Provenance Note: The Yellowstone National Park Research Library and Archives collection of photocopied manuscripts were gathered by the staff of the Montana State University Library circa 1975.

Historical Note: Yellowstone National Park was created by an Act of Congress on March 1, 1872, and in 1886 the United States Army took over administrative duties. In 1916, the newly formed National Park Service assumed control and has operated YNP ever since. In the late 1950s, the YNP administration began to identify and preserve the official records of Yellowstone's early years and, along with this effort, the YNP historian and museum staff also collected topically related manuscripts. These manuscripts represented a diverse assortment of material pertinent to Yellowstone but were created by specific individuals rather than representing the central filing system of the park. These manuscripts ranged from individual files created by employees to privately generated manuscripts on Yellowstone topics. In the mid 1970s, the staff of the Montana State University Library identified eighty four individual manuscript collections for photocopy and inclusion in their own holdings.

Content Description Note: The materials in this collection consist of photocopies of original and transcribed manuscript holdings maintained by the Yellowstone National Park Research Library and Archives. The materials were gathered into this artificial collection over a period of months by the staff at Montana State University Library and given item level description on conventional 3 x 5 library catalog cards. They were arranged in alphabetical order by what was then assumed to be the main entry of each manuscript group and each group subsequently numbered as "items" 1 through 84. The present inventory was created from the information recorded on the catalog cards, but it must be understood by researchers that the subsequent cataloging and arrangement of original manuscript collections at Yellowstone National Park may or may not have retained what herein is assumed to be the "main entry" of either creator or subject. Original item numbers have been retained with each group's folder descriptions to assist anyone following an earlier citation to these materials.

Authors and persons include: Josh Adams; Horace M. Albright ; Peter Allen; George Ash; William Emory Atchison; William Blackmore; Theodore C. Blegen; Pierre Bottineau; William Buzzell; N.O. Chase; H.W. Childs; Hiram M. Chittenden; Malcolm Clark; Tom Clark; C.C. Clawson; B.G. Colonna; Charles W. Cook; John Schuyler Crosby; Miss M.A. Cruikshank; Mary (Reeves) Dexter; Gustavus Cheyney Doane; Truman C. Everts; James Liberty Fisk; David S. Folsom; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Foster; Warren Caleb Gillette; James Gourly; Arnold Hague; Aubrey L. Haines; James M. Hamilton; Sidford F. Hamp; A.E. Hartley; Richard Burton Hassell; Samuel T. Hauser; Ferdinand V. Hayden; F. Jay Haynes; J.E. Haynes; Harry Hazeltine; David Porter Heap; Cornelius Hedges; A.B. (Bart) Henderson; G.L. Henderson; Jennie Henderson; Edwin Beard Hendrie; Ed Hibbard; Elwood (Uncle Billy) Hofer; W.H. Holmes; Emerson Hough; Charles C. Howell; William H. Jackson; Dave Johnson; Mrs. Edward H. Johnson; W.A. Jones; Charles Kirchner; Henry E. Klamer; S.M. Knox; Wilma Krisher; Nathaniel Pitt Langford; Mrs. S.C. Lawrence; George M. Leatherman; Paul LeHardy; Richard (Beaver Dick) Leigh; Lt. Elmer Lindsley; John T. McCutcheon; John Brainard MacHarg; Charles (Buckskin Charlie) Marble; George D. Marler; G.W. Marshall; William R. Marshall; Stephen T. Mather; Arthur Martin Mattoon; Adam Miller; John Moore; Edward H. Moorman; Thomas Moran; James G. Morrison; Oscar O. Mueller; A.B. Nettleton; T.E. Newcomb; P.W. Norris; A.W. Orton; Paul F. Osborne; Mabel Cross Osmond; Caroline L. Paull; A.C. Peale; William Peterson ; Charles H. Ransdell; J.W. Redington; George Reeb (alias Morphine Charley); R.J. Reeves; J.H. Renshaw; Dick Rock; Theodore Roosevelt; Bill Scales; Mrs. H.L. Shepard; Gus Smitzer (alias Little Gus); Andy Stewart; Charles Sumner; Rev. E.O. Taylor; James W. Taylor; George Thomas; George Thorpe (English George); O.A. Tomlinson; Granville Turner; R.O. Vandercook; Henry Dana Washburn; Serena J. Washburn; Andrew J. Weikert; Charles White; George Whittaker; E.M. Wilson; Mode Wineman; Arthur Woodward; William Wallace Wylie; General S.B.M. Young.

