2011
11/15/11 Seitz, Frank C. Static in the New Testament: Words and "The Word"
9. Papers, January - February 2012
01/17/12 Demetriades, Don. Can White Men Jump? A Meditation on African Athletic Success
02/22/12 Cikan, Frank. Lives of Others-Personal Reflection On and Beyond the Iron Curtain Era
10. Papers, April 2012
04/17/12 Loble, Bruce. The Meaning of Life and Other Astonishments

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Series 6: Minutes, March 1998 - January 2008; Membership Records, 1921-1988; Printed Materials, 1922-1999

Additional membership records were added to the collection in 2008 including minutes from the proceedings of the QK Club's meetings. Information includes outlines of discussion of session papers, amendments to the club's bylaws, and other routine business brought before the membership. Membership Records provides a listing of individual members, their attendance, as well as their club dues and the finances of the QK Club in general. Printed Materials primarily contains the yearly bulletins published by the QK Club to announce who and when members would be delivering their research papers. The bulletins are comprehensive.


Box 14
1. Meeting Minutes, March 1998 - January 2008
2. Membership Records, Club History
3. Membership Records, 1921-1972
4. Membership Records, 1921-1972
5. Membership Records, 1927-1929
6. Membership Records, 1930-1939
7. Membership Records, 1940-1949
8. Membership Records, 1950
9. Membership Records, 1951
10. Membership Records, 1952
11. Membership Records, 1953
12. Membership Records, 1954
13. Membership Records, 1955
Box 15
1. Membership Records, 1958-1959
2. Membership Records, 1960-1964
3. Membership Records, 1970-1975
4. Membership Records, 1988
5. Printed Materials, 1922-1950
6. Printed Materials, 1950-1976
7. Printed Materials, 1985-1999

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