Creator: Turpin, Frances Lynn

Provenance Note: Transcribed reminiscence of Frances Lynn Turpin, prepared by Florence Ballinger, was donated to the Montana State University Library by Merrill G. Burlingame for copying in 1967. Mrs. Florence (Ballinger) Hamilton assembled a transcript of the original journal written by Frances Lynn Turpin in 1895. The locations of the original account by Mrs. Turpin and Mrs. Hamilton's original transcript are unknown.

Historical Note: Mrs. Frances Lynn Turpin of St. Louis, Missouri was a member of a party of ten people that toured Yellowstone National Park from August 8 to August 21, 1895. Also in the party were Florence Ballinger's mother Mrs. M.S. Ballinger and her sister, Brunett Ballinger, of Livingston, Montana. Florence Ballinger later created a transcript of the account made by Mrs. Turpin of the trip. Florence was the wife of James M. Hamilton, the third president of Montana State University.

Content Description Note: This daily journal of a tour of Yellowstone Park contains a detailed chronicle of the accommodations and the personalities of Mrs. Turpin's fellow travelers and the many individuals they met. It describes the many difficulties encountered during early trips through the Park. Vivid accounts of the natural phenomena and wildlife are also present and her first experiences with camping are described.

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