Organizations mentioned include: Cottage Hotel Association; Yellowstone Library and Museum Association; Yellowstone National Park Stage Line; Yellowstone Park Association; Yellowstone Park Hotel Association; Yellowstone Park Improvement Company.

Subjects include: Barlow-Heap Expedition of 1870; Battle of Bear Paw Mountain; Bicycling; Boundary Surveys; Buffalo; Cook, Folsom, Peterson Expedition, 1869; Diaries; Exploration; Flora; Freighters; Geology; Geysers; Guides; Hayden Survey, 1872; Hayden Survey, 1878; Haynes Winder Expedition, 1887; Hotels; Mail Routes; Maps; Mining; Mountaineering; National Parks - Creation: Nez Perce Raid, 1877; Northern Pacific Railroad; Pack Trains; Photography; Poaching; Post Offices; Prospecting; Publicity; Railroads; Roads; Robberies; Scouts; Skiing; Soldiers; Stage Coach Drivers; Stage Coaches; Transportation; Trappers and Wolfers; Vigilantes and Road Agents; Washburn, Langford, Doane Expedition, 1870; Western Range Cattle Industry Study; Wildlife; Wylie Way Camps.

Place names mentioned include: Alum Creek; Bear Paw Mountain; Bozeman, Montana; Camp Cooke; Cook City; Dakota Territory; Firehole River; Fort Ellis, Montana; Fort Hall, Idaho; Fort Peck Reservoir; Fort Yuma; Jackson Hole, WY; Madison Valley; Mammoth Hot Springs; Marshall Hotel; Missouri River; Missouri River Breaks; Marias River; Mexico; Montana Territory; Pembina, ND; Red River of the North; Snake River; Teton National Park; Virginia City, Montana; Wind River; Wyoming Territory; Yellowstone Lake; Yellowstone National Park; Yellowstone River.

Restrictions: Researchers are cautioned to check with the Yellowstone National Park Research Library and Archives for the proper citation of any materials referenced in this collection.


Box 1
1. Horace M. Albright, letters - W.W. Wylie (manuscript about Yellowstone National Park History which both men were writing). Oct. 25, Oct. 28, Nov. 4, Nov. 9, 1926. A log corral was built on Alum Creek in an attempt to keep buffalo in the Park, 1880s. Item 1.
2. Peter Allen Reminiscence, 1913. (Account of the Battle of Bear Paw Mountain, 1877) Letters - DeVault to the National Park Service, 1964; Everhart to DeVault, 1964. Item 2.
3. Anonymous, Wonderland, 1892-1894 (it covers the years 1876 through the 1880s). Possibly written by G.L. Henderson - Miss Souther calls him Mr. Henderson on page 28; Jennie Henderson his daughter is identified and the post mistress of Mammoth Hot Springs on page 38. Item 3.
4. George Ash Collection, 1882-1911. Correspondence pertaining to Yellowstone Park Association; Cottage Hotel Association; G.L. Henderson; H.E. Klamer of the Post Office; and personal letters. 2 maps: 1885 drawing with the topography of J.H. Renshaw and the triangulation of N.E. Chase, edition of 1886. 1873 drawing of Capt. W.A. Jones of the Corp. Of Engineers, edition of 1874. Item 4.
5. William Emory Atchison, An epic of the middle west, excerpts from the personal diary of the William Emory Atchison in 1864, with an introduction and map by Charles H. Ransdell (son of the diarist), 1933. Original typed version of mimeographed version published privately by J.E. Haynes and Mr. Ransdell, Feb. 1, 1933. (20 copies were made). Item 5.
6. Bassett Brothers, Letter to S.M. Knox about prices of the Yellowstone National Park tour, 1885. Item 6.
7. William Blackmore. A typed copy of a diary of his trip through Yellowstone Park in 1872 (typed from a photocopy of a typed copy). Item 7.
8. Herbert Breyer, memo about Blackmore diary. Two notes about death of wife who in buried in the Bozeman Cemetery. Note about Blackmore and the 1872 Hayden party. Item 7 (continued).
