Creator: Richter, Lora M.


Provenance Note: The titled diary of Lora M. Richter was donated to Montana State University by Lewis A. Hughes of Ennis, Montana in June, 1989.


Historical Note: Lora May Richter was born in Virginia City, Colorado in April, 1863 and moved to Virginia City, Montana in 1864. Her father Chris was a partner in the Gilbert-Richter Brewery in Virginia City and also had a ranch on South Meadow Creek in the Madison Valley. In 1887 she married Thomas H. Vincent and they ranched in the Madison Valley all of their lives. Lora Richter Vincent died in 1948.

Content Description Note: This journal of a trip through Yellowstone Park in 1882 was written in a leather covered notebook by Lora M. Richter at age 19. The journey began on September 15 from the Richter's South Meadow Creek ranch in the Madison Valley and ended on October 8 back at the ranch. Three file folders hold this collection. The first file has an explanation of Lora Richter's life by her grandnephew Lewis A. Hughes in both handwritten and transcribed versions; a photocopy of newspaper reports on an accident to Lora's father Chris that injured his eyes; and a transcription of the diary by Mrs. T.H. Vincent (Lora Richter). The second file contains a photocopy of the original diary. The third file holds the original leather notebook diary.

Restrictions: Permission to access the original diary must be granted by the Special Collections librarian. Patrons are encouraged to use the photocopy or transcription for research purposes.


Folder 1. Lewis A. Hughes' history of Lora Richter (handwritten and transcription); photocopy of newspaper articles on Chris Richter; and a transcription of the diary by Mrs. T. H. Vincent)

Folder 2. A photocopy of diary by Lora M. Richter

Folder 3. Original leather bound notebook diary (Restricted)


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