9. Edward Burnett, "The concord coach," 1929. Item 8.
10. Hiram M. Chittenden, "The Yellowstone, " found in the reports in the Engineer's Office, 1932. 7 pp; Letter to Serena J. Washburn, 1904.; "The National Park Range of Mountains - what is its rightful name?" Chittenden is the probable author. Item 9.
11. C.C. Clawson, "The region of the wonderful Lake Yellowstone," (Typed transcription from The New North-West, Deer Lodge, MT, Jan. 13, 1872; Jan. 27, 1872; Feb. 10, 1872; Feb. 24, 1872; May 18, 1872. 21 pages. Item 10.
12. B.G. Colonna, letter to Gen. Drum re North Boundary of Wyoming survey, 1882. 3 pp. Item 11.
13. John Schuyler Crosby, Governor of Montana Territory, letter to the Governor of Dakota Territory concerning the preservation of wildlife from skin hunters and irresponsible sportsmen, 1883. Item 12.
14. M.A. Cruikshank. Handwritten letter to Senator Charles Sumner, 1871. Envelope; Dept. of Interior endorsement; note of Charles White. The letter is a request to have a copy of Hayden's Survey when it would be published as well as copies of his stereographic views. Notes on the Yellowstone park, by M.A.C. August 1883. 57 p (typed manuscript). Gift from Timothy Manns, Yellowstone National Park Historian, winter 1980. Item 13.
15. Mary (Reeves) Dexter Papers. Letters of Yellowstone (to Papa and Mama), 1889 Biographical note. Item 14.
16. Gustavus C. Cheyney Doane. Expedition of Lieutenant G.C. Doane from Fort Ellis, Montana to Fort Hall, Idaho, October 11, 1876 to January 4, 1877. Item 15.
17. Julia H. Emery. Article from notebook, undated. 3 pp. Letter about copy of article, 1948. Item 16.
18. David E. Folsom. Xerox of a copy of the diary of the Folsom-Cook Expedition in 1869 to the Yellowstone National Park. 25 pp. (David S. Folsom of Corcoran, CA the grandson of David E. Folsom had the original in 1940). Item 17.
19. Mrs. Tom Foster. From the Foster Ranch to Wonderland and return, August 1-7, 1882. (Xerox of a typed manuscript). Item 18.
20. Francis M. Gibson. Xerox copy of a handwritten diary (bound in red leather), 1882. Item 19.
21. Warren Caleb Gillette. Diary of an expedition in the Yellowstone Park region Aug. 17 to Sept. 27, 1870. Includes Washburn, Hauser, Everts, Hedges, Langford, Turnbill, Stickney, Doane, Smith. 18 pages. Original and reproduction rights at the Montana State Historical Library.* Item 20.
22. James Gourly. Expedition into the Yellowstone Country, 1870. Party included Adam Miller, Bart Henderson and Ed Hibbard in the Cook Region. Item 21.
23. Arnold Hague. Letter to Lt. Elmer Lindsley, 1898. 3pp. Item 22.
24. Aubrey L. Haines. A pilot and historical notes of the upper Missouri River, 1961. Notes and abstract from the Log of the Missouri Breaks Expedition, Sept. 2-8, 1961, by Aubrey L. Haines. Letters from the Yellowstone Library and Museum Association asking that the Breaks be set aside as a National Monument, 1961. Information on Camp Cook, first military post in Montana Territory, with sketch and maps, by A.L. Haines, 1961. A pilot for the navigation of the Missouri River between Marias River and Fort Peck Reservoir. Historical notes on the Missouri River from the mouth of the Marias to Fort Peck Reservoir, by A.L. Haines. Bibliography. Item 23.
25. James M. Hamilton. History of Fort Ellis, 1926. 22 p. Item 24.
26. Sidford F. Hamp. Collection of letters - Hayden Expedition, 1872. Xerox of a bound photostat. 66 pp. (The writer was a nephew of Lord Blackmore.) For publication privileges consult the Colorado Historical Society.* Item 25.
Box 2
1. A.E. Hartley. Recollections of Yellowstone in 1904. Written in 1954. 1 p. Item 26.
2. Richard Burton Hassell. A trip into Yellowstone 49 years ago, 1879. Written in 1928. 14 p. Departed from Butte by Virginia City. Item 27.
3. Samuel T. Hauser Papers. Excerpts from the diary of Samuel T. Hauser, 1870. Permission for publication must be obtained from the Yale University Library.* Item 28.
4. F. Jay Haynes. Letters concerning appointment as photographer of Yellowstone National Park. Xerox of photostats, 1881. Original in national archives. Item 29.
5. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hazeltine. Mother's journal of a trip through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, June 26 to Oct. 19, 1901. Traveled from Bozeman, MT to Baker, OR. Fine details of camp life such as double teaming over Teton pass. Xerox of a handwritten notebook. Item 30.
6. David Porter Heap. Diary of David Porter Heap. A trip to Pembina on the Red River of the North, May and June 1870. Xerox of a handwritten manuscript. Heap was a member of the Barlow-Heap Expedition of 1870 whose records were destroyed by the great Chicago Fire of 1870. This manuscript has great importance in the story of the building of the railroad. Item 31.
7. Cornelius Hedges. Yellowstone expedition, 1870. Excerpts from the diary of Cornelius hedges made by Aubrey L. Haines. Original in the Montana State Historical Library. Item 32.
8. A.B. Henderson. (Bart Henderson was Lt.of the company) Journal of the Yellowstone expedition under Capt. Jeff Standifer, 1866. Diaries of A.B. Henderson's prospecting journeys in the Snake, Wind River, and Yellowstone Country, 1866-1872. The 1866 journal tells of a trip to Fort Yuma to join an invasion of Mexico. The 1867 journal is about Yellowstone and Teton National Park areas. It includes Bozeman, p. 47. Item 33.
9. G.L. Henderson. Haynes' Winter Expedition, 1887. (Extracted from a Helena newspaper by G.L. Henderson.) Item 34.
10. Edwin Beard Hendrie. My trip through the Yellowstone in 1870. Marginal notes point out errors, not to be credited. Item 35.
11. W.H. Holmes. Extracts from the diary of W.H. Holmes which is in the Yellowstone National Park Museum. (Hayden Survey 1872, Yellowstone Expedition, and exploration of 1878). Item 36.
12. Charles C. Howell. My first trip to Yellowstone Park in 1883. Biographical note, journal, Haynes photo album, introduction and, railroad ticket, NPRR express receipt, and Howells's signature. Item 37.
13. William H. Jackson (Photographer). Typed portion of Diary, July 22-Oct 19, 1878. 3 p. Item 38.
14. Mrs. Edward H. Johnson. Diary of trip through Yellowstone Park, 1905, started from Mason City, Iowa. Item 39.
15. W.A. Jones (Major). Letters about road in Yellowstone National Park, 1892. See also LeHardy. Item 40.
16. Charles Kirchner. Trip through Yellowstone Park in 1907; a reminiscence. Item 41.
17. Wilma Krisher. Early history of pioneer Ohio, 1840-1882. Reference to P.W. Norris - park superintendent. Item 42.
18. Nathaniel Pitt Langford. Short Manuscripts: Hayden Party under Stevenson, 1872 (robberies, geology pack trains, trappers, Bannack Indians); A Frontier Tragedy (death of Malcolm Clark); Helena, 1865 (stage coaches and drivers, especially Tom Clark); Shade Colyer, 1868 (stage coaches, tragedy of Shade Colyer); Stage drivers (typed copy of essay above); Blackfoot, 1866 (hold-ups). Item 43.
19. Nathaniel Pitt Langford (continued). Letter to Col. W.S. Brackett, 1896 (description of buffalo on the plains in 1866 with a wagon train guided by Pierre Bottineau); Letter from Langford Smith to Ansel Hall, 1929 (gives Langford materials to the YNP Museum); Letter (unsigned) 1884 headed to Will (biographical account of miles traveled in Montana); Letter to Ignatius Donelly, 1863-64 (post road to Bannack, analysis of growth, attitude of Crow Indians, mining). Item 43 (continued).
20. Nathaniel Pitt Langford (continued). Account of a journey down the Missouri River, 1866. Photo of Langford, 1866. Item 43 (continued).
21. Nathaniel Pitt Langford (continued). Manuscript, 1871 (typed from the original notebook in 1935). Item 43 (continued).
22. Nathaniel Pitt Langford (continued). Photocopy of original manuscript, handwritten in a ledger on only one side of each page with occasional corrections or notes on the blank page. The ledger was the text for Langford's speech about the "Yellowstone" both the present park and the river. Langford sought settlers for the Northern Pacific Railroad lands as well as tourists and financial support for the road; Notes of a miscellaneous nature; Washburn map, 1870. Item 43 (continued).
23. Nathaniel Pitt Langford (continued). Xerox of photocopies: Letter to Dr. Hayden, April 4, 1873 2 pp. (About a man in his office); Letter to Dr Hayden, March 24, 1873 1 p. (engaging an astronomer for western boundary of Wyoming surveying); Letter to William J. Doolittle, Aug. 9, 1903. 7 pp. (it describes the herds of buffalo when he crossed the plains in 1862 with Pierre Bottineau as a guide); Cover letter to Condon from Haselton, 1956, telling about the reason the above letter was deposited in the Park. Item 43 (continued).
24. Mrs. O.C. Lawrence. Two trips through Yellowstone, 1909 and 1938. Item 44.
25. Paul LeHardy. Expedition into the Yellowstone Plateau under Capt. W.A. Jones, 1873. Letter from Paul LeHardy, Jr. - 1961. Item 45.
26. Richard (Beaver Dick) Leigh. Six letters to Lt. Lindsley; Letter to N.P. Langford; Picture added in the fall of 1968 from the display at the Jackson Hole Museum (it shows Dick and his Indian family). Item 46.
27. Lt. Elmer Lindsley. Letters concerning Solfatara Plateau stage holdup, 1898. See also: United States vs. Gus Smitzer & George Reeb, Richard Leigh. Item 47.
28. John T. McCutcheon. Experience with Dave Johnson in Yellowstone National Park, 1894. 4 letters - Hays Correspondence, 1951. Item 48.
29. John Brainard MacHarg. Diary, 1908 (arrived in Wyoming p. 16; entered Park via Cody). Item 49.
30. Charles (Buckskin Charlie) Marble. 50 years in and around Yellowstone National Park, 1932. Item 50.
31. Charles (Buckskin Charlie) Marble (continued). Miscellaneous notes and additional notes. Item 50 (continued).
Box 3
1. George D. Marler. Studies of geysers and hot springs along the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 1964. Item 51.
2. G.W. Marshall. Autobiographical sketch of Yellowstone National Park resident, 1860-1881. Photostats - 2 memos NPS, 1938. Item 52.
3. Stephen Tyng Mather. Director of National Park Service, correspondence of 1915-1923: group 1-4; includes: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks; protecting bears; preventing the use of Parks by private power companies; prevention of grazing of domestic animals in Parks; preservation of the Yellowstone elk herd; Emerson Hough's attack on Horace M. Albright over a fish dinner for special guests; Organizing National Parks: Roosevelt Sequoia Park, Pikes Peak National Park, Yosemite National Park, (John Muir Trail), Brice Canyon, Mescalero National Park, National Dunes Par, Mt. Evans National Park, Hawaii National Park, Glacier National Park, enlarging Yellowstone. Item 53.
4. Stephen Tyng Mather (continued). Correspondence, group 5-12: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks, etc. (See topics listed in 3 above.) Item 53 (continued).
5. Stephen Tyng Mather (continued). Correspondence, group 13-15: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks, etc. (See topics listed in 3 above.) Item 53 (continued).
6. Stephen Tyng Mather (continued). Correspondence, group 16-19: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks, etc. (See topics listed in 3 above.) Item 53 (continued).
7. Stephen Tyng Mather (continued). Correspondence, group 20-21: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks, etc. (See topics listed in 3 above.) Item 53 (continued).
8. Stephen Tyng Mather (continued). Correspondence, group 22-23: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks, etc. (See topics listed in 3 above.) Item 53 (continued).
9. Stephen Tyng Mather (continued). Correspondence, group 24-25: promotion of wise legislation for National Parks, etc. (See topics listed in 3 above.) Item 53 (continued).
10. Arthur Martin Mattoon. Handwritten diary of Yellowstone National Park, 1889. 100 pp. 2 letters from Margaret Mattoon Douglas (granddaughter) to J.M. Good, 1964-65. Letter of gift. Mimeographed biography. Item 54.
11. Edward H. Moorman. Yellowstone Park camps history, 1899-1948: memoir of years working for Wylie Permanent Camping Company and others (24 p. transcript - 2 copies). Item 55.
12. Oscar O. Mueller. Letter about Camp Cooke, 1961. Letter about C.W. Cook and D.E. Folsom. Item 55 (continued).
13. Joseph E. Mushback. Diary of the Hayden Survey, original pocket diary, 1878 (also typed manuscript). Obituary. Biographical sketch by his son, George E. Mushback, 1957. Item 56.
14. A.B. Nettleton (N.P.R.R.). 2 letters to F.V. Hayden - photostat and copy. One concerning Thomas Moran and the other the setting aside of Yellowstone country as a National Park. Item 57.
15. T.E. Newcomb and William Buzzell. Journal - Civilian Scouts for Army (letters sent to Capt. G.S. Anderson, Oct. 12, 1895 to Nov. 16, 1895, Supt. of Yellowstone National Park). Item 58.
16. Paul F. Osborne. A brief history of Yellowstone Park (not scholarly), 1932. Item 59.
17. Mabel Cross Osmond. Memories of a trip through Yellowstone National Park in 1874 (in manuscript as well as typed). Probably the first white child to visit the Park. Item 60.
18. Caroline L. Paull. Copy of diary June 28-Aug. 4, 1897. Notes on Yellowstone National Park, 1897. Item 61.
Box 4
1. A.C. Peale (M.D.). Diary, May 21 -October 6, 1871 - 2 typescripts. Item 62.
2. A.C. Peale (M.D.) (continued). Photocopy of original diary, May 21 - October 6, 1871. Item 62 (continued).
3. A.C. Peale (M.D.) (continued). July 7 - July 16, 1872 diary - original and 1 typescript. Item 62 (continued).
4. A.C. Peale (M.D.) Papers (continued). Photocopy of original diary, July 21-October 24, 1872. Item 62 (continued).
5. William Peterson. Reminiscences of his life as a Danish sailor and in the American mining camps. It includes his memories of the Cook-Folson Expedition of 1869. Item 63.
6. Pat Quayle. Vagabond in the Yellowstone: Sept. 4-12, 1915. (The entries were edited by the author in 1955 and 1956 when he was 56. The author was Curator of Fossils at U.C.L.A. from 1937-1945; with ARAMCO from 1945-1946; he accompanied National Geographic Society expeditions to the South Pacific, etc.) Item 64.
7. Pat Quayle (continued). Vagabond in the Yellowstone: Sept. 12-22, 1915. Item 64 (continued).
8. Pat Quayle (continued). Vagabond in the Yellowstone: Sept. 23-Oct. 3, 1915. Item 64 (continued).
9. Pat Quayle (continued). Vagabond in the Yellowstone: Oct. 4-14, 1915. Photocopies from photo albums for both Vagabond diaries. Item 64 (continued).
10. Pat Quayle (continued). Vagabond in the Yellowstone on skis: Feb. 25-April 16, 1916. Item 64 (continued).
11. Pat Quayle (continued). Vagabond in the Yellowstone on skis: April 17 - May 10, 1916. Item 64 (continued).
12. R.J. Reeves. Field notes of the survey of the Northern Boundary of Wyoming Territory - 1879. Item 65.
13. Theodore Roosevelt. 1907-1908: 2 letters to General S.B.M. Young; 1891: 6 letters to Elwood (Uncle Billy) Hofer; 5 pictures. Item 66.
14. Bill Scales. Reminiscence about his work in the park, 1896-1903. Letter to the Chief Ranger of the Yellowstone, 1963. Item 67.
15. Mrs. H.L. Shepard. Diary, 1892. Item 68.
16. Andy Stewart. Reminiscence of working for the Wylie Way Camps in 1909 at the age of 16. Yellowstone Park (original title "Win, Place, Show"). Letter of explanation from Howard H. Hays, 1958. Item 69.
Box 5
1. Rev. E.O. Taylor. Handwritten diary, 1885. Letter of introduction to D.W. Wear. Letter from Chas. S. Fee, N.P.R.R. Item 70.
2. George Thomas. Letter of explanation by Edmund B. Rogers, 1938. My recollections of the Yellowstone Park, 1883. Correspondence with Jack Haynes, 1937-1938. Item 71.
3. Capt. Thompson. Diary of a trip from Fort Ellis, Montana Territory to the Yellowstone Park, 1882 (handwritten). Item 72.
4. O.A. Tomlinson. Correspondence about T.E. "Uncle Billy" Hofer, 1931-1933. Includes letters from and to Horace Albright, George Bird Grinnell, W.S. Hornaday, and Mr. & Mrs. O.E. Peterson, Mrs. G.D. (Lileota) De Staffaney. Letters deal with the man's old age and death. Item 73.
5. Granville Turner. Letter by Zella Turner Lindh about Granville Turner's (her father) part in the Hayden survey, 1964. Item 74.
6. United States vs. Gus Smitzer and George Reeb, 1897. Stage coach robbery. 17 pages. Possibly by U.S. Commissioner John W. Meldram. Item 75.
7. R.O. Vandercook. Typed account of bicycle trip through Yellowstone National Park, 1892. 7 pages. Patriotic article printed from Graphic Arts, Aug. 1941. Letter from Edmund Rogers, copy, 1945. Item 76.
8. Henry Dana Washburn. Commission as Colonel of Indiana Volunteer Militia, 1862.; discharge paper, 1865; letter from M.D. Beal to A.L. Haines, July 11, 1964; memo from A.L. Haines to M.D. Beal, July 13, 1964; Masonic Order resolutions - 2 pp.; documents sent to Mrs. Washburn at death of H.D. Washburn: Knights Templar - biography - 3 pp.; employees of H.D. Washburn - 1 p.; Committee for Citizens of Montana - 2 pp.; Chas. Craft - Knights Templar - 1 p.; Address of Cornelius Hedges - 6 pp.; Speaker of the House of Representatives - 1 p.; Resolutions of the House of Representatives - 1 p. Item 77.
9. Serena J. Washburn. Suede bound reminiscences (54 pages) entitled Autobiography of Serena J. Washburn, 1836-1904. (It includes a trip up the Missouri in a steamboat in 1869. Nothing about the park.) Letter from Mary Dana Rodriguez, April 5, 1965. Letter of gift to National Park Service, Aug. 11, 1965. Letter to Mary Dana Rodriguez, June 26, 1965. Item 78.
10. Andrew J. Weikert. Journal of tour of the Yellowstone National Park in Aug. and Sept., 1877 (The Nez Perce Raid). Item 79.
11. Diaries of Park Scouts. Whittaker, George - Diaries of a Park Scout - 1898, 1899, 1900. Item 80.
12. Diaries of Park Scouts (continued). Burgess, F. - Diaries of a Park Scout - 1898, 1899; Leatherman, George M. - Diaries of a Park Scout - 1899; Morrison, James G. - Diaries of a Park Scout - 1898, 1899. Gives information about poaching in the park. Item 80 (continued).
13. Mode Wineman. Through Yellowstone National Park into Jackson Hole Country. Narrative to Upper Geyser Basin. An account of the wanderings of a lover of the wildwood, illustrated with camera studies by the author, Mode Wineman. (Author of Scenes in Yosemite', Adventures in Alaska', etc., 1908 Item 81.
14. Mode Wineman (continued). Original journal: Upper Geyser basin to Tower Falls. Item 81 (continued).
15. Arthur Woodward. A brief account of the services of J.W. Redington in the Nez Perce Campaign of 1877. 11 pp. (A more complete account is in "Scouting with the U.S. Army, 1876-1877", by J.W. Redington, The Frontier, a Magazine of the Northwest, Nov. 1932, p.55-68). Item 82.
16. A.W. Orton. Some thoughts on the early life of Nathaniel P. Langford. Item 83.
17. James W. Taylor. James W. Taylor: a biographical sketch, by Theodore C. Blegen, Minnesota History Bulletin, v.1, no.4; Nov. 4, 1915. (Taylor was a brother-in-law of N.P. Langford. After early years working in the lumber industry of Saskatchewan, he became a school teacher and newspaper columnist. Special interests were the American annexation of Western Canadian Provinces and the development of Indian Lands. He became secretary of the Minnesota and Pacific Railroad in 1857 and this line became part of the Northern Pacific. He investigated Canadian-American problems as a special Treasury Dept. and State Dept. employee between 1860-1870. Between 1870-1893 he was U.S. Consul at Winnepeg. He handled American Canadian relations during the rebellion lead by Louis David Riel. He had much to do with the development of the Red River of the North, etc.). Item 84.

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